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The Nurses Award 2010 commenced on 1 January 2010. It applies to nurses working under the national industrial relations system who aren't already covered by an enterprise agreement. The Award sets minimum wage rates, types of employment, hours of work, overtime and penalty rates, allowances, leave procedures, consultation and dispute resolution and other conditions of employment.

Scope of the Nurses Award 2010

The Nurses Award 2010 applies to registered nurses, (including Division 1 nurses), enrolled nurses (including Division 2 nurses) and nursing assistants. The nursing assistant is someone who reports to a registered or enrolled nurse and whose employment is solely to assist a nurse in the provision of nursing care or nursing services.

The Nurses Award 2010 will cover most private sector nurses working in aged care facilities, private hospitals, and private sector specialist services such as medical practices.

Please note: the Nurses Award 2010 does not cover nurses employed in schools.

A definition of nursing work

The Nurses Award 2010 has a broad interpretation of nursing work. Under the Award, nursing care means:

* giving assistance to a person who, because of disability, is unable to maintain their bodily needs without frequent assistance;

* carrying out tasks that are directly related to the maintenance of a person's bodily needs where that person, because of disability, is unable to carry out those tasks for themselves; and/or

* assisting a registered nurse to carry out the work described.

A full copy of the Nurses Award 2010 is available at:
Annual Wage Review decision 2017-18 [2018] FWCFB 3500 effective from
the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2018

                                                         1 July 2018
                                                         Per Week

14.1  Nursing Assistant
      1st year                                             785.00
      2nd year                                             798.00
      3rd year                                             811.30
      Experienced (the holder of a relevant certificate
      III qualification)                                   837.40
14.2  Enrolled nurses
      (a) Student Enrolled Nurse
      Less than 21 years of age                            726.80
      21 years of age and over                             764.70
      (b) Enrolled Nurse
      Pay point 1                                          852.90
      Pay point 2                                          864.20
      Pay point 3                                          875.60
      Pay point 4                                          888.30
      Pay point 5                                          897.20
14.3  Registered Nurses
      Minimum entry rate for a:
      (a) Four year degree is $952.60 per week
      (b) Masters degree is $985.50 per week
      Progression from these entry rates will be to
      Level 1- Registered Nurse Pay point 4 and
      5 respectively
      Registered Nurse - Level 1
      Pay point 1                                          912.40
      Pay point 2                                          931.10
      Pay point 3                                          954.00
      Pay point 4                                          979.20
      Pay point 5                                         1009.40
      Pay point 6                                         1038.60
      Pay point 7                                         1068.60
      Pay point 8 and thereafter                          1096.40
      Registered Nurse - Level 2
      Pay point 1                                         1125.50
      Pay point 2                                         1143.40
      Pay point 3                                         1163.20
      Pay point 4 and thereafter                          1182.30
      Registered Nurse - Level 3
      Pay point 1                                        1,220.40
      Pay point 2                                        1,242.80
      Pay point 3                                        1,264.30
      Pay point 4 and thereafter                         1,287.00
      Registered Nurse - Level 4
      Pay point 1                                        1,392.90
      Pay point 2                                        1,492.70
      Pay point 3                                        1,579.70
      Registered Nurse - Level 5
      Pay point 1                                        1,405.60
      Pay point 2                                        1,480.20
      Pay point 3                                        1,579.70
      Pay point 4                                        1,678.30
      Pay point 5                                        1,851.00
      Pay point 6                                        2,025.20
14.4  Nurse Practitioner
      1st year                                           1,404.40
      2nd year                                           1,446.00
14.5  Occupational Health Nurses
      Occupational Health Nurse - Level 1
      Pay point 1                                          979.20
      Pay point 2                                         1009.40
      Pay point 3                                        1,038.60
      Pay point 4                                        1,068.60
      Pay point 5                                        1,096.40
      Occupational Health Nurse - Level 2
      Pay point 1                                        1,125.50
      Pay point 2                                        1,143.40
      Pay point 3                                        1,163.20
      Pay point 4                                        1,182.30
      Senior Occupational Health Clinical Nurse          1,182.30
      Occupational Health Nurse - Level 3
      Pay point 1                                        1,220.40
      Pay point 2                                        1,242.80
      Pay point 3                                        1,264.30
      Pay point 4 and thereafter                         1,287.00


As set out in the order they appear in the award

Award flexibility

This clause allows certain terms of the award to be varied by written agreement to suit the individual needs of the employer and individual employee. The employee must not be disadvantaged by the application of this clause.

Consultation and dispute resolution clauses

A clause to manage the consultative and dispute settling processes at the workplace.

Provisions for full-time, part time and casual employment

Full-time employment is based on a 38-hour week. Part-time employment is less than an average of 38 ordinary hours per week, with reasonably predictable hours of work. Before commencing part-time employment, the employer and employee must agree in writing on the guaranteed minimum number of hours to be worked and the rostering arrangements. Casual employees receive a casual loading of 25%.


The award provides for minimum wage rates for each classification of employee (Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Assistants in Nursing). These wage rates will be subject to variation through annual national wage reviews conducted by Fair Work Australia.


Provides for a range of allowances, some adjusted on an annual basis.

Hours of work

The maximum shift length, or hours of work per day, will be ten hours exclusive of meal breaks. The rest breaks between shifts will be at least 8 hours.


Overtime is paid from Monday to Saturday at time and a half for the first two hours and double time thereafter; on Sunday at double time; and on public holidays at double time and a half. All time worked by part-time employees in excess of the rostered daily ordinary full-time hours is overtime. Where TOIL is accrued, it should be taken at overtime rates.

Annual leave

Annual leave is five weeks and six weeks for shift workers. A shift worker is defined as a employee who:

a) is regularly rostered over seven days a week; and

b) regularly works on weekends.

Public holidays

II work done by an employee during their ordinary shifts on a public holiday including a substituted day is paid at double time of the ordinary rate of pay.

Ceremonial leave

An employee who is legitimately required by Aboriginal tradition to be absent from work for Aboriginal ceremonial purposes is entitled to up to ten working days unpaid leave in any one year, with the approval of the employer.

National Employment Standards

In addition to the award clauses, each award must now operate with the National Employment Standards. There are 10 National Employment Standards including:

Maximum ordinary hours of work;

Request for flexible work arrangements;

Parent leave and related entitlements;

Annual leave;

Personal, carers leave and compassionate leave;

Community services leave;

Long service leave;

Public holidays;

Notice of termination and redundancy pay;

Fair work information statement.

A copy of the National Employment Standards is available on:
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