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NUOVO CSTU: Caipo slub and twist unit.

CAIPO presents at ITMA (H2-C188) technologically updated CSTU system, can be applied to any type of ring frame and Open end, both to new machinery or to the existing one. The following yarn types that can be obtained: Normal - Slub yarn (coarse and fine), Multicount with twist variation, Multitwist.

Direct control of feed shafts (top and middle), besides the production of slub yarn, the draft con be set too.

The delivery shaft (front roller) can be controlled, by adding a motor to set the twist and to change it according to the count processed.

Motors digital-control (through CAN-BUS), allowing a very high precision on draft and twist control.

Draft and twist electronic control, by eliminating the different pulley ranges.

CSTU internal memory containing 10 programs of 500 lines each.

CAIPO-MEM solid-state cartridge, containing 30 programs of 500 lines each.

Slub thickness: From 0,1 to 9,00 with steps of 0,01.

Twist: from 30% to 300% of nominal twist. Checking of spinning parame- ters set: Draft - Count corresponding to the program. Twist. Offset functions either for slub yarn or for multicount and multitwist.

Setting of the acceleration and feed rollers braking ramps to adjust at liking the starting and terminal angle of the slub.

Setting of nominal twist from 5,00 to 300,00 (according to the spinning frame).

Setting of the program in MANUAL or in AUTOMATIC mode.

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Date:Jul 31, 2011
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