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NTT targets China.

Japan's telecom giant, NTT, is targeting China in its efforts to develop systems integration operations. The monopoly intends to more than double its local revenues in China by 2007, anticipating a rapid expansion in that country's information technologies and communications markets. NTT's new subsidiary in Guangzhou will manufacture internet-protocol format networks and will also target appliance manufacturers in the region.

Systems integration is all the rage in Asia, and NTT appears to be leaping on the bandwagon uncharacteristically early.

As we reported in our June 2003 feature, Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) promises a plethora of new online addresses for formerly "homeless" non-English speakers, and Asia is leading the way in its development.

In addition to revolutionizing Web sites, IPv6 will connect your home appliances (from toasters to air conditioners) to the Net.

Whatever the fate of IPv6, we fervently hope NTT overseas is leaner and meaner than it is at home.
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