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NTT forms unit for broadband services.

TOKYO, June 29 Kyodo


Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) said Friday it has established a wholly owned subsidiary to distribute Internet content such as video to Net users based on broadband data transmission technology.

The new subsidiary, NTT Broadband Initiative Inc. (NTT-BB), will create environments friendly to users of the network by offering services such as authentication, billing and delivery of broadband contents, the telecommunications giant said.

Founded on Friday, NTT-BB is capitalized at 3.5 billion yen and has a workforce of around 60. It will begin trial services in Tokyo and Osaka this fall before launching full-scale services in spring 2002.

NTT said charges have not yet been determined and it expects to get 3 million subscribers in five years.

NTT is contemplating having the subsidiary provide a range of services such as chat rooms combined with video delivery services and bulletin boards, in addition to video delivery, it said.

The subsidiary may also allow Internet users to buy goods via broadband cables such as optical fiber and asymmetrical digital subscriber lines, it said.

The large-capacity, high-speed transmission service may revolutionize the methods through which current Japanese Internet users take advantage of the Net, industry officials said.

The launch of the broadband content delivery service is also aimed at promoting the envisioned ''B Flet's'' high-speed Web connection service based on fiber-optic lines which NTT's two regional carriers -- NTT East Corp. and NTT West Corp. -- plan to kick off in August, they said.
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Publication:NTT Topics
Date:Jul 2, 2001
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