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NTT/VERIO Safeguard VPN.Remote Gives Mobile Workforce Full Connectivity with Optimal Security.

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 9, 2003

Complements comprehensive suite of virtual private network

solutions that leverages NTT/VERIO Global IP Network

Verio, a leader in global IP solutions, today introduced the NTT/VERIO SafeGuard VPN.Remote solution, a remote access virtual private network (VPN) service that securely and seamlessly allows remote users, small office home office (SOHO) users and extranet partners to access their corporate networks from any location in the world. Customers can now securely access their corporate networks via any IP access methodology, such as dial, DSL, cable modem or ISDN, from any Internet Service Provider.

NTT/VERIO SafeGuard VPN.Remote is a network-based solution that utilizes Internet Protocol security (IPsec) for remote capability, allowing seamless access to all network services while providing a higher level of security than traditional remote access services (RAS) offerings. Unlike secure sockets layer (SSL) remote access solutions, IPsec remote access allows seamless access to all network services, while providing a higher level of security than traditional SSL offerings.

The dramatic rise in the number of people telecommuting in recent years, along with rapid growth of broadband networks has created demand for remote access technologies and remote VPNs. According to IDC, companies spent about $2.3 billion on managed VPN services in 2002, and this number is expected to grow to $3.1 billion in 2007.

Verio fully manages IT capacity, support and ongoing management of the Internet-based VPN while still allowing the enterprise network administrator full visibility and control. Once remote access end user credentials are securely authenticated, access is secured by dynamically establishing IPSec tunnels via client software, which must be downloaded via a URL provided by Verio and installed by the customer on its computer. The solution is ideal for those with low bandwidth requirements (64K to 1.544 Mbps) that connect to a corporate intranet, including business travelers, telecommuters and SOHO offices, as well as corporations with numerous branch offices, such as organizations in the retail and insurance industries, and in the medical field.

"VPN.Remote satisfies the business, security and financial needs of all businesses, regardless of size," said Susan May, director of security product management for Verio's Broadband Services business unit. "Our comprehensive suite of VPN products proves our commitment to meet a variety of business requirements, giving our customers more flexibility in choosing the best solution for their specific needs."

In the last year, Verio has introduced two VPN solutions as part of the company's "SafeGuard" family of VPN products - SafeGuard VPN.CPE, a fully managed customer premise equipment (CPE)-based VPN service; and SafeGuard VPN.Net, a fully managed, network-based VPN service. With the NTT/VERIO SafeGuard VPN suite and NTT/VERIO IntelliSecurity managed security services, customers can provide multiple layers of security protection for their networks using firewalls, VPNs and intrusion detection systems - all from a single security services provider.

"Remote access solutions increase employee productivity by providing secure and direct access to corporate resources from anywhere in the world," said Steven Harris of IDC. "The ability to access email alone is a fundamental requirement for mobile employees who rely on it as a primary business communications tool. A remote VPN solution is ideal for organizations that seek fully managed services to optimize the secure exchange of mission critical data with telecommuters, trusted sites, business allies or suppliers and customers. Businesses that depend on information services and data networking will find great value in the ability for remote workers to securely access their host network from any location."

The network-based NTT/VERIO VPN.Remote solution provides several benefits, including:

-- Affordability - With IPVPN-based remote access, private RAS

services--along with long distance dial-up and related IT

management costs--can be eliminated resulting in a significant

cost savings.

-- Scalability - With a network-based remote access VPN solution,

once the network VPN gateway is configured it can easily scale

to support hundreds of thousands of end users. Conversely,

scaling more traditional solutions requires the deployment of

additional hardware and phone lines.

-- Broadband - The increased use of broadband Internet

connectivity from residences, hotels, Internet cafes, etc.,

allows remote access VPN users to inexpensively access

corporate resources at a much faster rate than with dial

access. Dial-up RAS solutions do not offer this option.

-- Secure Extranets - Companies often extend remote IP-VPN

access, allowing outside organizations and individuals such as

contract employees with varying degrees of trust to use

corporate resources. The NTT/VERIO VPN.Remote solution

provides a secure and inexpensive means for extranet partners

to connect.

-- Reduced Management Complexity - Customers may make changes to

the VPN.Remote solution via an intuitive customer Web portal

with flow-through provisioning. The administrator can view the

current status of end-user connections and perform other tasks

in real time, such as adding or deleting users, changing

passwords, viewing session history.

-- Service Level Agreements (SLA) - The solution is proactively

monitored and fully managed by Verio with a solution outage

notification SLA of 15 minutes and a solution failure SLA of 8


Pricing and Availability

The initial release of the NTT/VERIO VPN.Remote solution is available in the U.S. Remote end users may travel to any location in the world and still securely connect to their corporate intranet - the only requirement is that the host site must reside in the United States. NTT/VERIO VPN.Remote service fees are billed monthly with specific prices determined by the number of simultaneous sessions (remote end user connections), the number of active end users and the type of Cisco managed CPE that is deployed. More information can be found at

About Verio

Verio Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications (NTT Com), which provides long distance and international telecommunications reaching over 200 countries worldwide. Verio is the world's largest operator of Web sites for businesses and a leading provider of global IP solutions. NTT Com and Verio market their global IP solutions under the NTT/VERIO brand. The company offers businesses a broad range of Internet services, including Web hosting, dedicated access, virtual private networks, and managed service offerings, among other enhanced services. Verio supports its operations with highly reliable and scalable global infrastructure and systems including the NTT/VERIO Global IP Network, and provides Web hosting services to customers in more than 146 countries. The combination of Verio and NTT Com offers services to meet the growing and diverse needs of all businesses, including small to medium businesses, large global enterprises and multi-national corporations. More information can be found at and
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Date:Sep 9, 2003
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