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NTCA members worldwide make commitment to excellence.

Learning how to deliver telecom services, and how to manage and govern telecommunications operations in rural or previously underserved areas, always has been the guiding principles of NTCA's members, and this year is no exception. Learning doesn't stop at the U.S. border, however, as representatives from two of NTCA's international member companies, Quadro Communications (Ontario, Canada) and Palau National Communications Corp. (Republic of Palau), are among the 368 Excellence in Leadership (EIL) certificate recipients.

The Excellence in Leadership Award Program recognizes NTCA member directors, managers and other employees who have outstanding records of participation in NTCA's educational seminars and conferences. To earn an award, members must attend a minimum of nine NTCA seminars or conferences within three consecutive calendar years. The education department maintains cumulative education records for all active member systems and their representatives. Each December, transcripts are reviewed and EIL certificates are sent to deserving members. First-time recipients also receive a walnut display plaque for their certificate.

ALABAMA -- Robert Burkhalter, J. Frederick Johnson, Farmers Telephone Cooperative; Russell C. Bush, Sherry Boyd, Carl Massey, G. L. "Jerry" McGee, Edgar O. Russell Jr., Mon-Cre Telephone Cooperative; Thomas E. Butler Jr., Jeff Cooper, Dewey Doss, New Hope Telephone Cooperative


ALASKA -- Robin Chaffin, Alfred Dickens, Tim Rennie, Larry Weaver, Joanne G. Winney, Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative; Jane Cleveland, OTZ Telephone Cooperative

ARIZONA -- Mary Villegas, Accipiter Communications; Aiessa Fullen, Gila River Telecommunications; Harriet Toro, Tohono O'odham Utility Authority; Thomas Kuykendall, Candace Roll, Frank Rucker, Jyme Stoner, David Thompson, Valley Telephone Cooperative

COLORADO -- Dwight E. Schmitt, Wiggins Telephone Association

GEORGIA -- Edwin Dale Smith, W. H. Smith III, Bulloch Telephone Cooperative; Roger Lord, Progressive Rural Telephone Cooperative

IDAHO -- Gary Brown, J. Jay Garrett, Farmers Mutual Telephone Co.; Pat Merrigan, Charles H. Creason Jr., Project Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association

ILLINOIS -- Jim Broemmer, Richard Denny, Adams Telephone Co-Operative; Phil Carson, Stanley W. Droege, Rudy Eggemeyer, Don Hamilton, Kevin J. Jacobsen, Egyptian Telephone Cooperative Association; Robert A. Thomason, Hamilton County Telephone Co-op; Lanny Carson, Rose Marie Lynn, John D. McMillan, Jerry Payne, Donald Rings, Mitchell S. Welsh, McDonough Telephone Cooperative; Robert Blickenstaff, Cythnia L. Cassidy, Russell Schrodt, Dennis Smysor, Mid Century Telephone Co-operative; David H. Olson, Oneida Telephone Exchange; James T. Coyle, Shawnee Telephone Co.; Donnie Barnard, Rodney Byars, David Grahn, Jack Enlow, Robert G. Jones, Deon Schoonover, Larry Washburn, Wabash Telephone Cooperative

INDIANA -- James B. Ellett, Jack Hauser, Madonna Meyerrose, Devin L. Salsman, Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative; Michael Burrow, Debbie Campbell, Tom Conry, Kim Cronk, Phil Hayes, Tim Hills, Don Shaw, Hancock Telecom; James M. Dauby, Perry-Spencer Rural Telephone Cooperative; Chris A. Bonner, Otto Richard Leis, Pulaski-White Rural Telephone Cooperative; James Reynolds, SEI Communications; Ernest Burnett, David Souder, Washington County Rural Telephone Cooperative

IOWA -- Darrell Heishman, Brooklyn Mutual Telephone Co.; Gary E. McConnell, Roger C. "Pete" Rupe, Darrell E. Weilbrenner, Citizens Mutual Telephone Co.; Eugene Juhl, Paul Nelson, Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Co.; Kenneth L. Laursen, Farmers' and Businessmen's Telephone Co.; Amy Wyman, Griswold Cooperative Telephone Co.; Doug Betts, John Bradley, Drew Lewis, David L. Schmidt, Paula Seward, Douglas Svendsen, Larry Wehrman, Heart Of Iowa Communications Cooperative; Byran Kimm, Keystone Farmers Cooperative Telephone Co., d/b/a Keystone Communications; Tom Mullins, Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Co.; Joe E. Paidar, Mechanicsville Telephone Co.; Thomas Eberle, Donald D. Miller, Northwest Telephone Cooperative Association; Andrew Mark Randol, Panora Cooperative Telephone Association; Harry Scurr, Partner Communications Cooperative; J. R. Brumley, Derald Kimm, Michael Schanz, South Slope Cooperative Telephone Co.; David Boley, Van Buren Telephone Co.; Wayne Eichmeyer, Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Co.

KANSAS -- Larry F. Reith, Blue Valley Telecommunications; Cinda Flax, Karen Schadel, Golden Belt Telephone Association; Dick Cantrell, Randy Lanie, KanOkla Telephone Association; James Becker, Norman Elliott, Spencer Madison, Melvin Massey, Bill McCauley, David Olson, Timothy Ross, Rainbow Telecommunications Association; Glenn Lambert, Marion Otter, Douglas Ziegler, Rural Telephone Service; Rod McDaniel, South Central Telephone Association; Marvin Tischhauser, Tri-County Telephone Association; Jack Borth, Sandi Coast, United Telephone Association

KENTUCKY -- Harlon E. Parker, Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corp.; Coren Estes, Donald Holloway, Jerry Hughes, Edward H. Schweers, Alan Smith, Logan Telephone Cooperative; Orville Birchfield, Robert Bradley, W. Allen Gillum, Jimmie Jones, Jodi Lawson, Bill Jack Nickell, Mountain Rural Telephone Cooperative Corp.; Keith Gabbard, Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative; Jeff Davis, Jerry C. Stephenson, Beverly Taylor, West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperative

MICHIGAN -- Robert Remington, Rudy Sauer, Bloomingdale Telephone Co.

MINNESOTA -- Alois Beste, John Klaphake, John Rose Jr., Albany Mutual Telephone Association; Edward Swecker Jr., Herb Turner, Ralph Yeager, Consolidated Telephone Co.; Paul Hoge, Emily Cooperative Telephone Co.; Vernon Hamnes, Garden Valley Telephone Co., Richard A. Anderson, Lois Larson, David S. Wolf, Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association; Ronald Laqua, Chester Mauritson, Halstad Telephone Co.; Bruce Blanchard, Vernon Clark, Paul Freude, Jim Sutton, Jim Tarbell, Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative; John Dosdall, Runestone Telephone Association; Craig A. Otterness, Spring Grove Cooperative Telephone Co.; Anthony V. Mayer, John Oehlenschlager, West Central Telephone Association

MISSOURI -- William Biere, Larry Harman, Cheryl Long, John Ratliff, James Simon, Chariton Valley Telephone Corp.; Charles Erke, Steven Gann, Green Hills Telephone Corp.; Virgil Blaise, Quentin Greenley, Mark Twain Rural Telephone Co.; James L. Kigar, Richard L. Morgan, Richard H. Stevenson, Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Co.; Robert L. Stanton, Rock Port Telephone Co.; James D. Cottrell, Gary Mullen, James Vaughn, Steelville Telephone Exchange

MONTANA -- Tom Johnson, InterBel Telephone Cooperative; Gerry Anderson, Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative; Vernon Whiteman, Project Telephone Co.; Gary Packard, Range Telephone Cooperative; Verlin Reichelt, Triangle Telephone Cooperative Association; Colette Custer, Valley Telecommunications; Ernie Peterson, 3 Rivers PCS d/b/a 3 Rivers Wireless; Harry R. Barnes, Russell De Remer, Mary Hill, Steve Krogue, 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative

NEBRASKA -- Ed Cole, Elaine Elson, Gilbert R. Larson, Curtis Telephone Co.; Stanley D. Rouse, Glenwood Telephone Membership Corp.; Brad Delsing, Greg Hansen, Theron Jensen, Bruce Winten, Hemingford Cooperative Telephone Co.; Marvin Domina, Emory Graffis, Northeast Nebraska Telephone Co.; Neil Classen, Three River Telco

NEW MEXICO -- Shirley Carter, Tom M. Phelps, ENMR Plateau Telecommunications; Mike A. Garcia, Martin D. Serna, La Jicarita Rural Telephone Cooperative; John C. Metts, Penasco Valley Telecommunications; Lynn Medlin, Nathan Tharp, Jima Widener, Roosevelt County Rural Telephone Cooperative

NORTH CAROLINA -- Buster Burleson, Thomas J. McNeil, Skyline Telephone Membership Corp.; Lyman Horne Jr., Star Telephone Membership Corp.; Dennis M. Wallace Jr., Tri-County Telephone Membership Corp.

NORTH DAKOTA -- Verdun Schauer, BEK Communications Cooperative; Jon V. Hendrickson, Brenda Volesky, Louis W. Witte, Consolidated Telcom; Keith A. Larson, Kathy McCracken, Dakota Central Telecommunications; Duane Heinrich, Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative; Robert D. Austreim, Ron Brothen, Glenda Burtman, Arvin G. Larson, Jim Simonson, Northwest Communications Cooperative; David Dunning, Cynthia Frost, Joe Torgerson, Polar Communications; Hilman Anderson, Reservation Telephone Cooperative; James Newman, Dennis Schott, SRT Communications; Raymond Dunnigan, Myles Johnson, Richard Otto, Norman Schommer, United Telephone Mutual Aid Corp.; Raymond Carlson, Nick Vollmuth, West River Telecommunications Cooperative

OHIO -- Donald Johnson, Richard Wagner, Arthur Mutual Telephone Co.; Fred Marckel, Tami J. Pontious, Ayersville Telephone Co.; Dennis Depinet, Bascom Mutual Telephone Co.; Curtis Conkel, Minford Telephone Co.; Lonnie Pedersen, Telephone Service Co.; Donald B. Miller, The Ottoville Mutual Telephone Co.

OKLAHOMA -- Charles Russell, Bryan L. Wright, Panhandle Telephone Cooperative; Dean Berkenbile, Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

ONTARIO -- James Aitcheson, Bill Denham, Fred Mardlin, Quadro Communications Co-Operative

OREGON -- Richard D. Ares, Phillip L. Seale, Canby Telephone Association; Ed Seagraves, Mitchell A. Moore, Clear Creek Mutual Telephone Co.; John R. Hoffmann, Gervais Telephone Co.; Lori Hepler, Ron Jones, Dick Lefever, Marci Marsh, Lorraine Peters, Molalla Telephone Co.; Dean Augustus, Verl Cranmer, Geri Fraijo, Patricia Wallace, Monitor Cooperative Telephone Co.; Steven C. Harper, Nehalem Telephone & Telegraph Co.; Boyd Lewis Eagleson, Joseph W. Madraso, Randy Morgan, Pioneer Telephone Cooperative; Sandra Baggett, Thomas J. Barth, Chris Rebmann, Scio Mutual Telephone Association; Nick Schneider, St. Paul Cooperative Telephone Association; Robert Koenig, Don Lawrence, Richard Smith, Stayton Cooperative Telephone Co.

PALAU -- Carlos Hiros Salii, Palau National Communications Corp.

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Cynthia Cannon, Horry Telephone Cooperative; James P. Wilder, Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative; David J. Herron, West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative

SOUTH DAKOTA -- Mona L. Thompson, Ardis Warcloud, C.R.S.T. Telephone Authority; Lee Briggs, Robert Fronek, Robert Hansen, Wayne Merrill, Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative; Charles E. Dupraz, Donald H. Fieber, Richard Schiley, Maynard Whitmyre, Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative; Doug Eidahl, James Valley Cooperative Telephone Co.; Mark D. Benton, Midstate Communications; Keith Bostrom, Pamela Harrington, Roberts County Telephone Cooperative Association; Steve Allen Oleson, Helen Thullner, Valley Telecommunications Cooperative Association; Richard Kjerstad, Vivian Telephone Co. d/b/a Golden West Communications

TENNESSEE -- James Condra, Rufus Johnson, Nell S. Morgan, George H. Reed, Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative; Freddy Colvert, Harry Wayne Gassaway, Charles Dwight Vinson, DeKalb Telephone Cooperative d/b/a DTC Communications; Shelva Jo Jones, John Nelson, Ernest Petroff, Fred Terry, Jerry Williams, Highland Telephone Cooperative; Strader W. Baker, Glen W. Hardcastle, North Central Telephone Cooperative; Lillard L. Maxwell, David Craig Story, Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corp.

TEXAS -- Claudia Morrow, Central Texas Telephone Cooperative; Michael R. Walton, Coleman County Telephone Cooperative; Daniel G. Miksch, John W. Wied, Joyce E. Wied, Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative; Robert Beard, Richard Page, Dell Telephone Cooperative; Danny Johnson, Etex Telephone Cooperative; Kirby Burch, Norris Conklin, Ronnie Holt, Ann Sowder, Five Area Telephone Cooperative; Marie Loeffler, Hill Country Telephone Cooperative; Robbie L. Allen, Peoples Telephone Cooperative; Randy Simpson, Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative; Lonnie Arthur, South Plains Telephone Cooperative; Thomas Hyde, Taylor Telephone Cooperative; Romeo Alaniz, George Bennack, Valley Telephone Cooperative; Robert L. Adkins, James R. Wilson, Wes-Tex Telephone Cooperative; Mike Higgins Jr., West Central Wireless

UTAH -- Brant Barton, Craig Laub, Howard Meldrum, Alan Torgerson, South Central Utah Telephone Association; Kim Bastian, Lynn Haslem, William Kremin, Bruce H. Todd, UBTA Communications

VIRGINIA -- John Kilgore, Scott County Telephone Cooperative

WEST VIRGINIA -- Loring Barr, Glen Bradfield, Mary Mongold, Gerald W. Smith, Dwight Welch, Hardy Telecommunications; Michael P. Dawson, West Side Telecommunications

WISCONSIN -- William T. Follis, Ralph L. Poppe, Paul Regorrah, Chequamegon Communications Cooperative; Rick Vergin, Lowell Wohlk, Chibardun Telephone Cooperative; Rudolph P. Klink, Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Co.; John K. Klatt, Wayne Shirley, Lakeland Communications; Al Sebastiani, Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative; Russell Carlisle, James Foss, Robert Knudtson, Clark Kohnert, Tri-County Telephone Cooperative; Randy Siler, Mark Stenseth, Michael Weber, Wayne Whitney, West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative

Congratulations to all of these certificate recipients. NTCA looks forward to continuing to deliver timely, quality education to all its members this year and beyond.

By Mary Boyles, NTCA Education Manager
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