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NTCA's Web site: a one-stop-shop for member information.

The telecommunications industry is changing so rapidly, it can be challenging to keep up with all the critical developments. That's why NTCA is striving to make its Web source for member information.


There is something for everybody, whether you are a director, a general manager, a vendor, a manager of a subsidiary business, or a key employee. The challenge is to make the Web site work for you.

For a very small investment of time (less than 10 minutes), you can set up a customized page and be alerted when new content is added in areas of most interest to you.

Getting Started

To ensure you are seeing all the content on the site, including member-protected content within all pages, you must log in. If you don't know your username and password--each person has an individual log-in, not the company-shared log-in that once was used--you can enter your e-mail address in the "Forgot Your Password" box, or click on the Members link in the Personalize Your View box, or send an e-mail to to request assistance.

Once you log in, click on the My NTCA link in the box on the right side of the main page. This will take you to a page where you choose to Update My NTCA. This page allows you to select the sections you'd like to have appear on your My NTCA page and/or receive e-mail alerts when new information is posted to those areas.

You also can add items to your My NTCA page and/or e-mail alerts, as you surf through the site. If your needs change, you can remove and add by going into the Update My NTCA page.

Highlights of

You can find the latest regulatory filings and news, along with developments on Capitol Hill, in the Advocacy section of the site. You also can skim past issues of Washington Report, or use the search function to find content on specific topics.

The Learning Resources section provides an overview of the association's key education offerings, including online training, networking forums, onsite board development consulting, human resources consulting and more.

The Governance and Committees areas of the Members section is particularly useful to review the CEO reports made to the NTCA board three times a year and summaries of decisions made during committee meetings. The CEO reports are a good source of NTCA activities, as are the quarterly issues of The Executive Report, found under Publications.

For those interested in tracking investments in the NTCA Savings Plan or with questions on one of NTCA's benefits programs, the Insurance and Benefits section houses a wealth of information, as well as key forms and tutorials on how to take advantage of these programs.

NTCA also is the author of a number of white papers, including a business/technology series known as ePapers. You can find the latest ePapers in the Business & Technology section of the site. By adding this ePaper page to your e-mail alerts, you will be immediately notified when new papers are added. Advocacy papers, such as the intercarrier compensation white paper, can be found in the Advocacy section. There are so many topics covered on the site, the My NTCA feature or the e-mail alerts come in handy to highlight the areas of most immediate interest.

A newer feature of the Web site is the eStore, a catalog of NTCA products and services that may be purchased online. Like registration for NTCA events, these items may be purchased online with credit cards.

While this is just a snapshot of a few highlights, has something for everyone. The trick: take a little time to make it work for you.

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Here are a few popular spots for directors and the sections where they can be found:

Board Development Modules: Learning Resources

Directors Core Curriculum: Learning Resources, under Certificates

Executive Search Services: Learning Resources, under Human Resources Services

Savings Plan Earnings: Members, under Insurance & Benefits

NTCA/SMC/FRS Staff Directory: About NTCA (middle of the page)

NTCA 50th Anniversary News: About NTCA

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From job promotions to title changes to new employees, NTCA congratulates the following staff on a job well done, and welcomes the newest employees to join the association.

Business and Technology: Bernardin Arnason's title has changed to vice president of business development.

Education: Ron Precourt was promoted to the director of member services, and now oversees both the education and membership divisions. Mary Boyles was promoted to education manager. Tocia Johnson joins NTCA as the education coordinator.

Foundation for Rural Service: Lisa Lopinsky's title has changed to executive director. Madelyn Butera was rehired as the program manager, and Erin Santo is the new program assistant.

Government Affairs: Brian O'Hara joins the division as government affairs representative. Victoria Rumsey is now the PAC and grassroots coordinator.

International: Dylan Walsh was promoted to international projects officer. Mebratu Tsegaye was hired as the senior international projects officer.

Legal and Industry Affairs: Jill Canfield was promoted to senior regulatory counsel.

Meetings: Jennifer Graves was promoted to senior meetings planner. Denise Brinser joins the department as the meetings assistant.


NTCA extends its sympathy to the family and friends of J. Wesley Carlson, a long-time Consolidated Telecommunications Co. (Brainerd, Minn.) board member who passed away in April.

By Aaryn Slafky, NTCA Communications Director
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