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NT Eight-Way Profusion Boxes "Late Summer," Except HDS.

Compaq Computer Corp, Hewlett-Packard Co and Data General Corp have all begun shouting about their eight-way Pentium III Xeon servers even though they don't know quite when they will ship because of Intel Corp's delay in delivering its Corollary Profusion chipset. They are now saying late summer. Profusion enables two SHV quads to be coupled together. DG's systems will cost from $20,000; HP's from $23,600. Compaq will offer rack and enterprise Thunder and Lightening models as the 8000 and 8500. IBM Corp talked about its own eight-way Profusion boxes yesterday.

Meanwhile, Hitachi Data Systems Inc is making hay from of Intel's delay. It claims to have sold more than 200 of its VisionBase 8880R eight-ways since they began shipping in the US a few weeks ago. They have been available in Japan since last October. HDS took a license to the Corollary work before that company was bought by Intel and has done its own Profusion implementation.
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Publication:Computergram International
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Date:Jun 24, 1999
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