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NSPF releases long-awaited CPO manual update.

After 14 years of delays, the National Swimming Pool Foundation released a long-awaited update to its reference manual for training Certified Pool and Spa Operators.

Written by veteran CPO instructor Ron Ford, the latest Certified Pool-Spa Operator Handbook was unveiled at NSPF's Aquatic Health Conference in Atlanta this month.

The CPO program has certified more than 150,000 operators since 1989, making it one of the largest in the industry.

But the manual hadn't been fully updated since 1990, leaving many aquatics professionals frustrated and looking for alternatives. In the past 14 years, a new version had been promised--and then delayed--so many times that it became an inside joke among professionals. Now they're just relieved that an update is at last available.

"I'm overjoyed that finally they've published the new book and associated materials. They're long overdue," said Alison Osinski, a CPO instructor and the owner of Aquatic Consulting Services in San Diego.

The 2004 edition is said to provide the latest information concerning regulatory agencies and guidelines, disinfection, water balancing, water problems, troubleshooting, chemical testing and record-keeping, chemical feed and control technology. It also addresses issues such as drowning prevention, suction entrapment, evisceration, diving accidents, recreational water illness, electrocutions and chemical hazards.

Along with updated information, the new handbook will feature an updated look, with full-color graphics. NSPF said color is both nicer to look at and easier to understand.

"Color reflects the need of the student," Ford said. "For example, students can see in the handbook the color changes in chemical test kits instead of just reading about them."

A PowerPoint presentation is available for current CPO instructors. And NSPF says the industry won't have to wait another 14 years for the next update. "We'll be updating it every year," said Tom Lachocki, CEO of Colorado Springs, Colo.-based NSPF.

CPO handbooks may be ordered by downloading the NSPF order form at

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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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