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NPL researching tin pest, whiskers in Pb-free solder.

TEDDINGTON, UK - National Physical Laboratory scientists are researching what use of Pb-free solder alloys could mean for tin pest and tin whiskers. NPL has been studying the allotropic phase transformation in tin and its alloys, commonly known as tin pest, to measure the implications of adopting Pb-free solder manufacturing practices.

The firm has received funding from the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform. It seeks industry support for the work on the order of [pounds sterling]5,200 per company for the 14-month project.

Also, NPL has developed a measurement system and test method to assess the ability of different conformal coatings to stop or slow down tin whisker growth. The method can help conformal coating suppliers modify coatings to inhibit whisker initiation, growth and penetration for electronics.
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Title Annotation:Industry NEWS
Comment:NPL researching tin pest, whiskers in Pb-free solder.(Industry NEWS)
Author:Drysdale, Chelsey
Publication:Circuits Assembly
Date:May 1, 2009
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