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NPE '91.

npe '91

From June 17 through June 21, Chicago's McCormick Place will be the site of what promises to be the largest plastics trade show ever presented in the U.S.--the 1991 National Plastics Exposition and Conference (NPE '91), sponsored by The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI). The triennial event, expected to attract more than 90,000 attendees, will feature an international field of exhibitors from Europe, Australia, North and South America, and the Far East. Close to 1200 manufacturers and suppliers will demonstrate the latest innovations and refinements in materials, processing machinery, controls, and auxiliary equipment.

Approximately 73% of the 652 exhibitors responding to an SPI survey, conducted in January, reported that they will be featuring new products. The advances are targeted to a wide range of end markets, including the automotive, medical, packaging, electrical/electronics, and construction industries.

Besides the 775,000 [ft.sup.2] of product displays (covering eight exhibit halls), NPE '91 will offer a conference program of sixteen SPI sessions covering topics such as solid waste and recycling, high-performance plastics, and tooling for higher productivity (see page 73). More than 100 speakers, panelists, and moderators are expected to participate in the program.

Both the exhibits and sessions will emphasize ways in which technological advances can be used to improve manufacturing productivity and cost effectiveness. For the first time, many of them will focus on environmental issues that affect the plastics industry--such as solid waste management, biodegradability, and recycling.

The Society of Plastics Engineers will be exhibiting and discussing its services, books and publications, and membership information, and will offer special information on SPE's upcoming 50th Anniversary Year--1992. SPE will also be conducting a full slate of seminars; see page 73 for the list. The SPE booth number is 520.


Among the many hundreds of exhibitors at NPE '91 will be the following:

* A.L.B.A. Enterprises, Inc., Torrance, Calif., will display its Quick Knockout Coupler, reportedly suited to applications in which the ejector plate on the machine is difficult to reach and positive pullback of the ejector plate is required. Said to reduce mold damage and installation time, it has a pulling force of 7000 lbs. The company will also exhibit its Air Operated Knockout Coupler, suited to small machines for which center knockout only is available, and a new tip design for the Enrietti line of Multi-Gated Nozzles. Booth 12924.

* Accurate Color, Inc., Lodi, Ohio, will feature heavy metal-free colors designed to meet U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other specific problem formulations, such as high temperature applications. New hot fluorescent and special effects colors will also be displayed. The company has a further specialty in color formulations for rotational molding. Booth 3250.

* Acromark, Berkeley Heights, N.J., will introduce its 20-ton Model 850 Series Vertical Hot Stamp Press. Designed for larger stamping areas, the press is reportedly suited to foil stamping and heat transfer applications. It features an adjustable depth stop cylinder with delayed foil stripping circuitry, a four-post ram guidance system, and Acrotron Microprocessor Control. The company will also display its high speed Model 730RR peripheral banding machine and its Model 830SP-100 10-Ton Vertical Press. Booth 2400.

* Action Industries, Inc., Ellington, Conn., will introduce its Aqua Munchy recycling extruder, which is used for reclaiming material from in-house and post-consumer film, bottle, and molding scrap. The extruder is reported to be suited to nonwoven material as well as coextruded and monolayer webs; its capacities range from 250 to 1100 lbs/hr.

The company will also feature the air-cooled Munchy extruder, which processes LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE, and a schematic representation of a post-consumer recycling wash line. The wash line is used for film and bottle recycling systems and produces throughput of up to 2200 lbs/hr. Booth 4519.

* Aeonic KGS, Inc., Billerica, Mass., will present four new products from its line of integrated measurement, control, and computer-integrated manufacturing products. Among them are an entry level Cimline package that provides basic measurement and control capabilities, allowing users to gradually build from gaging control to computer-integrated manufacturing. Another new product is a "stand alone smart sensor/scanner package," which reportedly permits communication with a wide range of supervisory control systems.

The firm will also introduce an EM-2 temperature control package and a 570 drive control package. The packages are said to be capable of providing linewide integration. Booth 10328.

* AGF Burner, Inc., Elizabeth, N.J., will show its line of air/gas burners and related equipment. The burners, featuring high heat outputs and various flame widths, are used for flame treating polyolefin materials and for deflashing sharp edges. Booth 3528.

* Air Hydraulics Co., Inc., St. Louis, will bring out its Accu-Roll Box Motion Roll-On Hot Stamp Press. The pneumatically operated press is designed to accommodate tapered parts, corner wrapping, and large flat objects. Its features include a welded steel tubing frame, a rear safety gate with electrical interlock, and microprocessor-controlled machine functions. Booth 12300.

* Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS), Milwaukee, will feature the following products: the new 110 Series LeakInspectors, are used in the production of containers, which reportedly permit adjustments to upstream equipment before unsatisfactory containers are produced; the ALPS Smart Test Module (STM), a new leak-testing circuit that can be used with the 110 Series LeakInspectors; and the 7200 Series LeakInspectors, which are reportedly capable of testing up to 20 containers/min. The company will also display the Model 7385 Rotary LeakInspector, the Model DI 3015 DrumInspector, and the Model DI 6030 DrumInspector. Booth 13135.

* Akron Extruders, Inc., Canal Fulton, Ohio, will highlight the new PAK 150 extruder--1-1/2-in, 24:1 L/D--which is designed for medical and laboratory use. Other extruders to be featured include the Auto/Tilt 150, which is a vertical/horizontal extruder designed for coextrusion processes; the PAK 250 (2-1/2-in, 24:1 L/D); and the PAK 350 (3-1/2-in, 24:1 L/D). The PAK 250 and 350 are heavy-duty machines said to be capable of processing a variety of materials, including rigid PVC.

The company will also feature a number of new and rebuilt injection molding and extruder feed screws. An assortment of barrels, nonreturn valves, and wear-resistant screw coatings will also be shown. Booth 1450.

* Akzo Engineering Plastics, Evansville, Ind., will be presenting advancements in thermoplastic alloying and color concentrates technologies. Displays will include applications of Electrafil PP-60/SD, a PP-based static dissipative alloy that promises permanent protection from electrostatic discharge. A modified nylon alloy and Fiberstran long fiberglass reinforced thermoplastics will also be displayed, along with technologies for "ultra-dispersed" PE color concentrates for high speed wire and cable processing; halogen-free color concentrates for non-halogenated flame retardant thermoplastics; and custom color concentrates for engineering materials. Booth 2427.

* Allegany Technology Inc., Cumberland, Md., will be featuring its mobile electronic pallet truck scale, the Palletweigher. Designed to weigh moving materials, the battery-powered system has a scale capacity of 4500 lbs, a standard fork length of 48 in., and a fork spread of 27 in. The firm will also highlight its Lift Truck Scale, which features a dual scale piece-counting option, and its Checkmate and Champion crane scales. Booth 4403.

* Alloy Technology International, Inc., West Nyack, N.Y., will illustrate its line of Ferro-Tic metal matrix composites, various grades of which are tailored to specific applications. The materials promise high resistance to heat, abrasion, and corrosion, and dimensional stability, light weight, and a low coefficient of friction. Applications include underwater pelletizer knives, screw barrels, molds, and dies. Booth 13124.

* Alpha Mold Inc., Dayton, Ohio, will illustrate its capabilities in the area of computer-aided moldmaking, from prototype parts through production tooling. The firm will feature 3D Systems' SLA-250 Stereolithography apparatus for building 3-D models by means of CAD and laser technology. It will also demonstrate the use of the McDonnell Douglas Unigraphics CAD/CAM System for programming of mold designs and machine cutter paths. A Monarch Cortland VMC 45 Machining Center will be used to demonstrate cavity cutting. Booth 8923.

* Aluminum Mould-Set Co. Ltd., London, will be showing its new Heat Transfer Elements, long extruded rectangular sections with longitudinal holes that incorporate internal fins. The firm, which manufactures and supplies mold bases for the injection molding industry, will also introduce a new range of mold bases that feature thick cavity plates. Booth 4509.

* The American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., will exhibit a selection of publications, audiovisual material, and software. The selection will include three new books: High-Tech Fibrous Materials, Surface Reactive Peptides and Polymers, and Polymer Characterization. Booth 14919.

* American Cyanamid Co., Wayne, N.J., will highlight its Cyglas high performance composites, including Cyglas 685, which was used in favor of die-cast aluminum in the production of valve covers for 3.3L and 3.8L V6 engines in the 1990 Buick Park Avenue, LeSabre, and Century Models. In such applications, Cyglas 685 is reported to reduce weight and engine noise and eliminate the need for painting. Booth 1452.

* American Jet Stream, Inc., East Brunswick, N.J., will present its Plastiblow PB 250 blowmolding machine, which produces 130-cc bottles at a rate of 750/hr. The machine is said to offer a wide range of parison cut systems, including a widemouth cut obtained by the rotation of two opposing blades. Its screw is suited to PVC, PP, LDPE, and HDPE. The firm will also display its Plastimac bagmaking machines. Models 402 TA, 805 SF, and 1005 SF are for producing T-shirts and open-mouth bags in HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE. Booths 41 and 43.

* American Leistritz Extruder Corp., Somerville, N.J., will highlight an 18-mm twin screw extruder for R&D and specialty production applications. Designed to compound up to 15 lbs/hr, it easily converts from the co-rotation to the counterrotation mode. The firm will also feature its Macromatex Microprocessor Computer Control and a line of tangential (nonintermeshing) counterrotating twin screw extruders that promise higher HPs, drives, and gearbox ratings than those found in conventional nonintermeshing twin screws. Booth 6373.

* American Maris, East Brunswick, N.J., will present its new TM 40 W co-rotating twin screw extruders with composable sections for compounding. The units are equipped with multistage reduction gears said to reduce radial and torsional stresses. Integral brushings protect the barrel and screw sections from wear and permit the use of widely differing materials. Booths 56 and 59.

* American Roller Co., Bannockburn, Ill., will exhibit its Disposable Pelletizing Roll System, which features a disposable sleeve and a reusable core designed to prevent slipping. The system is said to eliminate the need for core repair and reduce costs that are associated with shipping and handling. Also to be exhibited are the Ceramic Pelletizer roller, the ceramic covering of which offers improved feed characteristics, eliminates slipping, and reduces the buildup of substrate on the surface of the roller; the Ceramic Water Bath Guide Bars, which reduce repair, maintenance, and replacement costs; the Arcotron PS-400 disposable treater roller, which is said to provide superior resistance to heat, ozone, and punctures; and the Ceramic Chill roller, which features a tough ceramic coating that promises improved release characteristics in certain applications. Booth 9010.

* Amoco Chemical Co., Chicago, will feature Amoco polybutene and its derivatives, Amoco Xycon hybrid resin thermosets, and CLAF nonwoven fabric from Amoco Nisseki CLAF Inc.

The exhibit will also feature Amodel polyphthalamide resins, from Amoco Performance Products, Inc., Atlanta. A new crystalline engineering polymer, it offers, over a broad temperature range, favorable mechanical properties in the areas of strength, stiffness, fatigue, and creep resistance; the properties are said to be unaffected by moisture or humidity level. Amodel resins reportedly can replace diecast metals and other thermoplastics in automotive applications such as door handles, turn signal lever stalk assemblies, wheel covers, and lighting reflectors. Booths 7229 and 7329.

* Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y., will show its pearlescent OPP film concentrates 40379 and 410032. The 40379 is a 40% loaded calcium carbonate; the 410032, a highly dispersed 50% titanium dioxide loading in PP. The company will also exhibit its 11052 [TiO.sub.2] Concentrate for cast and blown film applications, and its Polypropylene Purge compound 40920 for PP applications that require a high temperature PP base purge. Booth 1145.

* Ampco Metal Inc., Milwaukee, will be displaying new copper-base alloys for blowmolding and injection molding applications. The alloys exhibit high resistance to wear and abrasion, and thermal conductivities as much as ten times higher than that of tool steel. Among other products to be displayed are aluminum bronze alloys with hardnesses of 31-35 Rc. Booth 4602.

* Applied Test Systems, Inc., Butler, Pa., will be exhibiting its new Series 1101 Universal Testing Machine. The benchtop system performs tension, compression, shear, and flexure testing with twin-screw accuracy in capacities up to 1000 lbs. Designed for testing below the moving crosshead, it features a 14-in. clearance between columns and a crosshead travel of 42 in., and is said to accommodate various sizes of chambers, fixtures, and samples. Booth 5508.

* Aristech Chemical Corp., Florence, Ky., will display various items from its line of Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet products. Among the featured items will be GPAs (general-purpose acrylics); Altair I-300 Opaque and Marblized Acrylics; Acrysteel Impact Grade Acrylics; Acrystone Solid-Surfacing Acrylics; and Altair Plus Composite/Laminated Acrylics. Booth 504.

* Athena Controls, Inc., Plymouth Meeting, Pa., will present its new Model 1996 microprocessor-based temperature controller. By means of a series of single point card configurable controllers, the Model 1996 permits multizone P.I.D. heating or heating/cooling control. The firm will also display its "A Series" temperature control system, which comprises individual zone controllers and power drivers contained in multizone housings, and its Model 1993 Auto/Tune Selectable Input Temperature Controller. Booth 3050.

* Atochem North America, Inc., Philadelphia, will exhibit a full line of compounds. Among the featured items will be the Pebax resin, a lightweight TPE characterized by colorability and ease of molding. Its high resistance to abrasion and moisture favors its use in sporting goods applications such as ski boots, sunglasses, and sport watch bands. Booth 14402.

* Attica Hydraulic Exchange Corp., Mt. Clemens, Mich., will detail its services as a rebuilder and remanufacturer of hydraulic components and parts. The firm serves industries, such die casting, that use hydraulics in their manufacturing operations. It offers advice on preventive maintenance, as well as a 24-hour service for machinery breakdowns. Booth 5307.

* Automatik Machinery Corp., Charlotte, N.C., will introduce its ASG 100 and ASG 200 dry strand pelletizers. The ASG 100 reportedly can pelletize as many as 23 strands of 1/8-in diameter, and throughputs up to 2000 lbs/hr; the ASG 200 pelletizes as many as 46 strands of 1/8-in diameter, and throughputs nearly 4000 lbs/hr. Both machines have noise-reducing enclosures and are driven by an AC motor that is controlled by an inverter.

The company's IROS-SP Polymer Analyzer, also on display, uses infrared spectroscopy for on-line composition analysis of molten polymers. The unit employs an industrially hardened spectrometer and a specially engineered flow cell, and can be configured to analyze for individual components within the melt stream. Other products to be displayed are the ASG 300, 450, and 600 model strand pelletizers and the ATG 150 self-stranding dry cut pelletizer. Booth 7065.

* The Machinery Division of B & G Industries, Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich., will displays its Model UWM-150 Stretch Reheat Molding Machine, which produces 5-gal PET water bottles, and the Model UWM-4 Version II Stretch Reheat Molding Machine, which produces widemouth PET containers. The firm's Tooling Division will exhibit blowmold tooling for extrusion blow, reheat-stretch blow, and injection blow processes. Booth 3500.

* Barber-Colman Co., Loves Park, Ill., will introduce its MACO 4000 Injection Molding Machine Control System. By incorporating the advantages of integrated and distributed control, the system provides closed loop profile control for large tonnage and small tonnage injection molding machines. The control unit of the system contains machine function control circuitboard cards that use "quick disconnect" wiring devices for minimizing installation and maintenance time. The firm will also display its FITT-8000 temperature control system and its Ma Series of compact temperature controllers. Booth 1232.

* Barco Automation, Inc., Charlotte, N.C., will demonstrate their BarcoCIM computer integrated manufacturing system, which features capabilities for SPC, SQC, production scheduling, and machine monitoring. The demonstration will include a new graphic display terminal that permits the communication of detailed information to each machine being monitored by the BarcoCIM system. The firm will also exhibit their Personal Computer Monitoring System (PCMS) and their new BarcoLAB software for quality control. Booth 4822.

* BASF Corp.'s Polymers Division, Parsippany, N.J., will introduce the following new products: Styropor EPS beads, which reportedly have a lower content of blowing agent; pigments that are free of heavy metals; high heat resistant thermoplastics; high impact Ultramid nylon resins; and Ultraform acetal copolymer resins. The firm will also show applications of its materials in the areas of electrical/electronic, consumer products, packaging, and medical, health, and cosmetics. BASF is at booths 7276, 7375, and 7766.

* Battenfeld of America, Inc., West Warwick, R.I., will exhibit its new CD-K Series of injection molding machines, which incorporate a 5-point double toggle clamp system. As an alternative to hydraulic clamps, the double toggle system is said to be faster and more energy-efficient; it reportedly permits 42 dry cycles/min. The series includes the model BA 850 315/CD-K, with a clamping force of 93 tons.

The company will also demonstrate an automatic mold changing system and the BK-T 1800/800 thermoset molding machine. Booth 6852.

* Battenfeld Fischer Blowmolding Machines, Inc., Waldwick, N.J., will introduce the BFB1-D double station shuttle press blowmolding series at NPE; the machine, which will be running extrusion grade PET, will be set up with a dual parison head producing 22-oz bottles.

In addition, the company will be operating a stand-alone automatic container take-away system with its FHB 106-2 blowmolder; also on display will be examples of its ReCo (reclaim coextrusion) technology. Booth 6860.

* Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co., Gloucester, Mass., will demonstrate technologies for the production of blown film, bags, and integrated sheet. A line of reclaim systems and process control equipment will also be shown. Displays will include the following equipment: a three-layer blown film system for producing rolls of convertor grade sheeting; a Lever Arm Roll Stack for producing thin-mil and embossed products; the Model 418 HE bag making machine; and auger-fed, trim press, and edge trim granulators. Booth 6952.

* Bayshore Vinyl Compounds Inc., Keyport, N.J., a custom PVC compounder, will be introducing a line of flexible injection molding and extrusion PVC compounds. The compounds, which are said to have superior grip and wear properties, are being marketed as grip compounds for the tool, hardware, and sporting goods industries. Booth 4313.

* Bekum Plastics Machinery, Inc., Williamston, Mich., will exhibit its new H-111 twin-station blowmolder, said to be capable of processing virtually all blowmolding resins, including polyolefins, engineering resins, PETG, and extrusion grade PET. It features fast responding hydraulics and a dry cycle time of 1.8 sec.

The firm will also be demonstrating its BM-602D continuous extrusion blowmolding machine with new BKB extrusion heads, and its new PET-EX process. The process is based on continuous extrusion technology for processing high viscosity PET on Bekum blowmolding machines. Booth 6865.

* Bell-Mark Corp., East Orange, N.J., will introduce its free-standing 1234-HSFD single color flexographic printer, which features a simple friction-driven design, an engraved roll for precise ink distribution, and speeds of up to 300 ft/min. The firm will also present a free-standing system designed for printing inline with extruding and bagmaking operations. The system employs an independent drive with an encoder assembly, and reportedly maintains line speeds of up to 1000 ft/min. Booth 12009.

* Berstorff Corp., Charlotte, N.C., will show its ZE 40-A pilot scale twin screw extruder, which features a high torque design and easily replaceable liner-type barrels that are suited to applications involving corrosion and abrasion. The unit will be displayed as part of the Modular Engineered Process Package (MEPP). The company will also exhibit the ZE 25 laboratory twin screw extruder, the ZE 75-A compounder, which uses abrasion-resistant screws and barrel liners, and the ZE 230-C twin screw extruder barrel and screw components. Booth 2917.

* Bessam-Aire, Cleveland, will be displaying its rooftop-mounted evaporative coolers, for workspace ventilation, that continuously wash, filter, and cool outdoor air, and clear areas of heat, contaminants, odor, and smoke. They are said to be used extensively in injection molding operations because the resulting lower ambient temperature reduces mold sweating. The firm will also show its new line of AccuSpray HVLP spray equipment, which substantially reduces the use of coatings. Booth 11043.

* Betol Machinery Ltd., Bedfordshire, England, will feature its BTS 60 twin screw extruder, for production compounding operations requiring maximum machine utility. With its 63 mm screw diameter and 60 kw motor drive, the typical output is 220 kg/hr. Booth 4513.

* BFGoodrich Geon Vinyl Division, Cleveland, will highlight the following products from its line of PVC materials: Geon CIM Vinyl, for custom injection molding; Fiberloc Polymer Composites, which are said to optimize strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability, while maintaining favorable flame retardance and chemical resistance; and Geon HTX Polymer, designed for applications that require performance in elevated temperatures.

The company will also have information on its Flexel TPEs; its closed loop program for recycling vinyl bottles; and its program for recycling plastic wire and cable scrap. Booth 1016.

* Bielomatik Leuze GmbH & Co., Neuffen, Germany, will be featuring its K 2203 Hot Plate Welding Machine and its K 8600 Compact Welding Unit. The K 2203 has a hydraulic system and can be equipped with different feed systems, such as a sliding table or a rotary feeding table. It also features a system for control of process parameters. The K 8600 is designed for short cycle times and reportedly can be applied in conventional machine systems and on robots. It features SPC and SQC systems. Booth 10632.

* Among the items to be exhibited by Blow Mold Tooling (1972) Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario, are blow cavities for a 1-liter vegetable oil bottle, a 500-ml mustard bottle, and an 8-oz baby bottle; core rods for an 8-oz petroleum jelly jar, an 8-oz temperature-controlled baby bottle, and an aspirin bottle; and a parison cavity for a 325-ml pill bottle. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of injection, stretch, and extrusion blowmolds for the plastic bottle market. Booth 10921.

* Bohlin Reologi, Inc., Cranbury, N.J., will highlight its VOR-M Melt Rheometer, which provides characterization of polymer melts and solids. The instrument features a forced-gas dual loop control oven that reportedly minimizes overshoots and offsets between oven setpoint and sample temperature. A low compliance torque and normal force transducer permits steady and oscillatory measurements over a wide range of viscosity and elasticity. Booth 12633.

* Boy Machines Inc., Exton, Pa., will feature two 88-ton injection molding machines: models 80M and 80T2. Both produce parts ranging in weight from 4.4 to 8 oz. The 80M incorporates a new Mipronic-Plus microprocessor-based control system; the 80T2, a Dipronic (digital solid state) control. An optional SPC/SQC package that can be used in conjunction with the Mipronic-Plus system will also be shown.

In addition to the 88-ton models, the firm will demonstrate three 50-ton models, two 30-ton models, and three 24.2-ton models. Booth 6641.

* BP Chemicals, Hackettstown, N.J., will highlight its Polybond chemically modified specialty polyolefins. In pellet form, the materials are used as chemical coupling agents for increasing mechanical impact properties; as extrudable adhesives for bonding polyolefins to polar polymers and metals; and as compatibilizing agents in color concentrate master batches. Booths 2210 and 14018.

* Brampton Engineering Inc., Brampton, Ontario, will be displaying a 5-layer version of its new Slimline Coextrusion Die (SCD) System. The system features smooth flow passages and optional temperature isolation of individual layers. It reportedly exhibits favorable flushing characteristics, which benefit processors who frequently change materials. Brampton will also display its Italycs computer-controlled line management system, the Uni-Flo Tandem Air Ring, and a new center winder that may be run in either gap or contact modes. Booth 8519.

* Branson Ultrasonics Corp., Danbury, Conn., will be featuring its 900 IW and 900 IW+ Integrated Welders, which incorporate an ultrasonic power supply, digital controls, and an actuator. In addition to welding, the welders are capable of staking, inserting, and degating thermoplastics; they feature cycle monitoring and self-diagnostics that promise fast and accurate troubleshooting. Booth 16.

* British Trade Development Office: Among the British companies exhibiting at NPE will be Ian Barrie Consultancy, Hertfordshire, with software for the plastics industry (Booth 4615); CR Clarke & Co. (UK) Ltd., Dyfed, Wales, with plastics forming equipment (Booth 4515); Extrudaids Ltd., Oxon, with reclaim equipment (Booth 4519); Hassett International, Wiltshire, with infrared heating elements and high-heat panels (Booth 4617); Hedin Ltd., London, with electric heating elements (Booth 4611); Infrared Internationale (Eng.) Ltd., Wiltshire, with infrared ceramic emitters (Booth 4511); and MCP Equipment Ltd., Staffordshire, with injection molding machines and ancillary products (Booth 4609).

In addition, these British companies are listed individually in this preview: Aluminum Mould-Set Co., Ltd.; Betol Machinery Ltd.; Safeline Ltd.; Speedex (Engineering) Ltd.; and Terwin Instruments Ltd.

* Brush Wellman, Cleveland, will feature two beryllium copper mold alloys for plastic applications: Protherm and Moldmax. Protherm is a high conductivity material said to have greater hardness, strength, and conductivity than aluminum; it reportedly exhibits excellent corrosion resistance to PVC and other plastics. Moldmax is a high strength material with peak hardness and wear resistance similar to those of tool steel and a conductivity comparable to that of aluminum. Booth 13236.

* Bucher, Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill., will demonstrate, on its Model TS 265P/1800 injection molding press, "lost core" injection molding of automotive thermostat housings. The press is one of a series of thermoset injection molding machines that perform fast-cycle molding of precision electrical and automotive parts--they range in size from 100 to 1100 tons. Booth 8419.

* Buhl Automatic Inc., Guelph, Ontario, will introduce its IQ Block, Model 50 Auxiliary Equipment Controller. The instrument can be used on a range of auxiliary equipment, including dryers, chillers, blenders, and mold heaters. It features configurable analog and digital input/output modules, and a hand-held terminal with a 3- x 3-in LCD graphic display. The firm will also exhibit its IQ Series control and networking system. Booth 3253.

* Bulk Molding Compounds, Inc., St. Charles, Ill., will introduce its new 800 Series of composite molding compounds, which have HDTs greater than 500[degrees]F, and exhibit impact strengths exceeding 25 ft/lb notched. They are reported to offer superior toughness and creep resistance, and superior corrosion resistance in both acid and alkaline environments. Booth 8613.

* Buss (America), Inc., Bloomingdale, Ill., will show its Buss-Kneader Model MDK/E 70. The compounder will illustrate what the firm calls its operating principle: gentle yet thorough mixing over a short L/D ratio. It reportedly can be configured to accommodate a wide range of highly filled heat-sensitive engineering resins. The company will also display its Buss-Kneader Model PLK 70 powder coatings compounder, which incorporates a heating and cooling apparatus, and the Waeschle Rotorconveyor pneumatic conveying system. Booth 2910.

* The Independent Table Top Extruder will be among the items featured by C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc., South Hackensack, N.J. The 3/4-in extruder is a compact, small scale system that reportedly can operate at high melt temperatures. It can be used for cable striping, coextrusion, sample preparation, and rheology evaluation.

The company will also feature its Absorptometer "E." When used with wetting agents, the instrument determines the oil absorption of pigments, ceramics, and carbon black for various rubber applications. The PL-2000 PlastiCorder torque rheometer will also be displayed. Booth 3317.

* Camie-Campbell, Inc., St. Louis, will be showing a line of mold release agents, mold cleaners, and corrosion protection chemicals for various types of molding. The firm will emphasize the progress it has made toward eliminating hazardous chemicals and harmful propellant systems in its aerosol packages. Booth 3529.

* Camis Systems, Inc., Erie, Pa., will highlight its Process Pack SPC system for molding machines. The system monitors process variables on up to seven molding machines; its capabilities include X-bar/R/frequency distribution reporting, control and capability studies, and work order generation. The company will also feature its Entry Office+ Inventory Control System, the capabilities of which include order processing and sales analysis. Booth 9027.

* Cannon USA Inc., Mars, Pa., will introduce a new range of polyurethane metering equipment, including its Model L for high pressure metering. The line also includes the following equipment: the Model "a," which comprises units ranging from a standard high pressure metering unit to a closed loop electronically controlled system; the Model HE, which will feature a new SPC package; and the EasyFroth unit for injection of CFC alternatives. The firm will also present non-polyurethane products along with new developments in polyurethane processing. Booth 3221.

* Cargocaire Engineering Corp., Amesbury, Mass., will be exhibiting its Model HC-300 Honeycombe desiccant dehumidifier, which is reported to provide energy-efficient humidity control at virtually any temperature below 95[degrees]F. The dehumidifer is capable of processing saturated or ambient air, and features an energy modulation device that continually minimizes energy consumption. The firm's line of desiccant dehumidifiers maintain dry conditions for molding operations by surrounding a chilled mold with dry air, thus preventing sweating and damage to parts. Cargocair will also exhibit its second edition of The Dehumidification Handbook. Booth 14000.

* Carlisle Machine Works, Inc., Millville, N.J., will show its Automatic Flaming and Bottle Packing System, which uses a modified CGB4-12 stand-up flamer to flame and pack bottles. The firm will also display its Microprocessor controllable Flame Management System, which uses UV sensors to detect the absence or presence of flame, and its Series 80E Rotational Motion Detector. Booth 3627.

* Cassco Machines, Toronto, will show its System Controller for hot stamp decorating systems. The unit's digital control of temperature, dwell time, and foil pull/delay reportedly enhances accuracy and repeatability. Optional accessories, such as turntables, slide tables, and roll-on attachments, can also be controlled. The firm will also display Cassco/Tosh pad printing machines, which print at speeds of up to 2500 cycles/hr. The machines use a numeric/pneumatic control system said to combine the accuracy and smooth speed control of an NC machine with the speed and power of pneumatics. Booth 6054.

* Century Specialties, Inc., Traverse City, Mich., will be highlighting its manufacturing capabilities. The company specializes in manufacturing shafts and segments for twin screw extruders, machining and heat treating of specialized alloys, and manufacturing geometrically complicated single screws. Booth 11411.

* Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y., will be exhibiting its line of mixing, blending, and dispersion equipment, which includes a Vertical Cone Screw Blender. The laboratory blender has a working capacity of 1 [ft.sup.3], and can mix quantities as small as 1 gal. Its options include vacuum construction, variable speed drives, and liquid spray nozzles. The firm will also display its PowerMix mixer, which features a variable speed dispersion blade. Booth 2425.

* Chromium Industries, Inc., Chicago, will display a new computer that includes a CAD system for roll engineering and a heat transfer program. Pictures of their laser measuring device, which is used to measure roll diameter, will also be exhibited, along with a cutaway of a chrome plated heat transfer roll and various surface finishes. Booth 9015.

* Cincinnati Milacron, Batavia, Ohio, will introduce its new Vista Sentry toggle injection molding machines, which feature a control system based on an Intel 80386 CPU and a digital signal processor. A new line of single screw extruders, the new Eclipse line of accumulator-head industrial blowmolders, and the Millcreek line of rotary wheel blowmolding systems are among the other equipment to be displayed. Booths 6003, 6201, 6401, and 6601.

* Colormax Ltd., Telford, UK, will present its Mini Multi-Flow Blender, which is particularly suitable for blowmolders. The unit reportedly blends virgin material with regrind and masterbatch, or any combination of two to four materials, at rates of up to 100 kg/hr without separation. A single fixed-speed drive reportedly maintains consistent blend accuracy.

The firm will also show its Micro Module Feeder, which uses a simplified induced-flow principle and advanced electronics to accurately meter free-flow powders or granules down to 35 g/hr. Booth 12728.

* Comet Tool Co., Inc., Pickerington, Ohio, will highlight its services in the development and manufacture of injection molded parts. The firm's equipment includes new computerized Engel presses, and injection presses of capacities ranging from 80 to 350 tons. The firm specializes in precision multicavity molds, and also provides repair and refurbishment services. Booth 7730.

* Conair Franklin, Franklin, Pa., will exhibit its new Carousel CS dryer. All dryers in the Carousel line feature multiple desiccant cartridges. The cartridges are mounted between two bed plates and index from process to regeneration automatically. Following regeneration, the cartridge indexes into a closed loop "cool-down" mode and is made ready for drying again. The CS line has been further streamlined. Models range from 100 to 800lbs/hr. Booth 352.

* Conex of Georgia, Carrollton, Ga., which supplies virgin raw materials and reprocesses post-industrial plastic waste, will exhibit custom PVC compound products. The firm specializes in PVC compounds and commodity and engineering materials. Booth 10839.

* Crucible Service Centers, Camillus, N.Y., will be highlighting its lines of CSM and Maxel conventional and stainless steels for molds and holder block applications. In addition, the firm will display CPM tool steels for high wear applications in injection molding and extrusion, and will present information on Ampco beryllium-free copper alloys for high thermal conductivity molding applications. Booth 11039.

* Cullom Machine Tool & Die, Inc., Cleveland, Tenn., will show its Model 3456-90 Vacuum Corrugator, which produces thermoplastic tubing by means of a clamshell vacuum process. The machine features uniform longitudinal wall thickness along the valley, sidewall, and crown, and produces tubing at the rate of 30 ft/rev. The firm will also display samples of its thermoplastic tubing, which it manufactures in sizes ranging from 1/4-in ID to 3.5-in OD. Booth 4117.

* D.A.T.A. Business Publishing, Englewood, Colo., will highlights its International Plastics Selector (IPS) products. Through a cooperative effort with IDES, Inc., the IPS plastics materials database is available in the Plastics Selector Software Data System. Also on display will be the IPS parametric database in book form--the Plastics Digest--and the Adhesives Digest, plus several other IPS reference books. Booth 12725.

* D & L Progressive Components, Wauconda, Ill., will highlight its Unilifter System for molding and ejecting undercuts in plastic injection molds. The system is reported to eliminate the need for moldmakers to perform custom engineering and machining of internal rising cams to mold undercuts such as clips or hooks. A circular dovetail feature permits the Unilifter to seat at any angle that is established in the core inserts of the mold. Booth 3322.

* D-M-E Co., Madison Heights, Mich., will introduce an addition to the smart Series line of microprocessor-based temperature controls--the DSS Temperature Controller. The DSS features continuous dual display of process and setpoint temperatures for each zone. It provides constant surveying and recording of the power percentages that are used to maintain the setpoint for a given run.

The firm will also display its new Expert Design System, a CAD/CAM software package that promises to accelerate tool selection/integration into part designs; and four new components for runnerless molding systems--multigate and internally heated nozzles, a single valve gate system, and an adjustable flow nozzle system. Booth 1256.

* Data Technical Research (DTR), Jacksonville, Fla., will display and demonstrate features of its Plastics Management System, an MRP-II, scheduling, and financial management software package. DTR is developing a new version of the product in the Progress computer language. The new version will allow DTR to run its software products on smaller 386 and 486 UNIX based PC processors, and on larger mini and mainframe systems. Booth 5117.

* Davis-Standard Division of Crompton & Knowles Corp., Pawcatuck, Conn., will present its new Scrapper Series Recycling Extruder. The system extrudes post-industrial scrap and processed post-consumer scrap, converting the scrap into a pellet that a processor can reuse. Its hopper, feed-assist knives, and dual-diameter feedscrew permit the handling of multiple forms of material.

The company will also show its new D-TEX 69 Twin Screw Compounding Extruder, part of a series of machines capable of rates from 100 to 8000 lbs/hr, and the Sterling SE Series 40 blowmolding system. Booths 6807 and 6816.

* Day-Glo Color Corp., Cleveland, will feature a series of ZQ fluorescent pigments, particularly suited for polyolefins, that reportedly require lower processing temperatures and offer reduced mold plateout; they are also said to be "cleaner, brighter, and stronger." Other products on display will be the firm's new VC (vinyl colorant) pigments, which offer high heat stability and color strength, and a color guide that displays the firm's NX, Z, ZQ, and S pigments. Booth 3304.

* Dead Sea Bromine Group, Beer Sheva, Israel, a producer of bromine-based compounds, will exhibit its Actimer line of flame retardants, used as building blocks in the composition of FR resins. The products, which can be used to modify commercial resins, alloys, and blends, are said to maintain favorable physical properties while meeting stringent flammability standards.

The company will also show its new line of F-2000 Brominated Epoxies. The brominated epoxy oligomers, used as flame retardants for engineering plastics and styrenics, have molecular weights ranging from 800 to more than 40,000; they are said to be nonblooming and to offer thermal and UV stability, high flame retardant efficiency, and favorable mechanical properties. Booth 11144.

* DEEM Controls Inc., London, Ontario, will feature its Line-Set One Programmable Limit Switch, which is a linear motion controller for Start-Stop Linear Displacement Transducers (LDTs). The instrument operates as an independent controller with eight NO/NC relay outputs, or as a PLC interface in applications requiring precise linear motion control. It converts the signal from an LDT into a continuous six-digit position display, and generates eight user-programmable on/off setpoints. Booth 14419.

* Degussa Corp., Ridgefield Park, N.J., will feature its Atlas M 130 mass cast tooling resin. The resin is reported to have low CTE and favorable dimesional stability and thermal conductivity; its methacrylate chemistry permits the casting of large tools in one pour. Demolding occurs within an hour, shrinkage is negligible, and post cure is not required. Booth 5322.

* Dependable Machine Co. Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J., will be exhibiting screen printing machinery such as the Model RP-3, which performs semiautomatic printing of containers and other objects; the Model RP-3M, also for semiautomatic printing of containers; and the Model RP-4MA-U.V., which performs automatic printing of round containers. The firm will exhibit flame treating machinery and a range of pad printing machinery and supplies. Booth 2417.

* Desco Equipment Corp., Eastlake, Ohio, will display its Model DSP-12W Container Decorating System. The system features a swing control panel and prints four colors in one pass; it performs offset printing on plastic containers ranging in size from 1 qt to 6 gal. The system also performs UV curing of the containers on an adjustable mandrel. Booth 3242.

* Deublin Co., Northbrook, Ill., will display a full line of rotating unions and core holding products. The rotating unions are used to transmit air or hydraulic oil to clutches and brakes. Also on display will be large-diameter Leaf Type Shafts for cores of up to 12-in. in diameter; "E.L.S." Sealing, which reportedly offers up to 20 times the wear resistance of conventional seals; and the Deublin Sint line of hot oil unions, said to be capable of withstanding temperatures up to 650[degrees]F and passageway sizes up to 7 in. Booth 5100.

* Dow Plastics, Midland, Mich., will show Recycle This!, a high-tech musical and comedy production focusing on the environment and recycling, at the Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place. The Dow Chemical USA exhibit will be at Booth 6929.

* Drader Manufacturing Industries Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, will introduce its new Drader Injectiweld process for welding thermoplastic materials. The process consists of heating the surfaces to be welded with the welding tip, and then immediately injecting, under high pressure, molten plastic into the plasticized surface. Because the orifice in the tip of the welder is submerged, no surface preparation is necessary and no oxidation occurs during the welding process. Booth 4107.

* Draiswerke, Inc., Allendale, N.J., will be showing its Drais Gelimat, a high speed mixing and compounding system. The Gelimat consists of a horizontally positioned mixing/compounding chamber with a central rotating shaft; staggered mixing elements are mounted to the shaft at different angles. The mixing shaft rotates at extremely high rpm, resulting in mixing element tip speeds of up to 48 m/sec. The systems range in size from 1 to 250 liters--a 5-liter unit discharges fully fluxed, 4-lb batches of rigid PVC, PP, PE, or ABS at more than 1000 lbs/hr. Booth 5200.

* Dynatup/General Research Corp., Santa Barbara, Calif., will exhibit its Autoloader, an automated instrumented impact test machine designed for high volume operation. The machine can condition and test samples over a temperature range of -60[degrees]F to 300[degrees]F; it features mechanical refrigeration that is said to eliminate the need for cumbersome tanks.

Also to be displayed are the Model 8250 drop weight impact test machine, which can be used to evaluate material composition and processing as well as finished component design, and the fourth generation 830-I data acquisition system. For each test, the data acquisition system displays, prints, and stores a record of load and energy versus time or deflection. Booth 10033.

* Dynisco, Inc., Sharon, Mass., will be displaying new melt pressure transducers from its PT 460XL series, which has been expanded to include pressure ranges below 10,000 psi. The series uses an inconel 718 diaphragm that reportedly provides improved corrosion resistance. The series provides accurate pressure measurements in high pressure environments such as the nozzles of injection molding machines.

The company will show, for the first time, the following products: the ST-184, a high temperature/high pressure "smart transducer"; the Autoprobe I and Autoprobe II microprocessor controlled, retractable melt thermocouple; and the MTT Series infrared melt temperature sensors. Dynisco will also show Kayeness melt index units and the Kayeness Galaxy IV rheometer, and the Normag SDP-090 gear pump and Normag Turbo Seals for conventional lobe and gear pumps. Booth 40.

* Eastman Chemical Products Inc., Kingsport, Tenn., will display various commercial applications of resins. Among the exhibits will be the following Kodapak products: EBM polyester for extrusion blowmolding applications; PET polyester with stretch blowmolded containers; and APET polyester for thermoformed sheet applications.

The firm will also display Kodar PETG copolyester for injection blowmolding, film, and sheet applications; Tenite PET polyester for CPET microwaveable applications; Ecdel elastomers for medical and flexible packaging; and Tenite PP for stretch blowmolded, high clarity containers. Booth 1222.

* Elektro-Physik USA, Inc., Arlington Heights, Ill., will introduce its new Minitest instruments for measuring wall thickness. The Minitest FH 4000 uses the magneto-static principle to measure wall thicknesses of bottles and tubes. It features microprocessor technology with a built-in data management program. Complementing the instrument are the Minitest US 200, 300, and 400 ultrasonic hand-held thickness gages, which feature measuring ranges from 0.0060 to 5.00 in. The gages also feature microprocessor technology and a large five-digit LCD display. Booth 12716.

* Products to be displayed by EM Industries, Inc., Hawthorne, N.Y., include Afflair 303 Royal Gold, a medium particle size gold pigment, and Afflair 323 Royal Gold Satin, a finer particle size pigment of the same color. The two new gold products are reported to be tinctorially strong and to offer relatively high light stability. The firm will also exhibit two white pigments (Afflair 119 Polar White and Afflair 123 Bright Lustre Satin), a new line of interference grade pigments, and a line of Afflair Lustre Pigments, which are mica-based pearlescent pigments used in laser coding. When exposed to lasers, the latter pigments act as receptors and cause resins to blacken into permanent, high contrast marks. Booth 8515.

* Emerson Industrial Controls, Grand Island, N.Y., will bring out its new Quantum RG Digital DC Drive, which uses a common package for non-regenerative and regenerative applications ranging from 5 to 250 hp. The drive features an eight-channel Historical Fault Recorder, which saves the final 3 sec of internal drive parameters for post fault analysis. It also incorporates a 16-bit microcomputer for solving mathematical algorithms. Booth 3320.

* Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, Wis., will show its Printflex Variosafe advanced pad printing machine. The Variosafe combines pad printing with ink jet technology to print repetitive and variable data with a single pad stroke. It incorporates a Colorsafe sealed inkwell that maintain inks viscosity throughout long production runs. The machine is designed for integration into high speed automated systems for marking or decorating 3-D products such as caps and closures, rigid bottles, and electrical/electronic components.

The company will also display its Compak Induction Cap Sealer, which is capable of sealing at line speeds of up to 300 ft/min, and its Dyne-A-Mite Plasma Surface Treater. The surface treater is said to improve the adhesion of coatings, inks, and labels, on 3-D molded plastic products. Booth 10399.

* Engel Canada Inc., Guelph, Ontario, and Engel Machinery Inc., York, Pa., will contribute products to the combined "Engel North America" exhibit. Twelve injection molding machines, ranging in size from a 30-ton hydraulic clamp to a 1320-ton toggle, will be featured. Other products to be shown include automation and handling systems, mold mounting systems, quick barrel and material change systems, and modular production systems. The firm will also highlight its control hardware and software, which includes the following new products: the Engel NET plant networking software; the Process Control System Versions AO2 EC88 and CC90; and the "QDS and QDDP" SPC and SPQC software. Booth 12. (Other Engel injection molding machines will be found at Booths 7616 and 7622, 1130, 1430, and 10325.)

* Engelhard Corp., Iselin, N.J., will display a full range of its Harshaw color pigments line, and will feature Translink kaolin-based reinforcements, offering favorable physical, chemical, and electrical performance, and new applications for kaolin-based products in polyolefins. The firm will also highlight its range of Meteor and fine-particle Meteor Plus mixed-metal oxide pigments, and its new Mindust series of low-dust cadmium pigments. Booth 3504.

* Entex, Pottsville, Pa., will show its Powder-Lac machine, which produces colored plastic powder that can be statically charged in a way opposite to that of metal. The machine is said to be similar to a planetary gear extruder (PGE) used for compounding PVC and polyolefins. The firm also plans to highlight its line of PGEs, the most recent of which is a two-stage machine. The PGEs range in size from 180 to 400 mm. Booth 10530.

* Ethyl Corp., Baton Rouge, La., will feature its Ethanox 398 antioxidant and its Saytex flame retardants. The antioxidant is a free-flowing polymer stabilizer with a fluorophosphonite structure; it is reported to be nonhygroscopic and hydrolytically stable even under conditions of high humidity. The Saytex 402 flame retardant reportedly combines favorable flame retardance and environmental performance. Booth 3700.

* Eurotherm Corp., Reston, Va., will present the following new products: the Model 94 1/8 DIN temperature controller; the Model 818S melt pressure controller; communicating SCR contactors; and a color operator station for the firm's EM-2 Extrusion Master. In addition, the company will present its full line of temperature controllers and single- and three-phase SCR contactors. Several samples of systems integration will also be on display.

The EM-2 is a multiloop control system designed specifically for extruders; it controls parameters such as temperature, melt pressure, and drive speed. Booth 2800.

* Farrel Corp., Ansonia, Conn., will unveil two new lines of processing equipment, including a prototype Compact Processor (CP), which features an improved control system. The CP consists of a Farrel Continuous Mixer mounted over a short, hot-feed pumping extruder; its various rotor configurations and pelletizing heads permit the processing of a wide range of polyolefins and elastomers.

Farrel will also introduce the Tecnolab line of equipment, which can be used for R&D, process development, and production support. The equipment is said to combine the capabilities of a range of machinery, including Banbury Mixers, Compact Processors, and Polymill roll mills. The company will also be displaying its Diskpack Compounder, an underwater pelletizer, and a series of FCM rotors. Booth 900.

* Ferro Corp., Cleveland, and Bedford, Ohio, will feature its Pyro-Chek 68PB and 60PB Brominated Polystyrene Flame-Retardant Additives. The two products are designed for use in higher-temperature engineering resin applications: At higher processing temperatures, the additives will fuse or melt, and can be melt blended into the host polymer. The additives, which are nonblooming, contain different amounts of aromatic bromine and have somewhat different physical properties.

Ferro will also feature their Bromoklor halogenated aliphatic flame retardants for PVC, polyurethanes, and textiles. Filled and reinforced plastics, colorants and dispersions, and inorganic pigments will also be displayed.

Ferro will introduce Optum specialty alloy olefins at NPE, engineered polymers for the extrusion/coextrusion thermoforming markets, which promise chemical resistance, heat deflection, processability, custom formulations, barrier properties, and cost savings over ABS or CPET. Other new products include Ferroflo lubricated thermoplastic compounds; Ferrocon conductive thermoplastic compounds; Ferrex mineral filled, high gloss PP compounds; Ferropak specialty polyolefins, for FDA compliance; and Ferrene glass reinforced and mineral filled PEs. Booth 500.

* Among the items to be displayed by Fisher Controls International, Inc., Austin, Tex., is the Univox Automation System, a microprocessor-based control package that can be used for on-line measurement and control of cylinder board machines, extruded sheet, blown and cast film, and coatings. It can also be teamed with NDC Systems' Model 6100 Scanning Thickness Gage as a means of integrating line control with web thickness measurements.

In addition to its Batch Data Manager (BDM) data acquisition package, the firm will demonstrate interfaces between its distributed control systems and the products of other computer companies and software suppliers. Booth 1116.

* Formech Inc., Central Islip, N.Y., will bring out its Formech A550 Vacuum Forming Machine, an automatic sheet-or roll-fed thermoformer with an optional guillotine cutoff. The A550 reportedly can form sheet that is 0.2-in thick, and run 10-mil PVC sheet on a cycle of approximately 20 sec. Booth 12718.

* Formex, Inc., Dayton, Ohio, will be demonstrating a number of Aoki Stretch Blowmolding Machines that reportedly provide fast cycle times and high cavitation. Included among them will be the SBIII-1000NL, which will be producing narrow neck bottles at production rates of more than 6000 parts/hr, and the SBIII-250-50, which will be producing containers on a six-cavity mold at a production rate of approximately 2000 bottles/hr. Booth 13610.

* Forward Technology Industries, Inc., Minneapolis, will introduce its new vibration welder, which uses spring-activated vibration to bond plastic parts. Friction between two halves of a part creates heat that causes the interfaces of the parts to melt: The result is a permanent molecular bond. The welder features adjustable amplitude control and a standard through-feed conveyor design for the automatic loading and unloading of parts.

The firm will also show the following plastic bonding equipment: the Mecasonic Omega spin welder; the Mecasonic Omega II MPS ultrasonic welder; the Omega II MPX ultrasonic welder; and the VA 1015 hot plate welder. Booth 2042.

* Franklin Polymers, Inc., Broomall, Pa., a distributor of engineering plastics, will exhibit: a new series of impact modified and UL-listed flame retardant nylon 6/6 compounds made by Mid-West Polymer Inc., West Bend, Wis.; a new heat- and color-stable extrusion grade of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical's Lupital acetal copolymer; and Mitsubishi Kasei's new PBT grades for electrical connectors. Booth 3114.

* The Fulton Companies, Pulaski, N.Y., will be displaying their Fulton Thermal Fluid Heater Model FTA 690C, designed specifically for high temperature heat transfer with low pressure, which is said to take the "pressure" out of commercial and industrial heat process systems. Applications include thin film packaging, molding processes, and manufacturing of polyamides. Also to be exhibited are a Fulton Electric Steam Boiler and a 15-BHP Stainless Steel jacketed, gas-fired Steam EnergyPak Boiler. Booth 134.

* G.F. Goodman & Son, Inc., Ventura, Calif., and Warminster, Pa., will be exhibiting its Model 4 Traveling Saw. The saw cuts rigid plastic extrusions in-line with an extruder, and features a carbidetipped blade, 14-in OD. Its hydraulic check cylinder, located on the arm of the saw blade, is said to ensure a smooth cut. The company will also feature its MED/1000 Medical Tubing Cutter with Integral Caterpillar Feed, and its Model 882 Microprocessor Length and Batch Counter. Booth 7709.

* Gammaflux Inc., Sterling, Va., will demonstrate how its hot runner controls respond to shear heat during molding. The controls reportedly minimize temperature cycling and allow lower setpoint temperatures without freezing off at the gates. The firm will also demonstrate the capability of the controllers to diagnose and protect against external wiring faults such as wet heaters, short circuits, and crossed zone wiring. On display will be the Gammaflux 11 Zone Controller. Booth 3710.

* Gateway Precision Technologies, Grandville, Mich., manufactures hot wire and computer controlled foam processing machinery and equipment for the EPS, PS, and flex foam markets. The firm will be displaying the following equipment: the GP-8100 and GP-8200 Series Hot Wire Sample Cutting Tables; the GP-3000 Full Function Computer Controlled Contour/Slab/Downcutting Machine; and the GP-4000 Stationary Slabbing Cutter. Another possible exhibit is the firm's 3-Axis Computer Controlled Milling Machine, specifically designed for the foam industry. Booth 12140.

* GE Plastics, Inc., Pittsfield, Mass., will have updated information on its Living Environment House and on its Polymer Processing Development Center, both in Pittsfield, and also promises to introduce some new products. The company will announce the details of a recycling project/partnership. Booths 750, 920, and 922.

* GE Silicones, Pittsfield, Mass., will be introducing a new low density silicone foam that offers all the performance advantages of silicones. The new foam, which weighs in at about 5 lb/[ft.sup.3], is a lightweight, flame retardant material that promises excellent UV and chemical resistance. Booths 920 and 922.

* Genca Division of Penn Central Telecommunications Co., Clearwater, Fla., will exhibit crossheads, tooling, and vertical, horizontal, and benchtop extruders for a variety of markets, including medical grade tubing, wire, cable, and hose. On display will be a 1-1/4-in portable vertical extruder, a 1-in bench model extruder, and the Tri-Die Model 6-3 Layer Crosshead for foam core PVC pipe. Booth 3149.

* Gesswein & Co., Inc., Bridgeport, Conn., will show polishing and deburring systems, including the Power Hand 2X Dual Controller and the Ultramax ultrasonic mold finishing system.

The 2X Dual Controller can be used by two people simultaneously; each handpiece output station can be run independently from the other with separate speed controls. Its electronic feedback circuitry is said to provide high torque while maintaining constant rpm.

The Ultramax, also designed for dual operation, is capable of simultaneously operating an ultrasonic and mechanical handpiece. It features a memory foot switch that can be used to control either handpiece when it is turned off and then on again. Booth 2110.

* Gneuss, Inc., Langhorne, Pa., will be showing various filtration systems, including hydraulic and manual screenchangers that operate without sealing elements. The systems also include a continuous screenchanger that offers continuous melt filtration at constant, controlled pressure; a self-purging continuous screenchanger (for recycling applications), the screens for which can be used up to 100 times; and an automatic screenchanger for injection molding. Booth 4724.

* Granutec Inc., East Douglas, Mass., will be showing its 810LPZ low-profile robot feed granulator, which features a Smart-1 microprocessor-controlled programmable drive. The system provides feedback display of drive frequency, voltage, current, and power, and offers 32 operating fault codes, which permit fast detection of problems. The 810 accepts feeding of sprue runner systems or small parts from sprue pickers or conveyors. It features a low feed height and small footprint, and is said to be especially suited to situations involving tight space constraints.

The company, which offers microprocessor controls on its full line of granulation equipment, will also highlight its 1624 Tangential Feed Granulator and its 1416 AM Grinding Center. The grinding center will be shown at Booth 6965 (Sencorp Systems); all other equipment will be at booth 2325.

* GTE/Sylvania, Exeter, N.H., will highlight its Sylvatherm ceramic infrared heaters. The heaters change color when they approach operation temperature; upon cooling, they return to their original color. The reversible color change permits the easy identification of nonoperating heaters, thus eliminating the need for sensing devices and continuity testing. The firm will also show its line of G-TEmp hot air heaters, which feature a temperature sensor, solid state power control, and a Serpentine heating element. The power control combines with a preheating coil and thermistor to form an over-temperature protection system that reportedly prevents premature element failure. Booth 14608.

* Haake/Fisons Instruments, Valencia, Calif., will feature its Rheocord 90 Torque Rheometer for characterizing the melt stability, additive effects, shear and temperature effects, and processing traits of various thermoplastics and elastomers. It now features a torque measuring system that permits direct coupling to a mixer or extruder--thus eliminating the effects of speed reducers (and other power transmission components) and providing a more accurate indication of the flow behavior of test samples. Booth 110.

* Heatron Inc., Leavenworth, Kan., will introduce a "stick resistant" coating for its line of Heatrod Cartridge Hearers. When applied to the cartridge heater, the coating provides a thin barrier that reportedly eases the removal of the heater from molds, hot stamping dies, and other equipment to which it can become stuck. It is thus intended to eliminate damage caused by the alternative of drilling the heater out of the equipment. The company will also illustrate its Quick Turn Delivery Service for cartridge, band, and strip heaters. Booth 3025.

* Heli-Coil, Danbury, Conn., will exhibit a line of Dodge Screw Thread brass inserts for plastics applications. The inserts offer a combination of knurls, undercuts, and flutes on the external configuration, exhibiting optimum strength during assemblies and permitting rapid installation. They are said to reduce open-press time by providing the advantages of post-molded installation. The firm will also display a production data slide rule for specifying screw thread insert assemblies. Booth 2209.

* The Henderson Area Economic Development Council, Inc., Henderson, Ky., will be promoting its service area to companies that may be interested in sites for expansion or relocation. Booth 5321.

* Henley Chemicals, Inc., Montvale, N.J., will exhibit two new grades of Hydrocerol HK and HK 70 endothermic blowing agents. The company will show samples of parts that have been formed with the use of the blowing agents; cross sections will be magnified to show what are reported to be finer, more uniform cells. The company will also present its Resomer resorbable polyesters, for industrial applications, and its Hydrocerol LC endothermic blowing agents. Booth 3445.

* Herbert Products, Inc., Westbury, N.Y., will feature its Ionizing Air Curtain system, which controls static by delivering a curtain of ionized air to molded parts, conveyors, and webs. The system uses the coanda (wall attachment) effect to increase the volume of air in the curtain without a significant loss of velocity. The company will also display its nuclear and electronic ionizing air guns for neutralizing static charges on plastic surfaces. Booth 8831.

* Hettinga Equipment, Inc., Des Moines, Iowa, will demonstrate its new InterLink control system, which is capable of governing as many as 32 separate injection molding machines. It will be concurrently regulating three injection molding machines and controlling an assortment of auxiliary equipment. The system consists of a single IBM OS2 master computer and up to 32 ancillary controllers. It can control mechanical movement and temperature, and is capable of data logging, SPC, and multipoint controlled volume injection.

Hettinga will also display various automotive parts, such as bumpers, exterior sections with molded-in film, and interior parts with molded-in fabric and rolled edges. PArts molded from recycled PET, PP, and mixed plastics resins reclaimed by means of the firm's proprietary recycling technology will also be shown. Booth 11148.

* Hobart Tafa Technologies, Inc., Concord, N.H., will introduce its Model 8830 Arc Jet Metal Spray Moldmaking System. The system uses a spray gun that reportedly sprays higher-velocity particles, resulting in denser metal coatings for tools. It also creates a narrowly focused spray pattern of approximately 1/2-in diameter, thus permitting the more efficient spraying of deep cavities and tight corners. Booth 6133.

* Hoechst Celanese, Somerville, N.J., will introduce a line of Celcon acetal co-polymer grades that have melt indexes in the range of 52 to 90. The exhibit will also include the following new products: two injection moldable grades of Hostalen GUR ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE), two antistat additives, and a non-halogenated ammonium polyphosphate-based flame retardant additive system. Booth 1242.

* Holzma:U.S., Inc., Gastonia, N.C., will display the HPP 91, a heavily built panel saw that is electronically controlled. The saw features a high speed, rack-and-pinion-guided program fence that is equipped with clamps to hold the workpiece under control throughout the cutting cycle. Its variable speed main saw motor and saw carriage drive permit the operator to set precisely the optimal cutting speed for various types of plastic. The firm will also exhibit profile wrappers and sheet stock optimization software. Booth 12134.

* HPM Corp., Mount Gilead, Ohio, will demonstrate its new H Series 500-ton Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine, which will be using an eight-cavity mold to produce a 22-oz HDPE "stadium" cup. The machine has an injection rate of 60 [in.sup.3]/sec, maximum injection pressure of 27,000 psi, and a recovery rate of approximately 5 oz/sec for GPPS.

The exhibit will also feature the introduction of the T Series 500-ton 32-oz toggle model and the HGL Horizontal Glazing Line. The HPM Remanufacturing Division will display a remanufactured 1969 Farrel 1000-ton injection molding machine that now includes a Command 90 control system as well as modifications of its hydraulic and electrical systems. Booths 1400 and 1200.

* Hull Corp., Hatboro, Pa., will highlight its Smart Mold press monitoring software in conjunction with a 120-ton injection mold press. Capabilities of the press monitoring package include ten-step profiling of velocity and pressure, and historical trend management--a feature that allows operators to view raw data, or overlay two graphs for comparison of previously trended files.

Hull will also show its T/15 Transfer Molding Press and its Hull P-1020 Vacuum Mold Venting System, which reportedly improves cavity venting and penetration in insert molding. Booth 2600.

* Hunkar Laboratories Inc., Cincinnati, will display its DAC-III (Data Acquisition] and Control) system, which offers closed loop process control for injection molding. The system incorporates the capabilities, relative to the acquisition of process monitoring and production monitoring information, of the firm's DAT-II system. It is said to also offer a number of advances over previous products, but in a "dramatically reduced packaging size." The company will also exhibit its CIM Version 3 and an application of its Programmable Data Acquisition Terminal (P-DAT). Booth 3200.

* Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ontario, will display its line of injection molding machines, molds, and hot runners. A 1000-ton injection molding machine with a top entry turret robot, and a blowmolding machine that produces bottles from Husky PET preforms, will be among the product demonstrations. Robotics and product handling equipment will also be displayed. Booths 7252 and 7265.

* I.M.C.S. (International Material Control Systems Inc.), Zeeland, Mich., will feature its new Supermix, a large-volume vertical auger mixer. The Supermix is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel and plated components; it has capacities ranging from 120 to 340 [ft.sup.3], and a diameter of 6 or 7 ft. It also features a bottom discharge with a 12-in, slide gate and clean-out door, and options that include a bottom load, auger, air or gravity discharge, and service ladder. Booth 6660.

* Illinois Precision Corp., Wheaton, Ill., will show its Model TTM-HSTS and Model TTM-HS2 rotary injection molding machines, which use reciprocating screw injection for insert molding of thermoset materials. The machines share several features, including a 25-ton hydraulic clamp lever, solid state heater relays, and both screw and injection pressure control. Booth 2748.

* Improved Blow Molding Equipment Co., Inc., Hudson, N.H., will display and demonstrate its B30 Series Blowmolder and its BA Series Accumulator Head Blowmolder. The B30 is capable of processing PE, PP, nylon, PC, and flex vinyls; it features a reciprocating screw extruder that can produce output of up to 600 lbs/hr. The BA Series offers a mold clamping system that reportedly maximizes mold life and pinch-off uniformity. Booth 958.

* Imtran Industries Inc., Rowley, Mass., will display their GS-200 Pad Transfer Printer, their GS-100 Table-Top Pad Transfer Printer, and the DB-500A Automatic Bottle Screenprinter. The firm will emphasize its "modular" approach to pad printing equipment. The approach allows the combining of printers and indexers to meet changing needs; components are engineered to complement each other through common mounting methods and "umbilical cord" electrical connections. Booth 10515.

* Industrial Heater Co., Inc., Bronx, N.Y., will be exhibiting its Keramik Insulated Heaters--high-watt density heaters that are are slim in design and resistant to contamination. Among other applications, they are used as nozzle band heaters. The firm will also display its Air-Cooled Heater Assemblies. Booth 3310.

* Industrial Magnetics, Inc., Boyne City, Mich., will be displaying its new Vacuum Line Tube Magnet and its Probe magnetic inspection tool. The Vacuum Line Tube Magnet is used by plastics processors to capture ferrous tramp iron on vacuum line loaders; its sizes range from 1 to 4 in. in diameter. The Probe magnetic inspection tool is inserted into gaylords and batch containers to detect the presence of iron contaminants. Booth 6571.

* Industrial Sensors, Inc., Winchester, Mass., will unveil its high technology melt pressure transducer. The non-filled high temperature system stores calibration data curves in its memory for recall at specific operating temperatures. Its wide frequency response (0 to 2000 CPS) suits it to rheological investigation and investigation of high screw speeds. Booth 13034.

* Inoex Inc., Cranston, R.I., will introduce its Model TW 90 KB Funnel Weigher for continuous mass-throughput weighing of granules, pellets, powders, and regrind material. The weigher features an integral vertical coupling design that allows highly accurate measurements. The company will also introduce its USS-IMM In-Mold Wall Thickness Measuring System, designed for use during blowmolding of gas tanks and drums. Booths 3427 and 3042.

* International Process Equipment Co. (IPEC), Pennsauken, N.J., will introduce the MTI M750/K2400 Systems Mixer, designed for preparation of PVC compounds, which uses lower tool tip speeds, resulting in less wear and localized heat buildup on the leading edges of tools. Its zoned cooling jacket features a circulatory bypass water pump that reportedly maximizes cooling efficiency. The company will also feature its MTI EM-100 Vertical Universal Mixer, suited to high shear blending, intensive mixing, dispersing, moistening, and wet granulating of many types of material. Booth 12346.

* IQ Management Systems, Inc., Riverside, Calif., will highlight its services in the area of manufacturing control software for the plastics processing industry. The firm's services include computer integration of systems such as management information, materials requirement planning, accounting, and SQC/SPC. Booth 10943.

* Ivanhoe Tool & Die Co., Inc., Thompson, Conn., will be showing its multicavity injection molds, which have application in the packaging, medical, and technical markets. Among the firm's specialties are hot runner, collapsible core, and automatic-unscrewing molds. Booth 3047.

* J. Dieffenbacher, Germany: See Marvel Equipment Corp. Booth 9021.

* J.H. Day Co., Cincinnati, will exhibit the lab-size Daymax High Speed Disperser; the Day Nauta Mark II Mixer/Processor, which blends dry materials or pastes, creams, and dispersions; the Double Arm High Shear Mixer; the Regal Vertical Mixer; the Taylor-Stiles #520 Rotary Cutter, reported to be widely used in plastics reclamation applications; and the Taylor-Stiles Guillotine Cutter System. Booth 337.

* John Brown, Inc., Providence, R.I., will be exhibiting the following machinery from the company's various divisions: a Self-Lock Screen Changer, which reduces back pressure and shear, and a mid-range Hot Die-Face Pelletizing System (Beringer Division); the TCS/IR Thermoformer Control System and several new models of advanced thermoforming machines (Brown Machinery Division); the Model 30-T thermoform granulator (Cumberland Engineering Division); five Powerflight extruders and a new twin-screw coextrusion sheet line (Egan Machinery Division); the E-4000 microprocessor, retrofitted on a 500-ton injection molding machine (Epco Division); the NB2 Series injection molding machines and the Dimiposition process control system (Negri Bossi Division); a five-layer extrusion die and two back-to-back center/surface winders (Western Polymer Division); and a recycling system for post-consumer plastic waste (Plastics Recycling Systems Division). Booths 6829 and 6841.

* Johnson Controls, Inc., Plastics Machinery Division, Manchester, Mich., will feature several coextrusion blowmolding systems, including the Uniloy Model 350R3-3L. The model, part of the "Uniloy Reciprocating Screw Intermittent Extrusion Series With Coextrusion," will run four F-style, 1-gal antifreeze bottles per cycle. It uses an extruder of 3-1/2-in diameter for the central (post-consumer resin) layer, and two extruders of 2-in diameter for the inner and outer (virgin HDPE) layers.

The firm will also show two continuous extrusion systems: the Uniloy Model MSC/D-3L and the Model 14 DP Vertical Wheel Series system. The Model MSC/D-3L, equipped with a three-layer die head that permits independent adjustment of the concentricity of each layer, will run HDPE on the inside and outside of a central layer of post-consumer resin. The Model 14 DP is a dual-parison machine with 28 F-style oil quart cavities; it will be shown running a dry cycle. It is part of the Uniloy Vertical Wheel series, which features a patented bottle take-out system that synchronizes bottle removal while positioning each container for downstream handling. Booth 6441.

* The exhibits of Kaofu Chemical Corp., Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C., will include raw materials such as Kaofulux ABS and Kaofusan SAN (the firm's two new products), EPS, GPPS, and HIPS. Semifinished products made from HIPS sheet will also be on display. Kaofulux ABS reportedly exhibits favorable impact strength, heat resistance, and high flow, while Kaofusan SAN shows favorable degrees of transparence, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. Booth 11141.

* Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc., Bayonne, N.J., will feature its Kenrich titanate, zirconate, and aluminate coupling agents. Technical papers and product samples will illustrate how the use of 0.2% of the Ken-React coupling agent permits up to a 40% increase in production rates while reducing energy requirements by 10%. Examples of increased adhesion and improved mechanical properties of various filled and fiber reinforced composites will be provided. Booth 3510.

* Kensol/Foilmark, Newburyport, Mass., will feature the following hot stamp decorating systems: the Model 408 MH and Model 418MH Moving Head Roll-On Machines, suited for the application of multicolor heat transfer systems; the 16-ton Model 185H Vertical Hot Stamp Press, which can be used for hot stamping large plastic recycling containers and automotive trim; the Model 328R, for 360-degree peripheral foil applications on items such as cosmetic containers; and the Model 400 PR, for applying hot stamping foils on profiled or flat extrusions. Booth 332.

* Kiefel Systems, Succasunna, N.J., will exhibit its KL 100/160M Thermoforming Machine, for producing large-surface parts from sheets or foils with a great drawing depth. The machine features motorized drive units, a quick tool-change system, automatic feeding and removal, and low loading height. Also to be displayed are the KL 1 SH Automatic Thermoforming Machine, the KSV 600 Automated Welding Unit, and the TTL 3 Slitter and Crosscutter. Booth 11613.

* Killion Extruders, Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J., will display its new rotary knife cutter. An optional "dead stop" feature enhances the accuracy and dependability of the cutter, which is said to offer high cutting force. The drive system uses clutch plates that contain a cast polyurethane compound; it also incorporates a shock absorption system reported to reduce stopping shock. Killion will also highlight its process control system, its tubing extrusion systems, and its KZS Series Segmented Single Screw Extruders. Booth 330.

* Kistler Instrument Corp., Lewiston, N.Y., will feature its line of injection molding cavity sensors, electronic signal conditioners, and interface cables. Titled "Opening a Window Into Your Mold," the exhibit will feature demonstrations of the uses of Kistler's sensing and data processing products for monitoring and assessing cavity activity during molding sequences.

Featured products will include the Type 9243A sensor, which monitors strain in molding press tie bars; the Dual Channel recorder-monitor-controller; and the Injection CoMo logger-controller with an LED display. In addition, the firm will introduce and demonstrate its new Dataflow software, capable of recording, storing, and evaluating up to eight different parameters for analyzing injection machines. Booth 2212.

* Kistler-Morse, Redmond, Wash., will exhibit the following products: low-profile Load Stand transducers that use Picocell sensors to weigh vessels ranging in weight from 20,000 to 3 million lbs; noncontact level systems designed for horizontal storage vessels; the Model 1200 Series Batch Controller, which is particularly suited for loading material into trucks or rail cars; Microcell Bolt-On Sensors, which measure the contents of tanks by measuring changes in compression of the tank support members; and Sonocell ultrasonic level sensors, which feature an operating range of up to 200 ft. Booth 10727.

* Kleen-Rite, Inc., St. Louis, will bring out their 3.5- and 5-ton chillers. Both models feature a stainless steel heat exchanger, a digital water temperature display, and a high pressure pump. The chillers, which are precharged with refrigerant, are available as free-standing floor models or as remote models. Booth 14319.

* Klockner Ferromatik Desma Inc. (KFD), Erlanger, Ky., will introduce three injection molding machines, each of which features an advanced microprocessor control system. The Ferromatik FM 250 E, developed for the packaging industry, uses an energy efficient, asynchromotor screw drive that is said to increase screw speed. The Windsor W 300 A-PL features fully hydraulic clamping and accumulator assisted injection. The Ferromatik FX 100-R, which uses hydraulic clamping and an accumulator based hydraulic system, will also be shown. Booths 6229 and 6429.

* Kobe Steel, Ltd., Tokyo, will be exhibiting its NEX-T Plastic Compounding Unit, which combines separately controlled continuous mixing and extruding operations. The unit's variable-speed mixer rotors reportedly permit attainment of the optimum shear rate independently of the production rate. The firm will also display its Mixtron LCM melt pump/pelletizer system. Booth 13340.

* Koch Engineering Co., Inc., Wichita, Kan., will display its Koch Mixing Head for injection molding machines. The mixing head is reported to totally eliminate temperature gradients in the polymer. Its large diameter, short length, and open cross-sectional area result in a low pressure drop, permitting it to handle such shear sensitive plastics as rigid PVC and PC without the problems of degradation that occur at minimum injection pressures. The firm will also exhibit its Koch Melt Blender, which eliminates radial temperature and viscosity gradients in the polymer. Booth 138.

* Kona Corp., Gloucester, Mass., will feature new hot runner systems for injection blowmolding and PVC. The display will include a hot runner system for one-stage injection stretch blowmolding, and the standard Kona PVC Hot Runner System. Hot sprue bushings, heaterless machine nozzles, and temperature control systems will also be featured. Booth 3412.

* Krauss-Maffei Corp., Florence, Ky., will demonstrate a range of injection molding equipment, including the KM 150-620B3, which will be molding protectors for syringe needles, and the KM 150-620-B2 AZ100, which will mold circuit breaker housings. The firm will also demonstrate its RIM Star B Metering Unit, which features closed loop control and automatic adjustment of the mixhead nozzle. Booths 1480 and 1680.

* Krupp Plastics & Rubber Machinery, Inc., Edison, N.J., will unveil its new B-60W Rotary Stretch Blow Machine, designed to produce widemouth PET containers with neck finishes up to 90 mm in diameter; it is capable of converting from production of widemouth containers to production of narrow-neck containers. Also on display will be the KB-150/3-layer coextrusion machine for recycling, the KEB-3/6-layer coextrusion machine, the INF 200 TIP Thermoformer, and a profile extrusion system. Booths 7201 and 7601.

* Kuhne/OK International Corp., Wayland, Mass., will be exhibiting blown film extrusion equipment that features take-off speeds in the range of 500 ft/min. Among the equipment to be shown and operated is a 45 mm system for producing HM HDPE. The system's winder station features an extruder rotating base for more uniform roll stock, and a new die design that is said to permit tighter gage control. Booth 8935.

* Kurz-Hastings Inc., Philadelphia, will introduce its SR Performance Series Tuff/Coat hot stamping foil by demonstrating the product's resistance to #3 grade steel wool. The foil reportedly has outstanding resistance to surface scratching. The firm will also demonstrate the process of Inmold Decorating and exhibit its line of Holograms, Sparkle Brights, and hot stamping foils. Booth 1130.

* LaserMike Inc., Dayton, Ohio, will display its 183 Series Benchtop Optical Micrometers, which provide measurements ranging from simple part diameters to complex measurements involving combinations of scan segments. The micrometers collect SPC data including maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation. The firm will also show a variety of other noncontact optical gauging equipment, including its Model 263 Dual Axis Scanner and the Model 101 Laser Diode Scanning Micrometer. Booth 11413.

* Linear Dynamics, Inc., Green Brook, N.J., will introduce its new quarter-ton hot stamping press. The firm will also show a range of other hot stamping presses, including a custom made 10-ton press. A microprocessor-based hot stamping press control, which uses digital and analog displays, will also be introduced. Booth 2311.

* Littleford Bros., Inc., Florence, Ky., will be demonstrating its W Series high intensity vertical mixer, which provides controlled and homogeneous mixing of various resins, plasticizers, and stabilizers. Its high intensity mixing action is said to be particularly suited to the processing of plasticized PVC dry blends, rigid PVC compounds, and color concentrates. The firm will also demonstrate its FKM Series batch mixer. Booth 6241.

* Lloyd Instruments, Inc., King of Prussia, Pa., will introduce its LR50K, a 50-kN (11,000-lb) research grade Materials Testing Machine. The first in a series of new generation low force materials testing machines, it is suited for testing rigid plastics and composites in research production and quality control. It features interchangeable load cells ranging from 50 kN to 5N, and crosshead speeds ranging from 0.01 to 500 mm/min. The machine control console allows the machine to be operated as a free-standing unit and presents messages in four languages. Lloyd will also introduce a new SPC software program, a noncontacting extensometer (the Laserscan 100), and a range of new chart recorders. Booth 5224.

* Lourdes Systems, Inc., Hauppauge, N.Y., will model its High Velocity Impact Press, which uses electromagnetic power and produces parts and holes that are free of burrs and strings. Die cutting, kiss cutting, trimming, and punching are some of its functions; applicable materials include polycarbonates, foam, space age composites, and laminates. Booth 14815.

* Love Controls Corp., Wheeling, Ill., will introduce the 1600 Series of digital indicating controls, microprocessor-based programmable controls of 1/16-DIN size. Also to be introduced are the 400 Series controls, of 1/4-DIN size. The firm will exhibit a full line of temperature controls, indicators, thermocouples, and other accessory equipment. Booth 3000.

* Luwa Corp., Charlotte, N.C., will present its enhanced Smarthopper Gravimetric Control System. The unit, which provides screw speed control for extruders and additive feeders, displays and prints process information such as total pounds used and total feet produced. It features three control variations, and a puller for control of total yield. Booth 2453.

* M.C. Molds, Inc., Williamston, Mich., will display its line of extrusion blowmolds, as well as various containers produced from the molds. Booth 5030.

* MAAC Machinery Co., Inc., Itasca, Ill., will show a computerized system for monitoring energy loads of multizone ovens on sheet feed thermo/pressure forming equipment. The monitoring system is reported to reduce machine cycle time and scrap; it uses a visual ceramic element to detect possible heater burnout. It also enhances profile heating. Booth 3342.

* Macbeth Division of Kollmorgen Instruments Corp., Newburgh, N.Y., will be showing its Color-Eye 7000 spectrophotometer, its Color-Eye 5010 goniospectrophotometer, and the Color-Eye 3000 model. The 5010 is reported capable of accurately measuring effect surfaces that are difficult to read--grained plastics, metallic paints, and pearlescent coatings and inks. It is equipped with three sets of user-selectable 4-angle measurement geometries.

The Color-Eye 3000 Spectrophotometer features compact dimensions and a high intensity pulsed-xenon light source. Its dual-beam optical system is designed to provide accurate and repeatable color measurements for various applications. Booth 2040.

* MagneTek Controls, Clawson, Mich., will be featuring its line of industrial control equipment, including the Gemco Series 950 Linear Displacement Transducer. A rugged linear sensing device, the transducer comprises a stainless steel guide tube assembly and self-contained electronics. It uses magnetostrictive technology to generate signals. Booth 14519.

* Mannesmann Demag Corp., Torrington, Conn., will introduce its new S Series high-speed injection molding machines by demonstrating a machine that has a 500 ton clamp force and an injection unit of 25:1 L/D. An SPC system will monitor the machine as it molds PP wash basins. The company will also highlight its D Series injection molding machines, its multimaterial/color injection molding machines, and its NCIII microprocessor control system. Booth 8436.

* Maquinaria Plastica Mexicana, Col. San Nicolas Tolentino, Mexico, markets blown film extrusion lines for HDPE and LDPE, as well as one- and two-color straw extrusion lines. The firm will be exhibiting its Model 45-AD1 Blown Film Extrusion Line for HDPE. Booth 12630.

* Marvel Equipment Corp., Farmington Hills, Mich., will be displaying temperature control units manufactured by Regloplas Ltd., St. Gallen, Switzerland. The units hold constant the temperature of injection molds, die-casting dies, and extruders. They are suited to control of water temperatures up to 140[degrees]C, and thermal oil temperatures up to 350[degrees]C. Booth 9022.

Marvel will also be displaying presses and production lines for GMT and SMC/IMC moldings from J. Dieffenbacher, of Eppingen, Germany. Booth 9021.

* Matsui America, Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill., will be exhibiting microprocessor-controlled dehumidifying dryers, all of which use P.I.D. heating for control of temperature. The dryers feature honey-comb desiccant rotor technology, which reportedly provides a more stable environment for hygroscopic materials. Matsui will also feature its MC Jet line of mold temperature controllers, which use a stainless steel pump chamber and impeller to resist scaling and deposits, and its vacuum Jet Loader. Booths 9004, 9100, and 9104.

* Mattec Corp., Loveland, Ohio, will introduce its ProHelp 3.2 production-monitoring software, which offers advanced VGA graphics capabilities and expanded monitoring and scheduling functions. According to the company, the software permits the conversion of real-time information displays into blocks within a grid patter that matches the layout of machines on a plant floor. Each block contains identifying information (such as machine number, job number, or material code) and production information, such as run length. The user can specify process parameters to be monitored and displayed. The firm will also exhibit its MRP II software, for materials requirements planning, and its ProStat SPC package. Booth 232.

* The Marking Systems Division of Matthews International Corp., Pittsburgh, will be showing its Jet-a-Mark 2002 Compact Coder, a printing system that prints at speeds of 400 ft/min. It is said to be capable of simultaneously printing on two products, and of driving two seven-jet print heads for two-line printing. The firm will also be exhibiting its Model 6112 and 6124 Industrial Offset Printing Systems, and its Jet-a-Mark LINX Model 4100 ink-jet printer. Booth 5517.

* The Mearl Corp., New York City, will exhibit a line of Pearlescent and Iridescent Luster Pigments for decorative applications. The Mearlin and Mearlite pigments are noncreative, nontoxic, nonarcing, and nonconductive; they are used in applications requiring long-term exposure to weathering and are reported to be environmentally safe.

Mearl's film division will also be showing a decorative iridescent film that can be used in free film form or as a laminate for packaging materials or print matter. Booth 53.

* Measurement Technology Corp., St. Paul, Minn., will model its Measure Tech Series 200 gaging systems for off-line film thickness measurement. The systems feature a high resolution sensor and use a capacitance measuring technique to accurately respond to minute thickness variations. Applications include coatings, adhesives, and cast and blown film. The firm will also show its Measure Tech Series 500 and 700 gaging systems, capable of measuring film thicknesses ranging from 0.20 to 12.0 mils, with resolutions to 0.001 mil. Booth 4108.

* Measurex Corp., Cupertino, Calif., will show three new products:

The FasTrak Extrusion Measurement and Control System, for flat-die extrusion and coating lines, integrates all basic control elements into one functional system for ease of installation, use, and maintenance. The system promises accuracy based on high speed signal-processing techniques, coupled with greater point-to-point measurement accuracy, high streak-resolution capabilities, and the broad measurement range of the company's sensors.

Integrated Line Control (ILC), for complex control capabilities, includes advanced sensor and control technologies and the company's UltraScan high speed technology. The ILC system provides a single window on the process, and intelligent control for programming emergency-stop procedures and simplifying product code changes.

The CIMbase Data Management tools and application software, embedded within the company's Micro Vax Vision 2002 Data Manager System, collects, stores, and allows retrieval of real-time data from equipment, sensors, and operators. Booths 22 and 23.

* Melt Design Inc., Lombard, Ill., will highlight its Modular Hot Manifold System, which features internally heated modules with replaceable thermocouples. The system incorporates a floating gating needle that allows the size of the gate to be increased; the larger size eliminates the material stress and clogging that are associated with relatively small gates. The firm will also introduce a number of other heating components for injection molding. Booth 2047.

* The Meyercord Co., Carol Stream, Ill., will bring out their gravure printed heat transfer labels, designed for application on rigid plastic substrates. The labels incorporate a carrier system that reportedly shortens dwell time, thereby improving throughput during application. Self-correcting strobe registration monitors continually check positioning to ensure the consistency of color and registration. Booth 2420.

* Micro-Vu Corp., Windsor, Calif., will be showing its Model V250 Video Microscope. The V250 features a high resolution electro-optical Color Video System and a measuring capacity of 6 x 6 x 6 in. Its X & Y measuring stage includes a Q16 Metrology Computer, which computes geometric measurements of radii, angles, and distances between coordinate points. The firm will also display its Model V350 Automated Video CMM, which includes a high resolution video system. Booth 11336.

* Midland Consultants, Cleveland, will outline its services in recruiting professionals for jobs within the plastics industry. The firm works with engineers, technicians, manufacturers, chemists, salespeople, and administrators. Booth 3645.

* Milltronics Inc., Arlington, Tex., will highlight its AiRanger XPL, which provides ultrasonic level measurement of bulk solids and liquids in tanks, bins, or silos. The system uses an echo processing technique that permits continuous adaptation to changing bin conditions. The system operates at ranges of up to 200 ft, and is said to be capable of monitoring high temperature, dusty, and steamy environments. Booth 14808.

* MIR USA Corp., Leominster, Mass., will introduce a series of injection molding machines that feature toggle or hydroblock closure. Included among them are the RMP 190, which molds bottoms for plastic bottles, and the HMP 1050. The firm will also introduce a 140-ton injection molding machine said to ensure low energy consumption and increased operator safety. All of the machines are equipped with Captrol 2 multiprocessor control panels. Booth 8220.

* Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Japan, will exhibit engineering plastics such as Iupiace. The material is used in the housing and chassis of such O A devices as copiers and facsimile machines, and is reported to effectively meet the requirements of dimensional accuracy, flame resistance, and flame retardance. Other engineering plastics to be exhibited are Iupilon, Iupital, and Reny. Booth 12937.

* Mitsubishi Injection Molding Division, Wood Dale, Ill., will unveil its MJ Series (90 to 950 tons) and MSP Series (90 to 350 tons) Injection Molding Machines. The MJ Series uses a hydraulic-operated prefill valve that reduces clamp pressure rising time. A direct clamping mechanism and strong mold platen enable the machine to clamp a large area with uniform force, thereby minimizing mold deformation.

The MSP Series uses an inverter screw motor that can rotate during opening and closing of the mold, thereby enhancing the high-cycle production of the machine. Both the MJ and MSP Series feature the MAC-VI Series Control, which automatically resets molding conditions and increases communication with other machines.

The firm will also exhibit injection molding machines from the MSS Series, which provides precise mold positioning because of an advanced AC servo motor; the MSII Series, which features automatic color changing and resin replacement; the MG Series, which features a mold platen of high rigidity for stable and precise molding; and the MM Series, which features an automatic mold thickness adjustment unit that reportedly improves the setup of complex molds. Booths 100 and 10113.

* Mobay Corp., Pittsburgh, will introduce its prism solid RIM polyurethane systems for thin-wall applications. Other new product introductions will include antistatic and conductive Tedur PPS resins; unfilled Tedur PPS resins; a series of CFC-free, waterblown Bayflex 900 polyurethane systems for footwear applications; and new machinery for RIM polyurethane processing, including a color addition mixhead and a gas nucleation unit. Booth 7641.

* Moldflow, Inc., Shelton, Conn., will introduce the latest version of its MF/FLOW injection molding analysis software: Release 8. The new version integrates with the firm's existing products that analyze cooling, shrinkage, warpage, and structural performance; it features a revised graphical user interface that permits use of mouse-driven menus and dialog boxes, and radio buttons. It also provides a finite element 3-D flow balancing facility said to equalize pressure drops and promote efficiency in filling patterns, overpack, and material content. Booth 4924.

* Molding Automation Concepts, Inc., Huntley, Ill., will feature new material handling equipment, including its Rotary Index Table and a Mac Tote Magazine. The index table uses an automatic turntable, which rotates at 45[degrees] or 90[degrees], to fill boxes, bags, or totes; it functions according to a count signal that can be tied directly to a production machine. The Mac Tote Magazine is designed to handle lightweight plastic totes and heavy wire-reinforced fiberglass totes; it features an automatic preset counter and holds up to 30 empty totes. The firm will also highlight a range of other products from various lines of equipment, including horizontal and incline conveyors, robotic conveyor systems, and part and runner separation conveyors. Booths 7072 and 7078.

* Multitherm Corp., Colwyn, Pa., will be exhibiting the newest products in its line of heat transfer fluids. Among them are Multitherm 100 FF, a flushing fluid for flushing out old heat transfer fluids during system fluid changeovers, or for flushing out new systems prior to startup; Multitherm 301 EDM, an electrical discharge machine fluid designed to withstand the high temperature spark developed at the work interface; and Multitherm 503 fluid, a synthetic white mineral oil said to provide excellent protection against system corrosion. Booth 5230.

* Nametre Co., Metuchen, N.J., will present its Viscoliner, a viscosity measurement instrument featuring broad range, durability, and resistance to factory noise. The transducer bolts onto a pipe or tank, and supports a small spherical sensor that measures the flowing liquid. No seals or rotating parts make contact with the liquid. Booth 11340.

* National Starch & Chemical Corp.: See Permabond International/National Starch & Chemical Corp. Booth 3629.

* National Tool & Manufacturing Co., Kenilworth, N.J., will be showing its National/Dynamic Mold Design Software System. The PC-based system includes a Dynamic Mold package that automatically structures the task of engineering a mold and allows the user to change the variable mold set settings. It also features a Dynamic Dimension package said to eliminate manual detailing and dimensioning.

The firm will also feature its new National PC CADStation 486, which works in conjunction with the mold design software. In addition, the following equipment will be displayed: a range of locks, such as side and taper bar locks, that are used for solving mold alignment problems; new Heavy Duty Safety Engineered Hoist Rings; and Tru-Grip Toll-maker Safety Flanges. Booth 54.

* The Nebraska Public Power District, Omaha Public Power District, and U.S. West will disseminate information concerning sites for plastics manufacturing plants in Nebraska. Literature on Nebraska's electric costs and telecommunications services will be available, as well as copies of Nebraska Profit Opportunities for Manufacturers of Molded and Other Plastics Products. Booth 4526.

* Netstal Machinery Inc., Fitchburg, Mass., will feature the following technologies: high speed open loop-controlled machines and Primtec's flow filling process, which will demonstrate ultrathin-wall, high speed molding; HP Graphtrack Control Injection Molding Machines and a Spear System I-Type Multi-Tip Manifold hot Runner System, both of which will be used to demonstrate graphical control of a closed loop injection molding process for multicavity medical applications; and high speed closed loop injection molding machines, which will be used to demonstrate thinwall molding of drink cups. Booth 8631.

* Newbury Industries, inc., Newbury, Ohio, willintroduce two new MonoToggle Injection Molding Machines--a 35-ton and a 300-ton model. The firm will also show a 550-ton Toggle-Ram packaging press, which will be molding PE butter tubs, and will demonstrate robotic insert molding on a 30-ton vertical press. Booths 304 and 322.

* Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd., Tokyo, will exhibit its eight latest models of injection molding machines and their Nissei Injection Assembly Line System (NIAS).

Among the machines to be shown are the Model PSX40-5A, which features a maximum screw speed of 500 rpm, an injection rate of 12.8[in.sup.3]/sec, and a clamping force of 44 tons; the FE360S140ASE, which features reduced dwell time a clamping force of 400 tons, and an electronic controller; and the Model PS30E3ASEC, which is used to mold 5-in and 3.5-in compact discs.

The NIAS is an automated molding/assembly system that incorporates vertical and horizontal molding machines, robots, and an automatic assembly unit for the production of molded products. Booth 7652.

* North Coast Compounders, Inc., North Ridgeville, Ohio, will present information concerning its products and services in the area of custom compounding. Flame retardant TPE alloys will be among the products on display. Booth 2129.

* Norwood Marking Systems, Downers Grove, Ill., will display its Jaguar Thermal Transfer Printer. The computer-controlled system, has adjustable print parameters that allow it to print bar codes, graphic images, and lot numbers directly on packaging materials. The company will also show their Model S-44 hot stamp imprinter, which imprints large-area (up to 4 by 5-in) messages on plastic films and parts, and the Model FSI (Flat Stock Imprinting) System for imprinting variable information on plastic films, labels, or cards. Booth 1129.

* Nova Plastic Corp., Taipei, Taiwan, will highlight its services as a producer of injection molds for such applications as auto parts, electrical appliances, electronic parts, and pipe fittings. The services include the provision of mold progress reports, which permit more efficient planning, and inspection reports, which contain information on the dimensions and status of molds and parts. Booth number not available at press time.

* Novacor Chemicals, Calgary, Alberta, will display the following types of polymers: PS, PE (including new hexene grades), and styrene-acrylic copolymers, along with Genesis PP and TPOs. A braad range of end-use applications will also be shown. Booths 6873 and 6878.

* NYCO Minerals, Inc., Willsboro, N.Y., will feature its G-RRIM Wollastokup 20471, a high-aspect ratio, special grade wollastonite that is chemically surface modified for nylon-RRIM. The product is reported to provide hydrolytic stability superior to that of glass reinforcements; it suited to polyurea reinforced reaction injection molding applications that require fast wetting and dispersion.

Other products to be displayed include Nyad G Wollastokup 20204, designed to provide high reinforcement for non-asbestos gaskets and phenolic friction applications; 10 Wollastokup 20526, which is a chemically surface modified wollastonite for use in PET/PBT formulations; ATH Nycoat 10734, a chemically surface modified alumina trihydrate that functions as a low moisture flame retardant for PVC wire and cable applications; and Flakeglas, a chemically modified hammermilled glass flake used in automotive body panels and tank linings. Booth 2200.

* O.A. Newton & Son Co., Bridgeville, Del., will exhibit its Mini-Mic Micro Ingredients Controller and its new series of Dense Phase Transporters. The Mini-Mic is a small-capacity controller said to provide accurate delivery of minor or micro ingredients in batching or compounding operations; its principal applications include PVC compounding and food manufacturing. The controller features a constant-torque, variable speed drive and reportedly eliminates bag breakage.

The Dense Phase Transporter is a conveying system that uses low air velocity to move materials normally difficult to convey, such as abrasive, fluidizable, and friable materials. It is said to provide consistent delivery of materials to blenders and surge bins. The company will also show its IBC Filler/Weighers, which are platform-type systems with a gross capacity of 5000 lbs. Booth 3240.

* Oetiker, Inc., Marlette, Mich., will be featuring its line of clamps said to provide tamper-proof connections. The line includes the Basic 2-Ear Clamp, the 1-Ear Special Clamp, the 1-Ear Clamp, and the 1-Ear Stepless Clamp. Booth 5221.

* Ogden Manufacturing Co., Arlington Heights, Ill., will display its ETR 9080 microprocessor-based temperature control, which features an automatic tuning function. The 1/16 DIN unit requires no dip switches or keys because its control functions are configurable with front panel buttons. Its software algorithm is reported to automatically calculate all PID parameters. Booth 3100.

* Ohmart Corp., Cincinnati, will show its new ConceptOne scanning system for on-line continuous measurement of extruded plastic sheet and film. The system incorporates a scanning frame with a single sensor and a choice of operator control stations; its scan speeds range from 0 to 10 in/sec. Also scheduled to be shown are the Webart 9000 gaging system, which furnishes closed loop (APC) die bolt, line, and multiple winder reports, and the Webart 6500 blown film gage, which incorporates a motorized C-frame with a stationary Beta sensor. Booth 3651.

* Olmas, Milan, Italy, will highlight its extrusion lines for corrugated pipes. The extruders, which range in diameter from 4.5 to 350 mm, process a variety of materials, including PVC, PE, PA, and PVDF. The company will also display corrugated pipes for electrical insulation, drip irrigation, and road drainage. Booths 12210, 12311, and 12511.

* Omega Heater Co., Inc., Ronkonkoma, N.Y., will show its Ultrathin Ceramic Heater Band, used for processing high temperature engineering resins. The heater band has a high ratio of thermal to electrical insulation and a low mass construction. It is also said to feature lower sheath temperatures and a watt density of up to 65w/[in.sup.2]. The company will also exhibit its Current Ring indicator, which features a green LED that shows the operational status of electrical heater elements. Booth 2407.

* The Omega Plastics Inc., Mt. Clemens, Mich., will highlight its capabilities in fabricating injection molded prototypes and short run molding. The firm specializes in the design and building of aluminum injection molds. Booth 10525.

* P.S.M. Fastener Corp., Fairfield, N.J., will exhibit its line of thermoplastics inserts, the majority of which are internally threaded. The firm will feature its double-ended Tech-Sonic Inserts, which have a knurled fin at each end and opposing herringbone spline bands that are of the same diameter. These two features are reported to improve resistance to pullouts and jackouts. Booth 4629.

* Pad Print Machinery, Inc., Yonkers, N.Y., will unveil its Comec Model LC150LP Pad Printer. The printer is PLC controlled and has a print plate size of up to 24 x 6 in. When fitted with a suitable part conveyor, it can print in as many as four colors. A micrometric inkwell, and variable speed stroke of the pad unit are among its features. Booth 2227.

* Panametrics Inc., Waltham, Mass., will display its Magna-Mike Model 8000 Hall Effect Thickness Gage, which is used in measuring wall thicknesses of various nonferrous materials. The Magna-Mike has a measurement range of 0 to 0.250 inch, and an internal datalogger capable of storing up to 1000 thickness measurements with ID codes. Also to be displayed are the Model 22 DLHR Ultrasonic Thickness Gage and the Model 5215 Ultrasonic On-line Thickness Gage. Booth 7636.

* Underwater cutter blades will be the featured display of Pelletizer Knives, Inc., Houston. The firm designs and manufactures blades, knife holders, and hubs for the plastics industry. Booth 5426.

* Performance Alloys & Services, Inc., Waukesha, Wis., will be displaying the Ampco 945 Beryllium-Free Copper Alloy. Specifically developed for mold fabrication, the product offers hardness levels of 32 to 35 Rockwell C, and is said to have three to four times the conductivity of toolsteel products. The firm will also exhibit its Performance Sprue Bushings, said to speed the cure rate of the sprue, and its 20000 Series Performance Core Pins, which offer a standard hardness of 32 to 35 Rockwell C. Booth 13545.

* Permabond International/National Starch & Chemical Corp., Bridgewater, N.J., will exhibit its Permabond Plus 930 Series cyanoacrylate adhesives, which reportedly provide favorable adhesion to a variety of surfaces, and prevent fogging of plastic parts adjacent to the bond line. They are said to be nonfrosting and offer favorable flexibility, clarity, and impact resistance. Booth 3629.

* Permanent Label Corp., Clifton, N.J., will feature its Acrobot series of decorating machines. The computer-jcontrolled printing equipment is capable of decorating in three media--silk screen, hot stamp, and heat transfer. It reportedly can print around noncircular cross sections in a single pass. Also scheduled to be displayed are the following product lines: injection in-mold heat transfer label systems by Nissha Printing Co. Ltd., Kyoto, Japan; conventional gravure printed and silk screen printed heat transfer labels manufactured by the Decorating Resources Division of Permanent Label Corp.; and metalized metallic and nonmetallic heat transfer labels manufactured by Nissha Printing Co. Ltd. Booth 6245.

* Permian Research/InstaMelt Systems, Inc., Midland, Tex., will be displaying its InstaMelt Model T rotary screwless extruder. The machine can pelletizing post-consumer flake, converting pellets into blown film and sheet, and compounding a combination of flake, power, and pellets into alloys, blends, and color concentrates. An outlet at the top of the extruder barrel is said to provide higher production rates and improved homogenerity of most resins. Booth 2942.

* PH Trueblood Plastics Corp.: See Trueblood Plastics Corp. Booth 2612.

* PIAB Vacuum Products, Hingham, Mass., will exhibit its line of compact vacuum pumps, which have a multiejector system that minimizes air consumption and increases efficiency. The pumps are said to be capable of reaching suction capacity ranges of up to 900 scfm. Their applications include parts handling, packaging, and suctioning operations. Booth 4110.

* Plascom Trading Co., Trenton, N.J., will illustrate its trade of thermoplastic raw materials. The firm buys and sells commodity and engineering resins such as PP, PE, HIPS, GPPS, PVC, and PET. In addition to trading prime materials, Plascom buys and sells off-grade, regrind, and film scrap materials. Booth 3750.

* The exhibit of Plasticolors, Inc., Ashtabula, Ohio, will focus on the introduction of the Plastisperse line of colorants for TPEs. The colorants can be dispersed in various grades of TPEs, and can be used as replacements for dry color, freeze dried, or color concentrates. They are said to be high-pigment loding, low-dusting, and free-flowing.

In addition to highlighting some of their traditional products, such as Colormatch Dispersions and Plastigel Polyester Thickeners, the company will display its Plastiperse PS-02052 Black colorant for bulk molding compounds. Booth 2133.

* Plastics Engineering Co. (Plenco), Sheboygan, Wis., will feature its line of phenolic, melamine-phenolic, and special molding compounds and resins. Applications include automotive electrical, brake, and clutch components, electrical switching gear, and household appliances. Booth 11 2.

* Plastics Hotline, Fort Dodge, Iowa, will be exhibiting samples of its weekly publication for plastics professionals. Booth 14719.

* Pleasant Precision, Inc., Huntsville, Ohio, will be displaying its new Round Mate injection molding system. The round shape of the interchangeable insert mold system reportedly results in more uniform clamping pressure in the mold, balanced heat transfer and cooling, and more efficient runner layout. Booth 7742.

* Point Control Co., Eugene, Ore., will present its new SmartCAM Advanced 3-D Machining, a mold machining system for moldmakers. The system combines CNC process modeling with 3-D functionality, and permits the user to control tool motion in any plane or direction. It reportedly generates accurate tool offsets for ball-nosed, bull-nosed, and square end mills. By identifying start and end radii, it automatically generates variable radius blends between any two surfaces. Booth 3610.

* Polycraft, Roadgau, Germany, will show its electrically heated hoses, which promise to prevent heat loss from flowing media in which temperatures are as high as 250[degrees]C. Fields of application include frost-protection heating bands, heating hoses for hot melt units,a nd dual-heating hoses for two component machines such as PU foam units. Booth 15019.

* Polymac, Ede, Holland, will exhibit the latest model of its HP handle-fitting machine. The machine reportedly can automatically bail 4- and 5-quart pails at rates of up to 2000/hr. Booth 8726.

* The Polymer Processing Institute (PPI), Hoboken, N.J., will display its PASS computer software package for extruder and die design. PPI will also announce its latest research programs, and highlight its services and facilities. Its areas of expertise include computer modeling, property characterization, and development of high performance products and processes for advanced compounding. Booth 5227.

* Polyshot Heated Sprue Bushings and Firebox Controllers are among the products that Polyshot Corp., Rochester, N.Y., will be exhibiting. The new line of P-Series sprue bushings, which incorporate a tip that permits direct part gating without protruding gate vestige, will be shown for the first time. The P-Series and the G-Series, which will also be displayed, feature hard tool-steel construction, replaceable "A" length collars,a nd thermocouple sensing directly at the tip.

Features of the Firebox temperature controller include an L.E.D. deviation indicator, P.I.D. output, and an audible alarm system. The controller also has eight shock absorbing bumpers mounted on its corners to absorb energy during accidental falls. Booth 14516.

* Polysystem International Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, will model a three-layer coextrusion line that has a microprocessor-based control system. The extruder drives incorporate digital drive technology that permits precise control of screw speed and ensures the desired layer distribution and gage. The microprocessor controls and displays process temperatures, pressures, extruder speeds, line speed, and process operation trends. Booth 10724.

* Premier Pneumatics, Inc., Salina, Kan., will introduce its microprocessor-based ProController, which provide controls for up to six ingredients in injection, extrusion, or blending operations. The machine furnishes processors with gravimetric recipe and inventory information; it converts auger revolutions to units of weight and performs calculations required for calibration. The company will also introduce a number of other products, including its Quick Clean ProBlend Mixer, Its Model 2420 Powder Receiver, and a new line of insulated drying hoppers. Booth 980.

* Premix, Inc., North Kingsville, Ohio, will be highlighting its thermoset recycling technology, which uses in-process molding waste, scrap, and rejected parts as replacements for traditional filler materials. The final product comprises recycled thermosets in volumes of up to 20% of the material's overall weight. The firm will also exhibit a series of PremiGlas molding compounds composed of reground thermosets. Booth 2512.

* Procedyne Corp., New Brunswick, N.J., will show its Fluidized Bed Cleaning Systems for removal of polymer from extrusion hardware. The product line includes furnace sizes ranging from 32-in diameter and 40-in depth to 72-in diameter and 96-in depth. The larger furnaces remove PP from fully assembled blown film dies, and PS from static mixer assemblies.

The firm will also exhibit its cleaning systems for fully assembled gear pumps, from which the systems reportedly remove all carbon and organic residues. The fluidized bed eliminates potential mechanical damage that can result from disassembling the pump before cleaning. Booth 2332.

* Production Components/Chippewa Valley Die, Inc., Eau Claire, Wis., will introduce the Masterflex LLD-40 and LLD-75 Extrusion Dies. The flat extrusion dies, which do not have a choker bar, are designed for film and laboratory-type applications that require low outputs and low die weight. They feature a coathanger-type manifold and a flexible upper lip. The firm will also introduce the Masterflex R/LLD-75 Extrusion Die, designed for sheet and heavier-gage applications, and the Masterflex ELD-40 Extrusion Die, designed for materials of low melt strength. Booth 2016.

* Progressive Machine Co., Inc., Ringwood, N.J., will be introducing the Model S109 Single Spindle Traverse Winder. It features adjustable pitch and traverse distance, and constant tension winding from as low as 10 g. Applications include product testing, trim winding, and other noncontinuous processes. The company will also display a guilding system for low tension winding; an Alternating Dual Spindle Take-Up; a Telesensor Ultrasonic Loop Controller; and the Quick Lock locking system, which prevents lateral movements on shafts or spindles. Booth 8451.

* Pro/Mark Corp., Manchester, Conn., will demonstrate a graphics system that thermally applies graphic designs to thermoplastic materials. The system uses conventional hot stamp equipment to fuse designs, which are supplied on a continuous carrier web, to a molded part. The process is currently used in such sectors as the housewares, appliances, and automotive markets. Booth 8746.

* The Q-Panel Co., Westlake, Ohio, will model its Q-U-V Accelerated Weathering Tester. The Q-U-V uses fluorescent UV lamps and condensation of water to simulate the effects of sunlight, rain, and dew on test specimens. It offers a choice of different lamps, cycles, and temperatures by which the user can reproduce different climates and conditions. Booths 3007 and 7420.

* Quantum Chemical Corp., Cincinnati, will feature a range of polyolefin resins and four of its recently introduced biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) packaging films. The line includes Normet XL metalized BOPP films, which provide moisture vapor barrier and oxygen barrier performance for extrusion lamination applications; RAP heat shrinkable BOPP films, designed for packaging items that require gloss and wrinkle-free packaging; LTS-1 BOPP films, which have an untreated low temperature seal layer on one side and a treated sealable layer on the other side; and CLD coextruded BOPP film, which promises favorable clarity, gloss, and ink adhesion. Booth 6607.

* Ramco Electronic Co., West Des Moines, Iowa, will be exhibiting its LX-12NS SUNX Sensor, a color marksensor that features a wide spectrum light beam and high sensitivity. The sensor may be used for detection of fine marking, reading out color codes, checking color patterns in dyeing and processing, and discrimination of specularity on object surfaces. It may also be used for detecting registered marks on transparent or translucent sheets. The firm will also shows its PS-830L Control Unit and its LX-23 Series Fiber Sensor. Booth 6376.

* Randcastle Extrusion Systems, Inc., Little Falls, N.J., will be featuring two new single screw extruders: a 1/2-in and a 5/8-in Microtruder for research applications. The Microtruders permit additional feedstock sizes to be fed at low outputs. Their vertical screws are said to ensure efficient conveying of solids by extending into the hopper and making contact with the feedstock. The screw also promotes feeding by rotating within the hopper. The firm will run five Microtruder lines, including a five-layer coextrusion line and compounding, tubing, fiber, and film lines. Booth 6576.

* Randolph Machinery Operations, Randolph, N.Y., will feature its Model 209-24A Container Tester. Designed to test 1-liter unfilled plastic bottles for leaks, the 209-24A is part of a line that uses pressure decay testing. Booth 10736.

* RapidPurge, Trumbull, Conn., will exhibit its RapidPurge PM 5535 chemical-based purging compound, which is used to clean blowmolding machines by breaking down resin residue. It contains a gentle scrubbing agent and is formulated to purge HDPE (below 0.7 MI) and rigid PVC. Use of the product is said to eliminate black specking, streaking, and weld line contamination. The firm will also exhibit grades PM 5540 and 9240 of its RapidPurge 2 compounds. Booth 3705.

* RDN Manufacturing Co., Inc., Wood Dale, Ill., will feature its Model 218-3 Belt Puller. The machine, which operates without gear backlash, incorporates a gear reducer drive train and digital DC variable speed motor. Its design is said to eliminate surface defects that can be caused by puller drive trains. The company will also display a range of machinery representative of its line of post extrusion machinery and tooling. Booth 3227.

* Reed Plastics, Holden, Mass., will be displaying its Reedlite Polycarbonate Series of heavy metal-free concentrates. The 10-color line reportedly offers migration and weathering properties similar to those of an earlier cadmium-based line. Applications include the electrical, mechanical, automotive, and business machine markets. The company will also show its IRT Mulch Film, and color concentrates from its Omnicolor, Barex, and Reedlite Nylon lines. Booth 3308.

* Regloplas, Switzerland: See Marvel Equipment Corp. Booth 9022.

* Reinfenhauser Film Systems, Peabody, Mass., will display, as part of a new generation HDPE blown film extrusion line, control cabinets for blown film lines. The controls are designed to accept three levels of process automation, from basic throughput measurement control to a fully integrated factory supervision system. Booth 1032.

* The Resin Exchange, Cape Girardeau, Mo., will exhibit its RX5-102 flame retardant polypropylene. Initially developed for the wire nut market, the material has a UL listing of V-2 at 0.030-in. The firm will also display its RX2-202 flame retardant HIPS, reported to be a suitable replacement for flame retardant ABS in applications in which impact strength is not a critical factor. Booth 5324.

* The Rexroth Corp., Bethlehem, Pa., will introduce its Model A10VSO Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump and its Model LC/LFA Two-Way Logic Cartridge Valves for Directional Control. The A10VSO features heavy duty bearings and is designed for pressures up to 3600 psi; it provides fast response times and low noise levels. The Two-Way Logic Cartridge Valves reportedly can duplicate, at high flow rates and pressures, the control functions of standard spool and poppet-type directional control valves. The firm will also display its Model 4WRD Proportional Directional Valve and its Model DBE/DBETR Proportional Pressure Relief Valves. Booth 8526.

* Rheometrics, Inc., Piscataway, N.J., will show its Rheometrics Dynamic Analyzer (RDA) II, a dynamic mechanical test system for evaluating viscoelastic properties such as viscosity, elastic modulus, and damping. The system now features enhancements such as a new steady mode and software that includes the Arbitrary Waveform and Multiple Frequency testing modes. It also offers data analysis software and dynamic data exchange between plot and spreadsheet. Booth 5102.

* Rohm and Haas Co., Philadelphia, will introduce Paraloid EXL-5137, designed to be blended with a variety of resins such as ABS, PC, and blends as a matting agent when less gloss is desired in molded parts. Also featured will be Solacryl acrylic polymers, capstock materials for both siding and windows.

Implex high impact acrylic, the newest product in the firm's plastic sheet, will receive its first major introduction at NPE '91. Tuffax XL, a new PC sheet, is produced with an integrated UV-resistant barrier. New and expanded applications will also be on display for the company's Kamax high heat acrylic-imide copolymers and Plexiglas acrylic resins. Booth 1252.

* Rollepaal-USA, Bethesda, Md., will introduce the following products: the PCS 500 gravimetric extruder output control system; the PCS 2500 ultrasonic pipe measuring and control equipment, which can be integrated with the PCS 500 for automatic calibration and output control; and the PCS 4000 twin screw extruder control. The firm will also introduce a management information system for process control systems, a Vacuum Cooling and Calibration Machine, and its CCM 110-450 cutting and chamfering machine. Booth 10731.

* RTP Co., Winona, Minn., will be exhibiting its VLF (very long fiber) products, which reportedly increase impact strengths, stiffness, and fatigue resistance. The VLF product group includes applications that use long glass fiber, carbon fiber, and stainless steel fiber compounds. The company will also display applications of its Conductive Product Group and its Color Product Group. Booth 3207.

* Safeline Inc., Tampa, Fla., will show four digital systems for detecting metals. The gravity feed metal detection system, designed for in-line, bulk inspection of plastics resins and powders, inspects up to 6000 kg/hr and can detect metal particles of 0.6 mm. A cascade system, comprising twin gravity feed metal detectors, minimizes the volume of rejected product by automatic in-line reinspection. The Zero Metal Free Zone metal detector is reported to be uninfluenced by nearby metal and can be installed in areas of restricted space. The company will also demonstrate a "conveyorized" metal detector for inspection of 50- and 100-lb sacks, and reclaimed plastics prior to regrind. Booth 4517.

* Saftronics, Inc., Fort Myers, Fla., will model its Viking microprocessor-based digital controller, which functions on a range of AC inputs from 208 to 480 VAC. The controller contains an on-board field regulator for constant torque/horsepower control; it also features a drive equipped with a 52-character alpha numeric keypad. The company will also show its Varispeed-616G3 PWM inverter. Booth 5110.

* Sencorp Systems, Hyannis, Mass., will be featuring its wide-bed Model 3000 Thermoformer, which will be processing OPS with the Model PT30 trim press. The model incorporates an 80-ton press and a rear drive servo motor that reportedly permits greater flexibility in rail width adjustments. It also features preheat ovens that are fully retractable and independently controlled. Also on display will be a [CO.sub.2] metering system and several laboratory heat sealers. Booth 6965.

* Si-Cal, Inc., Natick, Mass., will illustrate its services in the area of silk screened heat transfers for product identification. The firm will display decals that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as polyethylene foam neck braces and polyethylenes that do not require flame treating. Booth 2340.

* SICA S.p.A., Alfonsine, Italy, will exhibit its TAB 10-125 Cutting Machine, suitable for pipe diameters ranging from 10 to 125 mm. The company, which manufactures downstream equipment for the extrusion of rigid plastic pipe, will also illustrate ancillary equipment such as haul-offs, planetary saws, belling machines, and pipe stacking units. Booths 12210, 12311, and 12511.

* The Simco Co., Inc., Hatfield, Pa., will be featuring its PLS (Performance Level Sensing) Static Bar System. Said to be a highly efficient static neutralizer, the PLS bar users a sensor rod to sample the level of ionization in the area of the emitter pins. When the level falls below a user-adjustable setpoint, the system indicates that maintenance of the bar is required. The firm will also exhibit its Series HE Static Neutralizing Air Nozzle. The nozzle uses ionized compressed air or nitrogen to clean and neutralize static charges on parts and materials. Booth 6035.

* Sira Inc., Darien, Conn., will demonstrate its FastScan L10 Laser Inspection System. The automatic system, designed for web or sheet-based plastics, employs Sira Retro-flective Technology. It provides defect classification and SPC interface. Booth 13540.

* Solomat Instrumentation, Stamford, Conn., will display its Integrated Sensor Instrumentation and Software (ISIS). The system consists of add-on electronic boards equipped with logger capabilities and an interphase to multisensor technology. It can be used to monitor processing variables such as humidity and aeration, or it can be incorporated in OEM electronic designs for control. The firm will also exhibit its TSC/RMA Spectrometer Model 41000, its DSC Calorimeter Model 4000, and its Rheomolding technology for manufacturing plastic materials. Booth 10520.

* Sonics * Materials, Inc., Danbury, Conn., will present a line of 15-, 20-, and 35-kHz units. Other new offerings include refinements to microprocessor controllers, and optical linear encoders for a range of remote actuators and discrete stands. Booth 2242.

* Spreadhead Automated Systems, Inc., Novi, Mich., will highlight the capabilities of its robotic waterjet trimming processes. The firm combines three-dimensional tooling with a flexible robotic waterjet station to trim various interior automative components, including instrument panels, floor carpets, and door panels. Booth 4414.

* Speedex (Engineering) Ltd., West Yorkshire, England, will highlights its model CP/110 automatic traveling chamfering and parting-off machine. The machine is reported to be capable of swarfless and noiseless cutting for pipes of up to 110 mm in diameter.

Among the other equipment to be exhibited are standard models of the following: takeoffs for pipes up to 2000 mm and profiles 610 mm wide; traveling straight cutting circular saws for pipes up to 400 mm diameter and profiles 950 mm wide; and planetary saws for chamfering and cutting, in one operation, for pipes up to 2000 mm wide. Booth 4611.

* Spuhl Anderson Machine Co., Chaska, Minn., will be displaying its cold process system for form molding small parts. The system mixes and dispenses two component resins into an open mold; applications include fishing lures, hand grips. and ski goggle. The firm will also show a cold process system for foaming gaskets. Booth 4717.

* Square D Co., Niles, Ill., will unveil its ScanIR line scanning infrared thermometer. Because the instrument operates in Spot or Zone modes, it can measure temperatures across moving products--such as plastic web or film that has been extruded from a slit die. In the Spot mode, the user can define ten individual or overlapping "spots" of variable widths; in the Zone mode, the user can define as many as ten rectangular zones of various sizes. Booth 3742.

* Standard Insert Co., Horsham, Pa., will display its line of brass, stainless steel, and aluminum threaded inserts for ultrasonic insertion, molding, and post-molding applications. The ultrasonic inserts are designed for economical installation, after molding, in thermoplastics; the molded inserts, for injection and rotational molding of thermosets. Molded inserts can also be potted, cemented, or used in castings. The post-molded inserts reportedly can be easily installed with a press, and are said to be suited for use in softer plastics. Booth 5717.

* Stik-II Products, Easthampton, Mass., will be showing its line of pressure sensitive foam tapes, including a new series of acrylic adhesive foam tapes suited to applications that require resistance to temperature extremes, plasticizers, and UV light. The thick adhesive coating of the acrylic series reportedly provides better bonding on irregular surfaces. Applications include molded plastics, plastic and vinyl extrusions, and decorative trim. Both 12016.

* Among the non-CFC mold release agents to be shown by Stoner, Inc., Quarryville, Pa., will be silicones, dry films, and paintable release agents that are food grade or suited to adhesive bonding, plating, or hot stamping. The release agents promise a dry uniform coating that can be applied to molds with surface temperatures as low as 40[degrees]F or as high as 500[degrees]F. They are said to have a quick evaporation rate, which makes them compatible with solvent-sensitive resins such as PC, ABS, and PS. Booth 6028.

* Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America will display its Paramax 7 Series parallel shaft speed reducers. The series features standardized gear sets, which permit interchangeability among different sizes. Its helical gearing is machined by means of the protuberance hobbing method, which generates a tooth with increased helix and pressure angles. Booth 12014.

* Sun Steel Treating Inc., South Lyon, Mich., will be highlighting its ionitriding surface treatment technology for ferrous metals. The treatment process is said to increase the wear resistance, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance of steels used in plastics processing. Molds, screws, barrels, tips, and feed screws are among the applications. Booth 5608.

* Superior Die Set Corp., Oak Creek, Wis., will demonstrate a new slide lock, said to be an alternative to conventional devices such as retainers and ball plungers. The lock, which is "recessed" into the slide, disengages when the mold base is closed and the slides are in position; locking occurs when the base is open and the slides are retracted. The two-piece unit measures 1-1/2-in long and "less than" 3/4-in wide. Booth 3553.

* Taiwan Universal Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan, will feature a bagmaking machine that produces bottom-, side-, and block-sealed bags, vest bags, and wicket bags. To promote accuracy and speed, the machine uses servo motors for the main drive system. Booth 10822.

* TEC Engineering Corp., Oxford, Mass., will be introducing a standard line of modular conveyors, which can be used under and alongside press operations, designed to reduce manufacturing time. In addition, the firm will introduce its Right Angle Design Automated Box Filling System and a Quick-Change Part/Runner Separator System. Booth 9330.

* Technology Rx Inc., San Fernando, Calif., will be demonstrating its hydraulic mold clamping system and its hydraulic knock-out bar latching system; and for the first time, the company will be showing its "exclusive" mold locating and leveling system. Booth 2625.

* Technoplast International, Corrales, N.M., will exhibit stainless steel profile tooling for the PVC profile industry. It will also show downstream equipment for large profiles and a new automatic four-corner welding machine. The machine, used for PVC windows, features a sash welder that has a programmable microprocessor. Booth 4500.

* Tennant Co., Minneapolis, will be exhibiting its 1186 Sweeper/Scrubber. Besides sweeping dust, dirt, and heavy debris, the 1186 scrubs, applies cleaning solution, and removes dirty water from floors. With a 34-in cleaning path, the machine sweeps up to 18,000 [ft.sup.2]/hr, and scrubs up to 12,000 [ft.sup.2]/hr. Booth 4830.

* Terwin Instruments Ltd., Lincolnshire, England, will be introducing a range of plastics melt pressure/temperature transducers and transmitters, along with associated indicators, controllers, and signal conditioners. The company will feature its model 1808A power supply/signal conditioner. The self-contained instrument is designed for panel or DIN-rail mounting and reportedly can be used with most types of DC pressure, load, torque, and displacement transducers. Booth 4507.

* Testing Machines Inc. (TMI), Amityville, N.Y., will be demonstrating equipment that tests impact, melt flow, density, slip/friction, thickness, and HDT. Scheduled to be exhibited are the ED-120T High Precision Electronic Densimeter, Ray Ran's 4MPCA Automatic Melt Flow Indexer, and Daventest's HDT Tester. Booth 4309.

* Thermal Care/Mayer, Niles, Ill., will display equipment such as water treatment products and temperature controllers for water and oil. The company will also feature central and portable chillers and two designs of cooling towers. Booth 6622.

* Thermofil, Inc., Brighton, Mich., will introduce its flame retardant grades of HIPS, tailored to the consumer electronics and business machine markets. The products contain stabilizers said to prevent weathering of colors from UV exposure. The company will also highlight its new grades of nylon 6 and nylon 6/6 molding materials, which are reinforced with combinations of glass fiber and ceramic fiber. Booth 422.

* Thermoforming Technologies, Inc., Seabrook, N.H., will feature its Model LDS 6686 roll-fed thermoforming machine. The single-station unit is intended for medium-volume production--it has individually retractable top and bottom heater units that permit the heating and forming of sheet in the same station. When the machine forms materials that have a narrow forming temperature window (such as PP, PC, and expanded PE), the top heater unit can remain in place during the forming cycle. Also on display will be a computerized heat control system and a duplex chain rail that features a replaceable extruded brass insert. Booth 6637.

* Thermwood Corp., Dale, Ind., will show its Model 70 Five-Axis CNC Router for trimming and machining 3-D plastic parts. Equipped with a variable speed router that rotates 360[degrees] horizontally and 240[degrees] vertically, the Model 70 travels at feed speeds of up to 1200 in/min. It also features a stationary table that measures 60 x 120 in. and provides 24 in. of vertical travel. On-line programming is said to be simplified through the Series 91 SuperControl System. Booth 3217.

* THK America, Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill., will be showing various types of linear motion systems, such as the LM Guide type GSR. The GSR features an adjustable preload and reportedly absorbs large inaccuracies in mounting surfaces. Linear bushings, ball splines, and ball screws will also be exhibited, along with bearings for automation. Applications for the products include high precision devices and machine tools for heavy duty cutting. Booth 14317.

* 3D Systems Inc., Valencia, Cal., will show a new prototyping resin for use in StereoLithography. The resin reportedly exhibits favorable flexibility, impact strength, and elongation-to-break; it also features low curl distortion, low processing distortion, and uniform shrinkage. Also on display will be the firm's StereoLithography Apparatus (SLA) products. Booth 5409.

* Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co., Willow Grove, Pa., will demonstrate a melt indexer and a Series 1000 Universal Testing Machine, both of which will be operated by the firm's DS-50/2 Data System. The melt indexer, which monitors characteristics such as flow rate and viscosity, will be equipped with a motorized weight lowering device, a programmable actuating switch, and a flow rate ratio attachment. The Series 1000 benchtop tester will use a high elongation extensometer and a 1000-lb load cell. Booth 3t12.

* TopWave USA, Inc., Roselle, N.J., will introduce its Topwave Gawis O.D., an instrument that provides automatic measurement of the outside dimensions of plastic containers. The device also measures wall thickness and neck finish dimensions, and provides SPC. It may be used as an independent off-line measuring station or as a robot controlled on-line sampling system. The company will also display its Topwave Layergauge for measuring layer thicknesses in multilayer plastic films and coatings, and its DTC Hot Tack Tester. Booth 10827.

* Total Temperature Instrumentation Inc., Williston, Vt., will exhibit its PYZ5 Heat/Cool Temperature Controller. The controller features PID autotuning and programmable cooling parameters; it permits, from the front panel, independent tuning of the cooling band, cycle time, and deadband. The company will also highlight its PYZ4 Temperature/Process Controller and its PYH9 Microprocessor-based Process Controller. Booth 4213.

* Trueblood Plastics Corp., Columbus, Ohio, will unveil its new 75-ton vertical injection machine. The machine, as yet unnamed, features electronic processing controls and is part of a line of machinery that includes vertical rotary and shuttle table machines ranging in weight from 30 to 250 tons. Booth 2612.

* Tulsa Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma, will be offering information on commercial sites for sale or lease. The Port is a 2000-acre industrial park situated at the head of navigation for the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation system. Booth 14416.

* UFE Inc., Stillwater, Minn., will be illustrating its plastic gear design and manufacturing services. In addition to engineering analysis and design, prototyping, and tool construction, the firm produces parts for precision spur, helical, bevel, and worm gears. Booth 2027.

* Ulta Sonic Seal Co., Aston, Pa., will be exhibiting its line of 20kHz equipment and its 36kHz welders, designed for small, delicate parts operations. The firm will also introduce its 15kHz benchtop welder, suited for large parts that typically require multiple welds. Booth 3653.

* Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics Co. Inc., Danbury, Conn., will highlight the following new product developments: Flexomer polyolefin grades for film extrusion applications; a series of Flexomer resins of high molecular weight and broad molecular weight distribution; and Flexomer resins for geomembranes, hose, and tubing. The firm will also highlight its Tuflin HAO LLDPE film resins and recent developments in its post-consumer recycle grades. Booth 732.

* Union Carbide Coatings Service Corp., Indianapolis, will feature its UCAR metal and ceramic coatings. The hard (73 Rc), yet ductile, coatings are reported to relieve the wear problems of a wide range of plastics processing machinery, including extruder and injector screws. Chill rolls, treater rolls, pelletizer die plates, and size reduction equipment are among their other applications. Booth 6549.

* Uniplast International, Inc., Meadville, Pa., will display its CAL VAK Calibration Table and its CAT PUL 2D Haul-Off. The calibration table features a four-pump water circulation and cooling system and ergonomically designed controls; the haul-off features a dual drive system and an interlocking pad system that reportedly accommodates specially cast pads for complicated window profile sections. Booth 4907.

* United Silicone Inc., Lancaster, N.Y., will introduce its Cosmetica 2000 peripheral decorating machine, designed to apply hot stamp foil to the periphery of irregularly shaped plastic components. The machine has a single rubber roller that applies continuous decoration to all sides of a part, including ovals, squares, and rectangular objects. The company's exhibit will also feature the introduction of the Model US 2400 peripheral marking machine. The device uses a photo-optic sensor and servo motor to accurately align and hot stamp copy on cylindrical plastic objects that have already been decorated by other means. Booth 6652.

* Van Dam Machine Corp., West Paterson, N.J., will demonstrate its new Model 560 COM-III plastic cup printing system. The system features electronic controls and diagnostic systems, and diameters ranging up to 7-in. The company will also exhibit the Van Dam-Systec Packstar EA 3 automated unpacking and packing system for plastic cups; the Model 560 COM-II six color printer; the Van Dam-Balsfulland CNC-1000 Screen Decorator, which can decorate a multisided object with multiple colors in one pass; and the Model 470-SL (Single Lane) Lid Printer, which features a new carousel/ pick-and-place infeed system. The system permits an operator to preload multiple stacks of lids, which can then be automatically fed into the printer. Booth 25.

* Velcon Filters, Inc., San Jose, Calif., will show its MP-5 Portable Oil Filter-Pump, which is designed for use at sites of contaminated hydraulic oil. To prevent overpressure, the system incorporates a gear pump with an integral pump pressure relief valve; it features a flow rate of 5 GRM. The filter-pump can be used with injection molding machines, mobile hydraulic equipment, and circuit breakers. Booth 4502.

* Ventax Robot Inc., Ayr, Ontario, will be introducing a modular pick-and-place system featuring hydraulic shock absorbers and precession linear bearings. The modules are designed to incorporate proximity or reed-type switches; their stroke ranges from 100 to 300 mm in single bearing configuration, and from 125 to 500 mm in double bearing configuration. Booth 10153.

* Venus-Gusmer, a Division of PMC, Inc., Kent, Wash., will show its automated router that prepares "dogbone" composite specimens for standard tests. The fully enclosed cutting unit is reported to be capable of shaping as many as five specimens at once: Pneumatic clamps hold samples in place while a diamond-grit router bit cuts through the composite material. Also on display will be the company's RAM equipment, a low flow, single component system designed for resin transfer molding of advanced composite parts; a Bridge Saw; the Seven-Roll Impregnator, a mechanized lay-up machine for wetting and placing woven fiberglass materials; the Gelcoater, which uses airless internal mixing to achieve what is reported to be a superior catalyst/resin mixing action eliminating catalyst overspray; and the Precision-Cast, which produces synthetic marble (unsaturated polyester) at the low rates required by smaller shops. Booth 7625.

* Versa Machinery Co., Somerville, N.J., will feature its Accupull 6022AD Cutter/Feed System. The system, which has a DC brushless drive, is used in the extrusion of smaller-diameter tubing and profiles. It combines a feed unit, which is used as the extrusion line puller, with a cutter that is mounted on a common table. The company will also show a Traveling Saw, a Low Tension Reeler/Winder, and various medical assembly tools. Booth 7224.

* Vetter Associates, Ridgewood, N.J., will be highlighting the services of the following companies: Water Management America Inc., which specializes in the various aspects of water supply, leakage, and waste control, and uses the Correlation Technique of detecting underground water leaks; Ener-Tec Inc., which offers Physiosorption (electromagnetic adsorption) technology for removing and preventing the formation of scale in molds, molding machines, and heat exchangers; and Sparkle Trading Co., Ltd., which specializes in injection molding, mold engineering, and EVA forming. The firm will also exhibit data acquisition equipment, from Alpha Products, that reportedly upgrades the capabilities of an outdated analog molding machine to those of a modern computer-operated machine. Booth 6277.

* Voltek, a Division of Sekisui America Corp., Lawrence, Mass., will be exhibiting the following foams: Volara, a fine, closed cell irradiation crosslinked polyolefin foam that is produced in roll and sheet form; Minicel, which is said to be an extremely fine closed cell, chemically crosslinked polyolefin foam; and Volextra, which reportedly combines the favorable properties of Volara with a wide range of extrusion coated surfaces. Booth 5709.

* Wall Colmonoy Corp., Madison Heights, Mich., will be exhibiting their most recent advancements in alloys that are used to increase the service life of plastics processing equipment. Colmonoy No. 88 is a powdered nickel-based alloy that reportedly protects barrel surfaces and liners. The alloy is hard, ductile, and rich in chromium and tungsten; it contains precipitated bimetallic carbides that are said to provide resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and heat. Also featured will be Colmonoy No. 68, used in bimetal coatings for barrel surfaces and liners, and Colmonoy No. 83PTA (plasma transferred arc), a nickel-chromium-tungsten powder used to protect the flights of extrusion screws. Booth 4826.

* Wallace Coast Machinery Co., Bellwood, Ill., will be exhibiting its new V-Series Hydraulic Presses. In addition to pressing and cutting preforms, the presses are used for the following types of molding: RIM, RTM, SRIM, SMC, and BMC. They have capacities ranging from 50 to 1000 tons (or more), and feature optional booking, shuttle tables, and computer controls. Booth 244.

* Among the products to be displayed by Walton/Stout, Inc., Lithonia, Ga., is the Model WS176BC Kasibatch microprocessor-based batching controller. It batches up to eight ingredients and can store up to 84 recipes, it features single- or dual-speed weighing, automatic jog feed, and single or continuous cycling. The firm will also exhibit its Model WSD desiccant dryers, Three-Compartment Weigh Blender, and ESM Control Panel. Booth 3345.

* Waters/Division of Millipore, Milford, Mass., will present its new gel permeation chromatograph, the 150CV GPC/Viscometry System. The system uses a built-in capillary viscometer to measure a polymer's intrinsic viscometry, from which it calculates molecular weight. It measures molecular weight distribution by means of an integrated refractometer. Automatic injection and filtration of samples, and a carousel that holds up to sixteen vials, are among its features. Booth 4624.

* Wayne Machine & Die Co., Totowa, N.J., will introduce a new 35 mm co-rotating twin screw extruder for laboratory research and small batch production of compounds. The extruder produces mineral-filled thermoplastics, reinforced compounds, and polymer alloys at rates of up to 90 lbs/hr, and operates at speeds of up to 350 rpm. It features co-rotating, intermeshing, and co-penetrating feed screws, a vacuum vent for devolatilization, and a glass fiber inlet near the die. Among the other new product introductions will be a laboratory blown film system for evaluating resins according to physical properties, gel content, and color matching; a cast film/sheet system featuring a Yellow Jacket feedblock capable of producing up to seven layers; and a Yellow Jacket sheet takeoff system that features chainless drives. The firm will also be showing a 2-in general-purpose extruder, a medical grade tubing system, and a Servo-Trac integrated puller/cutter. Booth 2842.

* Wegener North America, Inc., Burr Ridge, Ill., will be displaying a new generation of hand-held extrusion welders said to feature improved rod feed design, lighter accurate extrudate temperature, and increased output. The firm will also show its Autotherm temperature-regulated hand welding gun. Booth 5119.

* Welex Inc., Blue Bell, Pa., will introduce two new sheet lines. One is a line of high capacity multilayer packaging sheet with a five-roll stack for cooling the sheet to room temperature. The other is line for precision optical-grade product sheet, featuring an offset upstack takeoff with individual roll drives. Both lines are equipped with coextrusion systems, gear pumps, and static mixers. Welex will also introduce its Ultima II microprocessor control system, and will exhibit its full range of Welex Mark I general-purpose extruders, including the new 1-1/2-in Super Cinch extruder. Booths 26, 28, and 29.

* Werner & Pfleiderer Corp., Ramsey, N.J., will show its newly designed ZSK30 laboratory twin screw extrusion system. The system will be shown with a flat panel operator interface and integrated control equipment within the machine frame. Its features include graphic display software, auto tuning temperature control, SPC, and product recipe storage. Among the other equipment to be shown are intensively heated die plates for ZSK twin screw extruders; TME and ZME screw elements; screw components for highly abrasive compounding; and barrel bores protected with a highly resistant PM alloy for compounding. The firm will also demonstrate a system that provides precise control of mixing history, component ratio, and temperature and pressure in the reaction zone. Booths 7210 and 7607.

* West Instruments, East Greenwich, R.I., will be featuring its Gardsman microprocessor-based controller. The Gardsman provides up to 32 loops with continuous adaptive self-tuning and pre-tune algorithms. Its LED or optional CRT interface provides operator displays for up to 32 loops simultaneously. A scan rate of 20 samples/sec is reportedly available on up to eight loops. Booth 7533.

* Wilmington Machinery, Greensboro, N.C., will display two new blowmolders. A 60 ton version, with 12 lb shot capacity, of an industrial blowmolder for container and technical applications will be demonstrated. Also shown will be a shuttle blowmolder for packaging and other small part applications--the model on display will be a 5 ton, dual calibrated parison machine molding a 12-oz personal care label with "in-mold labeling." Other machines to be featured include continuous rotary (wheel) blowmolders and new variations of the firm's structural foam molding and extrusion machinery. Booth 2940.

* Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp., Lincoln, R.I., will introduce its new plastic tape stretching system, Tirex LT. The system produces plastic tapes to be used in woven fabrics for such applications as packaging, carpet backing, and artificial turf. By using a single screw, the system reportedly can process PP, HDPE, and LLDPE in outputs of up to 750 lbs/hr. Its oscillating, laterally moving slitter is said to minimize waste and permit full use of the useful film width; edge trim is automatically refed into the extruder. Booth 8619.

* Wittman Robot & Automation Systems, Torrington, Conn., will focus on robotic automation of the injection molding process. The following new products will be introduced: a W200 Robot with CNC control; a W152 robot with a servo drive that offers high speed and accurate positioning; a W60 Sprue/Part Picker for use with large injection molding machines; and a W102 Robot that features an all-pneumatic drive and minicontrol. Booth 8443.

* X-Rite, Inc., Grandville, Mich., will display its 948 SpectroColorimeter and its 968 SpectroPhotometer. The 948 is a hand-held unit that displays tri-stimulus color values for each sample, and stores data from up to 500 readings. It also stores reference values for up to 24 color standards. The 968 stores spectral data in intervals of 20 nm; its two-way serial interface sends spectral data to a serial printer or an IBM-compatible PC. Booth 12224.

* YCI Inc. (Supermax), Compton, Calif., will demonstrate its 7000 control on a 165-ton Supermax Pro Series Injection Molding Machine. The control features SPC monitoring and printout, automatic die height, and full linear control. The company will also display a 25 ton Pro Series 3000 control. Booth 8927.

* Zarad Technology, Inc., Cary, Ill., will display its MicroMoisture solid state instrument for analyzing moisture. The instrument features microwave components and reportedly produces results in 15 min or less. Its LED displays moisture percentages to the third decimal point. Booth 130.

* Zed Industries, Vandalia, Ohio, will be showing its Model 300-60 Thermoformer. An updated computer control system permits control of features such as the servo pin chain conveyor and auto stacker. The thermoformer uses a wedge lock pressure forming system that reduces the number of moving parts and the amount of maintenance required. The system operates at rates exceeding 25 cycles/min. The firm will also exhibit its Model CAM-12 thermoformer, which features capabilities for preheat pressure forming, punch-through die cutting, and stacking. It operates at speeds exceeding 50 cycles/min. Booth 6141.

* Zenith Pumps Division of Parker Hannifin Corp., Sanford, N.C., will present its recently introduced Exposed Gear Reactor (EGR) Pumps for polymer processing. Designed for viscous polymer melts such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, the pumps are used to feed pelletizing dies, melt spinning lines, and various continuous melt processes. They are said to provide an alternative to conventional extruders and other screw-type pumps. Booth 2535.

* Zygo Mould, Ltd., Etobicoke, Ontario, will display 32-cavity, hot runner injection molds for PET preforms, 1-liter basecups, and a 100mm, screw top closure. The company will also exhibit a 16-cavity, hot runner injection mold for thin-walled dairy containers. Booth 13127.
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