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NPCA/FSCT Annual Meeting and CoatingsTech Conference: recently merged NPCA/FSCT held its Annual Meeting and Industry Leadership Conference and CoatingsTech Conference in Indianapolis.

The recently merged National Paint and Coatings Association and the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology (NPCA/FSCT) held the 122nd Annual Meeting & Industry Leadership Conference and CoatingsTech Conference April 26-29 at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown in Indianapolis, IN.


NPCA's Annual Meeting commenced with opening remarks from Andy Doyle, president of NPCA. "Welcome to Indianapolis," said Doyle. "Thank you for your participation and support this past year. Our program over the next two days should be very interesting." He then went on to introduce the newly elected officers of NPCA. William Mansfield, CEO of Valspar has been elected vice chairman and treasurer. Chris Connor, chairman and CEO of Sherwin-Williams has been elected chairman.

The recent merger between NPCA and FSCT was also addressed. "As you know we have faced many challenges," said James Weil, outgoing chairman of NPCA. "The merger between FSCT and NPCA is a pivotal time for our organization. The merger will allow us to offer additional services as NPCA/FSCT."

Doyle and Weil gave the audience an overview of current legislation that NPCA has been involved in. "This year NPCA played an instrumental role in supporting Sherwin-Williams in an important case in Rhode Island," said Doyle.


In his keynote address, John Dizard, a columnist for the Financial Times, discussed the current economic crisis and offered his insight into global market recovery. "My topic is demographics and the economy; your future already happened," said Dizard. He cautioned that in order to understand the state of the capital market, "we need to spend less time on headlines and more time on census data. Capital markets are about older generations putting up savings to employ and house younger ones. All else is commentary and book keeping," he explained.

According to Dizard, a wave of realized losses is on the way, however there is hope for suppliers for housing and durables. "But, business models need to adapt. More conservative mortgage underwriting means more responsible homeowners."

The annual meeting also featured talks from a number of other distinguished guest speakers. Highlights of the talks included a presentation from Steven Reinstadtler, Bayer MaterialScience's market development market and leader of its coatings and green building initiatives on "Sustainability in Paints and Coatings--Making it Real World." According to Reinstadtler, high performance paints and coatings can play a significant role in the ever-changing drivers of environmental sustainability. He focused on the key industry guidelines and governmental regulations behind sustainability.


Max Booth, a military historian and foreign-policy analyst, was the final speaker at the annual meeting. Booth gave an informative presentation addressing geopolitical issues, foreign affairs, the role of the U.S. as a leader in global issues, its relations with China, Russia, India, Europe and other parts of the world.


NPCA/FSCT presented a number of awards to industry leaders. James Weil, president of Complementary Coatings Corp., and the association's outgoing chairman, was awarded the George Baugh Heckel Award. This award is the association's highest honor. Weil has spent much of his life involved in the coatings industry and has been active in NPCA efforts. In 2004, NPCA honored Weil with its Industry Achievement Award for his leadership of its Membership & Association Consolidation Subcommittee. Weil chaired NPCA's former Membership Committee, was also a member of its State Affairs Committee and the longtime president of the New York Paint and Coatings Association.

NPCA/FSCT's Industry Excellence Award was given to Brian Heath, who retired earlier this year from The Valspar Corp., after 38 years with the company. With more than 20 years in Valspar's Regulatory Affairs Department, Heath was recognized for his work with NPCA's Labeling and Product Stewardship Committees. Five individuals received Industry Statesman Awards in recognition of their long and devoted service to the paint and coatings industry. The honorees are W. Rodney Biddle, retired from Reichhold as senior vice president; Joseph Junkin, retired from California Products Corp., where he was president and CEO; Charles D. Storms, retired from Red Spot Paint & Varnish Company, following 42-years of service; James Swanson, retired in 2008 as Rohm and Haas Company's vice president and general manager for paint and coatings materials, North America region; and Joseph P. Walton, retired principal of Jamestown Paint Company. Five industry members received Industry Achievements awards. Patrick Gieske, technical manager, The Valspar Corp., Gregory Johnson, director, legislative affairs for diversified brands, The Sherwin-Williams Company; Michael Murphy, corporate counsel, Rust-Oleum Corp. and Edward Piszynski, vice president of laboratory services, Bridgeview Aerosols were recognized for their distinguished achievement in service to the industry.


The theme for the CoatingsTech Conference was "Embracing the Future" and focused on providing the tools needed to anticipate, plan for and implement the changes necessary to thrive in a challenging, competitive environment. Leading off this educational event were full-day and half-day Technology Short Courses.

Jonathan Bourne, managing director of the Paint Research Association (PRA), and chemicals sector advisor to Ernst & Young, presented the keynote address, "Global Market and Technology Trends: Embracing the Future."

Bourne discussed drivers of market and technology and key trends, together with the challenges and opportunities for chemicals and coatings companies. Bourne went over the primary drivers of market and technology change and discussed key trends, along with the challenges and opportunities for chemicals and coatings companies. He offered insights into how the future might unfold in the global context, especially considering the economic effects that have impacted different segments in recent months.

"The global coatings industry has been estimated to be worth $90-95 billion and the top 100 companies now produce over 60% of the volume," Bourne said. "The market remains quite fragmented, despite the consolidation trend, and many new growth opportunities exist, both in emerging markets and niche segments. PRA, as an independent membership organization, is uniquely placed to comment on developments affecting innovation and growth in the coatings industry."


The Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology (FSCT) selected Ad Overbeek, science manager--competence manager waterborne polymers at DSM NeoResins to deliver the 2009 Joseph J. Mattiello Memorial Lecture. One of the most prestigious awards in the international coatings scientific community, the Mattiello Lecture recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to field of coatings science and technology. Overbeek's paper, "Polymer Heterogeneity in Waterborne Coatings," addressed being heterogeneous on paint properties. Overbeek's paper demonstrated how hybrids yield better properties than blends and how optimal coatings properties can by obtained by combining alkyd parts with waterborne acrylic polymers; through the co-polymerization of urethanes and acrylics into core-shell particles; or by making polyester-modified acrylics. According to Overbeek, heterogeneous hybrid paint systems enable the design of coating products with end-properties that perform as well as traditional solvent-based systems and are easy to use.

Throughout his career, Overbeek's work has focused on the contribution of polymer technology to coatings developments and performance. In particular he has led a number of advancements in environmentally responsible coatings and has been instrumental in driving the industry's transition to waterborne resin technology. Overbeek has authored more than 20 papers and been granted 53 published patents, and has received the European Coatings Award (2001) and the Golden Coat Award (1995).

Commenting on being selected to deliver the Mattiello Lecture, Overbeek said, "I was very surprised. It's the highest honor you can get in our profession. It's very special."


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