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NPA reports on IC chip data to be implanted in licenses.

TOKYO, June 21 Kyodo

The National Police Agency (NPA) reported Thursday to the National Public Safety Commission on the personal information to be contained in integrated circuit (IC) chips that will soon be implanted in driver's licenses, such as the name and license number of the driver, NPA officials said.

The NPA's report follows the enactment last week of the revised Road Traffic Law, which paves the way for the issuance of driver's licenses implanted with IC chips. Such licenses could come as early as 2004.

According to the NPA, implanting IC chips in driver's licenses is intended to prevent forged licenses. The data stored in the chip will also include the birthday, current address as well as a picture of the driver, the officials said.

As the minute chips will be implanted directly in driver's licenses, the license design is not expected to change much, but in a move to protect privacy, the registered domicile of the driver will be recorded in the chip and will no longer be printed on the surface of the license, they said.

Though IC chips can record enormous amounts of information, those to be implanted in the licenses will only include information related to driver's licenses, they said.

As driver's license information will be read instantaneously using special machinery, the chips are expected to save time in the issuance of traffic tickets and renewal of driver's licenses, they said.

The NPA plans to implant all driver's licenses with IC chips within around 10 years from 2004, at the earliest, they said.
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Publication:Japan Transportation Scan
Date:Jun 23, 2001
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