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NPA publications offer technical know-how & more.

More than 25 publications are available, covering everything from working with particleboard and MDF to statistical reports on domestic panel shipments.

The National Particleboard Association carries out a broad education program aimed at assisting manufacturers in the use of particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF).

NPA publishes technical information targeted at industrial users, home builders and do-it-yourself consumers. In recent years, NPA has published illustrated books on working with particleboard and MDF and has issued Technical Bulletins on warping, screwholding, sawing, shelving, joint design, and laminating and veneering. There are also three Builder Bulletins on stepping, shelf systems and floor underlayment. All of these publications are available at a nominal charge or are free.

In addition, the PB/MDF Institute offers publications promoting a better understanding and appreciation of products made with particleboard and MDF.

Following are some of the publications that the NPA has available. If you would like to order any of these publications, or need additional information, call or write:

National Particleboard Association 18928 Premiere Court Gaithersburg, MD 20879-1569 Phone: (301) 670-0604 Fax: (301) 840-1252

Or circle the appropriate number(s) on the Reader's Service Card in this issue.

General Publications

Particleboard from Start to Finish

This 120-page guide features 10 chapters of useful information for particleboard users. Included is information on material handling and storage, sanding, machining and tooling, laminating, wet finishing, edge treatments, assembly and fastening, construction products, shelving and formaldehyde. Also featured is a glossary of terms and troubleshooting information.

Cost: $12.50

MDF from Start to Finish

This 42-page booklet provides useful information for working with medium density fiberboard. Included is information on material handling and storage, sanding, machining and tooling, laminating, wet finishing, edge treatments, assembly and fastening, construction products, shelving and formaldehyde. Also featured is a glossary of industry terms and troubleshooting information.

Cost: $7.50

NPA Buyers Guide

The NPA offers an annually updated guide to products and services offered by its member particleboard and MDF panel manufacturers. The comprehensive guide includes information on wood species, testing certification, product uses and edge treatment options.

Cost: No charge

Specifier's Guide to Particleboard and MDF

This six-page brochure is a road map for guiding the user to the appropriate engineered wood products for almost any end use including kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, floor underlayment, manufactured home decking, stair treads, shelving, and door cores, jambs and mouldings.

Cost: No charge

U.S. Industry Annual Shipments & Production

This annually updated report features information on U.S. shipments of particleboard and MDF. Included is historical information on domestic shipments.

Cost: No charge

Annual Capacity Survey

This annually updated report highlights U.S. particleboard and MDF plant production capacity and location.

Cost: No charge

1990 World Capacity Survey

This report is based on a survey of production capacities of industry plants on six continents.

Cost: No charge

Technical Bulletins

Dimensional Stability in PB/MDF

This is the newest technical bulletin published by the NPA. It discusses the impact of moisture on the dimensional stability of Engineered Wood and presents information for minimizing moisture related problems.

Cost: No charge

Metal Fasteners for PB/MDF

This six-page bulletin addresses a wide range of metal fasteners, including screws, staples and nails. It offers tips on choosing the correct size and type and how to install them properly.

Cost: No charge

Dowel Holding Strength for PB/MDF

Dowel joints are one of the most common adhesive-based furniture assembly joints. This four-page bulletin spells out the basic factors for holding power and joint strength.

Cost: No charge

Adhesive-Based Corner Joints for PB/MDF

This six-page bulletin discusses options for making adhesive-based corner joints with particleboard and MDF. Included are edge-to-face butt joints, mitered corner joints and plastic reinforced joints.

Cost: No charge

Mechanically-Based Corner Joints for PB/MDF

Mechanically-based corner joints meet a wide range of specifications for furniture, including 32mm construction and ready-to-assemble designs. This six-page bulletin covers five basic categories of mechanical fasteners for corner joints, including: screws, bolts, cams, wedges, and nails and staples.

Cost: No charge

Warp in Laminated PB/MDF

This six-page bulletin addresses the causes for panel warping that can occur before, during and after laminating. It also provides the laminator and fabricator with information needed to manufacture a panel to minimize the potential for warp.

Cost: No charge

Formaldehyde Emission Barriers for PB/MDF

Urea formaldehyde adhesives are used in most particleboard and MDF products worldwide. Over the last 10 years, new resin technology and improved manufacturing controls have dramatically reduced formaldehyde emissions. This four-page publication discusses the barriers which can be used to further diminish formaldehyde emissions after manufacturing.

Cost: No charge

Builder Bulletins

Particleboard Shelf System

Particleboard and MDF are widely used for shelving by builders in homes and offices. This Builder Guide details the recommended spans and support systems that should be used with various thicknesses and types of particleboard and MDF to carry uniform loads.

Cost: No charge

Particleboard for Stepping

Particleboard has gained wide acceptance among builders as a stepping material when used in conformance with manufacturers' directions. This Builder Bulletin reflects the general consensus among manufacturers of the recommended methods of installation.

Cost: No charge

Particleboard: The Ideal Floor Underlayment

Particleboard underlayment is a precision-made wood panel product engineered specifically to meet the requirements of better floor underlayment. This Bulletin addresses advantages of particleboard panels for underlayment and discusses how to work with these panels.

Cost: No charge

Industry Standards

ANSI/A208.1 -- Standard for Mat-Formed Wood Particleboard

Cost: $3.00

ANSI/A208.2 -- Standard for Medium Density Fiberboard for Interior Use

Cost: $3.00

NPA 1-82 -- Standard for Particleboard for Mobile Home Decking

Cost: No charge

UM-70a -- Particleboard Interior Stair Treads

Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Administration

Cost: $3.00

HUD 24 CFR 3280 (FR 31996 8/9/84) -- Formaldehyde

Excerpts from HUD's Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards

Cost: $3.00

NPA 9-87 -- Voluntary Standard for Formaldehyde Emissions from MDF

Cost: No charge

NPA 10-92 -- Voluntary Standard for Formaldehyde Emissions from Urea-Formaldehyde Bonded Particleboard Flooring Products

Cost: No charge

Miscellaneous Technical Information

Acoustic Performance of Particleboard Floor System

Cost: No charge

Formaldehyde Institute: Formaldehyde Questions & Answers

Cost: No charge

Formaldehyde Institute Video Guides to the OSHA Formaldehyde Rule

"Working Safely with Formaldehyde" and "Formaldehyde Exposure Monitoring"

Cost: No charge

NPA Grademark Programs

Cost: No charge


"Besides the opportunity for inter-action with other industry constituents, the NPA and PB/MDF Institute are vital sources of pertinent information, including new market opportunities, regulatory affairs, technical bulletins and panel shipment statistics."

--Wade Gregory, Medite Corp.

PB/MDF Institute Publications

PB/MDF Institute Membership Information Kit

This kit explains the goals of the PB/MDF Institute, a group made up of manufacturers, distributors and users of Engineered Wood products. Highlighted are benefits of membership and information on how to join.

Cost: No charge

Engineered Wood for Furniture

Hot off the presses, this new six-page consumer-oriented brochure discusses the quality and environmental friendliness of furniture that incorporates particleboard and MDF.

Cost: No charge

Furniture Retail Training Kit

This kit provides the tools to help retail furniture salespeople become more knowledgeable about products made with particleboard and MDF. Included is an eight-minute video and a sales training brochure.

Cost: $6.00
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