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Campaigner claims Mitchell is innocent THE sister of the man who was cleared of murdering Jill Dando has vowed to prove Luke Mitchell did not kill Jodi Jones.

Michelle Diskin worked tirelessly until her brother Barry George was cleared of murdering Crimewatch star Dando in 2008 after spending seven years in jail.

And she has now given her backing to a campaign to hold an appeal into Luke Mitchell's conviction for brutally murdering girlfriend Jodi in June 2003.

Yesterday, speaking exclusively to the Record, she told why she is backing the launch of an appeal into Mitchell's conviction.

Michelle said: "I am part of a group which helps other people affected by miscarriages of justice.

"On Facebook we have a little community going where we try to support each other.

"On there a few people had mentioned Luke's case to me.

"Obviously, you don't support something unless you have gone and checked it out and really looked at the evidence.

"I'm a little bit of a researcher and I don't just take it on face value.

"I go digging and go into all sorts of things and keep drilling down until I find what I'm looking for.

"If I can't find a reason to support something, then I don't. But boy, if I can, I get straight on to those people that are campaigning and I'll tell them.

"In the Luke Mitchell case there is no evidence against him, so I can't see any reason why he would have been found guilty of the murder.

"I can't see any reason why he would even have been prosecuted.

"Obviously, my brother was convicted on circumstantial evidence too. He served seven years when convicted but the evidence was circumstantial and there was no link to the crime.

Slaying "In all the cases I'm looking into at the moment, there's no actual link to the crimes."

Mitchell was caged for at least 20 years after being found guilty of slaying tragic 14-year-old Jodi in Dalkeith, Midlothian. He was also 14 at the time of her death.

Earlier this month Mitchell was told that his conviction will be examined by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, who probe alleged miscarriages of justice.

The move comes just three months after judges rejected a plea by Mitchell's QC Gordon Jackson to reopen his appeal.

Following the decision, Michelle posted on a webpage called "Luke Mitchell Is Innocent" that it "breaks her heart" that Mitchell remains in jail.

Michelle said his family had contacted her online to thank her for the messages of support.

Michelle added: "I have only been able to get in touch with them on the page, obviously thanking me for putting the message up in the first place.

"I am going to attend the United Against Injustice day in London on October 9. "They have workshops in the morning for people who might need help to set up campaigns, that sort of thing.

"From what I can gather, in the afternoon they have all sorts of speakers and then we will be marching to the Royal Courts of Justice.

"It's about highlighting that the problem of miscarriages of justice is not as small as the public think it is.

"I don't know if Luke's family will be there at the day in London. But I would be happy to speak to them.

"I can't give any legal advice but for families battling I probably do have some advice I can give on how to get through all of this.

"For the Scottish CCRC to be looking into Luke's case is just fantastic. What we need now is for them not to take another five years to do so, which is what they did with Barry's case.

Thanks "For Jodi's family too, they need to believe that the right person has been convicted.

"Because if he hasn't, then they are suffering from miscarriages of justice as well, and that must be heartbreaking for the family to think that's the case."

Writing on the same internet forum, a poster claiming to be Mitchell's mum Corinne described the announcement of the review of his case as "good news".

She told supporters: "Luke has asked me to pass on his thanks and gratitude."


SUPPORT: Michelle Diskin CAGED: Mitchell was jailed for killing Jodi. George was freed after being cleared of Dando murder
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Date:Sep 27, 2010
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