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Imagine you're a contestant being introduced on a TV game show. Tell the audience a little bit about Matt Richardson.

Hello! I'm Matt, I'm 28 years old and I live in London and I've been doing stand-up comedy for the last 10 years.

When you're not on the road, where is home and who or what do you share it with? Home is Highgate in North London with my girlfriend Sam.

Your show is called Imposter - are you talking about yourself or someone else? I called the show Imposter because I am still waiting for the moment where I feel like a proper adult. The older I get the more it seems that no-one actually feels like they know what they're doing and everyone is just an imposter. A world of 17-year-olds trapped in adult bodies.

When and where did you last perform in Nottingham and what was memorable about it? I performed in Nottingham a few weeks ago. In fact, I've played Nottingham a lot over the years as it's a city with a very healthy comedy scene. The gig in January was at Just the Tonic, one of my favourite comedy clubs in the country. I'm glad it was such a lovely gig because I did a show at Trent Uni in December and I had an utterly awful time, so it blew the cobwebs off!

Where do you want to visit the next time you're in the city? The next time I'm in Nottingham I've got a burning desire to visit Restaurant Sat Bains. I love a fancy dinner and an endorsement from Michelin - which is my favourite tyre company by far.

How did you get into comedy? I started out when I was 18. I went to university and really didn't enjoy myself. The only thing that caught my eye was a monthly comedy night flyer with "If you want to give it a go, email us!" at the bottom. Comedy, frankly, has always been my dream job so I couldn't resist emailing them. I did the gig about three weeks later and caught the bug.

You were the drivetime presenter on Virgin Radio - do you miss radio? I don't, if I'm honest. I loved the job at Virgin for many years but by the end I was ready to tackle something new. If I was to go back into radio it would have to be to do something quite different. I do miss the amazing people I worked with, though.

What three comedians, dead or alive would you invite to a dinner party and why? I'd have Greg Davies - my comedy hero, Angela Barnes - my best friend in comedy - and Jimmy Carr - for the tips on tax.

| See Matt at Nonsuch Studios, 92 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, Thursday, March 13. Tickets: 0115 837 1850, PS16.

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Date:Feb 12, 2020
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