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Ripper of the month falls in the capable hands of Booji Boys. It's their sopho-more LP but it follows quick on the heels of their first, and it's pretty much no bullshit punk--the kind the world needs more of. Slightly distorted but melodic in places, it's go that guitars-as-razorblades feel combined with what are probably some pretty amazing beer-drenched basement shows--I hope they tour. Check out Weekend Rocker on Drunken Sailor Records... On the demonic side is the new LP by masked metal juggernauts Midnight. Tight, fast and heavy, these guys shred with no holds barred. And that cover art and poster insert! Holy satanic scissoring! These dudes are carrying the torch that was lit by the likes of Venom, and they rip live. Check Sweet Death and Ecstasy on Hells Headbangers Records... Power-violence up your alley? You could do worse than Deny the Cross' Alpha Ghoul EP on Tankcrimes Records. It's been out for a minute but just crossed my turntable, and whoo-boy it's a pummeler that features members of Spazz and Agents of Satan. From deep dirge to breakneck quickness, it'll leave your head spinning... On the unfettered and rambunctious side comes the second edition of Killed by Meth, a compilation featuring bands from the US (and Canada!) Rust Belt. Inspired by the Killed by Death compilation series, this differs in that instead of digging for rare gems and showing them the light of day, It's Trash Records has poked around in dank basements for current bands. Some have put out a few things already (Erik Nervous, Flesh Rag, Static Eyes, Eroders) and some are getting their cherries popped with this one, but it's a consistently killer slab of wax. Limited to 500, so don't sleep! Finally, on the more HC side is the Penetrode/C.H.E.W. split 7". Both bands take it up a few notches in terms of punkin' out and playin' loud, fast and short songs. Damn, good job all around, Neck Chop!... A quick note or two on the soul side: Sharon Jones succumbed to cancer just over a year ago, but Daptone has released Soul of a Woman posthumously. Maybe there's more coming down the pike, but she (and her band the Dap Kings) were at the top of the game in the recent soul revival, and she'll be missed... And on the reissue tip, Light in the Attic has reissued soul/funk temptress Betty Davis' third LP, Nasty Gal, in a deluxe gatefold package with a killer booklet of liner notes. Don't get no down and dirtier... In sadder news, the world lost Poison 13 singer Mike Carroll after he succumbed to bacterial meningitis. He sang for a couple of other bands--the Lord High Fixers and Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee--but Poison 13 left an indelible mark that was perhaps underappreciated at the time. Mixing the blues and punk, and with seminal skate rock band the Big Boys' guitar and bass players (Tim Kerr and Chris Gates, respectively), Poison 13 put out a couple records and played in the '80s, reformed for a few gigs in the '90s, and continue to be covered by bands in the know...

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Author:Lundry, Wez
Date:Apr 19, 2018
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