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NOT AN EVERYDAY COUNTRY SCENE .. Mum and dad out walking toddler daughter on her pony spot man in a blonde wig and cream dress tied to this gate and being spanked in broad daylight by another man in full bondage gear.


A COUPLE enjoying a walk in the country with their two-year-old daughter were horrified when they stumbled upon two men having a kinky spanking session.

Allan Pagan and Natalie Fairhurst took their little girl out on her pony when they spotted a man in a wig and a cream dress tied to a farm gate being whipped by another man wearing a spiked-studded collar, chains and a leather harness.

The shocked coalman, 39, said: "Natalie started shouting at them because the one strapped to the gate had his pants down and was getting spanked. We thought it was a woman until the person turned round and you could see his big Adam's apple. He was wearing a blonde wig.

"The other one was wearing full bondage gear and a harness.

"I've heard about things like this before but I never thought I'd see it with my own eyes by the side of a B road 50 yards away from my house."

The parents disrupted the bondage session near Waterbeck, Dumfriesshire, on Saturday afternoon. Natalie said: "It was broad daylight and my kids and other walkers and horse riders go along there regularly.

"It seemed like they wanted to be caught but I don't think they expected it to be us, because to say we were raging is an understatement."

Allan told our sister paper the Dumfries & Galloway Standard: "The one doing the whipping unstrapped the other one from the gate and they fled to a car.

"They wheel-spinned away and we walked on for about half a mile in total shock. We didn't say a word because we were tripping over our bottom lips."

Disgusted Natalie, 35, took a note of the registration number of the car in which the two men, thought to be in their late 50s or early 60s, fled and reported the incident to police.

The parents said their two-year-old was "thankfully oblivious" and they were relieved their other children, aged six, 12 and 15, weren't with them at the time.

A police spokesman confirmed yesterday that they are investigating a report of two men acting in "an inappropriate manner" near a road-end at a farm by Waterbeck.


DISGUSTED Allan Pagan at the farm gate where he, his partner and their two-year-old daughter found the kinky couple in their late 50s. Picture: Dumfries and Galloway Standard

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 22, 2014
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