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Commencement will be held Saturday for 245 seniors at North Eugene High School. Featured student speakers will be Anthony Jennings, associated student body president, Javier Hernandez and Will Hollingsworth.

Lee Baker, Young Life leader, was the featured speaker during a baccalaureate service held Wednesday.

The North Scholars Program has replaced the traditional valedictorian and salutatorian recognitions at graduation. The eight seniors to be honored at graduation are Mark Habliston, Javier Hernandez, Ben Malcolm, Chelsea Mortenson, Kristine Nordella, Jasmine Scholz, Jason Woodke and Alicia Zentner.

Habliston, son of Doug and Polly Habliston, plans to major in history in college and pursue teaching. He was involved in soccer, the National Honor Society and leadership class and is a candidate for an Honors diploma.

Hernandez, son of Mario and Susan Hernandez, plans to attend Harvard University and study government and music. He served as editor of the school newspaper and president of the National Honor Society. He also plans to study piano at the New England Conservatory.

Malcolm, son of Howard and Pam Malcolm, has been active in mathematics and chemistry competitions, served as student body vice president and participated in swimming, water polo and track. He plans to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara and study natural sciences.

Mortenson, daughter of Paula and Denis Mortenson, has been involved with choir, vocal jazz and theater, is a member of the National Honor Society, was involved in the Thespian club and was the 2003 Central Lane County Junior Miss. She plans to attend Barnard College in New York City.

Nordella, daughter of John and Maggie Nordella, plans to attend Bennington College in Vermont to major in English and participate in the performing and visual arts. She participated in Kaleidoscope and assisted in the 2004 production of "Jesus Christ Superstar."

Scholz, daughter of Molly Ohrt and Ian Scholz, plans to study Spanish and music. She is a candidate for an Honors diploma, is in her fourth year of band at North Eugene and played in the wind ensemble and jazz ensemble.

Woodke, son of Wes and Nancy Woodke, plans to attend the University of Oregon to major in business. He played varsity soccer, is a senior leader in Young Life and is a candidate for an Honors diploma.

Zentner, daughter of Duane and Joyce Zentner, plans to attend the University of Oregon to study social science. She is a member of the National Honor Society, a candidate for an Honors diploma and played volleyball and tennis. She was a member of the vocal jazz ensembles, Hot Scots and Hi-Tones, as well as concert choir.


When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Swede Johnson Stadium at North Eugene High School


Graduates include Tamara Adams, Keith Aiken, Jessica Akers, Brennen Akif, Dale Allen, Jake Amspoker, Michelle Anderson, Tawni Armstrong, Benjamin Arp, Giedre Astrauskas, Onur Avdan, Jeffrey Babcock, Craig Bannister, Jai Baudichon, Benjamin Bay, Nicolle Beemer, Micheal Bentley, Cara Bernhardt, Maria Blackwell, Sara Bowers, Kaitlin Bowman, Crystal Bradford, Kristyn Brady, Kathryn Brewer, Victoria Brown, Lisa Browne, Rachel Brubeck, Madeline Bryan, McKenzie Buell, Samuel Burchell, James Burke, Kirsten Burnett, Richard Butler, Priscilla Campa, Joshua Canfield, Lindsey Carpenter, Cheri Chartrand, Candace Cheek, Christopher Clark, Stephanie Cleland, Wade Clements, Adrienne Collins, Jennifer Connaughty, Kady Cox, Teanna Cross, Simrin Cummins, John Cutter,

Karen Daniel, Cassaundra De La Cruz, Arturo Delgado, Joseph Dent, Ashley Dickason, Deneige Dickason, Justin Diller, Brittany Doheny, Kimberly Donahue, Chad Doney, Ashley Drake, Matthew Driskill, Bridget Duggan, Tara Edwards, Chase Eichengreen, Andrea Elliott, Rachel Elliott, Cody Englehart, Angela Essary, Brandon Ferguson, Jennifer Fitch,

Kassie Fortier, Sierra Frye-Keele, Jacqueline Garcia, Andrea Beck-Gardner, Justin Gehlhaar, Rachel Gilbertson, Amanda Gingery, Drew Gottfried, Lynette Groff, Mark Habliston, Elizabeth Harney, Shannon Heatherly, Heather Heim, Chalain Hemmingsen, Martin Hermens, Javier Hernandez, Kristy Hernandez, Mollie Hileman, Shawna Hinz, Jordan Hodges, Amanda Hoffman, Kacie Hogan,

Will Hollingsworth, Michael Humphrey, Darrin Hunt-Rattenborg, Kristen Hurst, Scott Jacobson, Eric Jaime, Kelly Jarmain, Anthony Jennings, Bradley Johnson, Chelsea Johnson, Krystle Johnson, Samantha Johnson, Philip Jones, Matthew Kelley, Tosha Klitzke, Andria Knott, Chelsea Knutson, Jacqueline Kramer, Travis Lally, Heather Lashley, Aubrey Lauritzen, Celina Lawrence, Ray LeBeau, Amanda Lee, Faith Leifeste, Emily Lesiak, Theodore Lessman, Carly Long, Jordan Loomer, Logan Loomer, Dallas Lopez Jr., Patrick Lucason, Tricia Lynch, Richard Lyon, Stephen Maas, Amber MacLean, Trevor Mael, Benjamin Malcolm, Jessica Malos, Justin Manchas, Jonathan Mann, Yancy Marion, Santiago Martinez, Jeremiah Masters, Christopher McAyeal, Brenda McFadden, Jacob McIntosh, Christina Miller, Elisabeth Miller, Sergio Mora, Nicholas Morris, David Morrow,

Chelsea Mortenson, Amber Moullet, Micheal Mullins, Darin Munch, Remy Munch, Casey Murphy, Ashley Murray, Sarah Nicol, Kristine Nordella, Tarik Nugent, Shane O'Dell, Jessica Packnett, Leo Palmer, Amanda Penrose, Emily Perez, Jesse Peters, Brian Peterson, Megan Petty, Trevor Phillips, Andrea Pierce, Casey Piquet, Tirzah Popp, Erin Postma, Nyla Poulson, Nilesh Prasad, Charlie Pravel,

Hilary Prochot, Kevin Puls, David Rambeck, Laci Randall, Stephanie Recker, Mariah Reese, Robert Remiro, Kayley Richmond, Anthony Rimel, Matthew Robertson, Maria Rodriguez, Julian Ross, Shawna Ryker, Lyda Schimmer, Jacob Schneider, Jasmine Scholz, Kenneth Schram, Elizabeth Schultz, Christopher Selby, Brad Shaw, Odessa Smart, Alexandra Smith, Calvin Smith, Ryan Smith, Whitnee Smith, Chad Southworth, Justin Spelatz, Jason Sprague, Josi Sprecher, Lanettia Square, Brooke Stang, Ross Stang, Oleh Stanislavchuk, Brittany Steig, Gregory Steiner II, Dustin Stephens, Justyna Stepien, Rachelle Stice, Sarah Strahan, Sergei Stucolov,

David Teach, Roxana Terrazas-Sanchez, Ashley Thomas, Betty Thompson, Jason Thompson, Emily Timm, Tyler Tokich, Arron Trout, Spenser True, Marco Vasquez, Sean Volk, Matthew von Reyn, Daniel Warren, Samuel Wartenbee, Morgan Watters, Miryam Weathers, William Weiszbrod, Katherine Wellman, Nykolas Westbrook, Evan Whitlock, Michael Whitlock, Devin Williams, Christopher Wilson, Jaclyn Wilson, Naomi Winterstein, Lance Wipf, Boaz Wolpe, Gilad Wolpe, Jason Woodke, Kimberly Worley, Han Wu, Tucker York, James Young II, Christopher Zehr, Alicia Zentner, Amanda Zinn and Jessica Zuidema.
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Date:May 31, 2004

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