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 NEW YORK, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The North American Chemical Company (NACC), a subsidiary of Harris Chemical Group, Inc., recently announced the completion of an upgraded mining and manufacturing facility that will produce sodium bicarbonate for food-grade and pharmaceutical applications as well as products for its existing industrial and agricultural applications.
 The facility, located in northwestern Colorado, will tap the western hemisphere's only known deposit of pure, naturally occurring nahcolite -- the mineral form of pure sodium bicarbonate. The facility, White River Nahcolite Minerals (WRNM), is a joint venture between NACC and Natec Resources Inc. (NASDAQ Small Caps: NATC). The WRNM facility has capacity for annual production of 100,000 tons of sodium bicarbonate.
 "Unlike conventional production technologies, this state-of-the-art facility produces sodium bicarbonate naturally without chemical processing or other synthetic alteration," said Steven P. Wolf, senior vice president of corporate development for NACC. Because production is based on the pure mineral nahcolite, no chemical wastes are generated in the production of sodium bicarbonate at the facility.
 From the nahcolite, NACC plans to market five sodium bicarbonate products that will exceed the purity standards set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia: USP No. 1 Powdered; Food Grade No. 1 Free Flowing; USP No. 2 Fine Granular; USP No. 4 Granular; and USP No. 5 Coarse Granular. It will also produce two other grades, technical sodium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate for agricultural uses.
 NACC is a major producer of soda ash and boron chemical products. Its production facilities, located in Searles Valley, Calif., produce soda ash for the domestic market and for export around the world. Soda ash is a fundamental ingredient in glass manufacturing and is also used in chemical production, water treatment, detergents and pulp and paper production. Boron chemical products are used to improve the strength and stability of products such as glass, fiberglass and ceramics.
 Harris Chemical Group (HCG) is a holding company for a worldwide group of inorganic chemicals and extractive minerals companies that had combined revenue of $456 million for the fiscal year ended March 1993. Along with NACC, the other two principal subsidiaries of HCG are North American Salt Company (NAMSCO) and Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation (GSL).
 NAMSCO is the result of three separate acquisitions in the U.S. and Canada over a two-year period (American Salt Company, Carey Salt, Inc. and the Sifto Salt Division of Domtar Inc.). NAMSCO and its two principal subsidiaries, Sifto Canada Inc. and Carey Salt Company, have five evaporator plants and two large rock salt mines.
 In addition, NAMSCO has an agreement with Great Salt Lake Minerals (GSL) to market GSL's solar salt output. NAMSCO markets its salt products to a wide variety of applications, including food processing, water softening, agricultural feed, highway deicing and chemical uses.
 GSL is a large producer of sulfate of potash (SOP), using an extensive solar evaporation system covering almost 40,000 acres adjacent to the Great Salt Lake in Ogden, Utah. SOP is used in specialized fertilizers for fruits, vegetables, tobacco and turfgrass. SOP applications rely on low chloride content, which characterizes the SOP extracted from the Great Salt Lake.
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