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 CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Norand Corporation (NASDAQ: NRND), a leading supplier of portable computer and wireless radio frequency (RF) systems, announced the introduction of the hand- held RT/DT1700 Radio Data Terminal. Believed to be the industry's first truly modular and ergonomic industrial radio frequency terminal, the environmentally sealed RT/DT1700 is designed for rugged use in harsh industrial environments.
 Common applications for the RT/DT1700 include manufacturing, warehousing and distribution center settings where personnel are storing, retrieving, moving, shipping or otherwise processing materials. Wireless hand-held terminals like those offered by Norand allow real- time, bi-directional communication of data to a host computer to record transactions and receive instructions involving the movement of goods and materials.
 The RT/DT1700 offers batch, UHF (ultra high frequency), SST (spread spectrum transmission) and scanning capabilities simply by changing modules. Completely compatible with existing NORAND(R) RT1100 terminal modules and functionality, the RT/DT1700 allows a wide choice of integrated scanning options.
 The modularity built into the NORAND radio frequency product line provides tremendous flexibility. For instance, the RT1100 may be selected for applications requiring a smaller size, lighter weight and less information displayed. The 1700 is designed for applications where larger amounts of displayed information and extreme ruggedness are required.
 The NORAND RT/DT1700 terminal features several unique design elements:
 -- The adjustable display is the brightest and largest in the industry.
 -- The terminal's innovative battery management system virtually eliminates interruptions, enabling the terminal to operate from one to two work shifts without recharging.
 -- The unique, dedicated scan trigger, positioned on the keyboard, allows operation much like a TV remote control or garage door opener.
 -- The terminal can be mounted on a fork lift by adding a vehicle communications adapter.
 -- Multiple processors in the terminal provide fast performance and enhanced system distributed processing capability.
 Norand Corporation, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, designs, manufactures, and markets portable, computerized systems used to automate the collection, processing, and communication of information related to product sales and distribution, inventory control, and warehouse data management. NORAND systems include wireless data communication networks, application-specific software, hand-held computers, portable printers, bar code scanning devices and related peripheral equipment.
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 /CONTACT: Dan Strother of Norand, 800-553-5971, ext. 3246; or Mike Humbert of Henry Russell Bruce Public Relations, 319-393-2656, ext. 223, for Norand/

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Date:Oct 28, 1993
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