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NOKIA DEATH HOAX FURY; Customers told phones can kill.


FURIOUS Nokia bosses have blasted sick hoaxers who claim some calls to mobiles could cause 'rapid death' from electric shocks.

Officiallooking letters claiming to be from the phone company are being emailed and posted to random customers across the UK.

They say: 'Many of you will be aware of the rumours circulating about our products. It is my sad duty to inform you that these rumours are true.'

Carrying the signature of Nokia Chief Executive Jorma Ollila, 55, the letter warns that when a mobile is dialled from certain numbers the phone sends out massive quantities of electromagnetic energy.

The hoaxers claim this results in 'both coronary heart failure and brain haemorraging, generally followed by severe external bleeding and rapid death.'

A spokesman for Nokia said: 'Like many other claims circulating on the internet, this is a hoax.

'The letter has absolutely nothing to do with Nokia. We regret any inconvenience caused to our customers by this work of fiction.'

The bogus letter also claims all other mobile phone manufacturers are affected by the same problem. It says it is an inherent fault in the system design and cannot be resolved.

Addressed To All Staff and stamped 'confidential', the letter has been made to look like it has been leaked from within the company - but the word haemorrhaging is spelt incorrectly.

The final paragraph warns staff if they speak to anyone about the letter they will be sacked.

A source at the 136-year-old Finland-based company said: 'In instances like this the culprit usually turns out to be a disgruntled member of staff or a rival firm.

'We don't want to start pointing the finger until we have evidence but we don't want the company to be damaged by malicious incidents like this


Sick: Fake letter says phones are dangerous
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Jun 26, 2005
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