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NOCS creates success.

Rumor has it that James F. Fargason, Jr. was secretly overheard ranting "if the product goes into the warehouse it's a failure of the whole logistical system!" Strange things for the President and CEO of a large, diversified and successful warehousing corporation to say. Strange yes, but maybe we just revealed the secret of our success.

The success of New Orleans Cold Storage and Warehouse Company, Ltd. has grown since 1886 when we supplied ice to the newly offered steamship services and the flourishing railroads. That success also made a name change necessary. We now have locations outside of New Orleans and offer services which are Not Only Cold Storage. In fact, The NOCS Group is a family of companies offering a multitude of services for clients who view the world as their marketplace. The four units of NOCS which offer a totally integrated network of services are the International, Transport, Warehousing, and Inspection divisions.

NOCS International, Ltd. specializes in providing international freight forwarding and customs clearance to the food industry. The international division is the means by which the food industry can access the global market place. The all consuming process of fulfilling the requirements of U.S. Customs and monitoring the regulations of foreign governments becomes totally painless for an importer and exporter who trusts these duties with NOCS International. By using NOCS, the world becomes a smaller place and international commerce will no longer be intimidating. New and exciting markets can be opened up for American products and the whole world becomes the "bread basket" for processors searching for year around supply of inventory or raw materials.

Working in concert with U.S. Government Agencies, NOCS Inspection Services provides inspection facilities and personnel in both New Orleans and Charleston to perform all inspections required for imported or exported, frozen, chilled or canned food stuffs. This division also offers fumigations of fresh produce as well as any repackaging requested by our clients and approved by the USDA and FDA agencies.

The heart of our family of companies is NOCS Gulf and NOCS South Atlantic, our warehousing divisions. NOCS Gulf consist of three warehouses located in metropolitan New Orleans. Our Alvar Street warehouse is located a few hundred yards from the container terminals of the Port of New Orleans and is also home for our corporate headquarters. Our Nashville Avenue Wharf warehouse is located dockside on the Mississippi River and handles a large amount of the reefer cargo that moves break bulk - a method of shipment whose efficiency is being re-discovered. The location of our Airline Highway warehouse is convenient to a variety of retail stores and grocery distributors.

The most modern of our facilities is located in Charleston, South Carolina. This is a natural distribution center for the Southeastern United States and one of the most efficient container handling ports in the world. Like all of our facilities, it has a rail siding and modern product handling equipment.

The structure of the NOCS family has been designed to serve the needs of food processors who are using Just In Time (JIT) procedures and who are sourcing products worldwide. This can be something of a hit and miss method because of the nature of many harvest products and finished goods. NOCS strives to insure that JIT never becomes JTL (Just Too Late). The warehouse is an integral part of that system, designed to insure a steady and readily accessible flow of ingredients and products that have been maintained by professionals -- professionals aware of the proper handling, storage and transportation of that specific food commodity.

And it is transportation, in combination with the warehouses that have made possible this modified JIT system. NOCS Transport, Ltd. is our ICC licensed property brokerage company that also holds common, contract and intrastate authority. Using national truck brokerage, rail transportation and container drayage, NOCS Transport connects plant to warehouse and warehouse to steamship or consumer. This is accomplished economically and with the highest degree of service.

This brings us to another reason for our success and still further definition of the letters of our name. NOCS -- Number One Customer Service. At NOCS, we believe that you the customer are our "number one" priority. It also means that the customer service we provide is unsurpassed.

We have a simple name for our Total Quality Management Program: CUSTOMER DELIGHT. Each and every employee endeavors to find ways in which they can delight you, the customer. We also remember that within our company we are customers to each other. We believe that quality service must always begin with that single and most powerful word: YES. "YES, we can do that"; "YES, it will be delivered on time"; "YES, we will handle it". When NOCS responds "YES" to your request, we take full responsibility for your products and become totally accountable to you. By trusting NOCS with all of your logistics needs, we coordinate all needed services within our four divisions, giving you one and only one company to communicate with.

While James Fargason's comments concerning the failure of logistics systems may have been made while smiling, one has to wonder... whether he's being totally serious or whether he knows that NOCS's team of professionals really hold the key to meeting the demands of moving time or temperature sensitive cargoes into the 21st century and further into our second century of operation.
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Title Annotation:New Orleans Cold Storage and Warehouse Company Ltd.
Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Apr 1, 1993
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