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NOC for project location in Punjab.

Except for new industries, no sanction is required from the Federal Government to set up an industry. However, as far as the No Objection Certificate from the government for location is concerned, the policy is quite liberal and open subject to certain restrictions or regulations keeping in view the interests of the public at large or defence interest of the country. Details of the location policy are given below:

1. No industrial unit mentioned in Annexure - A or industrial unit exceeding a total cost of thirty million rupees shall be set within 10 miles of the International Boarder.

2. No industrial unit well be set up in areas affected by flood flowing transversely in the strip of one mile of either side across the Grand Trunk Road from Shahdara Town to Muridke Town, without prior permission of the provincial government.

3. No industrial unit shall be set up within the territorial limits of Municipal Corporations, Municipal Committees and Town Committees, provided that the following industrial units/areas shall be exempted from the restrictions, namely:

* Industrial Estates developed by government or any other authority, agency, company or firm authorised in this behalf.

* Industrial zones and areas to be earmarked by town committee, Municipal Committee, Municipal Corporation, Developed Authority, Industries and Mineral Development Department or any authority empowered in this behalf within or outside the Municipal limits.

* Industries mentioned in Annexure 'B' and as may from time to time be notified by the government.

4. No industrial unit shall be set up outside the territorial limits of Municipal Corporation, Municipal Committees and Town Committees if:

* There is no effluent disposal arrangement to the satisfaction of the government available at the site, and

* The proposed industrial site is located at such an unreasonable distance as may cause nuisance to the nearby residential localities.

5. No industrial unit, mentioned below shall be set up anywhere in the Punjab without prior approval of the government:-

* Arms and ammunition

* Security printing, currency and mints

* High explosives

* Radio active substances

* Alcohol

* Cotton ginning

6. The government reserves the right to refuse establishment/enlargement of any industrial undertaking which is in contravention to the public interest, ecology or any other law/rules for the time being in force.

7. The government may relax any of the provisions given above in case of particular unit or industry or class of units or industries.

8. No sugar mill shall be set up in the divisions of Multan, Bahawalpur (excluding Tehsils of Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalnagar), D.G. Khan (excluding districts of Rajanpur and Muzaffargarh) and the district of Okara.


List of Strategic Industries

1. Basic Metal Industry

2. Petro-Chemical Industries (excluding products industries)

3. Large size machine tool factories (limit of investment to be determined)

4. Heavy foundry works

5. Heavy electric complexes

6. Electronics industries

7. Major vehicle assembly plants

8. Ordinance factories

9. Explosives, nitric acid and sulphuric acid plants

10. Vehicular types and tubes industries

11. Locomotives and railway carriage manufacturing plants

12. Government mint

13. Security printing press involved in whole-time printing of sensitive documents/currency notes.

14. Security Printing press involved in whole-time printing of sensitive documents/currency notes.

15. Manufacture of optical glass and optics

16. Nickle cadmium battery industries

17. Nuclear/separation plants

18. Large power generating stations

19. Large oil storage units

20. Oil refineries


List of Service Industries

1. Furniture (excluding Band Saw) and also excluding storing of timber/wood

2. Tailoring/Ready made garments

3. Laundry/dry cleaning

4. Bakery (excluding confectionery)

5. Syrups (excluding squashes)

6. Cosmetics (excluding all sorts of soap)

7. Service workshops

8. Cereal products like vermiciles

9. Candles making

10. Printing and packaging

11. Hand loom carpet weaving

12. Hotels

13. Bid manufacturing

14. Hand made shoes/shoe repairing workshop

15. Spooling and thread balls

16. Small hosiery units equipped employing not more than 10 persons

17. Atta chakkies

18. Installation of chaff cutters

19. Cotton grading

20. Other small undertakings which do not fall under the first Schedule of Punjab local Government Act, 1979, as given ahead. Other small industrial undertaking in which the total fixed assets (including the cost of land) do not exceed Rs. 0.5 million. Permission of the concerned local council, municipal committee/corporation is required to set up these units.

Dangerous and Offensive Articles & Trade

1. The business of storing of selling timber, firewood, coal, charcoal and coke, hay, straw, grass and bamboo, jute, shrub, hemp, munj and their products, matches, explosives, petrol oil and lubricants, paper, ghee and other dangerously inflammable materials.

2. Sugar refining and sugar refineries

3. Preparation of aerated water

4. Operating or running bake houses

5. Electroplating

6. Welding

7. Storing, packing, pressing, cleaning, preparing or manufacturing by and process whatever blasting power, ammunition fire-works, gun powder, sulphur, mercury, gases, gun cotton, saltpeter, nitrocompounds, nitromixtures, phosphorous or dynamite.

8. Cleaning, dyeing preparing or manufacturing by any process whatever cloth or yarn in indigo and other colours.

9. Storing, processing, cleaning, crushing, melting, preparing or manufacturing by any process whatever or dealing in ones, tallow, offal, fat-blood, soap, raw hides and skins, candles, manure, catgut and oil cloth.

10. Manufacturing oils

11. Washing of drying wool or hair

12. Making or manufacturing bricks, surkhi, tiles or earth-enware pots, clay pipes or other earthenware by any process of baking of burning.

13. Burning or grinding or limestone or metal stone or storing of lime for sale.

14. Cleaning or grinding of grain or chillies by any kind or class of machinery.

15. Keeping animals likely to create nuisances

16. Fellmongering

17. Casting of heavy metal such as iron, lead, copper and brass

18. Dealing in chemicals, liquid or otherwise.

19. Wholesale storing, cleaning, pounding and selling of tobacco except the storing of tobacco required for the preparation of biddies, cigars or cigarettes.

20. Operating or running tin factories

21. Manufacturing of safes, trunks and boxes.

22. Marble cutting and polishing

23. Glass leveling and polishing

24. Manufacture of cement and hume pipes

25. Storing, packing, pressing, cleaning, preparing or manufacturing by any process whatever, rags, pitch, tar, turpentine demmar, coconut, flax, fibre, hemp, rosirr or spirit.

26. Tanning, pressing, cleaning hide or skins whatever raw or dry.

27. Trade or operation of a ferrier

28. Working of powerlooms, rice husking plants, steam whistle, steam trumpet or electric or hand operated sirens beyond hours fixed for their operation by a local council.

29. Discharging fire-arms and letting off fire-works, fire balloons or detonators or any game dangerous to life, dwelling and other property.

30. Any other article or trade declared by government or the urban local council to be dangerous to life-health, or property or likely to cause nuisance either from its nature or any by reason of the manner in which or the conditions under which, the same may be processed or carried on.
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Title Annotation:Special Section: Industrial Policy and Planning; No Objection Certificate; Punjab, India
Author:Waseem, M. Tariq
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