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NOAH from JL Systems, Inc.: empowering associations with Internet and database solutions.

NOAH is the enterprise association management system that covers all facets of association life from the expected features of membership, committees, meetings, subscriptions, advertising, and expositions to the unexpected features of daily-deferred income, continuing education, graphical exhibit halls, daily time records, and electronic orders from agencies. NOAH simplifies complex accounting transactions while it works with your accounting system and maintains the detailed audit trail.

JL Systems has enjoyed 22 years of providing technology to associations and our nationwide user group fully participates in the direction of NOAH. Nearly all users who have chosen NOAH are still using NOAH today and are working with us to make NOAH better for tomorrow.

Empowering you is more than a slogan; it is our business model. You have the right to full access to your data, to work without us, to expand the system on your own, and to influence the design of NOAH. Our focus is on our users, and you become our most important asset. Your NOAH Support Team is available to answer questions and to support your needs for database management, programming, and training. The NOAH Institute provides continuing education to assist you in getting the most from your investment. Classes are available for advanced users, the accounting staff, and those interested in programming their own forms and reports and in Web content management.

NOAH is the powerful in-house solution that couples the friendliness of Microsoft Access with the MS SQL or MSDE SQL database. All features operate in safety behind your firewall, where you are in total control. It is a user-defined, integrated solution with all features included for one price. You activate the functions you need to adapt NOAH to your operation.

NOAH is also available as an ASP solution where the full power of NOAH is provided across the Internet. Add components such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and even Great Plains or Solomon accounting for a full office suite of software. You need only a workstation or laptop that can run a browser-like desktop and a connection to the Internet to use your system 24/7 from anywhere in the world. All systems, optical networking, disk clusters, multiple T-I lines, firewalls, virus control, and office software are maintained, configured, and upgraded for you at the Cetrom NOAH ASP Center.

e-NOAH grants access via the Internet to members, officers, and the public in a choice of Web configurations to best meet your needs. NOAH is ready to partner with your existing Web site. Users seamlessly link from your site to e-NOAH, where a copy of your database records their profile changes, renewals, registrations, and purchases. All changes are sent to you each morning for posting to your internal database, subject to your review and approval. Likewise, every change you make during the day is forwarded to the Internet database to make it ready for the new day.

e-NOAH can also be the complete hosting solution for your Web site. Whether 50 or 5,000 pages, your Web site is in constant touch with the database. You can manage page content through the Ektron CMS300 dynamic content management system. With CMS300, page changes are made through a Word-like desktop and are published to your Web site according to the schedule that best fits your needs. Multiple editors may be empowered to create pages under your rules for presentation style.

There is a NOAH solution for everyone. Ask us for a disk showing the features of NOAH. Then meet online with the NOAH chief programmer to discuss in detail how NOAH would work with your data, your management needs, and your vision of the future. Our users' group is composed of talented people who enjoy setting the direction of our product. Join our growing NOAH family.


Larry Danforth

Phone: 703-941-0077


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NOAH from JL systems, inc.: empowering associations with Internet and database solutions.
NOAH from JL Systems, Inc.: empowering associations with internet and database solutions.
NOAH from JL Systems, Inc.: empowering associations with Internet and database solutions.
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