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NO HOLDS BARRED WITH YOUR; Pub talk with Iain Hoskins, owner of Ma Egerton's Stage Door and Ma Boyle's Ale House and Eatery.

Byline: Iain Hoskins

SO things can't any worse can they? So said many people as they cheerily voted for Brexit this summer. A misplaced protest vote against the government that would have been better used in the ballot box of the next general election. As history proves, things can always get worse.

Theresa May's bizarre rantings this week of a hard Brexit have now triggered the beginnings of a financial tidal wave.

Very shaky markets and our currency plummeting for the lowest in a hundred years now surely suggests to even the most hardened of Brexitiers that economically Britain leaving the EU and single market will turn into financial Armageddon.

Just as those green shoots have started to emerge after the longest economic flat-line in history - we have willfully plunged ourselves into an abyss far greater than the global financial crash of 2008.

Even 3 months before Article 50 is due to be triggered we are seeing imminent price rises of our food staples, and the first international bank has announced its leaving London.

Politically it's case of the blind leading the blind - Theresa May and her far-right Brexiteirs are in completely unchartered waters and she is drowning. And as with the financial crash 10 years ago; from disaster the rich and the privileged will emerge victorious in a new world order that will benefit the few.

Editorial from some of the press - in particular the Express and the Mail - have reached a new low in dividing this already fractured country.

Brexit is a decision that that should never had gone to a public referendum.

What did people think they were voting for to leave? Did people really think that our euro subs would be redeployed to plug the NHS deficit. And most of our immigration comes from outside the EU so will remain unchanged by us leaving. Aside from the (yawn) sovereignty argument does anybody actually now think we the UK will be any better off out of the EU? Brexit is a mess, and Britain is the laughing stock of the world. Our only hope is that we find some way of a soft exit and keep access to the free market and European trading partners.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Oct 16, 2016
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