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Authority Figure

From a news service article that appeared in the Nevada Appeal of Carson City, Nevada: "The daughter of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet called attempts to extradite her father to stand trial for human rights abuses `a great injustice.' ... Lucia Pinochet was quoted by the Spanish daily ABC as saying that she had come to Spain because she wants to `understand' the events surrounding a Spanish judge's attempts to prosecute her father. `It would seem that we had returned to colonial times when sovereignty was not respected," she was quoted as saying. She also took issue with those who characterize Pinochet's seventeen-year regime as a dictatorship. `It was not a dictatorship; it was simply an authoritarian transitional government to improve the country, and that's what he did,' she said."

Public Swill

From an Associated Press story datelined Forrest City, Arkansas: "The mayor here says he is tired of driving down the street and seeing folks sitting on their front porch drinking beer. So Mayor Larry Bryant wants the police department to issue citations for public drinking. `If I can drive down the street in my vehicle with my child and see people drinking, they should be stopped,' Bryant said. `To me, if I can see them, it is public.'"

Nightmare in Red

From the Environmental Compliance Alert, a bimonthly newsletter geared toward keeping executives of companies abreast of air, water, and waste issues: "Nobody wants to face a panicked public when you release an accident scenario that clearly marks a `death zone' around your facility and neighboring community. But that's exactly what you'll have to face if you merely do your minimum duty to file a Risk Management Plan (RMP) with local officials. That RMP requires you to dream up the worst accident that could happen at your facility and offer a detailed plan on how you would contain such a nightmare. And, literally, you have to draw a red circle around your site map showing the death zone radius in case of a toxic gas release like chlorine."

Model Models

From a story in The Wall Street Journal on the use of the virtual model "Webbie Tookay" from a new division at the Elite modeling agency called Illusion 2K--Virtual Models and Actresses Management: "As an animated mannequin, [Webbie Tookay] will pose for Web and print fashion shoots, advertisements, and films.... `Suppose someone hires a regular model to perform in a TV ad. They have to hire a hairdresser, a makeup person, a stylist, a studio, a photographer. Now you can replace all that with a computer crew who will help to develop her movement and animate her," says Luciana Abreu, a director at Illusion 2K. `Webbie is perfect. She'll never have to complain about working long hours, never gain weight, never have to worry about boyfriends, lawyers, or personal managers.'"

Bare for the Bard

From an Associated Press story datelined Casselberry, Florida: "Skipping the usual oil wrestling match, an adult nightclub challenged an anti-nudity law by performing part of Macbeth in the nude. The performance at Club Juana was intended to challenge Seminole County's anti-nudity ordinance, approved in November. The dancers have been forced to wear at least a G-string and pasties. The law exempts `bona fide performances'--which, according to county officials, refer to legitimate theater.... Officers from the county sheriff's department videotaped the performances and will decide whether to charge the women."

Getting Hitched

From an Associated Press article datelined Montgomery, Alabama, on the governor's defense of the state's use of hitching posts as prisoner restraints: "Governor Don Siegelman wants to resume handcuffing malingering inmates to outdoor metal posts because the restraints encourage prisoners to work as hard as the taxpayers who provide their upkeep, state prison commissioner Mike Haley testified.... Haley appeared in federal court to defend the Siegelman administration's plan to again make Alabama the only state handcuffing inmates to hitching posts when they refuse to work outside a prison. The hitching posts have attracted national attention at a time when Siegelman is trying to improve the state's image.... But Haley said he was not concerned about the image of prisoners handcuffed to hitching posts in the hot Southern sun. `We don't mind being trendsetters,' he said."

Change of Heart

From the "Political Briefing" section in The New York Times: "Dan Quayle ... speaking about his low standing in polls testing Republican Presidential hopefuls: `These polls are totally irrelevant right now.' Headline on a press release ... from the Quayle campaign: QUAYLE Top CONSERVATIVE IN LATEST GALLUP POLL."

Canine Family Values

From an Associated Press story datelined Huntsville, Alabama: "Miss Millie and Sir Frazier are ready to while away the dog days of summer in wedded bliss. The Yorkshire terriers were married Tuesday in a ceremony held partly to placate the young children of the dogs' owners. When plans were made to start breeding the two dogs, `the kids started saying, "But they're not married,"' said Lora Holladay, Sir Frazier's owner.... The bride wore a white veil of pleated silk organza and lace, while the groom wore an elastic bow ! tie. Holladay's stepmother--dressed in a high school graduation robe--presided over the ceremony, declaring the happy couple `dog and wife.'"

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Title Annotation:Lucia Pinochet, the daughter of ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet, objects to there father's human rights violations trial; the mayor of Forrest City Arkansas objects to citizens drinkign beer n their front porches; these and other stories are covered
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Date:Sep 1, 1999
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