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NMetric's 4C to help software one customers obtain shop floor visibility.

NMetric has announced that it is partnering with Software One (Clawson, Mich.) to help mid-sized manufacturers proactively manage by integrating and coordinating scheduling with real-time tracking and updating of all resources, materials, labor and capacity. With nMetric's 4C, Software One customers can leverage the systems they already have instead of investing in new systems to get a real-time view of scheduling.

"Plugging the gap between scheduling and execution to obtain real-time visibility is an effective way for our customers to increase their profits," explains Theresa Dunn, president of woman-owned Software One. "By accelerating work and order flow, management fosters increased revenues. Inventories, WIP and otherwise, will drop as their shop floor visibility is enhanced. Optimizing manufacturing resources will also boost operational margins and delay capital investments."

"The technical staff and industry specialists at Software One have extensive practical experience and expertise in various areas, including manufacturing, supply chain management, financial and accounting management, automotive, EDI and e-commerce," reports Tom Carpenter, nMetric CEO. "Now, they can show their customers how their present software can become the provider of data used by 4C@Site, affordably linking scheduling and execution to foresee potential production hotspots before they become problems."

With nMetric 4C, orders are continuously monitored at every moment throughout the production process in real time to assure status and provide notification to all members in the supply chain if delivery expectations are not going to be met. When and if resources or demands change or might change, 4C attempts to resolve any problems that could affect delivery dates and/or proactively notifies all specified parties so they are aware and can plan accordingly. If there are prospective large shifts in plans or resources, users proactively use 4C to manually determine the impact of various "what-ifs" on present order dates in the queue. Management can then anticipate what the effects of each change will be before making them.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Apr 7, 2003
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