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NLC members' opinions sought on legislation.

NLC's officers want the input of the full membership for drafting this year's legislative priorities. Let NLC know what the issues of importance are in cities and towns across the nation--fill out the ballot on this page and return it to NLC as soon as possible.

The Congressional legislative agenda includes many proposals of immediate concern to municipalities in a multitude of areas. Over the course of the next several months, Congressional leaders will identify no more than five major legislative proposals it will vote upon prior to adjourning in October.

Creating a list of legislative priorities that comes from the heart of NLC--its diverse membership--was identified as a goal of the 1992 officers during their meeting earlier this month. Information gathered from these ballots will shape the way NLC lobbies Congress over the coming months, so each local official's input is important.

Although the determination to move particular proposals is generally predicated on a combination of party politics and the competing demands of constituent and special interest groups, experience suggests that Congress is particularly attentive to the demands of constituent groups in an election year. Because that is so, 1992 presents municipalities with a significant opportunity to further their interests at the federal level.

Help cities seize the opportunity of this year.

To assist the efforts of municipalities, NLC has prepared a 1992 Legislative Priorities Ballot. The Ballot lists the issues currently pending on the Congressional legislative agenda. We ask that you select the five issues of greatest interest to your community and rank them in order of importance. Please return the completed Ballot to NLC no later than February 20.

In addition to use by NLC lobbyists focused on Capitol Hill and the Administration, ballot results will be printed in Nation's Cities Weekly for use by individual municipalities in communications with their Congressional delegation.
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Title Annotation:includes ballot; National League of Cities
Author:Herber, Kate
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Jan 27, 1992
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