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NLC and Y2K.

Over the past two years, NLC has been active on many fronts in providing information to city officials on the Y2K challenge.

In addition to advocating municipal interests with national legislators and the administration on Y2K liability legislation, NLC also has worked actively with the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion since it was established more than a year ago. NLC sits on the council's State and Local Government Working Group.

NLC published "The Year 2000 Problem," a 22-page guide that provides tips on how to fix local government Y2K glitches, and "Y2K in Local Government," a 28-page monograph in NLC's Issues and Options series that provides checklists, examples, and samples of how local governments are solving Y2K problems. In addition, more than two dozen articles on Y2K preparedness have been published in Nation's Cities Weekly.

Working in collaboration with the International City/County Management Association, National Association of Counties, and Public Technology, Inc., NLC participated in a "Y2K & You" public education campaign last year that distributed more than 18,000 Y2K awareness kits to city and county leaders throughout the nation. The kit contained a video, an action planning guide, and checklists of best practices for dealing with the Y2K problem.

The "Y2K and You" campaign also sponsored a satellite broadcast on Y2K preparedness in 1998, and another broadcast on Y2K testing and contingency planning is scheduled for July 29, 1999.

A library of Y2K information and solutions also is available on Access Local Government, the free, online information and communications resource for local governments, available at

For more information on NLC's Y2K initiatives, email Christine Becker at or Sharon Anderson at
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Date:Jul 12, 1999
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