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NLC Board acts on flood aid; will facilitate city-to-city help.

Meeting in Minneapolis last week, the NLC Board adopted two resolutions as a preliminary response to the severe flooding affecting cities and towns in the midwest. As a result, over the next several months, NLC and the state municipal leagues will be working together to coordinate city-to-city relief efforts. City leaders around the nation are anxious to assist flooded communities, but first they must find out what type of help affected localities truly need. To help bridge that gap, next week, Nation's Cities Weekly will publish a list of affected cities which have requested help. The listing will include city name, size, a description of the nature of their needs, and a contact person with telephone and fax numbers.

The decision to take action began when the Board adopted a resolution by Mayor Meyera Oberndorf of Virginia Beach thanking the thousands of Americans who have volunteered to help flood victim in hard-hit communities. Then, the Board adopted a resolution by Mayor William Evers of Bradenton, president of the Florida Municipal League, urging NLC to help coordinate assistance by cities and towns wishing to provide aid to affected communities.

Right is anticipated that cities will need supplies, equipment, and trained inspectors for public works facilities. For small cities which have been overwhelmed, in the short term, they will need city managers to assist in organizing a plan for the city to put together a plan for getting back on track. In addition, there will be a need for technical public works officials to assist with such tasks as restarting sewer facilities.

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Title Annotation:National League of Cities Board of Directors
Author:Wollack, Leslie
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Jul 26, 1993
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