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NJ Senate Majority Leader decries NJ Transit on WrestleMania delays.

Byline: Linda Lindner

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, D-37th District, decried New Jersey Transit for not being able to provide enough trains for WrestleMania fans after an event at Metlife Stadium faced three-hour delays with New Jersey Transit.

"I feel terrible for the people that were stranded in the middle of the night trying to get home," Weinberg said in a statement. "I am frustrated with NJ Transit and I am embarrassed for the state of New Jersey but unfortunately, I can't say I was surprised by the story."

New Jersey Transit says the WWE event lasted longer than it was scheduled to last.

"We have been here before, of course, and that makes it all that much worse," Weinberg said. "To leave thousands of people stuck in the rain, at two in the morning, after a scheduled event is unacceptable and a clear representation of incompetency within the agency. This particular incident speaks to the greater issues with NJ Transit and their inability to effectively plan, organize and operate what once was an exemplary public transportation system."

"I'm sorry for the thousands of people on Sunday, but more than that, I am deeply concerned for the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on NJ Transit every day, and every day they have to deal with delays, breakdowns along with trains and buses that never come," Weinberg said. "There are no more excuses. We need to find ways to ensure proper systems are in place to manage large events like the one on Sunday, and we need to make fundamental changes to improve service on a day to day basis. We have to fix what it is that is broken in NJ Transit and it is clear, the problems are not merely mechanical."

On Tuesday,Sen. Paul Sarlo, D-36th District, said that the delays underscored the need for New Jersey Transit to complete the loop from Meadowlands Station to Secaucus Junction.

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Title Annotation:New Jersey Transit
Author:Lindner, Linda
Publication:NJ Biz
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Date:Apr 10, 2019
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