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NIST examines future directions of fluid property research. (News Briefs).

As advanced technologies emerge in the chemical and related industries, fluid thermophysical properties will be needed for their design, development and optimization. However, there is a growing concern that technology is being developed in "virtual" environments where it is taken for granted that the computer will produce reliable results; the dependence of these results on underlying property data is often unappreciated. Many people feel that the fluid-property research required to connect simulated results to reality is in decline (especially in the United States), and that industry suffers for lack of reliable data.

NIST has been working to raise awareness of these issues, beginning with a forum organized in June 2000 in conjunction with the 14th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties in Boulder. Many of the key issues raised at that forum are examined in a forward-looking article written by two NIST scientists for Chemical Engineering Progress, the flagship magazine of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The article, titled "Fluid Properties and New Technologies: Connecting Design with Reality," reviews some of the significant future opportunities for fluid-property research, including molecular simulation, combinatorial methods, microscale process miniaturization, environmental technology, unconventional mixtures and materials, and data standardization and exchange. It also discusses some of the challenges (many of them structural, such as the downsizing of the corporate engineering groups that used to serve as a "bridge" between researchers and industrial needs) that must be overcome if fluid property resea rchers are to be successful in providing information that meets the needs of industry.

The article is in the February 2002 issue of Chemical Engineering Progress, pages 34-41. A more complete record of the forum (including essays from experts reacting to the issues raised) has recently been issued as NIST Special Publication 975: Report on Forum 2000: Fluid Properties for New Technologies--Connecting Virtual Design with Physical Reality. This Special Publication, and related information, can be found on the Web at

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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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