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 CARSON, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Fueled by record-breaking sales of the Nissan Altima, Quest and Pathfinder, Nissan Division of Nissan Motor Corp. U.S.A. finished calendar year 1993 with an 18 percent increase in sales over CY92. This final growth figure for the year exceeds those achieved by Ford, General Motors and all the major import automakers. In addition, Nissan Division total calendar year sales of 637,216(a) units exceeded Honda Division, a performance which moved Nissan into the No. 2 import automaker spot for CY93.
 "We considered 1993 to be a pivotal year for Nissan, so we are very pleased with our dramatic sales increase," said Nissan Division Vice President and General Manager Earl J. Hesterberg, who credits comprehensive, yet consistent monthly sales performances for the increase.
 "We achieved year-over-year increases in 12 out of 12 months -- 15 if you go back into 1992," said Hesterberg. "We did it in a tough economic climate and in the face of a very volatile dollar/yen situation."
 Nissan's dramatic 1993 sales growth represented 96,187(a) units over CY92, and the Division's highest sales volume since 1989. The Division also gained nearly a half point in market share, ending the year with approximately 4.6 percent in total vehicle share. Total vehicle sales in December were 49,566(a) units, an increase of 12 percent over the same period in 1992.
 In addition to outstanding sales, Hesterberg said Nissan Division accomplished in 1993 what it set out to do: successfully launch the Altima and Quest; focus on the value of its three core sedans; broaden its brand image and increase purchase intentions to attract new customers; renew its image in the hot sport utility segment; and expand U.S. investment and manufacturing.
 Nissan returned to the heart of the car market in 1993. Sales of its three sedans -- the Sentra, Altima and Maxima -- hit 386,291 units, Nissan's best sedan showing in four years.
 The Altima, with total CY93 sales of 133,879 units, doubled sales from the previous generation Stanza. The success of the Altima enabled Nissan to increase its share of the mid-size sedan segment from 3.3 percent in CY92 to 5.2 percent during 1993. Nissan's flagship sedan, the Maxima, experienced a significant sales increase in 1993 in the final year of its current body style. CY93 Maxima sales totaled 86,794, up 3.0 percent. Sentra sales for 1993 increased as well, up more than 4.0 percent, including a record 22,000 plus units in June.
 Sales of the hot selling Nissan Pathfinder set model and calendar year records in 1993. Pathfinder set a new monthly sales record in December for the second consecutive month, reaching 5,421 units, a 12 percent increase over last year. Pathfinder sales for 1993 totaled 48,770, the best year ever for the sophisticated sport-utility.
 The Nissan Quest was the top selling import minivan nameplate in 1993 based on unit sales and market share. Quest sales totaled 44,602 for the year, with December sales of 3,107 units, an increase of 17 percent over a year ago.
 Nissan's investment of more than $2 billion in U.S. production capability also paid off in 1993. Vehicles built in the United States accounted for 64 percent of sales in 1993, up from 51 percent in 1992. Continuing a program of producing vehicles in key markets, Nissan began production of the 1993 model year Altima and Quest in the United States. Nissan also moved production of all Sentras to the United States in 1993.
 Total Nissan Motor Corp. U.S.A. sales for December, including Infiniti Division, were 53,382(a), up 11.0 percent over the previous year. Nissan Motor Corp. sales for the calendar-year-end period totaled 687,732(a), up 18 percent over 1992.
 In North America, Nissan's operations include styling, engineering, manufacturing, sales, consumer and corporate finance, and industrial and textile equipment. Nissan employs nearly 10,000 people in the United States and Canada and generates an additional 55,000 jobs through its 1,400 Nissan and Infiniti dealerships located across the continent.
 (a) Includes Hawaii.
 Sales Report - December 1993
 10-Day Results
 1st 10 Days
 Cur. Period Year Ago DSR Pct +/-
 Domestic car 4,493 3,234 38.9
 Domestic truck 2,266 2,118 7.0
 Total domestic 6,759 5,352 26.3
 Selling days 9 9
 2nd 10 Days
 Cur. Period Year Ago DSR Pct +/-
 Domestic car 5,006 3,698 35.4
 Domestic truck 3,176 2,055 54.5
 Total domestic 8,182 5,753 42.2
 Selling days 8 8
 3rd 10 Days
 Cur. Period Year Ago DSR Pct +/-
 Domestic car 11,279 8,374 34.7
 Domestic truck 5,199 3,775 37.7
 Total domestic 16,478 12,149 35.6
 Selling days 9 9
 Month-to-Date Results
 Cur. Year DSR % CYTD Year DSR %
 Month Ago +/- Total Ago +/-
 Nissan Motor Corp. -
 Total 52,007 46,264 12.4 680,357 578,717 17.9
 Selling days 26 26 307 308
 Nissan Division
 Total sales 48,198 42,315 13.9 629,982 534,457 18.3
 Car 20,778 15,306 35.8 249,598 144,588 73.2
 Truck 10,641 7,948 33.9 154,603 128,681 20.5
 Total Domestic 31,419 23,254 35.1 404,201 273,269 48.4
 Car 11,358 14,228 -20.2 177,011 224,484 -20.9
 Truck 5,421 4,833 12.2 48,770 36,704 33.3
 import 16,779 19,061 -12.0 225,781 261,188 -13.3
 Total Car 32,136 29,534 8.8 426,609 369,072 16.0
 Total Truck 16,062 12,781 25.7 203,373 165,385 23.4
 (Hawaii)(b) 1,368 1,814 7,421 6,572
 Infiniti Division
 Total sales 3,809 3,949 -3.5 50,375 44,260 14.2
 (Hawaii)(b) 7 8 141 127
 (b) Hawaii numbers are for information only and are not included in division totals as of 1/1/93.
 Note that previous Infiniti reportings included Hawaii.
 -0- 1/4/94
 /CONTACT: Lynn Folse or Jim Gill, Nissan Division, 310-719-3165; or Rick Christopher, Nissan News Bureau, 310-719-5631; or Nissan Division Public Relations, 310-719-5231; or Infiniti Division Public Relations, 310-719-3127; or Nissan News Bureau, 310-719-5631/

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