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NIP & TUCK TWINS; Plastic surgeon gave his doctor brother a nose job and Botox injections.

Byline: Laura Coventry

THEY were born identical twins but cosmetic surgery has altered one half of the Viel brothers forever.

When they were growing up in Italy, it was almost impossible to tell young Maurizio and Roberto apart.

Today, neither of the brothers - who celebrate their 50th birthdays later this month - look their age.

But on closer inspection, 49-year-old Maurizio - who is just 10 minutes older than Roberto - is looking noticeably younger than his twin.

That's because the plastic surgeon, who has a number of patients in Scotland, has undergone a handful of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

His youthful looks are a result of a nose job, fat harvesting and Botox injections in his face, procedures performed by his brother Roberto - also a plastic surgeon.

Roberto said he was not insulted that his brother wanted to have surgery to change the looks they share, adding: "I understood and I accepted his request."

And rather than change his appearance to look different from his brother, Maurizio actually had rhinoplasty so his nose would resemble his sibling's.

Speaking from his practice in Dubai, Maurizio said: "I just refined my nose through surgery to make it look better. When you have Botox, again, you are not changing your look, you are improving the look of the patient.

"My nose was too large and was different from my brother so I decided to refine the tip so it would be more in line with the rest of my nose and, in a way, so it would be more similar to my brother's nose. Now I speak as a patient and it wasn't painful."

However, patients are advised not to do what Maurizio did just two days after surgery - wearing a splint on his nose, he drove in his convertible to Monte Carlo.

Young-at-heart Maurizio, who has a six-month-old son Luca, loves life in the fast lane and can't believe he is about to turn 50.

He said: "I feel like 40, so I am going to celebrate my 40th. That's why cosmetic surgery is very important because there are some people who feel much younger than their age but the way they look doesn't match the way they feel. We bring the outside and inside together.

"But what we eat, what we drink and the way we live our lives is also important to the way we look."

At the moment, Maurizio admits he is happy with his appearance but would not rule out going under the knife again in the future.

He laughed: "I will need to ask my wife.

But now that I live in Dubai I put plenty of sunblock on and drink lots of water, so my face doesn't have many wrinkles."

Brother Roberto claims he is the "natural beauty" of the pair. Despite opting not to have age-defying cosmetic surgery, people still pass comment on how good he looks for his 49 years and, like Maurizio, he doesn't feel his age.

He said: "I feel younger and look younger and I like to act younger. To reach my 50th birthday is a shock.When I was 20, 50 seemed like a long way away but here it is."

Four years ago, London-based Roberto, who is dad to Beatrice, 10, and eight-year-old Alberto, launched a range of anti-ageing skin care with his brother and puts his youthful appearance down to looking after himself.

He said: "I use my own creams regularly and I also try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I don't smoke, I don't abuse alcohol, I have regular sleep and I take supplements.

"In my opinion, you need to do something when you feel you need to do something. Until now I have had the feeling I didn't need to do anything."

TheViel twins studied in Italy for 11 years before completing their surgical training in the mid-80s.

They went on to set up their own practice in London's Harley Street in 1990 and have pioneered procedures such as facial rejuvenation, ultrasound liposculpture and penoplasty. Today they also specialise in vaser lyposuction and a short-scar facelift called Macs Lift.

Between 2002 and 2005 the twins also practised at the Consulting Rooms in Edinburgh but now Roberto is based at the London Centre of Aesthetic Surgery, while Maurizio is running their Dubai clinic.

So far, Roberto has resisted the temptation to get treatment but he admits he "probably will need something", starting with some Botox injections then eyelid surgery.

And when the time is right, he's not got too far to look for a willing surgeon.

His brother Maurizio is already primed and added: "It's no problem. Sometimes I tell my brother he should have a little Botox, for example.

"This is not just professional advice but I would never push him into anything.".

For more information about the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery visit

Mum relies on son's firm to boost her confidence


WITH a son working in the booming cosmetic surgery industry, it's no wonder Susan McKeown looks years younger than her actual age.

Not only has the 49-year-old from Blantyre, Lanarkshire, had a pounds 3000 eye-lift, a pounds 5000 breast enlargement and veneers worth pounds 7000, she is also a regular at her son's Glasgowbased non-cosmetic surgery clinic, the Aesthetic Doctor.

For the past seven years Susan has been having Botox injections and dermal fillers to keep her looking more youthful but admits that since 27-year-old son Darren qualified to carry out non-surgical treatments in 2005, she has been upping her visits.

Susan, who turns 50 in February, admitted: "The more work I have had done, the more confident I feel.

"I am nearly 50 and I don't want to look 40 but I do want to look fresher.

"I do this to feel better about myself, not to look younger or recapture my youth."

To date Susan has had Botox on her forehead, eyes, top lip and neck and dermal fillers in her cheeks, top lip, and chin - despite a phobia of needles.

Son Darren adopts an advisory role when it comes to his mum's treatment and is quick to tell her when to stop.

Susan, a former carer, said: "Darren draws the line when I want more. He knows when I've had enough."

Although Darren works in London Monday to Friday, he practises in Glasgow at weekends. The trainee plastic surgeon thinks his mum "looks like a well-maintained 40-something" and defended her reasons for having treatments.

He said: "She's my mum and I love her no matter what but I know these treatments give her a bit more confidence" Darren himself is no stranger to going under the knife - even before he specialised in plastic surgery he had a nose job (rhinoplasty), aged 18.

Now he is working towards his dream career as a plastic surgeon and aims to qualify in five years.

He added: "I don't look at it as work. To me, it's more of a lifestyle because I love what I do."


FAMILY TIES: Susan and Darren and, left, twins Roberto and Maurizio EARLY DAYS: Roberto and Maurizio Viel have always been close
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