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 MACWORLD, Boston, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AAPL) next generation of Apple Macintosh computers, based on the PowerPC microprocessor, received significant support today from the software development community when nine leading Macintosh development tools vendors announced their commitment to provide tools and languages for the new platform. By providing its own tools and supporting the efforts of third-parties, Apple intends to ensure that all applications developers will be able to create native applications that tap the power and performance of the new PowerPC processor-based Macintosh computers, expected to begin shipping in the first half of 1994.
 The nine tools vendors that announced support for Macintosh on PowerPC include the following:
 -- Absoft Corp., the developer of MacFortran II, whose PowerPC tools will include Absoft FORTRAN 77, a C/C++ compiler, the Fx multilanguage debugger, and the Cray/Absoft Fortran 90 compiler.
 -- Bowers Development Corp., the developer of AppMaker, the leading interface builder and code generator for the Macintosh.
 -- Echo Logic, developers of FlashPort for Macintosh, a binary software translation tool which enables developers to quickly convert 680x0-based Macintosh applications to run natively on the PowerPC processor-based Macintosh.
 -- Language Systems Corp., developer of LS FORTRAN and LS Pascal, industrial strength compilers with advanced runtime diagnostics.
 -- Metrowerks, Inc., the developer of several tools for PowerPC processor- based Macintosh computers, including integrated development environments for C, C++, and Pascal, and PowerPlant, an object-oriented application framework.
 -- MicroAPL, the developer of PortAsm, a tool that translates 680x0- to-PowerPC assembly-language.
 -- Sierra Software Innovations, the developer of Inside Out II, the leading multiuser relational Macintosh database engine; p2c, a translation tool for converting Pascal and Object Pascal to C and C++; and IcePick, the MacApp view editor.
 -- Symantec Corp., the developer of the leading Macintosh development environments THINK C and THINK Pascal; the company is also working closely with Apple on a next-generation, native development environment for PowerPC processor-based Macintosh systems.
 -- TGS Systems, developer of Prograph, a visual, object-oriented, dynamic programming language and environment.
 Collectively, the PowerPC tools provided by Apple and these vendors will support a range of programming languages and development tools, including compilers, debuggers, translation tools, interface building tools, and more.
 "Our developers are anxiously anticipating PowerPC and want to take advantage of it as soon as possible," said Ike Nassi, vice president of Apple Development Products in the AppleSoft Division. "Our top priority is to present the smoothest migration path possible to PowerPC for all our developers by ensuring the availability of a wide range of tools to meet their varying needs."
 Apple is concentrating on providing tools for applications developers who are using C and C++, the languages used by most developers today. These Apple-provided tools will include the Macintosh on RISC SDK (Software Development Kit), a cross-development environment enabling the development of native PowerPC applications using a 680x0- based Macintosh. Apple plans to begin seeding of the Macintosh on RISC SDK to developers this fall.
 Apple is supporting third-party tools vendors in the creation of complementary tools for developers using languages other than C and C++, such as Assembly, Pascal, Object Pascal, and others.
 "The new Macintosh represents a quantum leap in processing power and our new compiler architecture was designed specifically for RISC processors and advanced architectures such as this incredible machine," said Greg Galanos, president and CEO of Metrowerks.
 "PowerPC represents a major revolution in desktop computing price/ performance that will enable developers to create applications we can't even imagine today," said Ralph Barhydt, president and CEO of TGS Systems. "Our upcoming PowerPC development environment and class libraries will redefine how these next-generation applications are created in the '90s."
 Macintosh on PowerPC has already gained significant commitment among the Macintosh developer community. During the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in May, 11 major applications developers announced their commitment to develop native PowerPC applications: Adobe Systems Inc., ACIUS Inc., Aldus Corp., Claris Corp., Deneba Software, Frame Technology, Insignia Solutions Inc., Microsoft Corp., Quark Inc., Specular International, and WordPerfect Corp. Apple is working closely with these and hundreds of other key developers worldwide to ensure the availability of a wide range of leading applications and to help catalyze entirely new categories of products, enabled by the powerful new PowerPC architecture.
 Over time, Apple plans to offer a full range of products based on PowerPC technology, from entry-level to high-end Macintosh personal computers. The computers will ship with Apple's standard operating system, System 7, and are designed to offer developers and customers high performance and a variety of new features at competitive prices. In addition to newly developed PowerPC software, Apple expects that nearly all of the thousands of current Macintosh software applications will run unaltered on the new systems.
 Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) develops, manufactures and markets computer systems for use in business, education, the home, science, engineering, and government. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 120 countries. Apple's Macintosh computers and LaserWriter printers were ranked highest in user satisfaction among business users in recent studies by J.D. Power and Associates.
 Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. System 7 is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. PowerPC is a trademark of IBM Corp.
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