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No matter what, look you're going for, we've got it!


Hate having hair in your eyes on big nights out? Want a face-framing style that's wow and you can move in? Then do the twist! Gold is the color of the season. We love these spin pins. Just spin yours completely until you don't see the wire (we left ours out a little to show you the pin). Or decorate your style with clips or combs. Best of all? This style can be modified for any hair type or length. This one's for you, too, short-haired girls!

Easy does it: Start by twisting back one-inch sections over whole head. Secure with hair-colored bobby pins two-thirds of the way back. Decorate each row with a spin pin, forming a band of pins across head. Pull remaining hair into a high ponytail. If you have long hair, you can leave it down for a looser look. Short hair? Just twist what you have, and use small clips to hold in place for a spunky style. Keep the heavy-metal theme going with makeup. We used a natural bronze lip on Kidest, and then gave her a peachy-bronze cheek and a multi-metal eye (apply a sheer silver-purple shadow on lids and sheer bronze shadow on browbone). Finish by rubbing Bare Escentuals Showgirl Body Glow in Babe on shoulders.

Switch it up!

Pearl combs, rhinestone bobby pins and multi-colored tiny clips by Claire's

Make it up!

Lord & Berry eye shadow in Linen, Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipstick in 24 Carat, Cargo eye-shadow in Mojave and glitter in Gold

Top by Necessary Objects


Steal the spotlight with simple yet special touches. Quiet and classy looks are perfect for at-school parties. Just add some simple accessories! OK, so the tiara is a little snazzy--but it's a simple tiara, darn it!

Easy does it: This style works best on girls with stick-straight hair (and a helper with a really steady hand). Blow-dry straight, and section off a one-inch chunk on one side. Twist out of your way, and secure. Smooth remaining with a shine serum like MOP Shine Drops. Then comb small section and drape toward back of head. Secure in back at center of head with a pretty rhinestone bobby pin (don't worry if hair drapes past pin, like a ponytail going down). Then decorate toward front of head with crystals. We used tweezers to apply Swarovski crystals. Pull off individual crystals, and gently place on hair. Tap lightly with top of tweezers to secure, being careful not to disturb section. Finish with ultra-firm holding spray. Keep your makeup simple, too. We just applied a shiny pink gloss to Katelyn's lips, a little pearly pink blush, highlighted her eyes with silver shadow, and voild!

Switch it up!

Tiara by Claire's, sequin headband by Head Dress, Sanrio pom-pons

Make it up!

Bloom sparkling silver, Tony & Tina lip gloss in Cosmic Duid, Tommy Front Row nail color in Zircon Brill

Top by Limited Too


Looking for a subtle way to shine? Don't let Aunt Mildred be the one having all the fun at your parents' holiday party. Why not try an easy up 'do? Thick hair is normally hard to whip up, so divide and conquer!

Easy does it: Using a rattail comb, pull all but a small section of hair into a ponytail and clip at back of head. Coil hair onto itself, and make a small bun. Secure at base with a few hair-colored bobby pins. Then, add decorative pins. Only do this to one side unless you want to look like you are sending signals back to your home planet (yes, it worked for Natalie Portman in The Phanton Menace but it won't work for you). Unclip remaining hair, and coil into a bigger bun at base of neck. Secure with hair-colored pins. If you are truly hair-challenged, like us, use a Whirl-a-Bun (available at to make perfect coils. We also used our Whirl-a-Bun to make a French twist. Once your hair is twisted, you can use the same decorative bobby pins for a sweet look, or run a fluffy feather hairstick through the center to add some fun. Again, keep makeup simple--just clear gloss and some natural blush. We added sparkle on Danielle's eyes, but you can do a glitter lip, nail tip, or just dust some glitte r on your cheekbones.

Switch it up!

Purple marabou hair stick from

Claire's, Whirl-a-Bun hair accessory

Make it up!

Tony & Tina Herbal lip glitter,

Revlon nail glitter, Wet 'n' Wild loose glitter

Top by Necessary Objects


Going to spend your night dancing under the disco ball? Indulge your wild, sparkly side with a chic ponytail holder and glittering accents aplenty! And don't forget to tattoo your crush's name on your arm with Gosh's Techno Look Disco Pen (1-888-352-8629). Your secret will be revealed only if you walk under a black light.

Easy does it: Start by blow-drying hair straight. Gather into a ponytail. Secure with a regular coated elastic. Cover elastic with decorative holder (the pink fluffy ponytail holder shown here is by Claire's). Smooth any strays by applying a shine spray like VS Sassoon to hands, and carefully run hands over crown and pony. Next, apply crystals in the premade shape of your choice (we used the Romantic kit from Sparkle Plenty Scents, available at on dry, clean skin. While you should keep moisturizer and perfume away from crystals, we accented shoulders with Jane Blacklight Head to Toe Body Gel in Prism Pink. When wearing snazzy hair accessories and crystals, it's best to keep your face neutral. We slicked on gloss the same color as Kassandra's lips, a bit of peach blush and some pearl beige shadow.

Switch it up!

Flower holder by Skinmarket, Swarovski pink crystal holder by Alex & Ani, sequin holders by Claire's

Make it up!

Cover Girl Continuous Color in Angel, Gosh UV

Disco Pen, Jane Blacklight Head to Toe Body Gel in Prism Pink, Gosh UV Blue nail color

Top by Girlfriends LA
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