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NICVD establishes Preventive Cardiology Dept. to start programme for prevention of cardiac diseases.

Sindh Government has enhanced the budget of National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) 120 times by increasing it to 8.5 billion rupees from just Rs. 700M in 2012-13, which made it 'Center of National Unity' where people from all the provinces and areas of Pakistan are coming to acquire state-of-the-art cardiac treatment services. This facility has not only become a symbol of excellence in Pakistan but in the entire region where patients are being provided free of charge health facilities without any discrimination. This was stated by Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Information Barrister Murtaza Wahab while speaking at the launching ceremony of 'Preventive Cardiology Program' of NICVD recently.

NICVD administration has announced the launching of their Preventive Cardiology Program on the eve of World Heart Day 2018, saying after providing all the modern treatment facilities to the people of Pakistan, they were now focusing on preventive cardiology to minimize the deaths due to cardiac ailments in the country.

Mr. Murtaza Wahab further said that Sindh government has provided every possible support to NICVD for provision of best treatment facilities and now this center is functioning in entire Sindh. Our focus now is to lower the disease burden by increasing awareness among common people about the heart health and prevention from cardiac ailments", he maintained. NICVD by establishing Satellite Centers in eight different cities of Sindh and seven Chest Pain Units at different locations of Karachi, was now saving hundreds of lives on daily basis by providing them state-of-the-art treatment facilities near to their abodes.

NICVD, he said, now has its presence is in entire Sindh province. People of Sukkur and Larkana do not have to come to Karachi these days as they are being provided state of the art facilities in their own cities. Even people from Quetta, Peshawar and Fata are visiting these hospitals and satellite centers in Sukkur and Larkana for being closer to them as compared to Karachi", he claimed.

Prof. Nadeem Qamar, Executive Director NICVD speaking at the occasion announced launching of Preventive Cardiology Program of NICVD. After all the modern treatment facilities provided to the heart patients at the NICVD, they had now decided to focus on prevention and prevent people of Pakistan from acquiring heart disease so that they could become productive members of the society. We have established the Department of Preventive Cardiology at the NICVD and acquired the services of one of the best interventional cardiologists Prof. Khawar Kazmi to head this department and program. It was the right time to make changes in the lives of people by making them aware of their anti-health lifestyles, he added.

Declaring media and government as two major partners in the preventive cardiology program, Prof. Nadeem Qamar urged the media and government to support them and convey their messages to far flung areas of the country. "Media can make people aware in small villages and towns while government's support is inevitable for the material resources", he added.

Dr. Khawar Kazmi speaking at the occasion said that as per latest data of World Health Organization (WHO), at least 30 persons were dying every hour in Pakistan, which was an alarming figure as after every two minutes, one person was dying somewhere in Pakistan due to heart diseases. In this scenario, where 250,000 people die annually in Pakistan, we not only need more treatment facilities but also a comprehensive preventive cardiology program and strategy to prevent people from cardiovascular diseases. Pakistan, Prof. Khawar Kazmi said was becoming a nation of 'diseased and disabled' persons as every third youngster was hypertensive while every fourth person was diabetic and added that in order to make country prosperous, there was an urgent need for making people aware of health hazards and how to live a healthy life.
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Publication:Pulse International
Date:Oct 31, 2018
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