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NHS launches company to provide food testing service for industry.

A new company offering glycaemic index (GI) and novel food testing in human volunteers has been spun out from NHS nutrition and dietetic research at Hammersmith Hospital London.

Hammersmith Food Research will offer companies throughout the food chain fast, co-operative and high-quality measurement and advice, industry interest in GI measurements as industry interest in GI measurements increases. The dietetic department has a history of working with food and ingredient manufacturers and retailers, and the company is the next step in providing the industry with the ability to manage the GI of foods to achieve optimum formulation for a range of raw materials and foodstuffs.

GI testing, which can only be done on human volunteers, involves measuring the effect different foods have on blood sugar in comparison with pure glucose. Foods with a lower GI cause smaller peaks in blood sugar levels over time. It is this that is believed to offer better protection against diabetes and other diseases compared with higher GI diets.

In addition to GI testing, the company also offers expertise in designing trials of new foodstuffs, and general consultancy.

Contact Hammersmith Hospital on tel: 020 8383 4549 or visit
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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