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NHS killed by cruel cuts; VOICE OF THE.

FUNDING is sickening the NHS and today's news that around 1,500 nursing posts in Northern Ireland are unfilled reveals a stark picture of shortages.

The life is being squeezed out of the service by Conservatives who are quite simply failing to inject sufficient money to enable it to survive let alone thrive.

If the DUP, who are propping up Theresa May and her toadies, cared anything for the NHS there would be a few phone calls to Number 10 and an advance on that PS1billion we've yet to see anything of.

NHS staff daily perform miracles yet we urgently need more of those staff and the tools for them to do their jobs, whether these be hospital beds, ambulances or more GPs.

And if nurses are the life-blood of our hospitals they are bleeding out.

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Title Annotation:News; Opinion; Columns
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 15, 2018
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