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NEXPO 2000 at the booths.

Booth: 4725

A-American Press Parts

STAFFED BY: Tom Sweeney, Mark Keller, Donn Stephan

EXHIBIT: A-American Press Parts will display a variety of parts from their inventory of RTP, press and folder parts, as well as their line of titanium nitrade knives and slitters. A-American offers same-day or short lead-time shipping for most mechanical, electrical, or pneumatic consumables.

Rockford, IL

888-434-0888; Fax: 815-965-1049;;

Web site:

Booth: 4117

ABB Automation, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Jeff Curtis, Jeff Gelfand, Lynn Deimel, Hans Wirth, David Zepada

EXHIBIT: ABB Automation will feature integrated press control and drive systems for new and retrofit applications: MPS 700-Control Console, an ergonomic design with full graphics; MPS Production 4.0, for interactive production/product planning and presetting; MPS760 press control and drive system for shaftless presses; and advanced press drives, including the ACS600 Digital AC Direct Torque Control and the DC500 Digital DC Drive.

New Berlin, WI

262-785-3200; 262-785-6295;;;

Web site:

Booth: 2408


STAFFED BY: Rachel Strauss, Marketing; Carlos Mena, Sales

EXHIBIT: Accrue is the leading provider of Internet enterprise software solutions for optimizing the effectiveness of e-tail, clicks-and- mortar, and e-media initiatives. Accrue's complete line of visitor tracking and data mining applications feature powerful descriptive and prescriptive engines for customer segmentation, profiling, targeting, and merchandise assortment planning that enables e-Business managers to effectively convert clicks to customers.

Fremont, CA

510-580-4500; Fax: 510-580-4501;;

Web site:

Booth: 1554

AccuData America

STAFFED BY: Jeff Johnson, Don Eaker, Mary Jo Yafchak

EXHIBIT: AccuData will demonstrate how to use data and data enhancement products such as appending, profiling, and regression analysis to enhance new customer aquisition, customer retention, and loyalty efforts.

Cape Coral, FL

941-549-1111; Fax: 941-540-5372;;

Web site:

Booth: 941


STAFFED BY: Dr. Joel Myers, Jim Burke, Jean Hauser, Chris Kirkpatrick

EXHIBIT: AccuWeather provides complete custom weather pages to more than 700 newspapers, including localized weather content for the Internet, directly onto a site or as a co-branded site.

State College, PA

814-237-0309; Fax: 814-235-8509;;

Web site:

Booth: 2815

STAFFED BY: Leslie Bernhard, Eli Rousso, Bill Mills, Beth Williams, Michael Johnson, Adam Leff

EXHIBIT: is a leading channel for classified ad placement across the Internet and other electronic delivery vehicles. Via, provides newspaper publishers with a Web based sales channel for advertisers to easily compose, schedule, pay, and deliver their advertising electronically.

Marina del Rey, CA

310-577-8255; Fax: 310-577-8266;;

Web site:

Booth: 2607

Advanced Publishing Technology

STAFFED BY: David Kraai, Jeff Sie, Ken Barber, Mike Seller, Ed Hale, Corbin Morse

EXHIBIT: Advanced Publishing Technology will be exhibiting its line of ACT software products developed for the newspaper and magazine publishing industries. The entire suite of Advanced Publishing Technology products will be shown in a mock publishing environment to demonstrate complete print and Web production of a daily newspaper using ACT software. ACT Editorial will be shown in a production scenario to demonstrate how the Advanced Publishing Technology products handle workflow of stories and photos through full pagination and Internet publication with ACTWeb, the new Web module from Advanced Publishing Technology. The ACT Classified and Display Advertising demonstration will showcase Advanced Publishing Technology's solution to ad order entry, scheduling, pricing, billing, and accounts receivable. The final stage of the demonstration will be full advertising pagination and an in depth demonstration of ACTWeb Advertising. Along with these scenarios, an ad building demonstration will be shown using AdMaster, an ad tracking program new to the growing line of Advanced Publishing Technology publishing products.

Burbank, CA

818-557-3035; Fax: 818-557-1281;;

Web site:

Booth: 1307

Advanced Technical Solutions, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Al Edwards, Pres.; Bill Page, V.P.; Anand Bangalore, V.P.

EXHIBIT: ATS will premier NewsDesk III, a multi-purpose content and database centered publishing system, featuring the new database Navigator for tight integration of content management, with either Adobe InDesign, or QuarkXPress for layout and output control. ATS will also feature the AdVisor Advertising system designed to increase productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction at publications with sophisticated and demanding sales environments; IPS AdOnTime for e- Commerce Internet order entry and ad management; AdFax, a solution that solves faxed ads, workflow, and productivity issues; and Circ2000, the circulation system and softbook delivery companion developed by CNT Corp. for handling delivery and customer relations management.

Wilmington, MA

978-657-6500; Fax: 978-657-6543;;

Web site:

Booth: 637

Advanced Wireless Solutions, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Patrick Baker, Kathy Johnson, Chris Haddad, Paul Prine, Mark Johnson

EXHIBIT: Advanced Wireless Solutions provides new automated dispatch and information on demand applications designed to keep mobile workforces in contact with frequently changing demands. Specialists will demonstrate how to join clients who have integrated AWS into their businesses.

Tampa, FL

813-915-0882; Fax: 813-915-1968;

Web site:

Booth: 718


STAFFED BY: Dan Connors, Brian Connors

EXHIBIT: AdzGalore is a monthly news subscription service, offering automotive and real estate ad layouts exclusively on-line.

Escondido, CA

760-746-1171; Fax: 760-737-7091;;

Web site:

Booth: 313

Agile Enterprise (a Division of Applied Graphics Technologies)

STAFFED BY: Frank Rizzo, G.M.; John Vins, Customer Support Manager; Tony Lynch, Product Marketing Manager; Alan Moyer, Kelly, Kelly Wheat

EXHIBIT: Agile will display TeamBase, a cross-platform editorial system that allows the user to view automated XML and HTML co-purposing of entire publications in real-time; allows remote bureaus to edit, submit, and route files and pictures with just an Internet browser; displays wire files and images while designing pages; enables database publishing to build QuarkXPress and HTML pages on demand; and updates text and graphics automatically.

603-880-6440; Fax: 603-880-6450;

Web site:

Booth: 4832

ALTA Graphics, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Al Taber, Bill Kanipe, Al Taber Jr., Rene Aguirre, Sam Pal

EXHIBIT: ALTA Graphics will provide detailed information on the availability of new and used web presses, used inserters, stitchers, trimmers, offline quarter folders, and other bindery and mailroom equipment.

Roswell, GA

770-552-1528; Fax: 770-552-2669;;

Web site:

Booth: 2343

Anitec Newspaper Company

STAFFED BY: Joe South, Pres. & G.M.; Michael Bonham, V.P. (Sales & Marketing)

EXHIBIT: Anitec will showcase Newsetter, a thermal computer-to-plate system, specifically for the newspaper market. Its modular design is intended to satisfy the requirements of both small and large printers. Also on display is the high speed thermal plate featuring no dot gain.

Holyoke, MA

800-777-5883; Fax: 800-777-2136;;

Web site:

Booth: 215

Anocoil Corporation

STAFFED BY: C. G. Knorr Jr., V.P. (Marketing & Sales); Al Barnard, National Accounts Manager; S. Schunk, Customer Service Manager

EXHIBIT: Anocoil Corp. will be exhibiting its 830 T-Plate for newspaper platemaking, which is a new thermal plate for C-T-P use, imaged in the new Creo trendsetter 2637F.

Rockville, CT

800-492-7286; Fax: 860-872-0534

Booth: 627

Artes Graficas Magazine

STAFFED BY: Alfredo Domador, Associate Publisher; Carolina Sanchez- Shay, Account Executive; Maria Elena Boudet, Account Executive

EXHIBIT: Artes Graficas is a multimedia (Internet & Print) publication serving the information needs of the Latin American graphic arts industry. It reaches over 24,000 printing, newspaper, and graphic arts professionals with BPA-qualified subscribers in 20 countries.

Coral Gables, FL

305-448-6875; Fax: 305-448-9942;;

Web site:

Booth: 2007

The Associated Press

STAFFED BY: Dan Day, Membership Executive; Jeffrey Hastie, Deputy Director of Communications; Andy Lippman, California Membership Executive

EXHIBIT: The Associated Press will feature online resources for editors and reporters: including: AP ServerNT, AP Streaming News, XML delivery, AdSend, AdRes, AP Photo Archive, AP Graphics, Ap photos, Your AP, and AP Politics

New York, NY

212-621-1500; Fax: 212-621-1723;;

Web site:

Booth: 1341

ASTECH Intermedia

STAFFED BY: Tom Ratkovich, Patrick Glennon, Rick Matsumoto

EXHIBIT: ASTECH Intermedia, a strategic marketing company, will showcase products and solutions designed to improve the profitability of their clients' relationships with their customers. Marketing solutions such as R-Logic and Media Genie, a new advertising product co-developed by ASTECH and the Tactician Corporation, will be demonstrated. Media Genie is a Web-based product that enables advertisers and advertising sales representatives to perform site analyses, build trade areas by radii or driving distance, overlay advertising zones, and facilitate pricing and order placement for advertising inserts.

Denver, CO

303-296-9966; Fax: 303-296-9969;

Web site:

Booth: 4735

'Ataboy, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Howard McBane; Greg Lang

EXHIBIT: Specializing in press system integration, training, and digital OEM product development, 'Ataboy offers OEM products with a pre-designed upgrade path, enhanced functionality, and simple installation. On-site courses, providing site personnel with training geared to their equipment, are also available.

Burlington, NJ

609-387-4908; Fax: 609-387-7165;

Booth: 4111

Atex Media Solutions, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Max Coeburgh, Mark Reyna

EXHIBIT: Specializing in digital advertising and content management solutions, Atex will demonstrate Enterprise, Atex Online Advertising, Omnex, Prestige, and the latest Atex new media strategies.

Bedford, MA

781-275-2323; Fax: 781-276-1240;;

Web site:

Booth: 4613

The Austin Company

STAFFED BY: Michael M. Pusich, V.P./Manager (Newspaper Group); Steven L. Derman, V.P. of Planning and Design (Newspaper Group); Michael M. McCaleb, Director of Business Development (Newspaper Group)

EXHIBIT: Austin specializes in the planning, design, engineering, and construction of newspaper printing and distribution facilities, including office and support buildings. The exhibit will feature photographs of current and recently completed projects -- new facilities, renovations, and expansions. Austin's comprehensive facility services are available on an integrated design-build basis, or in any combination.

Cleveland, OH

216-382-600 x 681;

Fax: 216-291-6684;;

Web site:

Booth: 1131

Autologic Information

International, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Dennis Doolittle, Pres.; Al Brunner, V.P. (Sales and Marketing); Allan Cross, Western Regional Sales Manager; Dave Doyle, Eastern Regional Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Autologic will focus on CTP imaging solutions and pre-press to pressroom workflow solutions. The APS 3850 CTP wide imager will be operating live in the booth, producing newspaper tabloid and broadsheet plates. The imager will be online to a processor and plate punch/bender delivering plates ready for the press. Over 50 CTP units have been sold including regular and wide format models. APS plateroom manager will also be featured. PRM is a goal-based system designed to assist with the management of plate production. APS plateroom manager offers not only a window into the "filmless" environment of CTP, but provides the necessary control over the entire process. A clear picture of each edition and page status of every separation is provided from the point of input on through to press, including deadline warnings. You know at all times where pages are and what their status is. The combination of APS 3850 CTP and APS plateroom manager provides a powerful production solution.

Thousand Oaks, CA

805-498-9611; Fax: 805-499-1167;;

Web site:

Booth: 4437

Baldwin Enkel Corporation

STAFFED BY: Thomas Carroll, Charles Kaiser, Holly Fleming

EXHIBIT: Baldwin Enkel Corporation will be exhibiting an AR75 splicer. This splicer is a core accelerated, two-arm turret style, flying splicer. The base unit is free-standing employing steel framework and requires no mechanical connection to the press for operation. Core acceleration with digital speed lock ensures accurate speed match of the new roll to the expiring web prior to splicing.

Rockford, IL

815-654-9355; Fax: 815-654-3331;

Web site:

Booth: 4437

Baldwin Kansa

STAFFED BY: Ron Swint, Pres./

Marketing Director; Chris McCune, Senior Marketing Rep.; Jesse Miser, Assistant Marketing Manager; Kevin Paige, Marketing Rep.; Joe Zumbrum, Service Manager; Joe Patterson, Marketing Rep.

EXHIBIT: Baldwin Kansa will be operating and demonstrating their new eight station multi-feeder (featuring shaftless design), 320 inserter, 480 inserter, 760 inserter, ink jet labeling, 209 Count-O-Veyor, Kansa stacker, 600 feeder base, 550 pressure sensitive labeling head, 525 quarterfolder, horizontal and vertical belt conveyor, quadracarts, and joggers and skid load levers.

Emporia, KS

316-343-6700; Fax: 316-343-2180;;

Web site:

Booth: 2031

Baseview Products, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Vicki Blair, V.P. & G.M.; Dave Luther, Development Director; Jim Meyer, V.P.; Jerry Leasure, Director of Installation & Training; Bill Doty, Support Director; Jean Pearson, Sales Manager; Steve Trombino, Marketing Director; Patty Gillum, Education Director; Joe Mielke, Special Services Manager; Mark Best, Advertising Product Manager; Jack Rosenzweig, Editorial Product Manager; Blake Girardot, Internet Product Manager; Jeff Gapp, Production Product Manager

EXHIBIT: Baseview Products will showcase its latest e-commerce publishing products and services, and demonstrate updates to its popular circulation, editorial, advertising, production management, and Web publishing software products. Baseview will provide attendees with "how-to" demonstrations on digital publishing, e-commerce for publishers, Web publishing, and repurposing.

Ann Arbor, MI

734-662-5800; Fax: 734-662-5204;;

Web site:

Booth: 4484

Baumer Electric

STAFFED BY: Ed Leese, Director (Sales and Marketing); Stephen Petronio, Manager (Engineering); Mike Bean, Regional Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Baumer Electric's Scatec-1 and Scatec-2 laser-based paper sheet detectors count up to 1.5 million copies or folios per hour in a continuous flow. Sheets as thin as 0.1mm are detected with no adjustments required for paper thickness or color variations. Adaptable to fit any stream counting or stacker application.

Southington, CT

860-621-2121; Fax: 860-6280;;

Web site:

Booth: 3501

Baumuller, LNI

STAFFED BY: Ambruster, Scholz, Baur, Wendler, Tagget

EXHIBIT: Baumuller will showcase their new products, including MagaDrive, with an acceleration encoder, and motion systems. Baumuller will demonstrate MegaDrive and motors, the Baudis Drive Diagnostic System, and CAn Sync Technology.

Bloomfield, CT

860-243-0232; Fax: 860-286-3080;;

Web site:

Booth: 2324

Bell & Howell Information and Learning

STAFFED BY: Jason Pierson, Tony Dempewolf

EXHIBIT: Bell & Howell Information and Learning will showcase ProQuest Archiver, a new publication archiving service that combines the technologies of UMI, Data Times, and Infonautics. Designed for internal and external archiving, ProQuest Archiver accesses information both by date and relevancy.

Ann Arbor, MI

734-761-4700; Fax: 734-975-6486;

Web site:


Bellatrix Systems, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Bill Hemingway, Pres.; Steve Morris, Senior V.P. (Marketing/Sales); Bill Raven, V.P. (Business Development)

EXHIBIT: Bellatrix will display Single-Trak, their complete data acquisition and management system. Also featured will be newsweek electronic coin mechanisms the Coin Wizard and the Magic System, as well as the Freedom Series and Impact.

Bond, OR

541-382-2208; Fax: 541-385-3277;;

Web site:

Booth: 2225

Beta Industries

STAFFED BY: Arnold Serchuk, Larry Goldberg, Les Nichols

EXHIBIT: Beta Industries will display their control and measuring devices for the printing industry.

Carlstadt, NJ

201-939-2400; Fax: 201-939-7656;;

Web site:

Booth: 1452

Binuscan, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Jean Marie Binucci, Roland Ciadoux, Julien Febure, Bruno Courbage

EXHIBIT: Binuscan software products focus on streamlining prepress production and maximizing digital image quality. Binuscan will introduce version 5.0 of Binuscan ColorPro, its leading solution for automatic image processing and workflow management.

Mamaroneck, NY

914-381-3780; Fax: 914-381-3742;;

Web site:

Booth: 4984

Bishamon Industries Corporation

STAFFED BY: David McDonald, Robert Clark, Wataru "Stretch" Sugiura

EXHIBIT: Bishamon Industries will display the EZ-Loader and LVE lift table, manual pallet loaders and unloaders.

Ontario, CA

909-390-0055; Fax: 909-390-0060;;

Web site:

Booth: 4016

Chuck Blevins & Associates

STAFFED BY: Chuck Blevins, Dick Keener, Kevin Anderson, Janelle Piccola

EXHIBIT: Chuck Blevins & Associates, a newspaper/printing consulting firm, provides product and operations planning, facility design, equipment determination, specifications and layout, operations efficiency and quality improvement, and general operations and distribution consulting. With offices in Virginia and Colorado, the CBA team includes engineers, architects, process analysists, mailroom managers, operations directors, and print media experts.

Vienna, VA

703-883-2200; Fax: 703-242-7712;;

Web site:

Booth: 1807

Brainworks Software

Development Corp.

STAFFED BY:John Barry, Barbara Lampasona, Laura Walgren, Shari Mendez, Laurie Lewis

EXHIBIT: Brainworks Software will present Brainworks 2000, an advertising managment system featuring ad order entry, manifesting, billing, accounting, contract and credit management, co-op, electronic tearsheets, financial models, and integration with pagination and classified. Brainworks will also display palmtops, prospect management, ad-hoc data mining, and instant account history products.

Sayville, NY

800-886-6434; Fax: 631-563-6320;;

Web site:

Booth: 3234

Buhrs Americas, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Jon Stevens, Sales Manager (West USA); Tony Cockerham, V.P. (Sales); Josie Muigai, Marketing Manager

EXHIBIT: Buhrs Americas will exhibit their printed media distribution systems.

Plymouth, MN

800-944-6575; Fax: 763-557-9700;;

Web site:

Booth: 3238

Burgess Industries, Inc.

STAFFED BY: DJ Burgess, Pres.; Joe Stein, National Product Manager; Mike McDonald, Product Specialist; Randy Perlick, Technical Sales

EXHIBIT: Burgess Industries, Inc., will introduce several new products, including Burgess Work Flow, an after-imaging CTP Plate Management System which completely automates plate handling processes including, plate punching, plate shearing, plate bending, plate sorting, and transport to the press; Burgess SuperBender Technology, with "On Command" programmable control of all bending parameters including bend dimensions in .0001" increments, and bend angles in 1/3 degree increments to accomodate multiple press aplications; and Plate Processors, for CTP and traditional plate making, that feature single and dual brush dip tank processing, multiple spray bars and built in re-circulation systems.

Plymouth, MN

612-553-7800; Fax: 612-553-9289;

Booth: 4009

Burt Technologies, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Richard F. Burt, James C. Burt, Larry L. Frakes, Byron Hays

EXHIBIT: Burt Technologies Inc. will display their newest technologies, Burt-in-a-Box, and OCI (Open Control Interface). Their new Open Integration architecture is aimed at increasing packaging and distribution management functionality, speed, and ease of implementation, allowing integration options to any system, machine, or down stream control provider.

Evergreen, CO

303-674-3232; Fax: 303-670-0978;;

Web site:

Booth: 4276

CAE Alpheus, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Ken Lay, Mike Weston

EXHIBIT: CAE Alpheus will feature the CO2 Miniblast line of portable dry ice blasting systems. CO2 Miniblast replaces solvents, hand scrubbing and steam cleaning in removing ink (wet and dry), grease, paper, dust, and coatings from printing presses. Dry ice disappears on contact with press surfaces.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

909-481-6444; Fax: 909-481-9724;;

Web site:

Booth: 734

Camera Bits

STAFFED BY: Dennis Walker

EXHIBIT: Camera Bits will be demonstrating its software for digital camera workflow and editing. Camera Bits' updated Photo Mechanic image browser now includes support for JPEG photos, and is optimized for the Nikon D1 camera. Camera Bits' new update for the Quantum Mechanic filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop now includes a special high ISO "de- banding" filter for the Nikon D1. Camera Bits's will also be demonstrating digital camera photo workflow solutions in conjunction with co-exhibitors JobMinder and Archives & Images.

Portland, OR

503-531-8430; Fax: 503-531-8429;;

Web site:

Booth: 4525

Canadian Web Consultants LTD

STAFFED BY: Stephen Tweddle, Pres.; Michele Belanger, V.P., J.P. Belanger, Service Manager

EXHIBIT: CWC specializes in turn key installations, rebuilds and repairs, project coordination, equipment evaluations, and in-house hands-on training and seminars. Operating on a global spectrum, CWC utilizes over 30 years of graphic art experience and has a staff of installers, field service technicians, electricians, and printers.

Aurora, Ontario

905-841-8523; Fax: 905-727-2513;

Booth: 4278

Cannon Equipment

STAFFED BY: Pat Geraghty, Joe Bixler, Mark Hanson

EXHIBIT: Cannon Equipment, specializing in cart loading and cart distribution equipment, will introduce COMET (Cart Operating and Management Enterprise Technology) software for operation of the NCL Series II newspaper cart loader. Other products include the EZ-Lock Cart with doors, automatic cart storage lanes, depot equipment, and display racks.

Rosemont, MN

651-322-6300; Fax: 651-322-1756;

Booth: 3521

Capital Track Co.

STAFFED BY: Matt Caldwell

EXHIBIT: Capital Track supplies manual systems for transporting paper rolls between paper storage and the reel room. Capital offers both cast iron and low profile manual roll handling systems.

Columbus, OH

614-221-4110; Fax: 614-225-9834;;

Web site:

Booth: 931

CCI Europe

EXHIBIT: CCI NewsDesk is a full, coherent editorial system favored by newspapers who will not compromise newsroom solutions, and is now featuring browser based reporter solution and integrated multimedia archive. CCI AdDesk, the first true cross-media advertising solution, integrates the advertising selling, production, and tracking workflow into a complete, efficient advertising and business information system.

Hoejberg, Denmark

45-87-33-55-88; Fax: 45-87-33-51-88;;

Web site:

Booth: 4763

CCL Labeling Equipment

STAFFED BY: Sandra Huerta, Sales and Marketing Coordinator; Peter Necholson, Technical Development Manager; Tom Schuh, Research & Development Engineer

EXHIBIT: CCL Labeling Equipment and 3M will exhibit the new Post-it Note Publication Labeler, with a full production line from Quipp Systems and the San Francisco Chronicle daily newspaper.

Ontario, CA

909-605-8213; Fax: 909-605-6203;;

Web site:

Booth: 2039


EXHIBIT: GMTI will present, a suite of applications that automates print and electronic advertising production

Web site:

Booth: 2531

CKP Newspaper Systems, Inc.

EXHIBIT: Millennium Advertising and Editorial are fully integrated pre- press production and pagination systems. Millennium systems feature "thin client" run-anywhere Java GUI's, and fast system performance. Extremely fault-tolerant database management combined with built-in support for Internet and extranet applications, provide new opportunities for driving Web publishing and sales.

Bedford, NH

603-472-5825; Fax: 603-472-3082;;

Web site:

Booth: 2052

Claritas, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Kim Brooks, Matt Wolff, Renee Unglesbee, Mary Beth Perrot

EXHIBIT: Claritas specializes in marketing information resources for the newspaper industry. Claritas provides ROI-based customer targeting solutions to help our newspaper clients systematically identify, quantify, reach, and retain advertisers and subscribers.

San Diego, CA

800-866-6510; Fax: 858-550-5800;;

Web site:

Booth: 3308

Cleveland Electric Company

STAFFED BY: Robin Jeansonne, Mike Forrest, Jeff Vines, Amos Stacey

EXHIBIT: Cleveland Electric Company has a team of technicians who provide emergency services, installations, preventative maintenance programs, upgrades and retrofits, video thermographic surveys, and circuit breaker testing and repair.

Atlanta, GA

800-241-7345; Fax: 404-505-4664;;

Web site:

Booth: 131

CNI Corporation

STAFFED BY: John Dickinson, David Farrell

EXHIBIT: AdDesk is a revolutionary system for managing customer supplied display ads, legals, photos, obituaries, and more. The system is web based and has no fees. AdDesk's resource center explains how to build ads, photos, and color. Display Ad Tracker is the most popular ad tracking and management system.

Milford, NH

617-244-5546; Fax: 617-244-0952;;

Web site:

Booth: 736

Coleman/Caskey Architects, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Allen F. Flanders, Doug R. Cruse, Linda A. Wright

EXHIBIT: Coleman/Caskey Architects will feature photographs and descriptions of recently completed newspaper facilities, including pressrooms, mailrooms, quiet rooms, newsprint storage, and office facilites.

Costa Mesa, CA

714-327-1600; Fax: 714-327-1601

Booth: 4661

Control Group, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Richard Atwater, Pres.; Darrell Hinson, V.P. (Sales); Dick Hirst, Sales Manager (North America)

EXHIBIT: CGI manufactures and sells digital inking systems for use in two wide range of upgrades. We have conversions available for Pump and Rail upgrades, double-width open fountain conversions, as well as our single-width open fountain conversion. Some of these products represent the only conversion of its type available.

Rockford, IL

815-227-0027; Fax: 815-227-0025;

Web site:

Booth: 207

CreoScitex America

STAFFED BY: Paul Willis, Industry Marketing Manager (Publishing); Neil McLean, 4-up Team Leader (Publishing); Chris Kelly, Manager (Publishing)

EXHIBIT: CreoScitex specializes in solutions for the graphic arts industry. Product lines on display include image capture systems; inkjet proofers; thermal imaging devices for films, plates and proofs; professional color and copydot scanning systems; and workflow management software. CreoScitex is also an original equipment manufacture supplier of imaging technology for on-press imaging equipment.

Bedford, MA

781-275-5150; Fax: 781-275-3430;;

Web site:

Booth: 1107

CText, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Larry H. Moore, Chairman/CEO; Lynne Punnett, Chief Operating Officer; Eugene Kiel, V.P. (Marketing and Strategic Planning); Dave Austin, V.P. (Customer Services); Bill Clark, Director of Sales; Paul Mrozinski, Sales Executive

EXHIBIT: CText will exhibit AdVision, a classified advertising product; ALPS, an automatic layout and pagination system for classified ads; Ad Commerce, a real-time web-searchable database; and Dateline, an editorial product for utilizing componenets such as Word v8.0 and QuarkXPress 4.0.

Ann Arbor, MI

734-677-4700; Fax: 734-677-4747;;

Web site:

Booth: 4964

Dario Designs Inc.

STAFFED BY: David Hogan, V.P.; Dario Dimare, Pres.; David Ehrhardt, Project Manager

EXHIBIT: Dario Design is the only architectural and consulting firm that specializes strictly in newspaper facility design. Some of the services offered are production equipment selection and layout, newsroom and advertising deptartment design, architecture, engineering (structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection), strategic planning, and environmental/safety audits.

Framingham, MA

508-877-4444; Fax: 508-877-4474;

Booth: 3229

Data Engineering Ltd.

STAFFED BY: Jarmo SeppAnan, Marina Sundelin-JArvi

EXHIBIT: Data Engineering is a leading manufacturer of ink key pre- setting measurment and quality control equipment. Data Engineering will be exhibiting F-PAR and Pagevision products along with personal demonstrations.

Helsinki, Finland

358-9-759-1988; Fax: 358-9-786-626;;

Web site:

Booth: 1607

Data Sciences Inc.

STAFFED BY: Mark Ganslaw, Dan Martini, Deane Parkhurst, Kelli Nowak, Nancy Carter, Kim Andrews

EXHIBIT: Newspapers with daily circulations from 14,000 to 1.7 million are running live with DSI/Circulation and/or DSI/Advertising. These innovative systems feature a common Oracle database. Unlimited marketing activities are supported as well as day-to-day operations. With Microsoft Windows compliant systems offering true client/ server Technology, DSI is the leader in newspaper business system development.

Laurel, MD

301-957-0100; Fax: 301-957-0111;;

Web site:

Booth: 4417

Dauphin Graphic Machines, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Chris Lunt, Dave Moreland, Jack Little, Dave Romberg, Bob Dietz,

EXHIBIT: DGM will be unveiling the new DGM-855 tower. 55,000 iph four- high tower featuring a radical design, shaftless technology, in-line cylinder geometry, all in a 15' 6" tower design. The DGM-855 features three ink form rollers and three oscillators per inking couple.

Elizabethville, PA

717-362-3243; Fax: 717-362-0978;

Web site:

Booth: 4743

DAY International

STAFFED BY: Michael Neroni, Larry Cabaniss, Jim Messer

EXHIBIT: DAY International will be exhibiting their full line of offset printing blankets for newspaper printing.

Dayton, OH

937-224-7124; Fax: 937-226-1466;

Web site:

Booth: 4003


STAFFED BY: Gary J. Carroll, Ijen Huang, Christer Olsson

EXHIBIT: DENEX will showcase InfoTrack, a consolidated production management and information system that handles totalizing, newsprint, inventory, and production reporting. InfoTrack tracks and controls all aspects of production waste and delivery statistics, improving efficiency. Also on display will be the latest in Laser CopySensors.

Pittsburgh, PA

412-369-3590; Fax: 412-369-3599;;

Web site:

Booth: 716

Devlin Electronics Limited

STAFFED BY: Richard Sucher, Martin Baker

EXHIBIT: Delvin Electronics manufactures a comprehensive range of pre- press keyboards. The keyboards offer traditional keys to allow "single key strokes" for normal "multi-key" applications. The range includes interfaces for Atex, SII, Unisys, Apple/Mac, and any PC platform. We also place heavy emphasis on reliability with contactless keyswitch technology.

Basingstoke, United Kingdom


Fax: 44-1234-210820;;

Web site:

Booth: 2039

Digital Collections

EXHIBIT: GMTI will present, Digital Collections a system that provides online multimedia databases for digital asset management and information commerce.

Web Site:

Booth: 2507

Digital Data Publishing, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Javier Semerene, Juan Botero, Eduardo Velandia, Heriberto Garcia, Gerardo Trevino

EXHIBIT: Digital Data Publishing will display their Internet/Intranet/Extranet editorial, classified, and display ad systems for the newspaper and Web publishing industries. These products include DDPI Dalai Editorial, DDPI Dalai Commerical, and the DDPI Digital DataBank.

Weston, FL

954-349-5400; Fax: 954-349-5401;;

Web site:

Booth: 2334

Digital Media, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Michael Budd, Phillip T. Traicoff, Jill Erisman

EXHIBIT: Digital Media, specializing in prepress training on CD-ROM, will introduce, a Web-based software skills management system. features graphic application and/or process-specific skills assessment tools. These tests are designed to interactively assess skill sets in existing and potential desktop personnel. This Web-based application also provides a training and skills management system. Digital Media creates, publishes, markets, and supports interactive educational software for both print and design professionals. The company's courses teach the process from creation to output so that learning curves are reduced and productivity is maximized. Designing, editing, producing, and managing digital content for print and electronic publishing are taught for Macintosh and Windows environments.

Bloomington, IN

800-355-6429; Fax: 812-355-3040;;

Web site:

Booth: 717

Digital Technology International

STAFFED BY: Don Oldham, CEO; JoAnn Froelich, Pres./Chief Operating Officer; Dave Oldham, Demos; Marilyn Evans, Demos; US Regional Sales Managers

EXHIBIT: Digital Technology Inter-national specializes in mature, media-neutral databases for both print and on-line publishing, integrated with client applications for page planning and budgeting, text editing, display and classified advertising, pagination, asset management, and archiving. Along with these products, DTI will be introducing solutions for database-managed Internet publishing and advertsing.

Springville, UT

801-853-5000; Fax: 801-853-5001;;

Web site:

Booth: 2927

Dimensional Insight

STAFFED BY: Frederick Powers, Ed O'Brien, Russ Madle, David Sultmiller

EXHIBIT: Dimensional Insight offers business intelligence solutions enabling users immediate access to key business metrics that they use to manage and track their business. Newspapers use our technology to track sales dollars, monitor subscription sales, and customer renewals. Furthermore, DI has developed highly targeted marketing campaigns and provide detailed answers to demographic circulation questions.

Burlington, MA

781-229-9111; Fax: 781-229-9113;;

Web site:

Booth: 2048

DK&A, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Charles James, Rick Perrelet, Frank Galang, Trish de Leon

EXHIBIT: DK&A will display INposition, the only imposition software that can impose native QuarkXPress files, along with PageMaker and PDF from their native formats. DK&A will also showcase INposition Lite, designed for simpler jobs utilizing a single QuarkXPress document.

San Diego, CA

858-488-8118; Fax: 858-488-4021;;

Web site:

Booth: 742

Douthitt Corporation

STAFFED BY: John G. Diehl, James E. Haggerty, Mark W. Diehl

EXHIBIT: Douthitt will be displaying the semi-automated twin frame GEMINI plate exposure system. The Gemini eliminates the need for latches and flipping while doubling productivity and improving quality. Work faster and easier while relying on the robust construction and reliability that comes with every Douthitt Exposure Unit. For over 80 years Douthitt has provided the industry with innovation, quality, selecion, reliability, and durability. Douthitt is also pleased to announce the availability of the flexographic twin-frame exposure unit designed for the Napp flexographic newspaper plates. No longer do you have to sacrifice good vacuum contact, speed, reliability, and quality, and in addition, this unit is also ideal for offset plates and proofing applications.

Detroit, MI

313-259-1565; Fax: 313-259-6806;;

Web site:

Booth: 710

Duarte Register Systems, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Martin A. Peters, Kevin Klass, Martin Chester, Marco Cerna

EXHIBIT: Duarte Register Systems will display their Dual-Plate Slot Gap Lockup for Urbanite and Community presses, bringing polyester plate technology to the single-wide press. The register system includes punches and lockups designed to allow plate-set polyester plates or standard aluminum plates to run in register or on a single-wide web press. Also on display will be Duarte's WEB-STEP Tiling System for tiling pre-punched imageset output in a platemaker, using existing register systems.

Palo Alto, CA

800-345-6445; Fax: 650-493-0178;;

Web site:

Booth: 4253

DYC Supply Company

STAFFED BY: Kevin Kennedy, Jack Valdespino, Jim Kearns

EXHIBIT: DYC will exhibit their line of quality, longer lasting printing blankets. The new NP-21 4-ply, which has been designed for use on all newspaper presses especially Gross Colorliner and TKS towers, along with the new NP-99 are being introduced at Nexpo 2000. The NP-99 is also a 4-ply, no pack blanket design for use on all newspaper presses, even on older vintage Goss Metros, Metroliners, Urbanites and Community presses where controlled feed is required.

Teaneck, NJ

800-446-8240; Fax: 757-486-5689;;

Web site:

Booth: 4253

Dynaric, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Mike Ameser, Len Brown, Peter Eckblab, Bob Frey, Steve Mishler, Mike Moses, Mert Pratt

EXHIBIT: Dynaric, Inc., the largest supplier of newspaper strapping machines, is offering a sneak preview of their latest developement in strapping technology, namely, the new AirPlus. In addition, Dynaric is introducing the new D-2100A fully automatic, operator-free, off-line strapper. In edition the exhibit will also contain the NP-3 high speed newspaper strapping machine and the NP-1500 newspaper strapper.

Teaneck, NJ

800-526-0827; Fax: 201-692-7757;;

Web site:

Booth: 3311

EAE Group

STAFFED BY: Dave Robinson, Chris Eickhoff

EXHIBIT: The EAE Group offers a full line of electronic control and software products designed to enhance press and mailroom performance. EAE offers both the OPS1 controls support pressroom operations for both new and retrofit applications, and the OPS2 supervisory systems to support presetting (via RIP/Scan interface) and production controll.

Marietta, GA

770-421-0774; Fax:770-421-0731;;

Web site:

Booth: 3317

EAM-Mosca Corp.

STAFFED BY: Robert Leighton, V.P.; Dierk Wessel, Pres.; Jay Trenkamp, Regional Manager

EXHIBIT: EAM-Mosca will exhibit the newTRZ and strapping system, coupled with TRI cross-strapping system. The new system features DC Motors with reliable operating functions and technology improvements.

West Hazelton, PA

800-456-3420; Fax: 570-455-2482;;

Web site:

Booth: 3620

Eclectic Company, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Ronald M. Wantz, Pres.

EXHIBIT: Eclectic Company Inc., will showcase Pressroom Environmental Systems, featuring the UMA 450 along with UMA 750 dust collectors for Eclectic pressroom dust control, and noise abatement systems for the folder and slitter group. Also on display will be their Eclectic waste ink reclaimer, Eclectic solvent recovery systems, inkmist control, and quiet rooms and enclosures.

Dayton, OH

513-934-4041; Fax: 513-934-4095;;

Web site:

Booth: 2723

Edgil Associates, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Ed Hopey, Pres.; Gil Wolsky, V.P.; Linda Gagnon, V.P. (Marketing); Steve Rosenfeld, V.P. (Sales)

EXHIBIT: Edgil Associates will introduce the new EdgCapture suite of products and services, including EdgCapture 3.0 and, offering e-commerce solutions for conducting advertising and circulation payments. Edgil will demonstrate D3, a customizable data management environment for electronic publishing, and, an online classified ad order entry and account management system.

Chelmsford, MA

978-251-9932; Fax: 978-251-9970;;

Web site:

Booth: 1707

Editor & Publisher

STAFFED BY: Dennis O'Neill, V.P./Publisher; Betsy Maloney, Associate Advertising Director; Eileen Long, Advertising Sales Manager; Howard Flood, Jill Martin, Derek Hamilton, Regional Sales Managers; Marybeth Johnston, V.P. (Marketing); Randy Larsen, CD-ROM and Directory Sales

EXHIBIT: Editor & Publisher products and services:

THE E&P INTERNATIONAL YEARBOOK, with three volumes of data: (1) U.S. and Canadian dailies; (2) U.S. and Canadian weeklies; (3) "Who's Where," a personnel directory of the major players in the newspaper industry.

The Newly Redesigned E&P MAGAZINE, featuring:

Breaking News -- Timely, weekly coverage. Our later deadline allows us to present the most recent news.

Cover Stories -- Our cover ad has been replaced with new cover stories -- ambitious, probing reports on the most important issues facing the industry today.

Technology News -- Special emphasis on all areas each week

New Media -- Latest news and analysis in a weekly section called "E&P Interactive". Now Monthly! Advertising/ Marketing -- Broad range of marketing issues including advertising, circulation, promotion and development of content to attract new readers.

Syndicates/News Services --

Comprehensive reporting on the syndicated world

Editorial -- Thoughtful commentary on timely issues.

Letters to the Editor -- Our readers are always ready to tell us what they think.

Newspeople in the News -- People on the move. New positions, promotions...


-Interactive Newspapers Dallas, TX. February 2001 It's the premier international conference and trade show on interactive newspapers and new media. This annual show, first held in 1990, attracts participants from all over the globe -- more than 1,400 at the 1999 conference. The three-day conference, with something for every type and size of paper and media company, is held each year in February at a major U.S. site.

-Online Classified Symposium: Online Classified Symposium; Monterey, CA, September 17-19, 2000. Each fall Editor & Publisher holds the annual Online Classifieds Symposium. Whether you already have an online classifieds section up and running or are still in the planning stages -- this conference is a must for your agenda. Learn about the latest trends. Meet experts in content, design, marketing, technology, strategic alliances and partnerships, and vendor relationships. There are more than 35 panel presentations and keynote speeches delivered from experienced professionals in the newspaper industry and allied fields. Our hall of exhibitors provides the perfect place to network with media professionals from around the country and share experiences of success and failure. Come visit E&P at booth #1707 and have your caricature drawn on the cover of E&P Magazine and enter drawings to win E&P polo shirts!

New York, NY

212-675-4380; 212-691-6971;;

Web site:

Booth: 4976


STAFFED BY: Susan Sulman, Pres.; Dave Maggs, Development Manager; Eric Wee, Electronic Commerce Director; Jeff Low, Account Manager; Jason Ang, Senior Analyst

EXHIBIT: EDIWISE will highlight its range of solutions for paper inventory and paper supply chain e-business needs.

Mississauga, Ontario

905-820-3084; Fax: 905-820-1498;;

Web site:

Booth: 1323

ELAPLAN Buchholz GmgH & Co.

STAFFED BY: Wolf Buchholz, Production Manager; Roland Weigenfind, Sales Manager; Michael Schultz, Development Manager

EXHIBIT: ELAPLAN offers CTP/CTF workflow components for OEM and distribution. MultiLink adapters provide standardized adaptation of film or CTP recorder on to various workflow solutions, including device control, confirm, and page track dialogs. The MultiLink Server allows spooling, recording, and balancing controlled by header/product name. The MultiControl centralizes recording of operating conditions, and processes in the production flow.

Schoenberg, Germany

49-4344-309-0; Fax: 49-4344-309-159;;

Web site:

Booth: 4737


STAFFED BY: Bob Davidson, Pres.; John Martin, Manager (Business Development); Cullen Barry, Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: EnterNet produces a Windows NT based inserter control system for packaging/mailrooms, featuring the "Bulls Eye" TMC program with "Address Specific" selective insertings to match consumer buying preferences. The system is fully integrated, device independent, and controls ink-jet printers and downstream devices - stackers to bundle wrappers.

Lombard, IL

630-268-2800; Fax: 630-268-2809;;

Web site:

Booth: 3214

Essex Products Group

STAFFED BY: Peter Griffin, Pete Alfano, Dick Brandenburg, Dale Fitzgerald

EXHIBIT: Essex Products Group will display KEYCOLOR remote ink control systems, featuring KEYCOLOR AUTOSET-preset jobs from CIP3 files; KEYCOLOR AUTOKEY to automatically adjust ink keys on web press color control systems or close the loop with scanning densitometers; and KEYCOLOR AUTOPAGE to set and adjust keys by page number. Also on display will be Essex's new Windows based operating system.

Centerbrook, CT

860-767-7130; Fax: 860-767-9137;;

Web site:

Booth: 1141

Excelerator Technologies LLC

STAFFED BY: Jerry Dyson, Pres.; Frank McCallister, Chief Information Officer; Bill McNey, Chief Operating Officer; Baxter Madden, Director (Database Engineering)

EXHIBIT: Excelerator Technologies, specializing in newspaper specific sales force automation tools for advertising divisions, will exhibit Media SalesExcelerator. Assisting advertising representatives in managing their customers and prospects, Media SalesExcelerator features a full year of account specific performance information, current market research, competitive comparisons, and the ability to schedule and transmit orders remotely.

Homewood, IL

708-957-8170; Fax: 708-957-8172;;

Web site:

Booth: 3725

FERAG Americas

STAFFED BY: Hernan Rincon, Pres. & CEO; Walter Wild, Senior Executive V.P. (Marketing); Joe Colletti, V.P. (North American Newspaper Sales); Michael Paschall, V.P. (North America Commercial Sales); Bill Gordon, V.P. (Trading Products); Herbert Wuest, Manager, Application Engineering; Mark Vitcov, Controller

EXHIBIT: Research, development, and production are Ferag's central objectives. Their aim is to target the needs of their customers using Ferag technology in the after-print processing of print media, both now and in the future. Ferag will display: UTR conveyor, intergrated control system (ICS), USA leader, and Journomat.

Bristol, PA

215-788-0892; Fax: 215-785-0604;;

Web site:

Booth: 3509

Fincor Electronics

STAFFED BY: Lee Hankey, Andrew R. Zyrek, Gordon Wood, Dan Wolke

EXHIBIT: Fincor will be showing single-width and double-width drive systems designed specifically for the newspaper printing industry. In addition both the model 5125 and the new model 5126 double-width drive upgrades to mount existing enclosures will be on display. Also included in the exhibit are the advanced AC and DC products for use in main drive systems, mailroom systems, and Footprint Shaftless applications.

York, PA

717-751-4311; Fax: 717-751-4263;;

Web site:

Booth: 4155

Flint Ink

STAFFED BY: Roy Beagle, V.P. & G.M. (News Ink); Norm Harbin, Director (News Ink Products); Mike Griffin, Events Coordinator

EXHIBIT: Flint Ink will highlight inks and technical services designed to meet the expectations of readers and advertisers. Exhibits include our Performance Plus offset colors, Rub-Free soy- and petroleum-based blacks, Quadraflex 4:4 high coverage flexo colors, and high-density, high-dilution Quantum HD flexo black system.

Ann Arbor, MI

734-622-6000; Fax: 734-622-6131;;

Web site:

Booth: 4449

FMC Corporation

STAFFED BY: John Harper, Sales Manager; Pat Conway, Director (Sales and Marketing); Matt Kuzmission, Customer Service

EXHIBIT: FMC Corporation has been supplying automated material handling equipment to the newsprint industry for over 50 years. FMC offers advanced AGV (Automated Guided Vehicile) technology, including automated and self-guided vehicles, automated press loading, system software, as well as press and mailroom material handling solutions.

Chalfont, PA

215-822-4300; Fax: 215-822-4553;;

Web site:

Booth: 339

Foley, Torregiani & Associates

STAFFED BY: James Torregiani, Charles Donovan, James Cuozzo

EXHIBIT: Foley, Torregiani & Associates will showcase ClassPage classified pagination systems for larger newspapers, and REAL (Retail Editorial Ad Layout) Systems.

Westport, CT

203-222-0496; Fax: 203-227-8225;;

Web site:

Booth: 1415

Freedom System Integrators Inc.

STAFFED BY: Nicholas R. Koriakin, V.P. (Sales & Marketing); Don Blecha, G.M.; Dennis Nierman, Pres.

EXHIBIT: FSI is a software developer and systems integrator specializing in PC or Mac client newspaper publishing systems. FSI will showcase the Freedom Series editorial and pagination, classified advertising and pagination, ROP Ad Layout/Page Dummy, Internet Class2Web and News2Web, and ad tracking/digital asset management solutions using the Oracle relational database and Windows NT Server.

Wichita, KS

316-722-8100; Fax: 316-722-8708;;

Web site:

Booth: 3601

Fuji Hunt Photographic

Chemicals, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Scott Clouston, Alice Peterson, Tom Rapacz, Jesse Rojas, Brad Phillips

EXHIBIT: Fuji Hunt will spotlight PressMax pressroom products and ChemPact Auto-Plus, an automatic, hands-off chemical handling system for prepress. Auto Plus requires only insertion of the vacuum-packed products. All functions (opening, mixing, replenishing, and silver recovery) are fully automatic. The PressMax line includes fountain solutions, alcohol replacement additives, and press washes.

Paramus, NJ

201-967-7500; Fax: 201-967-9299;;

Web site:

Booth: 4579


STAFFED BY: Mark Legac, Bob Bassett, Steve Glenn, Bob Manley, Leslie Figler, Karen Voncina, Mario Banci

EXHIBIT: Gammerler, manufacturer of in-line finishing equipment, will feature the new PrintPath STC-70 compensating stacker and the RS 11 trimmer. Launched at NEXPO 99, the PrintPath STC-70 has been installed in a wide variety of newspaper environments.

Hanover Park, IL;

Web Site:

Booth: 2039

Gannett Media Technologies


EXHIBIT: GMTI, specializing in software solutions for the publishing industry, will feature, a suite of applications that automates print and electronic advertising production. GMTI will also feature Digital Collections systems that provide online multimedia databases for digital asset management and information commerce.

New York, NY

800-801-3771; Fax: 513-241-7219;;

Web site:

Booth: 2209

Gazette Technologies

STAFFED BY: John Herbst, Sherrill Sahlin, Robin Witham

EXHIBIT: Gazette Technologies offers MarketInfo data warehousing and decision support software, as well as consulting services specifically developed for the newspaper industry.

Cedar Rapids, IA

319-398-5857; Fax: 319-398-5858;;

Web site:

Booth: 2713


STAFFED BY: Nova: Jan McDonald, CEO; Kirk Norlin, V.P. (Marketing); Sue Middleton, V.P. (Customer Services); David Lightfoot, Account Executive; GDT: Richard Grover, Pres. and Chief Technology Officer; John Pourtless, V.P. (Sales and Marketing)

EXHIBIT: GDT-Nova will exhibit the Connex XML Server, which provides real-time, two-way connections to classified or editorial systems, using new industry XML standards with remote Web entry classified clients, remote agency access clients, remote reporting web clients, and content management. Also shown will be the FaxAction fax-OCR-e-mail processing system, Pongrass Advertising, complete systems featuring new Web ad entry and on-line ad publishing, and SCOOP Editorial systems which provide remote reporting, Web publishing, and browser access to archives.

Auburn, CA

530-887-1795; Fax: 530-823-9982;


Web site:

Booth: 4605

GE Industrial Systems Solutions

STAFFED BY: Paul Frechette, Marketing Manager (Publishing & Printing, GE ISS); Ken Jones, Business Development Manager (Publishing & Printing, GE AS); Jeff Monforton, Senior Engineer (GE AS); Brad Calhoun, Project Engineer (GE AS)

EXHIBIT: GE introduces the "Power of the Package" for your electrical and systems product and service needs. GE will also present, solutions associated, Burt Technologies, Inc. and Craftsman Newspaper Production Systems. The GE Newspaper Production Solutions Group provides solutions and connectivity from the plant production cells to the enterprise systems. Conceptual studies, estimates, design, installation, asset management and maintenance services are handled in-house for efficient connectivity and assures results of your DCS, PLC, PC, MIS, MES, Energy & Power Quality management systems requirements.

Pensacola, FL


Web site:

Booth: 431

Geac Publishing Systems

STAFFED BY: Bernard Grinberg, Pres.; Phil Lowe, G.M.; Jerry Martinez, Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Geac Publishing Systems is a global supplier of solutions to the news gathering and distribution industry. It is the only supplier offering solutions for pre-press, business, and distribution from a single source. Geac products use a coherent, third generation, platform strategy, sharing divergent data types and enabling multiple use of content.

Tampa, FL

813-872-9990; Fax: 813-878-2751;;

Web site:

Booth: 2147

Glunz & Jensen, Inc.

STAFFED BY: W. Bruce Goodwin, Pres.; Michael C. BuggE, Director of Product Management; Ray Mesh, National Sales Manager (North America); Rosendo Larrea, Director of Sales and Marketing (Latin America)

EXHIBIT: Glunz & Jensen, manufactures of film processors, online film processing systems for imagesetters, plate processors for conventional and CtP applications, and film/plate processor accessories, will introduce the new InterPlater 85HD Polymer CtP plate processing system for platesetters and the NewsLink PRO 21 film processor, a graphic arts processor for high speed imagesetter applications. Glunz & Jensen will also display will be the new MultiLine PRO series film processors for high speed films.

Elkwood, VA

540-825-7300; Fax: 540-825-7525;;

Web site:

Booth: 4375

GMA Aftermarket Products & Services

STAFFED BY: Frank Cinquino, Director (Customer Service Support); Steve Garza, Manager; Gail Benkovic, Business Delopment Manager

EXHIBIT: GMA Aftermarket Products & Services operation will showcase remanufacturing programs for SLS-1000 inserters and hopper loaders, the extensive line of equipment upgrades/enhancements for GMA's installed customer base, and GMA Academy, offering Operator Certification Programs and Management/Supervisor Seminars. Visitors may also receive detailed information of GMA's own inserting systems operation.

Bethlehem, PA


Fax: 610-694-0776;;

Web site:

Booth: 4135

GMA/Muller Martini

STAFFED BY: Randy Seidel, Pres./CEO; Dick Connor, Exec. V.P. (Sales and Merketing); Tom Stuart, Sales Manager (National); Darrell Pav, Director of Technology; Phil Jones, Director of Production Systems; Carl Toth, Hamed Seyedi, Keith Hockenberry, Bob Mongold, Regional Sales Personnel

EXHIBIT: GMA/Muller Martini will operate their High-Speed SLS2000 Inserting System, processing newspaper packages to its multi-functional bundler, a new inserter with film wrapper/ink jet addressing capability, and Muller Martini's Presto TV Saddle Stitcher. Live demonstrations will be presented on GMA's Production Software, including WinLincs and SAM. The FlexiRoll Buffer will also be on display.

Bethlehem, PA

610-694-9494; Fax: 610-694-0776;;

Web site:

Booth: 2905

GMPCS Personal

Communications, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Craig Van Wagner, Pres.; Gunnar Sandstrom, Director of Sales; Gino Jensen, Director of Technical Services; Adam Eckstein, Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: GMPCS, a global mobile satellite solutions provider, will feature the new Inmarsat ISDN and the new handheld by Globalstar. Specializing in Inmarsat and Globalstar equipment and services, GMPCS provides turnkey solutions through provisioning of equipment, service, accessories, and applications.

Pompano Beach, FL

954-973-3100; Fax: 954-973-4800;

Web site:

Booth: 2921


STAFFED BY: Ben Miller, V.P. (Publishing); Gordon Olsen, Executive

V.P. (GoCode Products); Allison Gregory, Director (New Business Development)

EXHIBIT: GoCode is a business technology company focused on expanding circulation, revenue, and general utility for publishers, by providing an unobtrusive method of hyperlinking print media to digital media. With the invention and production of a completely new bar code standard and hand-held scanner, the GoCode Company has created a 2-D barcode system that has been specifically designed to satisfy the size and reproduction constraints found in magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. Currently the world's smallest bar code, GoCode can be printed perfectly in confines as small as 4.3-point printed style, creating a bar code smaller than a fingernail.

Charleston, SC

843-723-5155; Fax: 843-723-5156;

web site:

Booth: 3917

Goss Graphic Systems

STAFFED BY: Don Gustafson, V.P. (Sales); Kent Kraft, Director (Sales); Alan Miller, Director (Sales)

EXHIBIT: Goss representatives will discuss new press systems, existing press extension and enhancement, and Goss' customer support and parts efforts.

Westmont, IL

630-850-5600; Fax: 630-850-6310

Web site:

Booth: 3517

Grafikontrol America

STAFFED BY: Ward Walsh, Pres.; Paolo DeGrandis, Executive V.P.; Ned Walsh, Sales Representative

EXHIBIT: The Grafikontrol closed loop automatic register control system features marks that are only .8mm in size. This system operates on presses at speeds in excess of 3000 ft/min. The control unit recognizes patterns and anticipates potential register errors.

York, PA

717-843-3183; Fax: 717-845-8828;

Booth: 441

Graphic Enterprises Inc.

STAFFED BY: Bob Behringer, Pres. (Prepress Division); Michael Frank, V.P. of Sales of (Prepress Division); Michael Cowles, V.P. of Operations (Prepress Division)

EXHIBIT: GEI offers complete newspaper workflow solutions, including software for production planning and tracking, remote soft proofing, output management, page transmission, bitmap management, imaging interface to imagesetters and CTP devices, post-RIP soft proofing, proof management, and press ink presetting. GEI also offers dedicated copy dot scanners and a 12ppm black-and-white proofer.

North Canton, OH

330-305-6960; Fax: 330-497-5562;;

Web site:

Booth: 4511

Graphics Microsystems, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Fred Barnes, V.P. (Sales & Marketing); Phil Fluke, Regional Sales Manager; Bill Fleck, Regional Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Graphics Microsystems, Inc., will feature PrintQuick, their new automatic color registry systems; Color Quick, an on-web closed- loop color control; and Microcolor, an automated ink key control digital presetting system.

Sunnyvale, CA

408-747-7745; Fax: 408-747-0222;

Web site:

Booth: 4469

GSI Media Group

(Gilberti Splitter International)

STAFFED BY: Celso Gilberti, Steve Barber, Reuben Grossberg, Chuck Rosati

EXHIBIT: GSI Media Group is a production and office planning, design, engineering, and construction consulting firm specializing in services for the newspaper industry. GSI will feature projects from: The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, PA; The (Portland) Oregonian; Paddock Publications; Syracuse Newspapers, NY; and the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News.

Cleveland, OH

216-363-0000; Fax: 216-363-1990;;

Web site:

Booth: 4179

GSP, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Jens Ljungberg, Erik Ljungberg, Maurice Blanchet, Richard McKrell

EXHIBIT: GSP, Inc. will display the Barstrom TMC/Post-it Note labeler, a rebuilt Harris VISA printing unit, a rebuilt Harris JF-7 folder, a Motterstitch in-line stitcher, and the Penn Graphics deserter.

Mystic, CT

860-572-8951; Fax: 860-536-3961;

Booth: 4429

Harding Ankarlo designALLIANCE

STAFFED BY: Ken Harding Pres.; Loren Ankarlo, Organizational Design; Gary Polodna, Facility Design; Don Mills, Process Design, Valorie Hargett, Workplace Design; Scot Sherick, Facility Design; Jim Faber, Facility Design; Jordan Kobert, Process Design; Todd Heirls, Facility Design

EXHIBIT: DesignAlliance provides newspaper tailored services that deal with the challenges of the business world, including organizational development, process analysis, masterplanning, equipment selection, building and workplace design, and management consulting. Multi- disciplinary collaboration produces business equipment and facility solutions that address both clients' individual requirements and the demands of the business marketplace.

Boulder, CO

303-443-2535; Fax: 303-443-2289;;

Web site:

Booths: 3220, 748

Harland Simon

STAFFED BY: Rob Watson, Tony White, Peter Cox, David Wallen, Tim Young, John Staiano, Mark Hainsworth

EXHIBIT: In booth #3220, Harland Simon will display their PRIMA press control and management systems for new and existing presses, press presetting direct from RIPs, an automatic imposition system (ESPRIT), totalizers, and roll tracking systems,

In booth #748, page booking and automatic imposition systems will be featured.

Oak Brook, IL

630-572-7650; Fax: 630-572-7653;;

Web site:

Booth: 1831

Harris Publishing Systems Corp.

STAFFED BY: Don Rogers, V.P./G.M.; Doug Stark, V.P.; John MacEwen, V.P. (Sales); G. Briggs Kilborne, V.P. (Marketing and Business Development); Grady Cooper, Director of Product Management

EXHIBIT: Harris will showcase: Jazbox, a new mulitmedia suite for intensely local publishing to the Web or print; MAXWorkFlow, a visual tool for digital output processes; and AdPower, a WYSIWYG application for ad order entry.

Melbourne, FL

407-242-5000; Fax: 407-242-5151;;

Web site:

Booth: 3735

Heidelberg Web Systems

STAFFED BY: Doug Gibson, V.P. (Sales)

EXHIBIT: Heidelberg will present their new gapless Mainstream 80 newspaper press, Magnapak inserter, and Media Track publishing software. Also on display will be Heidelberg control systems, Mercury press units, Prima mailroom supervisory controls, and Rima-System stackers.

Dover, NH

603-749-6600; Fax: 603-749-3301;;

Web site:

Booth: 4812

HK Systems, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Rob Smith, Doug Emmons, Jim Borecki, Cliff Wilson

EXHIBIT: HK Systems, Inc., specializes in supply chain execution and automated material handling solutions. HK Systems will feature their line of storage/retrieval machines, automated and self-guided vehicles, conveyor sortation equipment, electrical monorail, and palletizers, including the Z-3 NewsWrap Palletizer. HK Systems also provides support services including consultation, implementation, modification, and maintenance.

New Berlin, WI

262-862-7000; Fax: 262-860-7014;;

Web site:

Booth: 2237

ICANON Associates, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Joe Lewinski, Jim Miani, Gary Markle

EXHIBIT: ICANON will exhibit the NEWZware suite of business management software, including advertising, circulation, and accounting modules. New this year is the NEWZware Data Modeler, which allows modeling of customer, advertising, and financial data to provide an array of views of summarized and detailed information.

Blue Bell, PA

610-313-1850; Fax: 610-313-1848;;

Web sites:;

Booth: 720


STAFFED BY: Jamie Danies, Director of Marketing and EXPO; Barbara Zehe, Marketing and EXPO Manager

EXHIBIT: IFRA, an association for newspaper and media technologies with more than 1,700 members. Information on IFRA's activities will be available during the annual IFRA EXPO, special events, in publications (including the monthly magazine Newspaper Techniques), the international suppliers directory, and the IFRA Web site.

Darmstadt, Germany


Fax: 49-6151-733-802;;

Web site:

Booth: 3517

IMC America

STAFFED BY: Ward Walsh, Pres.; Ric Mayle, V.P. (Sales & Marketing); Wayne Boyd, Area Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: IMC America is the distributor in North America for the Valmet Roll Handling (formerly Von Roll) customized systems for storing, transporting, and loading paper rolls. IMC also supplies the Grafikontrol closed loop automatic register control system, featuring marks that are .88mm in size, through our subsidiary Grafikontrol America.

York, PA

717-845-4807; Fax: 717-845-8828;

Booth: 3231

IMS Group Inc.

STAFFED BY: Michael Friedeberg, Pat Harrigan, Mel Bernard

EXHIBIT: IMS Group specializes in upgrading, replacing, servicing, and repairing motors, drives, printed circuit boards, controls, and other associated newspaper equipment.

Atlanta, GA


Fax: 404-472-1385;;

Web site:

Booth: 3235

Industrial Safety Supply Corp.

STAFFED BY: Jim Miller, Renza Badilla, John Small, Mike DeDiego, Roy Clark, Barry Woods

EXHIBIT: Industrial Safety will exhibit their health and safety products, and show how to correctly reduce both costs and work related injuries.

Emeryville, CA

510-658-0414; Fax: 510-658-0413;;

Web site:

Booth: 2330


STAFFED BY: Susan Kelly-Gilbert, V.P. (Customer Development); Jeff Pridgen, Sales Manager; Tony Rolls, Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: InfiNet is an ASP that allows newspapers to concentrate on what they do best - supply information to their readers and an audience to their advertisers. In addition to hosting services, InfiNet provides e-commerce tools, revenue builders, and site solutions that are backed by training and support that is the best in the business.

757-623-2295; Fax: 757-627-2498;;

Web site:

Booth: 2243


STAFFED BY: Andre Paquette, Vincent DeGarie, Louis Pelletier, Louis- Alain Filiatrault

EXHIBIT: Informatel will introduce the newest generation of their fully integrated Windows solutions for classified and display/retail ads. ADPLUS is the front-end solution, ADPLACER is the layout/pagination solution, and PROSPECTOR is the contact management/sales lead generator. Informatel will demonstrate how you can fully paginate ten classified pages per second.

Laval, Quebec


Fax: 450-975-8005;;

Web site:

Booth: 4149

Inland Newspaper Machinery Corporation

STAFFED BY: Brian Campbell, Ann Ewing, Jim Allison

EXHIBIT: Inland Newspaper Machinery Corporation is expanding their services from rebuilding and selling pre-owned web offset presses, to include consulting on pressroom layout and press upgrades. In addition they offer removal & transportation, reconfiguration & reconditioning, and complete installation & training services.

Lenexa, KS

913-492-9050; Fax: 913-492-6217;

Web site:

Booth: 4727

Innotek Engineered Products

STAFFED BY: Daniel Toynton, International Sales Manager; Thord Good, European Sales Engineer

EXHIBIT: Innotek specializes in registration hardware, self-oscillating roller cores, phase-shift adjusters, dampener spray bar test strands, and contract manufacturing for the printing industry.

630-213-0831; Fax: 630-213-0837;

Web site:

Booth: 752

Innovative Systems Design

STAFFED BY: D'Arcy Tierney, Jeff Tierney, Laurie Scott

EXHIBIT: Innovative Systems Design specializes in installing interactive voice response systems in newspaper circulation departments, processing vacation requests, complaints, and payments. ISD will be featuring the Chatterbox subscriber-circulation contact system, as well as products for classified advertising.

Pierrefonds, Quebec

514-696-8377; Fax: 514-696-9016;

Booth: 643

Integrated Technologies

Solutions, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Ezra Gershon, Terrance Rayner, Bob Landsman

EXHIBIT: Integrated Technologies will display WanCaster, a file delivery system for a wide area network (WAN), and PostWorks, a supervisor station, which together form the ITS advanced page delivery system. ITS PostFax integrates devices from Autologic, Monotype, Scitex, Linotype-Hell, ECRM, Prepress Solutions, Crosfield, and Konica to improve productivity with available solutions for color proofing, page tracking, and page pairing.

Farmingdale, NY

516-420-9401; Fax: 516-420-0453;;

Web site: http://www.

Booth: 4505

Intercontinental Engineering Co., Inc.

STAFFED BY: Michael Schwartz, Pres.; Somendra Khosia, V.P.; Andy Schwartz, Production Manager

EXHIBIT: IEC will exhibit the GEMINI 45,000 IPH web offset press system, the FAST-300 30,000 IPH web offset press system, and the WEB GENIE tension control retro-fit system.

Taylor, MI

734-946-9931; Fax: 734-946-9992;

Booth: 128

Internet Tradeline, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Mike Blinder, Tony Wills, Laura Petersen, Debbie Tipping

EXHIBIT: Internet Tradeline's Point & Shop Network (http://www.pointshop.

com) provides turnkey and do-it-yourself e-business store building solutions for small and mid-sized merchants. ITI's enterprise-level technology infrastructure, which includes proprietary Transaction Engine software, provides merchants with robust tools and online management systems for analysis, maintenance, and growth. ITI's database of merchant products and services are distributed nationally through brands in local markets.

New York, NY

800-872-3390; Fax: 212-997-6840;;

Web site:

Booth: 2647

iPIX (Internet Pictures Corporation)

STAFFED BY: Charlie Adkins, David Ramsey, Charlie Sasso, Cary Johnson

EXHIBIT: Internet Pictures Corporation provides rich visual content for e-commerce and new media Web sites. The company's solutions include services, applications, and technologies enabling users to produce, process, host, and distribute content.

Oak Ridge, TN

865-482-3000; 865-482-3355;;

Web site:

Booth: 4625

Jardis Industries, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Alan W. Jardis, Gary Klawinski, Michael Anderson, Art Langosch, Cliff Bassett, William Burke

EXHIBIT: Jardis Industries, Inc. will display a full line of auxiliary pressroom equipment. Highlights of the exhibit are the FP series flying paster and ZS series zero speed splicer. Jardis also provides a complete line of productivity enhancements such as pneumatic throw offs, motorized register-control infeeds, and ribbon decks.

Itasca, IL

630-860-5959; Fax: 630-860-6515;;

Web site:

Booth: 734


STAFFED BY: John Swart, Mike Healy

EXHIBIT: JobMinder is a client-server-based management system for creating and cataloging photo assignment requests, with an option to automatically submit photos to your photo server or archive. Built on FileMaker Pro, a cross platform database leader, JobMinder provides a simple user interface for maintanining a database of photo assignment information. With JobMinder, any authorized user can create photo assignment requests from Mac or PC client software, or from the optional Web browser interface. Assignment records consist of IPTC and custom field information relevant to the needs of photo departments and libraries. JobMinder's optional integration allows caption processing to be automated in JobMinder. A script package allows all IPTC, custom, and caption field data entered into the JobMinder database to be automatically inserted into their corresponding image files and the automated transfer of files to any FTP capable photo server or archive system.

Minneapolis, MN

877-718-0489; Fax: 612-922-7173;;

Web site:

Booth: 2740


STAFFED BY: Tom Flood, V.P. (Business Development); Renee Ward, V.P. (Business Development); Andrea Levy, Director of Business Development; Joel Cheesman, Network Manager

EXHIBIT: JobOptions provides job searching, resume posting, and career tools for Internet sites.

Cleveland, OH

888-393-6300; Fax: 216-566-7388;;

Web site:

Booth: 421

K & F Printing Systems


STAFFED BY: Alex Kocsis, Tom Kocsis, Joe Bella, John Terrano, Jim Choyinski, Rockie Westberg, George Link, Bill Pearson, Ernie Johnson, Jeff Pulaski

EXHIBIT: K & F Printing Systems will feature the latest models of their Laser Express line, new no-tool lock-ups for presses, and the Vision Bender.

Granger, IN


Fax: 219-277-6566;;

Web site:

Booth: 4992

K & M Newspaper Services

STAFFED BY: Mark Jacobs, Robert Lumino, Vince Crantz

EXHIBIT: K & M Newspaper Services will be exhibiting its new Titan Rotary Inserting System, and will demonstrate the new Image NT Packaging System for inserters and the original Image PC Packaging System.

Monroe, NY

800-828-0242; Fax: 914-783-2972;;

Web site:

Booth: 4822

Kaim & Associates

STAFFED BY: Wayne Kaim, John Ward

EXHIBIT: Kaim & Associates will display their Twin Turbo web cleaning system that removes paper linting, reduces blanket cleaning to less than once per week, prolongs blanket lives, improves print quality, reduces rag storage, and helps keep ink trains clean.

Lodi, WI

608-592-7404; Fax: 608-592-7504;

Booth: 4468

Kaspar Sho-Rack

STAFFED BY: David C. Kaspar, Cliff Long, Les Mitchell

EXHIBIT: Kaspar Sho-Rack will display their coin operated newspaper racks, TK&K electronic mechanism with full data system capabilities and updated TK Advantage software, moulded honor racks, new style "Concourse" coin operated racks, and promotional and point of purchase items including acrylic, polycarbonate, counter and floor models.

Shiner, TX

361-594-2911; Fax: 361-594-4264;;

Web site:

Booth: 3535

KBA North America

STAFFED BY: Heinz Schmid, Gary Owen, Bruce Richardson, Stefanie Abts, Joanie Stegemerten

EXHIBIT: As a member of the KBA group, KBA North America offers a complete line of single-width and double-width flexographic and offset printing machinery. Specific solutions include the Colormax, Colormax II, and the Colormax SW for flexography. The Colora, Prisma, and Commander are offered for the double-width offset newspaper customers, while the Continent and Comet are utilized for the single-width applications. The presses feature shaftless drives as a standard. Keyless inkers are available as an option.

York, PA

717-755-1071; Fax: 717-755-2327;;

Web site:

Booth: 2825

Jim Kelley & Associates, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Jim Kelley, Pres.; Brian Bannon; Rex Shotto; Steve Dunbar

EXHIBIT: JK&A will display a copydot scanner that allows elimination of a camera room, has a scan width up to 30", and can scan a full page at 1270 dpi in 30 seconds. It provides automatic to direct to negative or plate, and has the ability to reassemble four color separations.

Dallas, PA

570-675-7797; Fax: 570-477-3886;

Booth: 4972

The Kennedy Group

STAFFED BY: Michael Kennedy, Bob Petrou, Jay Siedel, Renee Heinle

EXHIBIT: The Kennedy Group will display Compact Communications, three versions of promotional labeling that do not interfere with editorial content, and can be applied by hand or automatically, in-line at high speeds. Kennedy will also display, low-tack adhesive Tab-On Notes, instantly redeemable ClearBACK Coupons, and Compact Communications Booklets to maximize advertsier real estate.

Willoughby, OH

440-951-7660; Fax: 440-951-3253;;

Web site:

Booth: 3339

King Press Corporation

STAFFED BY: Evans Kostas, Pres.; John Peck, V.P. (Western Regional Sales); Faron Throgmorton, Sales Engineer

EXHIBIT: King Press will demonstrate its new dual-purpose plate lock- up, the patent-pending Omni-Lock. Designed for quick and easy plate changes, Omni-Lock accommodates both aluminum and polyester plates, facilitating computer-to-polyester plate technology and economy. King's product line includes the compact 4-high vertical web Print King IV, designed for high quality color printing.

Joplin, MO

417-781-3700; Fax: 417-781-9925;;

Web site:

Booth: 633

KnowIT!, Inc.

EXHIBIT: Know IT! Inc., specializes in bringing comprehensive digital voice services into computer applications and data infrastructures. KnowIT! will feature the Telephone Network Turbodialer (TNT) Call Center System, which handles every major voice switching and processing function on a standard LAN based system for a call center or an office.

Newton, MA

888-566-9284; Fax: 617-969-7906;;

Web site:

Booth: 731

Konica Graphic Imaging USA

STAFFED BY: Steve Schuster, Robert Feldberg, Shashank Munim

EXHIBIT: Konica provides the newspaper industry with prepress solutions for imagesetting, platesetting, digital proofing, scanning, workflow products, and consumables. Konica also specializes in newtorked PC and Mac turnkey solutions.

Glen Cove, NY

516-674-2500; Fax: 516-674-2530;;

Web site:

Booth: 3709

Lankford Engineering, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Steve Hall, Pat Molbert, Charles Vivien

EXHIBIT: Lankford Engineering is a multi-disciplined engineering consulting firm specializing in control system upgrades and networking for the newspaper industry, focusing on paster panels, supervisory panels, sorters, inserters, and press drives. Other Lankford services include electrical power engineering and facilites design.

Lafayette, LA

337-267-3131; Fax: 337-261-2332;;

Web site:

Booth: 2047

Lazer-Fare Media Services Ltd.

STAFFED BY: Chris Stanley, Account Manager; Anthony Kost, Evangelist; Christian Panson, Integration and Training Manager; Jim Ketcheson, Product Development; John Stockwell, G.M.; Kelly Armstrong, Research and Development Manager/President

EXHIBIT: Lazer-Fare will introduce PostStrip 2.0, a PDF work-flow tool that provides seamless tracking of a publication. PostStrip indicates which parts are missing and which are present, then pre-flights them to ensure they image correctly.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

204-452-5023; Fax: 204-452-5061;;

Web site:

Booth: 2842

Lizard Research

EXHIBIT: Lizard Research will present AdLizard online services.


Fax: 61-2-8920-9201;

Web site:

Booth: 4180

Lockwood Greene

STAFFED BY: Joe Collins, Carmine DiLullo, Paul Poliski, Mike Massey

EXHIBIT: Lockwood Greene is a global consulting, design, and construction firm, with over 3,400 professionals in 42 offices worldwide. Serving the printing and publishing industry since 1891, Lockwood Greene provides life cycle advantage services including planning, engineering, architectural, as well as construction for new or expanding newspaper and media facilities.

New York, NY

212-545-6308; Fax: 212-545-6400;;

Web site:

Booth: 724

LogEtronics Corp.

STAFFED BY: Raymond Luca, Barry Heimbuch, Isabel Zobell, John Masarick

EXHIBIT: LogEtronics will display their line of graphic arts Pre-press equipment, including rapid-access film, paper and polyester plate material processors, subtractive plate processors, laminators, online processing systems, and online processors. A full line of accessories, including environmental products, is available.

Springfield, VA


Fax: 703-912-7610;;

Web site:

Booth: 2839

Look Who's Hiring!

STAFFED BY: Stan Rashkin, Paul Blodgett, Cathy Lewis

EXHIBIT: Look Who's Hiring! is a system that newspapers offer to their advertisers to recruit qualified personel. Look Who's Hiring! is available to the public through an interactive network of public access terminals and the Internet, and provides advertisers with a place to fill their employment needs and advertise their products.

Tempe, AZ

888-515-3900; Fax: 480-820-6686;;

Web site:

Booth: 4988

Lorentzen & Wettre

STAFFED BY: P.O. Warendh, Regional Manager; Louis Gentile, Regional Manager

EXHIBIT: Lorentzen & Wettre will demonstrate the TSO Tester, which measures the strength of properties of newsprint, providing information to improve pressroom runnability and minimize mis-register.

Alpharetta, GA


Fax: 770-442-6792;;

Web site:

Booth: 2310


STAFFED BY: Nathan McLaughlin, Carole Kesseler

EXHIBIT: MacAcademy/Windows Academy produces training videos and CDs for Macintosh and Windows software. The CD-ROMs and videos are available in the booth, or you may call 800-527-1914.

Ormond Beach, FL

904-677-1418; Fax: 904-677-6717;

Web site:

Booth: 1745

Mactive, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Lynn Yawn, Tom Carnohan, Scott Roessler, Steve Roessler

EXHIBIT: Mactive will be exhibiting the AdBase Integrated Advertising System. AdBase is an integrated order entry system for classified liners, classified display, and retail; and an integrated classified pagination system, ad dummy, customer management, contract management, and account receivables system.

Melbourne, FL

321-254-5559; Fax: 321-254-5252;

Web site:

Booth: 2837

STAFFED BY: John Cavendar, Kirby Romine, Lisa Goda, Brent Ryerson

EXHIBIT: provides a free, on-line utility connection service for relocating households, allowing consumers to transfer, cancel, or setup their phone, cable, electric, gas, newspaper, magazines, mail, and other household services. This centralized service is free to the consumer and is made possible through's partnership with local service providers.

Denver, CO

303-785-0047; Fax: 303-455-3146;;

Web site:

Booth: 3925

MAN Roland

STAFFED BY: Vince Lapinsky, V.P. (Newspaper Group); Mark Handley, Director (Market Development); Ron Sams, Keith Kandrashoff, Harry Newton, Greg Harabin, Regional Sales Directors

EXHIBIT: MAN Roland will show three video presentations on new products, new technologies, and new North American installations. Presentations will include the first demonstration of the 70,000 CPH Regioman 4-across, one-plate around press, printing an 8-page product. Other presentations will feature the company's new digital press, Dicoweb, shown at DRUPA 2000 printing a "live" product, and installations on editions in North America, featuring Flexoman, Geoman, Colorman and Uniset 70 presses.

Westmont, IL

630-920-2000; Fax: 630-920-2457;;

Web site:

Booth: 330

Managing Editor Inc.

STAFFED BY: Dennis McGuire, Mark Leister, Steven Haught, Peter Kelts, Linda Bruce

EXHIBIT: MEI specializes in automated planning, pagination, and workflow management solutions for newspapers and other publishers. MEI will debut new versions of ALS, CLS, and Roundhouse Ad Tracking Systems, and will introduce new technologies for classified front-end and press-control integration.

Jenkintown, PA

215-886-5662; Fax: 215-886-5681;;

Web site:

Booth: 2931

STAFFED BY: Linda Peters

EXHIBIT: will present MapWire, an on-line map publishing system featuring custom maps and a stock map library. This map source for news organizations is available through subscription.

Mountville, PA

717-285-8400; Fax: 717-285-8456;;

Web site:

Booth: 310

Marketing Solutions Group Inc.

STAFFED BY: Monica Benedict, Gary Garvey

EXHIBIT: Marketing Solutions Group Inc. is a supplier of a range of marketing solutions designed specifically for newspapers. Marketing Solutions' products and services enable customers to establish and perfect an advanced and effective database marketing program.

The Woodlands, TX

409-321-8208; Fax: 918-623-2944;;

Web site:

Booth: 2223

Markzware, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Mary Gay Marchese, Jennifer Wu

EXHIBIT: Markzware, Inc., will showcase MarkzNet, which combines the convenience of the Internet with the power of pre-flighting. MarkzScout automatically transitions native digital documents. Markzware's preflighting application, FLIGHTCHECK, will display its latest advancements. MarkzTours III serves as a document insurance policy, preventing QuarkXPress files from going bad.

Santa Ana, CA

949-756-5100 ext. 250;

Fax: 949-756-5108;;

Web site:

Booth: 4311

Masthead International, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Harry L. Andersen, Steve Stone, Frank Casillas

EXHIBIT: Masthead International, Inc., offers a variety of service to the newspaper industry, including turnkey press installations, unit additions, web-width reductions, drive motor control system additions, horsepower upgrades, and DC and AC repowers. Masthead also provides value-added engineering and consulting services to newspapers and equipment manufactures.

Albuquerque, NM

800-545-6908; Fax: 505-243-6058;;

Booth: 3816

McClier Newspaper Group

STAFFED BY: Frederick K. Rogers, Senior V.P. and Director; Leonard Elliot, V.P.; Michael Luciano, V.P.

EXHIBIT: The McClier Newspaper Group specializes in consulting, design, engineering, and construction services for office, production, and distribution facilities. McClier also offers a multi-service approach to meet the needs of call centers, data networks, energy management, and communication facilities.

Chicago, IL


Fax: 312-836-7710;;

Web site:

Booth: 2044

McGrann Paper West

STAFFED BY: Anthony Nanna, Mike Slaton, Candice Sheehey

EXHIBIT: McGrann offers paper solutions such as warehousing and conversion.

N. Las Vegas, NV

702-644-3438; Fax: 702-644-3491;;

Web site:

Booth: 3328

J. Thomas McHugh Company

Staffed BY: Tom Bryant, Ken Booster, Jim Alexander

EXHIBIT: J. Thomas McHugh, specialists in press blankets for 67 years, will showcase their complete line of offset, letterpress, and newspaper flexo blankets.

Fishers, IN;

Web site:

Booth: 2413

MediaBridge Technologies, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Louis Blatt, Exec. V.P. (Marketing and Business Develop- ment); Kurt Dressel, V.P. (Media Industry); Debi Binder, Director (Marketing Communications); Jan Pickering, Manager (Marketing Communications)

EXHIBIT: MediaBridge Technologies, Inc., will be showing solutions that help newspapers bridge the gap from their current business models to e- publishing and e-commerce. MediaBridge gives newspapers the ability to publish any time, for any target audience, on the Web or in print, and automates management of workflow and digital assets, reducing production and distribution costs.

Acton, MA

978-795-7000; Fax: 978-795-7200;;

Web site:

Booth: 1447

Media Marketing, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Allyn Hallisey, National Sales Manager; Bob Busch, Regional Sales Manager; Marie Evans, Regional Sales Manager; Ray Marien, Regional Sales Manager; Stafford Lindsay, G.M.; Charles Mauldin, V.P. (Chief Methodologist); James Theall, CEO & Pres.

EXHIBIT: "You've Got a Story to Tell" introduces imMEDIAte 2000 technology that generates presentations and proposals in PowerPoint. Demos and scheduled shows will show a new system installed in a major daily newspaper. ImMEDIAte 2000 is designed to multiply presentation volumes and increase revenue-per-call and closing rates. "Story Matrix" technology generates presentations as stories in which the advertiser is hero, and all content reflects the current situation and media decisions to be made. New media planning wizards generate media plans for all major media, "SlideStream" mass produces slides from research data, and "AutoUpdate" automatically updates PowerPoint slides with new research data. All software is Microsoft Office based technology, with turnkey design, customization, training, and support.

Boulder, CO

303-440-7855; Fax: 303-440-8035;;

Web site:

Booth: 2318

MediaStream, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Joseph DiMarino, Hal Cohen, Robert Kennedy, Steven Rubin, Alan Crawford, Janet Hoffman

EXHIBIT: MediaStream, Inc., a Knight Ridder Company, allows users to distribute content and create new revenues. MediaStream incorporates NewsLibrary, a simple, expedient way to generate revenue from newspaper archives, SAVE, an integrated text and image archiving solution, and PressLink, an Internet source for a selection of news content for publication.

Philadelphia, PA


Fax: 215-239-4152;;

Web site:

Booth: 2747


STAFFED BY: Charles deTranaltes, Production Manager; Andrew Kilpatrick, Director of Business Development; Scott Tennyson, Sales Manager; Leslie Lavitt, Sales Manager; Mike Sisson, Inside Sales Account Manager

EXHIBIT: MediaXpress provides digital media for Web servers worldwide. MediaXpress places pre-licensed, pre-packaged, real-time content from media sources on Web sites with minimal development. MediaXpress currently has more than 1,800 media providers under license to provide streaming digital media to web portals, public Internet sites, corporate Intranets, and Extranets throughout the world. The product uses XMI (eXtensible Markup Language), the language of the Internet, to provide the content desired by the customer.

Phoenix, AZ

877-834-6397; Fax: 602-468-5790;;

Web site:

Booth: 3304

MEGTEC Systems

STAFFED BY: Ralph Casale, Don Dionne, Tim Mandich, Tod Salfai

EXHIBIT: MEGTEC Systems supplies automated and semi-automated roll loading systems, zero and match speed splicers, heatset drying and web conditioning equipment, and VOC control (oxidation) technologies. MEGTEC's products are supported by a network of regionally located customer service representatives.

De Pere, WI

920-336-5715; Fax: 920-339-2784;;

Web site:

Booth: 4050

MGI International, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Art Hamlin, Warren Weaver

EXHIBIT: MGI International provides environmental control equipment and systems for newspapers, systems for pressroom noise, wastewater, paper dust control, ink reclaiming, low pressure air, and controlled water for fountain solutions.

Rockville, MD

301-881-4242; Fax: 301-881-4242

Booth: 4410

Mid-America Graphics, Inc.

STAFFED BY: David George, V.P.; Chris George, G.M.; Dan George, Sales/Customer Service

EXHIBIT: Mid-America Graphics will be displaying and promoting new belt stream conveyors, commercial stackers, bundle turners, and inserting and collating equipment. Mid-America is a full service, post-press equipment supplier, including installation as well as a technical service staff.

Harrisonville, MO


Fax: 816-887-276;;

Web site:

Booth: 307

Miles 33 International

STAFFED BY: Ray Mancini, Burt Slavin, Kenny King, Eric Hansen

EXHIBIT: Miles 33 will demonstrate the FutureProof publishing system, a suite of products that include editorial, advertising, pagination, page-layout, archiving, production tracking, copy chasing and Web publishing. FutureProof is open and modular with a natural intuitive user interface common throughout the product line.

Darien, CT

203-656-1800; Fax: 203-656-2400;;

Web site:

Booth: 706

MJ Systems

STAFFED BY: David Rogers, John Tomko, Dan Jardine, Tim Merrick

EXHIBIT: MJ Systems will exhibit hand-held technology solutions for increasing single copy sales. RouteMax collects information that can be used to reduce returns, micro-manage advertising inserts, and generate sales forecasts.

Charlottesville, VA

888-297-6574; Fax: 804-295-7414;;

Web site:

Booth: 1645

Morcor Solutions, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Dan Richter, Kenn Morrison, John Martens, Dom D'acquisto

EXHIBIT: Morcor will display, Xpance, a production asset management and tracking system designed to increase productivity and decrease ad production costs. Also on display will be XpanceNET, which allows sales representatives and advertisers to view and approve ads through any browser.

Napanee, Ontario

613-354-2912; Fax: 613-354-0138;;

Web sites:;

Booth: 4549

Motion Systems Denver

STAFFED BY: Greg Greenan, Tre Prater, Brad Moseley, Richard Kwasnieski, Cy Davis, Julio Pascual, Elliot Thompson, Charlie Bollenbach, Gopi Nair, Jim Whittington, Dan Bolton

EXHIBIT: Motion Systems Denver will introduce the Counter Stacker, and highlight the lapstream conveyor, a high-speed zoned belt bundle distributor system, and low-profile roll handling system. MSD will also feature multi-media presentations of mailroom/sortation, automated roll handling, and waste handling systems.

Commerce City, CO

303-853-8500; Fax: 303-853-4301;;

Web site:

Booth: 4179

MotterStitch Co.

STAFFED BY: Roland Reuterfors, Bengt Magnusson, Roland Johnson, Laura Doris Reuterfors

EXHIBIT: MotterStich will demonstrate in-line stitching for newspapers and commercial printers' web presses, using two, three, four, or six stitching heads.

Lanoka Harbor, NJ

609-693-6262; Fax: 609-693-9182;;

Web site:

Booth: 1325


STAFFED BY: Catherine Culkin, Pres.; Judy Bruning, V.P.; Bryan Taylor, Senior Systems Analyst

EXHIBIT: MSSI provides a selection of computer software products for newspapers' business offices, and the advertising and circulation departments. MSSI offers software which includes modules for total circulation control, advertiser billing and accounts receivable, ad production manifest, transient classified billing and accounts receivable, newspaper inventory, general ledger, accounts payable and payroll.

Millbrook, NY

914-677-6150; Fax: 914-677-6620;

Booth: 321

Multi-Ad Services

STAFFED BY: Greg Potts

EXHIBIT: Multi-Ad will present New Creator 6.0, the performance-based replacement for Creator and Creator2 that offers a cross-platform production solution for any workflow. The advertising recource, www.castmember.

com, is now a virtual production assistant. Multi-Ad will also display the new Cumulus 5, which provides asset management and fully integrates with Creator 6.0.

Peoria, IL

309-690-5304; Fax: 309-693-1648;;

Web site:

Booth: 2547

STAFFED BY: Marshall Kanner, Chief Operating Officer; Mary Hank, V.P. (Media Development); Catherine Gray, National Director (Media Partnership Development); Laura Cohn, Media Development Director; Sarah Lincoln, Events Marketing

EXHIBIT: is a national network of online city guides serving over 50,000 home towns in the United States. MyCity features community information on local city government, parks, neighborhoods, organizations, clubs, events, services, schools, news, people, arts, entertainment, sports, activities and recreation, white and yellow pages, business and shopping guides, professional resources, and weather.

Miami, FL

800-4-MY-CITY; Fax: 305-604-0111;;

Web site:

Booth: 743

Neasi-Weber International

STAFFED BY: Michael Brier, Senior V.P. (Sales and Marketing)

EXHIBIT: Neasi-Weber International will demonstrate its entire suite of ORACLE-based client server sfotware products, including: ADMARC, an advertising management system; DISCUS, a fully integrated customer service, single copy sales, distribution, and database marketing circulation management system; and ADSERT, an advertising insertion system for preprint management.

Northridge, CA

818-895-6900; Fax: 818-830-0889;

Web site:

Booth: 1407

NELA Graphics, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Frank Neumeister, Managing Director; Helmut Britsch, Pres.; Gary Aheimer, V.P. (Sales and Marketing); Terry Kelly, V.P. (International Sales)

EXHIBIT: NELA will display their in-line plate finishing systems, automatic and semi-automatic optical punch/benders, plate delivery systems, register correction software, bar code readers, and inkjet systems.

River Vale, NJ


Fax: 201-666-8470;;

Web site:

Booth: 3525


STAFFED BY: Brad Beaton, CEO; Larry Erwin, Pres.; Mike O'Guin, General Sales Manager; Dave Vito, Pre-press Product Manager

EXHIBIT: NENSCO will display prepress, pressroom, and post-press products including: Polyfibron press blankes, Liquid Gold fountain solutions, environmentally safe USA and Freedom press washes, Ebonite ink drums and rubber rollers, press parts, reel room supply items, ergonomic mailroom handling equipment, Anitec and Agfa products, along with their latest catalogs.

Millbury, MA


Fax: 508-865-0811;;

Web site:

Booth: 3616

The Newark Group

STAFFED BY: Eric Ashley, Ross MacDougal, Dan Kewin, Larry Montague Glen McMahon

EXHIBIT: The Newark Group will highlight Greensleeves, a CT50 certifed fiber core with a plastic insert, that works across multiple sites and real-types. With universal fit and performance, Greensleeves features zero web breaks in 2000 rolls, with at least 50% white-waste reduction.

York, PA


Fax: 717-843-3655;


Web site:

Booth: 2407

New Horizons Team

(Sonic Factory)

STAFFED BY: Ed Costick, Rich Klaus, Arvell Klah

EXHIBIT: New Horizons Team will feature Sonic Factory, voice-to-web technology that allows newspapers to create RealAudio files for use on their Web sites from anywhere, at any time, via touchtone or cellular phone.

Pottsville, PA

520-621-3306; Fax: 520-621-3308;;

Web site:

Booth: 4723

Newspapers & Technology

STAFFED BY: Mary L. Van Meter, Publisher; Kevin Juhasz, Editor; Lisa Larson, Prepress Editor; Michelle Romreill, Advertising Sales; Lori Vaughn, Staff Writer

EXHIBIT: Newspapers & Technology is a monthly trade publication for newspaper publishers and department managers involved in applying and integrating technology.

Denver, CO

303-575-9595; Fax: 303-575-9555;;

Web site:

Booth: 3239


STAFFED BY: John Connors, Don Curley, Skip Connors, Judah Holstein, Terry Connors, Dennis McArthur

EXHIBIT: NEWSTEC is a provider of remanufactured inserts, inserter spare parts, and mailroom installation services. NEWSTEC also provides NEWSCOM, an insert management controller.

Walpole, MA

508-850-7945; Fax: 508-850-7951;

Web site:

Booth: 2623

NewsView Solutions

STAFFED BY: Randy Frisch, Tony Semerad, Greg Smith, Sean Upton, Brad Brewer, Sherry White, Kim McDaniel, Manny Mellor, Becky Hodges, Dororthy Chioda

EXHIBIT: NewsView Solutions will showcase their software and services designed by newspapers for newspapers. On display will be products for digital asset management, e-commerce, newsroom productivity, new media, and text processing solutions.

Salt Lake City, UT

800-897-3271; Fax: 801-257-8525;;

Web site:

Booth: 2306

The New York Times Syndication Sales Corp.

STAFFED BY: Bob Farnell, Sales Director (North America); Mike Pearson, Sales Executive (West Coast)

EXHIBIT: The New York Times Syndication Sales Corp. will display: "Everyday Ethics", a weekly Q&A by Randy Cohen; Release 3.0, a technology column by Esther Dyson; Escrito, daily Spanish adaptable paginated pages on seven different topics; Michelin on Travel, essays on worldwide destinations; PageExpress, a pagination service from CoxNet; The New York Times Photo and Graphics Services; Quick News, for co-branding on newspaper Web sites; and, a financial five-columnist rotation.

New York, NY

212-499-3300; Fax: 212-499-3382;;

Web site:

Booth: 1431

NTI Newspaper Technologies

STAFFED BY: Jim Evans, Maggie Rigaux, Phil Gerard, Bill Davis, Carrie Paxon, Leon Perrier, Melissa McDonald, Gjordi McIntyre

EXHIBIT: NTI develops and markets client-server circulation managment software. NTI NewsLine solutions are designed to fit a variety of corporate standards. This year NTI will be showing an application hosting strategy, as well as its next generation of NewsLine, which is a web-based thin client application.

Calgary, Alberta

403-234-0230; Fax: 403-243-7897;;

Web site:

Booth: 2617


STAFFED BY: Robert Hanggi, Exec. V.P. (Sales and Marketing); James Hudson, V.P. (Sales); Milton McNally, CEO; William Kunkel, CFO; Joe Gipson, V.P. (Internet Operations); Robert Wade, Exec. V.P. (Communications); Sharon Roberts, Sales Executive; Chip Dykeman, Sales Executive

EXHIBIT: Ntown will demonstrate Internet technology that enables media companies to maintain a constant presence inside the browser regardless of the destination of the viewer.

Knoxville, TN

865-293-7000; Fax: 865-293-7004;;

Web site:

Booth: 4109

ONE Corporation

Staffed By: Durelle Boles, Pres.; Henry Cobb, V.P.; Jennifer Boles, Marketing Manager

EXHIBIT: ONE Corp. will display a series of auto-pasters new to the North American market, and an electronic gluing system for large daily newspapers.

Atlanta, GA

404-842-0111; Fax: 404-842-0525;;

Web site:

Booth: 2631

OneVision, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Andy Scott, Dave Wick, JD Gebicki

EXHIBIT: OneVision offers workflow solutions for checking and optimizing documents, and creating output. They will display Asura, the automatic check and correct background program that ensures data integrity and logs every action; Solvero, the manual modification software for opening and correcting PDF, PostScript, and EPS, with ICC support; Secare, to automize imposition; and Add-ons, to extend functionality. With 80 staff, and offices in Germany, Great Britain, and the USA, OneVision provides software solutions and consulting services aimed at improving speed, security, and simplicity of digital workflows.

Iselin, NJ

732-404-9600; Fax: 732-404-9603;;

Web site:

Booth: 907

OpenPages, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Michael McLaughlin, Scott Killoh, Henry Kline, Phil Davison, Gary Demko, Angie Nielson, Beau Colburn, Chris Prinos

EXHIBIT: OpenPages, Inc., specializing in Web content management, will feature ContentWare v2.0, that controls the creation, management, and delivery of digital assets. ContentWare integrates existing content creation and deployment systems to offer support for distributed enterprises, e-commerce initiatives, and emerging business models.

Westford, MA

800-367-9509; Fax: 978-392-3457;;

Web site:

Booth: 4529


STAFFED BY: Morgan Stout, Allen Copeland, Alethea Wofford

EXHIBIT: Ovalstrapping, Inc., will showcase The Strapmaster, a strapping machine with servo drive technology, increased production speeds of up to fifty-five packages per minute, low lubrication design, limited maintenance requirements, and user friendly operation.

Fort Payne, AL

256-845-1914; Fax: 256-854-1493;;

Web site:

Booth: 4203

Oxy-Dry Corporation

STAFFED BY: Edward T. McLoughlin, Pres.; Mary Ellen Cahill, V.P. (Director of Marketing); Rick Hausfeld, V.P. (Sales); Tom Ball, District Sales Manager; David Calhoun, District Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Oxy-Dry will be featuring Cylinder Select, a new multi- position blanket washer system that will automatically clean the common impression cylinders, as well as the blankets on newspaper presses equipped with both. Oxy-Dry's Cylinder Select design makes the washer units automatically retractable to allow better access when changing the blankets or plates.

Itasca, IL

630-773-3737; Fax: 630-773-6630;;

Web site:

Booth: 631

PALOS Software

STAFFED BY: Mark Barlow

EXHIBIT: PALOS develops, markets, and supports electronic publishing software for the magazine publishing industry, including newspaper supplements and catalogs. PALOS features a series of integrated applications and QuarkXTensions designed to automate the production of photo advertisement publications, including database management and digital photography. The system is targeted at assisting production staff with pagination and layout.

San Diego, CA

858-654-3333; Fax: 858-244-1166;;

Web site:

Booth: 2731

Pape+Partner Media

STAFFED BY: Joerg Kruse, Norbert Ohl, Steve Nilan, Aziz Sanal

EXHIBIT: Pape+Partner specializes in newspaper planning, tracking, and production control software. The company will demonstrate major modules from its Constellation product line. Highlights include a new version of GlobalTrack, a Web browser-based client that displays the status of live pages in every stage of production.

Hamburg, Germany

800-769-4057 (U.S.);;

Web site:

Booth: 347

Parascan Technologies, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Peter Ewers, V.P. (Sales and Marketing); Peter Mitchell, U.S. Operations Manager; Mathew Croxford, Product Manager

EXHIBIT: Parascan Technologies will exhibit their pre-press digital workflow and softproofing systems.

Sparks, NV

800-259-5778; Fax: 775-358-6769;

Web site:

Booth: 4185

Penske Truck Leasing

STAFFED BY: Rayna Becker, Joe Gallick, Dan Johns, Mike Sheelor, Jim Zacanti

EXHIBIT: Penske provides full-service leasing, logistics, contract maintenance, commerical and consumer truck rental, and utility fleet support, with 600 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Reading, PA


Fax: 610-856-7056;

Web site:

Booth: 4768

PHI Enterprises, Inc.

EXHIBIT: The Rejuvenator Plus portable massage unit was designed to help promote health and wellness. PHI will provide a free massage to attendees and fellow exhibitors.

Garden Grove, CA

714-537-7858; Fax: 714-537-8228;;

Web site:

Booth: 1617

Pitman Company

STAFFED BY: Dick Simonian, Joe Demharter, Larry D'Amico, Kelley Agness, Karen Knueven

EXHIBIT: Pitman will feature computer-to-plate equipment, with a variety of workflow solutions for CTP, as well as introductions of subtractive plates and HN film. Pitman will also introduce a new theft- proof single-copy newspaper dispenser.

Totawa, NJ

973-812-0400; Fax: 973-812-1630;;

Web site:

Booth: 3805

Plant Integration Associates, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Rich Esposito, Joe Esposito, Ken Savold, Ray Hanna, Andy Fortenberg, Vi Esposito

EXHIBIT: PIA will introduce the Ambaflex Spiralveyor to the newspaper industry. This conveyor is capable of bringing newspaper bundles from multiple levels. Also exhibited will be the Amberflex Floor conveyor and the Scorpion Sortation modular. PIA has also taken on Samuel Strapping's product line, consisting of strapping machines, bottom wrap and bundle turners. PIA's distribution controls will be available.

Portchester, NY

914-939-1355; Fax: 914-939-3801;

Booth: 4478

Plumtree Company

STAFFED BY: Tim Cooper, Julian Cooper, Craig Rockel

EXHIBIT: Plumtree will display the new QTMS Copycounter III, which uses infrared technology to generate a more accurate count of printed product, at an inexpensive price. Used with ink-jet systems and totalizers, it accurately counts product via conveyor and/or stacker. Plumtree will also showcase the Inspectron series of high-speed, real- time print verification and inspection systems for ink-jet, laser, and web-print applications.

Savannah, GA


Fax: 912-354-1375;;

Web site:

Booth: 617

Pongrass Newspaper Systems

STAFFED BY: Shelley Hando, Elizabeth Hely-Hammond, Cassandra Myer

EXHIBIT: Pongrass will premier Version 5 of their Advertising System, featuring a new user interface, fully integrated web publishing/adtaking, and a new management reporting/data warehouse facility. Pongrass will also display Juggler Ad Tracking for QuarkXPress and Indesign.

Sydney, Australia


Fax: 61-2-93693703;;

Web site:

Booth: 2643

EXHIBIT: is an Internet infrastructure provider and aggregator of local, granular content, assembling a network of local, newspaper-based community portals on the Internet. PowerAdz publishes all or part of over 1,000 online newspapers, has thousands of participating advertisers, and over 20 state press association endorsements.

Rensselaer, NY

518-286-2200; Fax: 518-286-2979;;

Web site:

Booth: 3328

Precision Pressroom Products, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Michael McCarty, Pres./CEO; Ted Fournier, Sales Representative; Red Hubert, Northeast Regional Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Precision Pressroom Products, Inc. will display press parts, pressroom testing equipment, TKS one-piece multi web-width ink rails, and colorliner multi web-width ink rails.

Harrisonville, MO

816-887-5831; Fax: 816-887-5834;;

Web site:

Booth: 3320

Pressline Services, Inc.

STAFFED BY: James Gore, Steve Brown

EXHIBIT: Specializing in double-width newspaper presses, Pressline Services offers mechanical and electrical press rebuilding and repair for cylinders, drivelines, RTPs, folders, and more. Pressline will display their 50" web-reduction planner.

St. Louis, MO


Fax: 314-533-6944;

Web site:

Booth: 4611

Pressroom Cleaners, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Roy Lilledahl, Pres.; Steve Lilledahl, V.P.; Randall Bojanski, Director (Field Operations); Rhonda Bojanski, Director (Special Projects)

EXHIBIT: A family owned and operated business, Pressroom Cleaners, Inc. has specialized in the daily cleaning of newspaper facilities for over 40 years. Services include daily janitorial contracts for press equipment, production facilities, and complete redecorating services.

Omaha, NE


Fax: 402-597-8765

Booth: 3217


STAFFED BY: William A. Hill, Managing Director; Rick Tannenbaum, V.P./G.M.; Tracey Dresh, Promotions Coordinator

EXHIBIT: PressTech will exhibit the System Autotron 2800W color folder register control for newspaper presses, which uses small marks and enables the register to be archived on the run. Also on display, the Webatron 3200, a markless print-to-cut register control for web-fed presses. each unit controls a maximum of two webs, and can use existing marks.

Herts, United Kingdom


Fax: 44-1442-238621

Web site:

Booth: 3211

Prim Hall Enterprises

STAFFED BY: John Prim, Pres.; Dave Hall, V.P.

EXHIBIT: Prim Hall Enterprises will display their FSI Collator.

Plattsburgh, NY


Fax: 518-563-1472;

Web site:

Booth: 2344

Princeton eCom

STAFFED BY: Kari Rolph, Sales Executive

EXHIBIT: Princeton eCom, an application service provider in the electronic bill presentment and payment industry, works with billers in the financial, credit card, telecommunications, utility, cable, insurance, media, and retail industries.

Princeton, NJ

609-606-3000; Fax: 609-606-3294;

Web site:

Booth: 4275


EXHIBIT: A provider of business-to-business electronic commerce solutions for the printing industry, printCafe is available through the Web site or as a hosted application service through privately-branded Web sites.

Pittsburgh, PA

412-456-1141; Fax: 412-456-1151;

Web site:

Booth: 4832

The Printers House, Ltd.

STAFFED BY: Al Taber, Bill Kanipe, Al Taber, Jr., Rene Aguirra, Sam Pal

EXHIBIT: The Printers House, Ltd., will offer detailed information on new tph Orient web offset presses.

New Delhi, India


Fax: 91-11-331-0490;;

Web site:

Booth: 4816

Printer's Service (Prisco)

STAFFED BY: Wayne Fleshman, Ken Cesario, Don Struck

EXHIBIT: Prisco, a manufacturer and distributor of pressroom supplies and equipment, will display their newest fountain solutions for the newspaper industry, offering enhanced press latitude and stability with today's newspaper stocks. The exhibit will also highlight Prisco's SolvKlene System, which reduces the consumption of washes and environmental costs, and showcase solutions for better process control of press chemistry.

Newark, NJ

973-589-7800; Fax: 973-589-3225;

Web site:

Booth: 3325

Printing Press Services


STAFFED BY: Joe McManamon, Stephen McManamon, David McManamon, David Evans

EXHIBIT: PPSI will introduce their high towers, which along with their press manufacturing and hydro-inking system, will allow newspapers to expand their production. Projects are currently underway in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia.

Lancashire, United Kingdom


Fax: 44-1772-652300;;

Web site:

Booth: 2831

ProImage America, Inc.

STAFFED BY: John Ialacci, Pres.; Jamie Mateosky, Director of Operations

EXHIBIT: ProImage America, Inc., will be demonstrating the Newsway 3.5 transmission and production management system in use by USA Today, The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, The Baltimore Sun, and AGT.

Princeton, NJ


Fax: 609-587-0738;;

Web site:

Booth: 2346

PTFS, Inc.

STAFFED BY: John Yokley, Ari Palttala, Matt Ireland

EXHIBIT: PTFS, Inc. is a Maryland-based system integration firm that specializes in historic archives, digitization, and digital asset- management solutions for newspapers. PTFS will display their imaging technology that converts clippings, microfilm, text, and photo collections into full-text searchable digital news archives.

Bethesda, MD

301-654-8088; Fax: 301-654-5789;;

Web site:

Booth: 1731

Publishing Business Systems, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Steve Smith, Pres.; Bud DePietto, Chief Operating Officer; Joe Costantini, V.P. Sales (Northeast/ Central Regions); Spencer Rutledge, V.P. (Eastern Region)

EXHIBIT: Publishing Business Systems provides newspapers and newspaper groups with UNIX, Windows NT, JAVA-based client/server solutions including circulation, display advertising, classified billing, list matching, insert management, preprint inventory control, accounting, and human resource products. PBS' InSight product is a Windows Cognos- based drill down tool for revenue generation and market analysis.

Barrington, IL

847-381-9950; Fax: 847-381-1339;;

Web site:


QPS, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Michael Schumacher, Pres.

EXHIBIT: QPS will highlight the company's replacement parts for both single and double-width presses, as well as web-width reductions, web audits, and other services offered by QPS' certified 24-hour service staff.

Bridgeview, IL

708-430-1211; Fax: 708-430-1411;;

Web site:

Booth: 1465


STAFFED BY: Karl Fritchen, Director of Worldwide Sales; George Czechowski, National Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: QTI will exhibit the Register Guidance System V Series N, a closed-loop register control for 4-high towers, designed specifically for newspaper presses. QTI will also display the Color Control System, an in-line control system that uses color measurement information to increase the accuracy of color reproduction during the printing process.

Sussex, WI

414-566-7500; Fax: 414-566-5170;

Web site:

Booth: 2307

Quark, Inc.

EXHIBIT: Quark will display their media-independent publishing solutions, offering product demonstrations of QuarkXPress 5.0, Quark Digital Media System, and avenue.quark.

Denver, CO

303-894-8888; Fax: 303-894-3399;;

Web site:

Booth: 2247

Quickcut, N.A.

STAFFED BY: Ellen Traberman, Craig Schuetrumpf

EXHIBIT: Quickcut will present: QuickPrint, a digital ad creator that creates ads to the exact specifications of each publication, and will generate an EPS file while automatically outlining the correct column widths, file format and color styles, and can even embed fonts automatically and check for correct graphic resolution and text overflow; Pagestore, a store and collect ad delivery system which allows for EPS to PDF to EPS workflow while tracking and managing the status of each job, with ads sent through a secure hub via Quickcut directly into the publisher's pagination system; RendezVU, client proofing and management software that utilizes a PDF workflow and allows a centrally based art production unit to design and encapsulate advertising material on a standard Macintosh, as well as allowing agencies to remote-proof ads on screen for clients.

Somerville, NJ


Fax: 973-643-4999;;

Web Site:

Booth: 2537

QuickWire Labs

STAFFED BY: Bill Muir, G.M.; Bill Miller, Developer; Paul Medlano, Developer

EXHIBIT: QuickWire Labs is a software developer specializing in integrating newspaper systems and software. On display will be Quick Wire, a wire capture and news service search engine, and QuickTrac, an ad-tracking system that automates the ad building process.

Hamilton, Ontario


Fax: 905-526-4616;;

Web site:

Booth: 4265

Quipp, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Angel Arrabal, David Haddaway, Larry Perryman, Rick Walter, Tim Dudley, John Deming, John Green, Tony Peri, Christer Sjogren

EXHIBIT: Quipp will demonstrate, via video, their automatic palletizing system, cart loading system, stackers, labeling and distribution equipment.

Miami, FL

305-623-8700; Fax: 305-623-0980;;

Web site:

Booth: 2342

Reed Brennan Media Associates

STAFFED BY: Tim Brennan, V.P.; Jeff Talbert, Director of Operations

EXHIBIT: RBMA's services include pagination of black and white and daily comics pages, and custom editing of daily features sections. RBMA also provides GIF files of color comics for online use. Over 335 newspapers outsource production work to RBMA.

Orlando, FL

407-894-7300; Fax: 407-894-7900;

Web site:

Booth: 4968

Reeves Brothers, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Dave Kennedy, Jack Schoettes, Kerry Giles

EXHIBIT: Reeves Brothers, a manufacturer of printing blankets, will display three newspaper blankets: the 10 No Pak, 20 No Pak, and the new Editor blanket.

Spartanburg, SC


Fax: 864-595-2166;

Web site:

Booth: 4418

Rochester Institute of Technology School of Printing Management & Sciences

STAFFED BY: Owen Smith; John Eldridge

EXHIBIT: R.I.T. provides undergraduate and graduate education in publishing. R.I.T. also offers a range of consulting services covering planning, technical, and management areas.

Rochester, NY

716-475-7949; Fax: 716-475-7029

Web site:

Booth: 3905


STAFFED BY: Rock Ferrone, McKay Mattingly, Tim Mitcheson, Dave McMasters

EXHIBIT: Rock-Built specializes in in-line finishing press equipment, and will display a 4-knife in-line trimmer, a 3-knife in-line slitter, an in-line stitcher, a trim-removal vacuum, a counter stacker, and an in-line glue system.

Pittsburgh, PA


Fax: 412-782-5267;;

Web site:

Booth: 4101

Rockwell Automation

EXHIBIT: Rockwell Automation will present the PrintLogix TM solution, a press control package specifically designed for newspaper printing applications. PrintLogix TM consists of Allen-Bradley brand components for automation control, MIS, MMI, Unit Control, and Drive Control, that are specially configured for press operations.

Mequon, WI

262-512-8200; Fax: 262-512-8579;;

Web site:

Booth: 4774

RouteSmart Technologies

STAFFED BY: Chris Walz

EXHIBIT: RouteSmart is a GIS-based route optimization system that automatically builds carrier routes for newspaper delivery. Used by the largest newspaper companies around the world, RouteSmart reduces carrier route miles, determines the optimal number of carriers, and manages impacts to route operations that result from seasonal fluctuations in subscribers or press-run changes.

Columbia MD,

800-977-7284; Fax: 410-290-0334;;

Web site:

Booth: 4685

Ryco Graphic/technotrans

STAFFED BY: Norbert Huelsmann, Pres.; Thomas Carbery, V.P. (Sales); Jacob Lin, V.P. (Engineering); Marty Kaczmarek, Steve Brown, Regional Sales Managers

EXHIBIT: With the recent merger, Ryco and technotrans will be exhibiting their joint product lines including spray dampening systems, silicone applicators, mixers, chillers, ink supply systems, dampener solution recycling systems, and ink roller temperature-control systems.

Wheeling, IL

847-259-3330; Fax: 847-259-3422;

Web site:

Booth: 4411


STAFFED BY: John Stevenson, Jack Massey, Bud Davis, Caroline Staffopoulos, Bob Silverman, Rich Carroll

EXHIBIT: Ryder provides a continuum of logistics and transportation solutions world-wide. Ryder's product offerings range from full-service leasing, commercial rental, and programmed maintenance of vehicles to integrated services such as dedicated contract carriage and carrier management. Ryder also offers supply chain consulting, lead logistics management services, and e-commerce solutions.

Miami, FL


Web site:

Booth: 4459

Samuel Strapping Systems

STAFFED BY: Terry Evans, Newspaper Sales Manager; Michael Helton, Sales Manager (Southern Region); Bill Bryson, Sales Manager (Central Region); Joe Lux, Sales Manager (Eastern Region, Eastern Canada); Sal Paldino, Sales Manager (Western Region, Western Canada); Dennis Kaskie, Technical Service Manager; Adam Zart, Technical Support

EXHIBIT: Samuel Strapping Systems will display its in-line strapping machines, including the NT 40, capable of handling forty bundles per minute, and NT 30, with speeds up to thirty-six bundles per minute. Also highlighted will be the MK6 under/over wrapping machines, the Matthew's ink jet system, the P 4000 ring turner, the T-05 power turner for assistance in cross-strapping, and the P 940 and P 940A for line- tying.

Woodridge, IL

800-323-4424; Fax: 630-783-8901;;

Web site:

Booth: 2909

SAP America, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Jillayne DeYoung, Kathy Dunmon, Rick Knowles, Hans Landgraf, Andreas Pfingsten, Joerg Richter

EXHIBIT: SAP America will highlight for Media, a comprehensive Internet-age solution for newspaper companies. SAP will also feature five industry-specific solution scenarios for managing business and customer care processes, including Subsciption Sales and Service, Advertising Management, Pervasive Computing, Business Information Warehouse, and Workplace for Media. Each solution scenario will be available for either general or scheduled demonstrations.

Newtown Square, PA


Web site:

Booth: 707


STAFFED BY: Frank Loversky, Pres.; Robert Laszlo, V.P. (Customer Fulfillment)

EXHIBIT: SAXoTECH will display the SAXoPRESS Content Management System, a newsroom system for print and online production, and debut version 4.0 of the Publicus Online Publishing System, a Web site production system featuring audio and video streaming capabilities and custom online news applications.

Rockville, MD

301-294-0805; Fax: 301-294-1761;;

Web site:

Booth: 3415

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Joe Zoll, John Krasnokutsky, Michael Eckert, Marcus Schick, Lothar Rettner, Stefan Keller

EXHIBIT: Siemens specializes in automation and drives, offering integrated automation with AC or DC drive technology for shafted and shaftless printing applications (press and post-press). Shaftless systems can be done with SIMOVERT Motion Control AC drives, and driven by SIMOVERT Vector Control AC or SIMOREG DC drives.

Alpharetta, GA

770-740-3000; Fax: 770-740-3393

Web site:

Booth: 4464


STAFFED BY: Jeff Osisek, R.T. Bailey, Rick Newman

EXHIBIT: Signode will display the LB News, a reliable, high-speed, newspaper bundler with low-maintenance operation.

Glenview, IL


Web site:

Booth: 4383

SITMA U.S.A., Inc.

STAFFED BY: Pete Butikis, Managing Director/CEO; Al Lindsay, National Sales Manager; Susan Dahlquist, Senior Marketing Administrator

EXHIBIT: SITMA will display videos, product literature, and layouts of recent newspaper installations and applications.

St. Paul, MN

651-222-2324; Fax: 651-222-4652;;

Web site:

Booth: 4425

Smith RPM Corporation

STAFFED BY: Dennis Schupp, Manager (Operations); Jessica Brunk, Manager (Engineering); Paul Geralds, V.P. (PPI)

EXHIBIT: Smith RPM, a producer of Digital Pulsed Dampening sytems for newspaper printing and commercial applications, will display the new PDS-2000. Producing high print quality while reducing fountain solution usage and waste,

PDS-2000 features TouchStar controls, high-speed pulsing, and precise dampening adjustments. Mixing, circulation, refrigeration, and water management systems will also be on display.

Overland Park, KS

913-888-0695; Fax: 913-888-0699;;

Web site:

Booth: 239

The Software Construction


STAFFED BY: Lee Funnell, V.P.; Rick Marucci, CEO; Miles Waldron

EXHIBIT: SCC will be showing its cross-platform tools for workflow management, including the SQL based MediaServer archive and workflow database system. MediaServer provides client-server access to graphics, text, page, and image objects, photo and story assignment, and integration with Microsoft Word 2000. Search capabilities include word, synonym, root word, wildcard, proximity, boolean, misspelled word, field, date range searches, and search for similar.

Atlanta, GA


Fax: 770-454-7719;;

Web site:

Booth: 2017

Software Consulting Services

STAFFED BY: Richard J. Cichelli, Pres.; Kurt Jackson, V.P. (Operations); Susan Fenstermaker, Controller

EXHIBIT: SCS will be showing the latest versions of of its newspaper systems: AdMAX, for integrating advertising management; SCS/Track, for providing ad production management; and GN3, which combines editorial and news pagination. SCS will also feature JLayout, a Java based version of Layout. SCS' scalable systems run on multiple platforms, including Linux.

Nazareth, PA


Fax: 610-837-8080;;

Web site:

Booth: 4149

Solna Web USA

STAFFED BY: Rick Kerns, Randy Johnson, Dianne Wisner

EXHIBIT: Solna Web will introduce the Solna D400, a highly-automated vertical press, running at 50,000 rph. Designed for medium advanced newspaper and semi-commercial pruduction runs, the Solna D400 is a shaftless driven press with single motors for each perfecting unit, and can be equipped with three different folders for up to twelve webs. It is an ideal solution for higher-quality newspaper and semi-commercial production.

Lenexa, KS


Fax: 913-492-0170;

Web site:

Booth: 3316


STAFFED BY: Sandy McArthur, Jeff Johnson, Lynn Roper, Rolfe Olsen, Tom Pupa, Rick Matthews, Karen Henderson

EXHIBIT: Sonoco is North America's leading provider of high-preformance cores, plugs, and metal ends. Through Cascades, Sonoco expands their offerings to roll headers and wrappers. Sonoco's latest product, the Sellocoat wrapper, is the first affordable repulpable wrapper. Sellocoat barrier wrapper allows for total recycling.

Hartsville, SC

800-959-1301; Fax: 843-383-3485;;

Web site:

Booth: 2543

Sonoran Scanners

STAFFED BY: John Watkins, Pres.; Norm Bogen, V.P.; Joe Barrett, Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Sonoran Scanners will feature the CactusSetter, an ultraviolet CTP machine, which exposes UV sensitive plates at a rate 250 broadsheets (or 125 double trucks) per hour. The Cactus Setter Lite, a lower speed, lower cost UV CTP machine, for mid-size newspapers, will also be highlighted.

Tucson, AZ

520-617-0072; Fax: 520-617-0806;

Booth: 1331

Stauffer Media Systems

STAFFED BY: Keith Wood, Sales Manager; Kim Sexton, Sales Consultant; Jerry DeBondt, Sales Consultant

EXHIBIT: Stauffer Media Systems understands and appreciates the operational needs of small and medium sized newspapers. Since 1977, SMS has developed affordable, quality, industry-specific software. Current products include business circulation software, Quadrant on-line classifieds, Stauffer Gold editorial archiving, and AdQue.

Joplin, MO

417-782-0280; Fax: 785-295-1144;;

Web site:

Booth: 4479

Sterling Packaging Systems

STAFFED BY: Carl Hansen, Eric Whittaker, Tammy Hansen, Ken Wattleworth

EXHIBIT: Sterling Packaging will be displaying six different models of strapping machines, designed to fit any size paper or budget, including the MR-50CH, MR-45CH, GR-45, GP-30C, GP-30, and PC-250. Also shown will be Sterling's fully-automatic cross-tie systems, including a ring unit with back-to-back interconnecting.

Mentor, OH

440-358-7060; Fax: 440-358-706;

Booth: 4456

Storeroom Solutions, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Jeffrey Ward, V.P.; Steve Rock, V.P. (Newspaper Operations); John Iona, Pres., Chief Operating Officer

EXHIBIT: SSI provides procurement and asset management services for maintenence, repairs, and operating supplies (MRO), helping reduce part cost and inventory investment while increasing plant uptime.

W. Conshohocken, PA

610-940-3800; Fax: 610-940-4414;;

Web site:

Booth: 2807

STAFFED BY: Glenn Facey, Anupam Mittal, Ben Roa, Alisa Goldschmidt, Jennifer Fiumara, Will Rowan, Matthias Windges, Leanne Mitchell

EXHIBIT:, the first Personal Intelligence Network, works with a variety of leading companies to deliver personalized, timely information to consumers via Web, wireless, and voice. Using advanced wireless technology, allows users to access information using "smart" mobile phones. has launched a suite of channels, including finance, news, and weather. Unlike traditional media networks, allows users to subscribe to only the programs and services that interest them, allowing them to receive information when, where, and how they want it. affiliates include Wall Street Journal Interactive, Earth Link, Ameritrade, Metrocall,, and NASDAQ.

Vienna, VA

703-744-3339; Fax: 703-783-8512;;

Web site:

Booth: 2743

Summit Infotech Limited

STAFFED BY: Rakesh Kapoor, Yashpai Bindra

EXHIBIT: Summit is an Indian software company specializing in providing software products and software developement services to publishing, imaging, and Internet industry. Summit has developed NewsPro newspaper workflow management software and AdPro classified ad booking software.

New Dehli, India

91-11-651-7998; Fax: 91-11-6854711;;

Web site:

Booth: 613

The Sunflower Group

STAFFED BY: John Laing, Marketing (Writer/Producer); Christine Bridgman, Marketing (Services Manager)

EXHIBIT: The Sunflower group will be showcasing their line of promotional service specialties, which include national newspaper- delivered sampling services, newspaper ad placement services, in-store demonstrations, and couponing and Internet sampling services.

Overland Park, KS

800-288-5085; Fax: 913-381-3536;



Web site:

Booth: 1653

Superior Lithoplate of Indiana, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Robert Blane, Steven Blane, Miriam Blane, Tony Hernandez, Gabriela Flores

EXHIBIT: SCI specializes in additive and subtractive printing plates and related chemistries, servicing Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

Rockville, IN

800-821-5587; Fax: 765-569-2094;;

Web site:

Booth: 917

System Integrators, Inc.

EXHIBIT: Sii, which provides content management, digital asset management, advertising, and internet systems, will showcase Insight, a media-independent content and resource management system that uses browser-based technology to communicate across different media, and enterprise-wide across multiple departments and locations.

Sacramento, CA

916-929-9481; Fax: 916-928-9863;

Web site:

Booth: 2231

T/one, Inc.

STAFFED BY: David Tenmenbaum, Pete Leabo, Craig Rottenberg, Brian Hanser

EXHIBIT: T/one, Inc., makes the industry-leading Merlin digital asset management system, used by over 60 newspapers and Web sites including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and MSNBC. Also on display are the Merlin 4, TRAX, and Scrounger, as well as the Merlin-Net which is a vehicle to generate significant revenue over the internet from your photo sales.

Quincy, MA

617-328-6645; Fax: 617-328-9845;

Web site:

Booth: 4349

Tech-Energy Co., Inc.

STAFFED BY: David Moeller, Rachel Bell, John E. Pickard, Tommy Moeller, Louis Benke

EXHIBIT: Tech-Energy Co. will provide information on web-width reduction for all web press types. Tech-Energy provides printing press updates and add-ons for all Goss Communities and Urbanites, press parts, new one-piece RFTs, and services.

Cibolo, TX

210-658-0614; Fax: 210-658-0653;;

Web site:

Booth: 2207

Tecnavia S.A.

STAFFED BY: Giancarlo Vanoni

EXHIBIT: Technavia will present the new Web related products Atelier and TIS to optimize the daily work of photogaphers and newspapers. All Web applications are tested on MACs and PCs running both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Tecnavia's solutions integrate with all editorial systems, giving you the flexibility you will not find with the single vendor solutions.

Barbengo, Switzerland

41-91-9932121; Fax: 41-91-9932223;;

Web site:

Booth: 3808

Tensor Group, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Anna Hozjan, Pres.; Richard Boate', V.P. (Domestic Sales); Mike Pavone, International Sales; John Bonk, V.P. (Operations)

EXHIBIT: Tensor Group, Inc., offers high quality, single-width web offset printing systems suited for printing newspapers, signatures, flyers, and other semi-commercial products. 1400 series units are stackable up to 4-high and are available in a multiple of cut-off options. The Tensor H-50 folder can handle one or multiple webs in a single pass.

Woodridge, IL

630-739-9600; Fax: 630-739-9339

Booth: 407

TERA U.S., Inc.

STAFFED BY: Roberto Anoniotti, Owner/CEO; Michele Mottini, Owner/Chief Technical Officer; Tim Kacprowicz, Managing Director; Robert Hanselman. National Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: TERA is a developer of publishing solutions for editorial, archiving, Web, and new media applications. TERA will display the GN3 publishing system, a "total systems solution" for automating production of both conventionally printed and Web-based publications; Tark, a Web- based archiving solution; TOPIC, a NT-based OPI solution that integrates with GN3 as well as other database driven applications; and ToPS, an automated tool to translate PDF files to EPS for placement within the publication.

Bedford, NH

603-624-9160; Fax: 603-624-9157;;

Web site:

Booth: 4249

Tinby LLC (Ergomat)

STAFFED BY: Pat Rodbroe, Jose Gonzalez, Torsten Rodbroe

EXHIBIT: Tinby will present its Ergomat line of anti-fatigue mats designed to reduce stress on employees feet and legs.

Westlake, OH

800-357-2111; Fax: 440-899-1702;;

Web site:

Booth: 4820

Tingue, Brown & Co.

STAFFED BY: James R. Hopkins, Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Tingue, Brown & Co., provides packing systems for letterpress Polyfibron Technologies, Polydraw L-2 drawsheets and Polystick underblankets, Polytop top blankets, Corocel underblankets, Tingue Ball Koat drawsheets (glass beads), Tingue contact top blankets, MOD plastic molded material handling products, MOD wire, fabric, and metal material handling products.

Saddle Brook, NJ

201-796-5233; Fax: 201-796-5820;

Booth: 3935

TKS (U.S.A.)

STAFFED BY: Frank Tyler, Pres.; Mike Shafer, National Sales Manager; Dean Jacoby, Director of Customer Service

EXHIBIT: TKS will exhibit the single-width, one-around, Color Top 3000cm. This new press has three ink form rollers and anti-fanout rollers between each impression. TKS will also display T-NPC press controls and digital ink pumps.

972-437-4466; Fax: 972-437-5858

Web site:

Booth: 2213

Tobias Associates, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Kevin M. Kelley, Sales Representative; Dale Fitzgerald, Manufacturer Representative; Gary Cartier, Manufacturer Representative

EXHIBIT: Tobias Associates will display the SDT Scanning Densitometer to read graybars on newsprint for color control. The SDT reads bars as narrow as 1/16", even if the bar is located directly up against process or solid ad work. The 1/16" bar can be located anywhere on the sheet and incorporated into the design. The SDT scans and displays the results by ink column in less than 15 seconds.

Ivyland, PA

215-322-1500; Fax: 215-322-1504;;

Web site:

Booth: 3334

Tolerans Ingol, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Thomas Perzon, Igor Heifets

EXHIBIT: Tolerans Ingol manufactures in-line stitchers for all types of web press folders. The new generation Streamliner 2000 will staple a tabloid product at speeds up to 120,000 iph. Straight and collect models are also available.

Wanamassa, NJ

732-918-8700; 732-918-8701;;

Web site:

Booth: 4163

Total Mailroom Support, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Michael McGeady, Pres.; Tim Higgins, National Sales Manager; Wayne Anderson, Regional Sales Manager (East); Samuel Brockington, Regional Sales Manager (South); Patrick McGeady, Regional Sales Manager (West); John Durso, Special Projects Manager; Paul Cook, Field Operations Manager, Bill Pachinger, Lead Product Engineer; Keith Crozier, Pres. (Newsppaer Processing Services, Inc.); Alex Morrison, Project Manager (News-paper Processing Services, Inc.)

EXHIBIT: TMSI will exhibit the Navigator Beltstream Conveyor, The Compass and Compass 180 Counter Stackers, Compass Count System Control, Digital Drive Mattop Conveyor, Self Tensioning Roller Top Conveyor, Upgraded and Reconditioned Monitor Stackers, and the Cyclone Bundle Turner. TMSI will unveil newly pattented safety features for many different models of counter stackers, as well as a new Laser Count System.

Middleburg Heights, OH

440-239-9000; Fax: 440-239-9006;;

Web site:

Booth: 4669


STAFFED BY: Bob MacKenzie, Steve Gould, Harold Wells

EXHIBIT: U.M.I. will display their complete line of Aqua-Tor Paster products. U.M.I. will also feature the Nireco Polar registration and compensation systems, new titanium coated knives and slitters, and a new knife box.

Port St. Lucie, FL

561-340-1666; Fax: 561-340-0580;;

Web site:

Booth: 1531


STAFFED BY: David Phillips, V.P. & G.M. (North America Publishing); Lodovico de Briganti, Director of Marketing; Aine Gribbings, Director of R&D; William Wenger, Director of Business Development; Dave LaClair, Jerry Riley, Donna Wiley, Client Relationship Executives

EXHIBIT: Unisys will preview the latest versions of their suite of e- @ction Unisys Publishing Solutions. Featured will be Hermes, the fully- integrated editorial system for both editorial and production cycles of single and multiple edition publications, and AdCenter, a comprehensive advertising management system for ad booking, contract management, workflow management, ad planning, and page layout. In addition, Unisys will be demonstrating the latest capabilities of WireCenter, a wire services management system, and DocCenter, a digital management system.

Blue Bell, PA

800-874-8674 x 678;

Fax: 215-986-0529;;

Web site:

Booth: 3333

US Ink

STAFFED BY: Lawrence J. Lepore, V.P. of Operations; John C. Corcoran, National Accounts Manager; Todd P. Wheeler, Marketing Services Manager

EXHIBIT: US Ink will introduce the new SpectraMax Color, the latest addition to their Spectra line of black and color inks. SpectraMax Color is designed to reduce ink usage and page-to-page setoff while improving print contrast and traps. US Ink will also be demonstrating Press Doctor 2000.

Carlstadt, NJ

201-935-8666; Fax: 201-933-3728;

Web site:

Booth: 3403

Valley Remanufacturing Co.

STAFFED BY: Bruce L. Seidel, Scott Renkes, Thomas Toth

EXHIBIT: Valley Remanufacturing Co. offers remanufactured Harris, Sheridan, GMA, and Muller Martini inserting equipment, as well as a new hopper feed loader model HL500. Valley Remanufacturing also offers a Vibro-Jogger jogging table and the new Valley heavy duty single-width belt stream conveyor PC based inserter control system.

Allentown, PA

610-820-9669; Fax: 610-820-0738

Booth: 3517


STAFFED BY: Ward Walsh, Pres.; Hans Frey, Area Sales Manager; Ric Mayle, V.P. (Sales and Marketing)

EXHIBIT: Valmet Roll Handling Ltd. (formerly Von Roll) manufactures customized systems for storing, transporting and loading paper rolls. Efficient conveyor systems have been developed to feed rolls from the loading dock to paper storage. and loading into the printing press. Valmet offers mechanized, motorized, fully automatic systems.

York, PA

717-845-4807; Fax: 717-845-8828;

Booth: 4970

Varn International

STAFFED BY: Archie Doyle, V.P. (Sales); Greg Johnson, Western Sales Manager; Jerry Dales, Regional Sales Manager; Gary Yudin, Regional Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Varn International will display various products to support quality reproduction in newspaper pressrooms. Varn will provide information on water purification systems, Varn Precision Mixing equipment, FountainPure filtration, as well their complete line of pressroom chemicals. Orders for evaluation will be processed at the exhibit for immeadiate service.

Oakland, NJ

201-337-3600; Fax: 201-337-8864;;

Web site:

Booth: 1545

Vision Data Equipment Corp.

STAFFED BY: Thomas A. Dempsey, Amy Weaver, Timothy J . Donnelly, David S. Hays, William Blatter, Clifford Lee

EXHIBIT: Vision Data will display its publication business management software, including programs for classified ad sales, pagination and billing, display ad billing, and circulation sales and management. Vision Data will also feature their fully integrated, graphical common relational database systems, and programs that allow remote site operation from a single server, and Internet order entry.

Rensselaer, NY

518-434-2193; Fax: 518-434-3457;;

Web site:

Booth: 3701

Web Press Corporation

STAFFED BY: Chuck Gath, V.P. (Sales); Gary Palmer, Pres.; Bill Aldrich, Sales (North East); Grant Dickinson, Sales (South East); Terry Morton, Sales (Midwest); Jim Estes, Sales (West); Roy Thompson, V.P. (Technical Services)

EXHIBIT: Web Press will be displaying the Quad Stack 4 + 4 color printing unit; a 2 + 2 unit based on modular Quad Stack technology (a sample of modular configuration that can be 1-high to 4-high and can be added as needed); and a folder. Information on all items manufactured and serviced by Web Press Corporation will be available.

Kent, WA

253-395-3343; Fax: 253-395-4492;;

Web site:

Booth: 4806

Wescorp Ink Reclamation Systems

STAFFED BY: James Derryberry, Dereck Rowland

EXHIBIT: Wescorp Ink Reclamation Systems will explain their ink reclamation process, a method of dealing with waste ink by reclaiming and printing with it. Wescorp offers mobile service, regional pick-up, and a custom designed unit for printing facilities.

Bedford, TX

817-590-2936; Fax: 817-590-2909

Booth: 611

West Coast Computer Systems

STAFFED BY: Edward Kobrin, Simon Young, Les Hathaway

EXHIBIT: West Coast Computer Systems (WCCS) will be demonstrating WinCMS and PhoenixNT, their new advertising and editorial management systems with a Microsoft SQL server providing the database engine. These systems are scalable from 2 to 200 seats, and are compatable with Windows 95, 98, 2000, or NT client operating systems.

Stockton, CA

209-948-5499; Fax: 209-948-4508;;

Web site:

Booth: 3935

Western Lithotech

STAFFED BY: Todd Socia, National Sales Manager; Lane Galmer, Senior V.P. (Sales and Marketing); Ed Eisenberg, International Sales Manager

EXHIBIT: Western Lithotech, manufacturer of automated plateroom systems for newspapers, will present the Lith-X-Pozer plate exposure system, the DiamondSetter 610SP-100 CTP Laser platesetter, the Optical Punch Bender (OPB) vision bender system, and other equipment related to plate production.

St. Louis, MO

800-325-3310; Fax 636-825-4681;;

Web site:

Booth: 4225

WIFAG Press Company

STAFFED BY: Goetz Stein, CEO; Joe Ondras, V.P. (Sales); Noel McEvoy, V.P. (Marketing); Marcello Tarchini, V.P. (Sales, South America); Matthias Kobel, Project Manager (Sales)

EXHIBIT: WIFAG will exhibit the OF 370 GTD with 4-high towers and combination 2:5:5 Jaw/3:2 rotary folder. It is available with 5-high towers, 6-high 12-couple towers, and PCU for flying page changes, and PCU+ for page count changes. The WIFAG OF 370 GTD can also be configured as an add-on tower for existing presses.

Marietta, GA

770-850-8511; Fax: 770-850-8550;;

Web site:

Booth: 2312

Willow Bend Communications, Inc.

STAFFED BY: Stephen Thompson

EXHIBIT: Willow Bend Commun

-ications, Inc., provides software systems to meet the needs of address hygiene, list management, circulation mapping and routing, and target marketing for client server or desktop.

Addison, TX

972-248-4451; Fax: 972-732-8807;;

Web site:

Booth: 2336

World Choice

STAFFED BY: Rick Schneider, V.P. (Global Business Development); Frankie Blankenship, Business Development Manager; Debra Henson, Business Development Manager

EXHIBIT: World Choice provides privately branded, turnkey travel channels for newspaper Web sites. Services include online booking for hotels, airline tickets, and car rentals, destination, and family-friendly travel content. Newspaper affiliates participate in a revenue sharing program and there are no fees for participation.

North Palm Beach, FL

561-845-8856; Fax: 561-845-5466;;

Web site:

Booth: 1441


STAFFED BY: Jim Thrush, VP (Sales and Marketing); Karen Crews, Controller; Lisa Austin, Marketing Manager; Dick Steensma, Pres.

EXHIBIT: Xitron, an independent RIP developer, will present: Xenith Workflow RIP, featuring Adobe in-RIP trapping, job tickets and post-RIP imposition; Navigator NT RIP (Harlequin); XIP RIP (Adobe), capable of driving over 100 imagesetters; and the Epson Sylus plug-in. Workflow tools on display include XiStrip imposition, Pilot Print Spooler, XAPS Film Saving, and Raster Blaster routing raster TIFFs to supported devices.

Ann Arbor, MI

734-913-8080; Fax: 734-913-8088;;

Web site:

Booth: 2425

Yakalo Solutions

STAFFED BY: Tamara Joiner, Laura Johnson, Victoria Eckes, Gretchen Zitter

EXHIBIT: Yakalo allows newspapers to provide real estate clients with contact properties, marketing information, and advertising, all by means of the Web. Yakalo decreases transaction costs through an Internet office tool for real estate clients, and standardizes marketing and administrative functions.

Longmont, CO

303-772-2212; Fax: 303-772-2045;;

Web site:

Booth: 2353

STAFFED BY: Paul Kalkman, Victoria Canning, Cassandra Teegarden, Joel McGinley, Larry "Chad" Chadwick, Murray Bartlow, Dan Shryock

EXHIBIT: develops Internet-ready solutions that deal with the activities consumers and businesses accomplish within 15 miles of their computers. These applications are marketed through affiliate channels with existing community portals, including newspapers and broadcast media.

Portland, OR

503-223-3100; Fax: 503-223-2020

Web site:
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