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 COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The same day the newest Apple fell from the tree, CompuServe was ready with the Apple Newton/PIE Forum.
 The forum is the place to turn to 24 hours a day for the latest news, discussion and tips on using the revolutionary new Newton MessagePad from Apple Computer, Inc. Through the forum, Newton pioneers, developers, and potential users meet electronically to discuss the various uses of the Newton series of organizers and other Personal Interactive Electronics (PIE) from Apple.
 "CompuServe is the largest independent provider of support for Apple Computer products," said Jim Hogan, director of product marketing. "The Newton/PIE Forum demonstrates CompuServe's commitment to providing support for all classes of information technology products including new technologies like personal digital appliances that serve the mobile computing community."
 Neil Shapiro, system operator (sysop) of this and other Apple forums, says CompuServe's Newton Forum is the best place for people to go to find out whether they should purchase the MessagePad and the best place to go for support after they purchase it.
 "The level of interest in this forum has been phenomenal," Shapiro commented. "People clearly enjoy being able to establish a new community for themselves on CompuServe's Newton Forum where they can share the thrill of learning to use Apple's most revolutionary machine -- the Newton MessagePad."
 Shapiro says activities on the forum will include a live online conference during which Newton product line designers will be available to answer questions and respond to comments about the MessagePad.
 "We'll also be offering contests for programmers," Shapiro said. "Prizes will be awarded to authors of applications that make the MessagePad easier to use with either the Macintosh or IBM and compatible computers, as well as applications that enhance the functionality of the Newton itself."
 Regular forum sections include General Business, Newton Software, Newton Peripherals, What's Next?, Product Spotlite, Newton Developers and more.
 The Newton Forum joins other leading edge technology forums available on CompuServe, including the Palmtop, Multimedia, Hypertext, Cyber and CD-ROM forums.
 CompuServe members pay $8.95 per month for unlimited connect-time access to 47 basic services. Forums and 1,700 other extended services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis for $8 per hour when accessing CompuServe with a 1200 or 2400 bits per second (bps) modem and $16 per hour at 9600 bps. For information about CompuServe membership, call 800-848-8199.
 Established in 1979, the CompuServe Information Service provides its worldwide membership of more than 1.3 million with 1,700 databases and services to meet both business and personal interests. CompuServe can be accessed by any modem-equipped personal computer utilizing the CompuServe Information Manager graphical interface or any general communications software.
 In addition to the CompuServe Information Service, CompuServe Incorporated provides frame relay, wide and local area networking services, business information services and software to major corporations and government agencies worldwide.
 CompuServe is an H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) company.
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Date:Aug 10, 1993

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