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NewsReal, Inc., Alexandria, Va., has launched "Industry Spotlight" packages that are market-specific versions of its popular web-based news and business information service, IndustryWatch(sm).

"Industry Spotlight" is designed to provide the most up-to-date, industry-specific news tailored toward the needs of audiences within distinct vertical markets. The first four of NewsReal's planned Industry Spotlight packages -- Finance, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Technology -- are available immediately.

Each package features pre-defined company stock tickers, specialty areas and category searches uniquely designed for the specific vertical market. Announcements will be made in which these Industry Spotlight products will be used by leading Web sites and portals to provide focused information to users and deliver highly targeted audiences to advertisers.

As with NewsReal's IndustryWatch, Industry Spotlight information is drawn from over 500 news sources, including the popular "Executive Summary" time-saving feature that provides a three-line snapshot of each article and fast "multi-links" to current information and background on those companies featured in the news.

"The Industry Spotlight product set breaks new ground in information delivery because these products address the user's need to 'drill down' to specific industry-related specialty information," said David C. Hoppmann, president and CEO, NewsReal. "Our partners have realized that this type of high value information provides their online sites with an incredible competitive advantage both in serving and keeping users and in securing advertising."

The Finance Spotlight contains specialty areas that offer users articles and information pertaining to everything from IPOs and mergers and acquisitions, to investments and venture capital. It also includes company stock tickers for leading financial firms such as Fannie Mae, MS Dean Witter and American Express, among others.

The Healthcare Spotlight offers specialty intelligence areas on hospitals, HMOs, managed care, alternative medicine and genetics/DNA. Stock tickers provided include Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb and Abbott Labs among industry leaders.

In the Telecommunications Spotlight, users can easily choose from specialized information on long distance, wireless, fiber optics and satellite. Leading stock tickers include AirTouch, Skytel and Nextel Communications and so on.

Finally, the multi-dimensional Technology Spotlight is broken down into three primary industry segments: computers, Internet and e-commerce, due to popular market focus and user demand. Each has its own set of specialty areas which range from hardware and software to security and online trading.

Company tickers include Microsoft, Oracle and Novell, among other industry leaders.

As with the content, the design of each Industry Spotlight is tailored toward the needs of its users. A test sample of the new Technology Industry Spotlight can be viewed at Announcements will be made over the next several months which designate partner sites that are implementing the new Industry Spotlight products by NewsReal.

About NewsReal NewsReal, Inc., an Infoseek spin-off launched in January 1998, is building the definitive "Business Channel for the Web." This channel is made up of a series of business and lifestyle products and is offered through NewsReal's network of business partner sites in order to assist business partners serve their users in critical business information areas.

Headquartered in Alexandria, the company's first product, IndustryWatch, can be found on a series of leading partner Web sites, including such market leaders as Infoseek and CNNfn, available through NewsReal's unique co-branding strategy. More information on NewsReal and its products can be found at or by calling 703/548-3300.
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