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Long Beach, Calif. Celebrates Water Awareness Month

To celebrate Water Awareness Month, the Long Beach, California Water Department has been distributing free ultra low-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads. The toilets save three to four gallons of water per flush compared to older models.

To receive the free toilets, residential water customers bring copies of their bills to a distribution location. Once they install the new toilets, they return the old ones for recycling.

Customers paying their water bills at city hall can receive free water pitchers, rulers and sponges. City libraries are offering water conservation information throughout the month.

Details: Steve Ehren at (562) 570-2313

Hollywood, Fla. Purchases Land to Upgrade Neighborhoods

In an effort to improve neighborhoods and increase affordable single-family housing, the City of Hollywood, Florida has established an innovative land purchase program. The Vacant Lot Acquisition and Housing Development Program allows the city to purchase vacant residential lots through foreclosure of city liens or by tax deed.

After acquisition, the city re-sells the property to developers for construction of homes. The city commission recently approved the sale of nine 40-foot-wide lots acquired through the program to the non-profit Habitat for Humanity.

Most properties targeted for acquisition have been cited with code violations and are eventually maintained by the city. Decreased maintenance costs and having new homes on once vacant, unkempt land are two of the benefits of the program.

"We are able to recover maintenance costs while increasing the city's pool of vacant land available for redevelopment," said Real Estate Division Director Fred Hopkins. "Many times we take title of the land from property owners and don't incur the expense of foreclosure."

Details: Jennifer Burnstein at (954) 921-3644
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Title Annotation:Hollywood, Florida's Vacant Lot Acquisition and Housing Development Program; Water Awareness Month in Long Beach, California
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Date:May 22, 2000
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