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? A one-tonne doner kebab made from the meat of seven cows has been recognised as the biggest in the world. Prepared in Turkey, it stood two and a half metres tall and needed a crane to heave it into position. It weighed a total of 1,198 kilograms and needed 10 cooks working on scaffolding to prepare it. Guinness officials in the Turkish capital of Ankara confirmed that it was a new record-breaker.

? A US woman who trained six cats to play together in a rock band is on the hunt for a miniature gong. Animal trainer Samantha Martin, from Chicago, is advertising for someone to make the instrument. Ms Martin, whose Rock Cats act is part of her Acro-Cats show, says she wants to expand their repertoire. The band currently features Tuna on lead guitar, Pinky on rhythm guitar, Nue on keyboards, and Dakota, Waldo and Fiji on percussion. It also features guest appearances from a chicken on tambourine and cymbals.

? A Swedish man was lucky to escape when he was knocked down by a bear in the woods. Ola Akesson, 61, had left his cabin in Sweden's remote Angraan nature reserve to answer a call of nature when a baby elk appeared. "I turned around and there was a huge bear right beside me - maybe half a metre away," he said. The bear, which he believes was hunting the elk, then knocked him over, before vanishing back into the woods. Mr Akesson managed to get to his feet and scramble back into his cabin, startled but unhurt.

? A Sydney woman has told how her pet cat has become addicted to playing games on her iPad. Anne Druais even keeps a plastic screen cover to protect the tablet computer from Tiger Lily's claws. The fortunate feline has ditched balls of cotton wool for a raft of recently launched pet-friendly apps. "She has been playing with the iPad for the last four to five months," said Ms Druais.

MY SECRET GARDEN I look upon my secret garden And see the fairies dance The berry bushes upon the grass Where the pixies prance.

I look upon my secret garden The wishing well so still Garden gnomes are laughing Whilst the birds sing on the hill.

I look upon my secret garden Noon begins to fall Everything still bright and happy And the gnomes still on the wall.

I look upon my secret garden Now the night has fell The stars are shining in the sky And my secret garden well.

By Emily Price, 11, from Longbenton
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 21, 2012
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