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[c]NEWS ? A lost budgie found its way home after reciting its entire address to a police officer. The bird escaped from a house in the Sagamihara district of Yokohama, Japan, and flew to a hotel in the city centre. The hotel handed the budgerigar over to police, who put it in a cage and transferred it to a nearby police station. Specifying the address down to the number of the house and the block on which it stands, the bird enabled police to track down its 64-year-old owner.


? A rat called Robson has won the lead role in a new exhibition at a London tourist attraction. Robson stars in Rat Walk, rats and the Black Death, at the London Dungeon. He was one of six rats auditioning to co-star with the Dungeon's Rat Catcher. Have you heard about the good weather witch? She's forecasting sunny spells!

? An elephant at a US zoo has taken up playing the harmonica. Shanthi at the Smithsonian's National Zoo, in Washington DC, plays the instrument with her trunk and appears to love it. The 36-year-old Asian elephant has a harmonica attached to her stall and plays tunes even when no humans are within view.

? A Canadian stunt-woman is flushed with pride after setting a new landspeed record for the world's fastest motorised toilet. Jolene Van Vugt, 31, reached 46mph on the loo in Sydney, about 4.5mph faster than the previous Guinness world record. "That was so fun and I'm stoked to get the record," said Van Vugt.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 10, 2012
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