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NEWS DIGEST: Bum note.

Musicians hit the wrong note with a rail company when they put their precious cellos on empty seats as they took a train back from a music seminar.

They were amazed to be told by an inspector that they would have to pay an extra pounds 107 for tickets for the seven pounds 50,000 cellos - even though the First Great Western train was only half full. The musicians, travelling from the West Country to London, had journeyed with the cellos earlier in the day without a problem and refused to pay. They said the cellos were too valuable to be left unattended in the guard's carriage. The police were called and one of the musicians said she would stand to allow a cello to "have" her seat.

The ticket inspector backed down and the train continued on its journey.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Apr 25, 2007
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