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Newbridge Networks (NYSE:NN) (TSE:NN.) has launched Versatile-IP.

By leveraging the core strengths of the Newbridge switched routing product portfolio, including multi-service infrastructure and powerful end-to-end service management, the V-IP solution enables service providers to capitalize on the burgeoning market opportunity for value-added business services by delivering differentiated business-class Internet Protocol (IP) VPN services to their customers.

"Customers are demanding more than simple interconnect, or 'economy-class,' services from their service providers," said Jim Arseneault, vice president, IP & Internetworking Products Group, Newbridge Networks.

"The Internet is only a small piece of the solution for delivering these services. Ultimately we believe the Internet becomes just one application on a service provider's business-class public IP network. Newbridge Networks has a rich history in the service provider market. We also have the most scalable, reliable and manageable products available.

These factors make Newbridge Networks the natural partner for service providers who want to provide business-class IP VPN services."

The Newbridge Versatile-IP Architecture The V-IP architecture enables service providers to seamlessly blend the best attributes of private enterprise networks, the Internet and their own shared public network to offer the optimal mix of control, reliability, reach and cost options.

While most VPNs consist of best-effort bandwidth tunnels across the Internet, the Versatile-IP solution delivers true virtual private routing services.

"Most of our competitors in the VPN space focus solely on one area of the network, whether it be bigger, faster routers in the backbone, providing the access piece with a Remote Access Server (RAS), or securing Internet tunnels," continued Arseneault. "However, the Newbridge Versatile-IP solution joins the capabilities of service providers with the business needs of their customers. We are providing the access mechanisms and management tools necessary to extend beyond transport services."

The V-IP architecture comprises the following components:

Service Points Service points join the service provider and the business user. They groom traffic, request service attributes and implement policies at the network edge for the VPN, using standard interfaces such as multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and carrier scale internetworking (CSI).

The V-IP solution provides the wide range of service points service providers require to address business customer needs.

This range includes the local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), dial-up, xDSL and wireless interfaces that provide the broad reach needed to connect the physical enterprise and its campuses with the service provider network, residences or the Internet.

Switched Routing Infrastructure Carrier Switched Routing is the Newbridge IP VPN infrastructure that enables carriers to deliver business-class IP services. Carrier Switched Routing leverages all the relevant routing standards, such as Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), 802.x, MPLS and CSI, to enable VPN services on top of an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) infrastructure.

Carrier Switched Routing trials are currently underway at two major service providers, one in North America and one in Europe. Trials are expected to commence with five additional customers by the end of the calendar year.

The reliability, security and scalability of a switched routing infrastructure enables service providers to go beyond basic interconnect and transport services to deliver business-class services. To deliver routing intelligence at switching performance and cost levels, the switched routing infrastructure uses a connection-oriented backbone to replace the router backplane, emulating the functions of a conventional router or Layer 3 switch. The end solution functions as a single router and leverages the connection-oriented fabric to provide the predictability and quality of service (QoS) required of IP VPN services.

Service Management An efficient service management architecture controls policy implementation and administration and simplifies troubleshooting to dramatically reduce a network's total cost of ownership. An efficient architecture also allows service providers to create, provision, administer, monitor, enforce and bill for their services to capture profit.

The Newbridge center-weighted service management model consolidates policy administration to a handful of policy servers in the network and distributes the intelligence to enforce these policies to the network edge. It also incorporates the key attributes required to deliver a revenue-generating service. These attributes include policy creation, rapid provisioning, troubleshooting, monitoring and user and application partitioning. Finally, the Newbridge model offers multi-vendor management capabilities to ensure service is extendable across third-party network devices.

V-IP: The Service Provider Market The VIP solutions are targeted at established service providers, new generation service providers and an emerging class of enterprise service providers (ESPs).

The Siemens/Newbridge MainStreetXpress 70 MultiServices Switch is currently integrated into the networks of more than 280 of the world's largest service providers.

The Newbridge V-IP solution allows these service providers to quickly and easily roll out new revenue-generating services, such as IP VPNs, on their existing multi-services infrastructure by adding a new Internetworking Services Card to the Siemens/Newbridge MainStreetXpress 36170 solution.

"Currently, over 80 percent of VPN opportunities are presented exclusively to facility-based carriers, rather than to new players like ISPs or CLECs," said Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corporation. "We expect the traditional carriers will gather at least 80 percent of the VPN sales as well, particularly through the next five years. That gives vendors like Newbridge Networks, who have an incumbent position with these established carriers, a real market advantage."

Most new generation service providers, such as competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and Internet service providers (ISPs) must also offer differentiated business-class services to achieve profitability and compete with larger carriers. The Versatile-IP solution provides the flexibility and scalability to allow these service providers to begin with a single access node at the edge of the network and grow to a complete infrastructure, including the Siemens/Newbridge MainStreetXpress 36100 Access Concentrator and MainStreetXpress 36177 MultiServices Platform as a managed RAS and the MainStreetXpress 36170 MultiServices Switch as a high density access router all seamlessly managed by the MainStreetXpress 46020 Network Manager.

Newbridge is also targeting the emerging enterprise service provider market. ESPs are large enterprises that choose to operate as internal service providers by building their own carrier-class infrastructure. This allows them to treat intranets much like VPNs and deliver enterprise-wide business services to their end users. ESPs are multi-client, multi-site and multi-service and run mission-critical applications over their IP-based infrastructure.

Newbridge Networks designs, manufactures, markets and services networking solutions to organizations in more than 100 countries. The company leverages its relationship with a growing family of Newbridge Affiliate companies and strategic alliances with Siemens and 3Com Corporation to deliver seamless, end-to-end solutions. Newbridge customers include the world's 300 largest telecommunications service providers and more than 10,000 corporations, government organizations and other institutions. Founded in 1986, the company employs more than 6,000 people on five continents. News and information are available at

For more information, call 613/591-3600.
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