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Muscat Pharmacy and Stores LLC launched the new premium authentic New Zealand Manuka Honey in Oman, the best antibacterial/antimicrobial honey in the world; from the producers of The True Honey Co, New Zealand.

True Manuka Honey product launch was organised in the head office conference hall in the presence of Ramesh Rajpara (Wholesale Division manager), K G Ramani (HoD-Commercial Sales), Paresh Sheth (brand manager), Pradeep Shetty (sales manager), Godwin Joseph (marketing manager), Clifford D'sa (key accounts manager), Sujith Kumar (territory sales manager) and Muthu Raman (supervisor) with pharma and commercial sales team.

The True Honey Co, New Zealand premium authentic Manuka Honey comes in a award winning safety packaging made by Forestry Stewardship Council and bottled in glass jars with strengths of Manuka Honey MGO 300+ (UMF11+), MGO 500+ ( UMF 15+), MGO 850+( UMF 20+) and MGO 1000+ (UMF 22+) for Oman market. True Honey Co holding certificate of Fern mark licence (licence number NZFM 100086), formal government recognition of its connection to New Zealand, and it provides trust and authenticity with a government approval.

All the honey comes from hives managed by The True Honey Co are remotely monitored and traced under their True View software system. Each jar of honey is labelled with a batch number for traceability purposes, and stored in a facility that operates to an audited risk management plan to ensure quality is maintained.

True Honey Co measures the antibacterial quality of honey by MGO reliable grading system (Methylglyoxal) is a compound found in the pollen of the Manuka tree's -(Leptospermum scoparium) flowers which is responsible for the antibacterial /antimicrobial properties of Manuka Honey. If the MGO rating is higher the level of anti-bacterial activity in the honey also increases.

This company also uses UMF+ (Unique Manuka Factor) grading system measures the quality of interfered Manuka honey in this product. The UMFHA testing process tests for three key signature markers that, in combination, confirm whether a product is genuine Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Those three key markers are Leptosperin, MGO (Methylglyoxal) and DHA (Dehydroyacetone).

The levels of signature markers found in the True Honey Co product is exceptional and underscores the quality and intensity of Manuka Honey from New Zealand. The bottling facility is audited biannually by NZ government-owned Assure Quality to ensure Risk Management Plan (RMP) requirements are met.

The True Honey Co has just released its extremely limited edition Rare Harvest. This aauthentic New Zealand Manuka honey, harvested from a single highly secret block is independently certified at an unprecedented 1,700+MGO, 31+ UMFTM.

This kind of result may be due to an extraordinary set of natural circumstances, but as The True Honey Co founder Jim McMillan says, it's not something to leave simply to chance. 'We stand behind every drop of our honey.'

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Publication:Muscat Daily (Muscat, Oman)
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Date:Jul 27, 2019

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