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Zazzle, Palo Alto, Calif. the Internet's customized products marketplace, has announced a new program called the Zazzle Product Engine (also known as "ZPE"). The Zazzle Product Engine is an overarching effort to enable product creation for the masses by opening Zazzle's customization tools and technologies to third party websites. As an introductory offering under the Zazzle Product Engine, Zazzle is releasing the Zazzle Create-a-Product API, the first-ever API that allows third party websites to offer their users an easy "one click" way to turn digital content -- such as images, designs, photos and text -- into custom products such as t-shirts, mugs, posters, cards, real U.S. postage, and more.

By offering a referral fee on all sales generated through the Zazzle Create-a-Product API, Zazzle is providing an entirely new monetization opportunity for websites with digital content. This means that any website owner, blogger, or Web 2.0 company with photos, designs, artwork, and/or text can generate revenue by turning this digital content into physical merchandise. And implementing the Zazzle Create-a-Product API is easy.

"We are extremely proud of as a destination site and wanted to bring our technology to an even larger audience," added Robert Beaver, Chairman and CEO of Zazzle. "The Zazzle Product Engine now offers an unlimited variety of websites to provide their users with all of the unique and powerful Zazzle tools that were only previously available on our site."

"As part of the Web 2.0 ecosystem, we felt the time was right to let consumers mash up content from anywhere onto t-shirts, postage, cards, mugs and posters," said Tuoc Luong, chief technology officer and vice president of Engineering at Zazzle. "We're excited about our first offering under the Zazzle Product Engine, the Zazzle Create-a-Product API, which scales infinitely, and allows individual sites to easily offer their users the opportunity to create unique custom products directly from their site."

Zazzle has already secured partnerships with websites employing the Zazzle Create-a-Product API, including,, and more. In particular, and have recently deployed the Zazzle Create-a-Product API and their customers can now create and order branded mugs, t-shirts, and real U.S. postage directly from their sites.

"Dogster had been searching for two years for a partner that could help us easily deliver customized products to the Dogster community," said Ted Rheingold, CEO, Dogster, Inc. "The Zazzle Create-a-Product API not only offered a one click solution for our customers and a seamless integration process, it also provided Dogster with a whole new revenue channel and the ability to offer our members something they will love."

"The Family Post has a passion for product excellence and the highest dedication to customer satisfaction. Our families have come to expect the very best from our offerings," said Michael Sawtell, president and CEO of The Family Post. "The Zazzle Create-a-Product API and Zazzle products are unmatched in quality and the 24-hour turnaround time is a key value add for our customers."

How The Zazzle Create-a-Product API Works:

Zazzle provides a URL linkover-based API where websites simply specify the source of images and text within special links to, and customized products -- such as apparel, posters, mugs, and real U.S. postage -- are automatically generated. Users can then further customize these products with fonts and colors using Zazzle's design tools, and proceed to order or share with friends. Upon ordering, Zazzle's proprietary manufacturing systems take over and the products are created on-demand within 24 hours, and then shipped to the customer. In addition, websites have the ability to create product templates allowing them to incorporate their logo or additional default designs on the products. Lastly, Zazzle provides monetization for these websites with a referral fee on all sales of products created through the API.

Integrating with the Zazzle Create-a-Product API is easy: 1) Go to 2) Set up your Zazzle API account and create a product template 3) Add the links provided anywhere on your website.


The Zazzle Create-a-Product API is available at

Unleash Your Creativity at

Want to celebrate a wedding, birth of a child, holiday or just share your original creations with a wider audience? It's easy to create that perfect product at Zazzle, which is home to hundreds of thousands of customizable images and products, contributed by a community of artists, photographers, designers, and creative consumers worldwide. Zazzle contributors make their unique creations available to the public by setting up a Zazzle gallery where anyone can browse, comment and connect with others who share their interests. Contributors earn royalties every time their creations are purchased by others.

In addition to the fast growing marketplace of contributed products, Zazzle has one of the largest collections of images from the world's most well-known brands. Zazzle's special collections include over 3,500 authentic images from the Walt Disney Company, as well as historically significant images from The Library of Congress, the California State Library, the Boston Public Library, and the Hoover Institution. One-of-a-kind characters and images are also available on Zazzle from such leading collections as Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes, Lucasfilm's Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Twentieth Century Fox's Family Guy(TM), Neopets, Build-A-Bear Workshop and MGM's Pink Panther.

About Zazzle

Zazzle is the meeting of the world's imagination and on-demand manufacturing -- enabling consumers to create, share and celebrate their interests and passions by providing high quality customization of apparel, posters, mugs, cards, U.S. postage and more. Zazzle combines innovative manufacturing, a robust online community, the largest online collection of customizable digital images and unmatched personalization tools to empower consumers to create unique products. Additionally, the Zazzle Product Engine is used by partners including the Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm's Star Wars, The Family Post and many more to integrate Zazzle's customization tools and on-demand manufacturing technologies within their own websites.

For more information, visit or call 415/392-8282.
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